Friday, February 8, 2013

All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go are My Fabric and Paper Dolls

I have quite recently had the chance to dive into
my stash of luscious fabrics to create
some more 
Fabric and Paper Dolls

The first two dolls were commissioned from a woman
who loves fairies

so I gave this one wings to fly

if she wanted to.
I used some silk ribbon to wrap around her skirt

which are in shades of greens, lilacs and golds
in laces, lace fabrics, chiffon, silk and scrim.

 and embellished in flowers, my dyed lace,
buttons and beads.

This doll is more a Fairy Queen 


and for her dress I used varying shades
of mauves, lilacs in laces, burnout velvet
and chiffon.

This third piece was included in a gift for a dear
blogging friend and I used some
sage green guipure lace, layers of white and brown chiffon,
dyed lace, scrim and pink sari ribbon with
antique lace.

She is more a gypsy girl!
Just a bit of a tattered and torn look

adorned in gold earings.
My inspiration for creating these came from Lilla
so go and check out her wonderful blog where
she shares many of her tutorials and images at

There was quite a bit of interest expressed in my
"Dancing Fairies" Lacebook on my last post
emailed me these lovely images of an
Arthur Rackham image which she used in a quilt she made.

so thought I would share these with you also!

Joelle has such a wonderful blog displaying the
works of many renowned artists
particularly of the 18th and 19th centuary.

Isn't this mini quilt appliqued so beautifully

on silk!

I have created another Arthur Rackham piece which was
a request from a customer who really enjoyed the 
Giveaway Collage for the GYB Party

And this one has also gone to live with
its new owner.

Thank you everyone who left such kind comments
on my "Dancing Fairies" Lacebook
I would also like to thank all my new followers
here who enjoy my creations enough
to join the ride.

Hope everyone this time of year is able to enjoy the beautiful
sunshine (even briefly) enough to put a smile on your face.

Hugs, Suzy xxx


  1. Oh, such lucious laces - beautiful work!

  2. Thanks Suzi, and congratulations for your paper angel doll! I love more the first one, that's a very cute idea!
    Hugs and kisses

  3. Who wouldn't love one of your beautiful fairies to watch over them.
    I love all the different textures you have used and the fabrics are gorgeous.
    After a long spell of wet and gloomy weather that is being called the 18 month winter I am looking forward to spring and hopefully a little sunshine.
    Hugs, Angela.x

  4. Suzi I could just spend hours looking at the photos of your beautiful work, the fairies, the dolls, your luscious laces. They just make my wouthwater with shameful desire!!
    Big Hugs to you. xx

  5. Suzy,everything is just so beautiful!! You are such an amazing artist!
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  6. Your pictures are really stunning. I can't even imagine how beautiful your pieces must be when viewed in person. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Hello, they are so beautiful. I especially like the second one. And the silk piece looks simply delicious. Your work reminds me of a Victorian Gypsy - that's a good thing in my book:)
    Many Smiles,

  8. So much luxury and elegance on one post. Your paper and lace dolls are breathtaking. And your gorgeous pieces merge so beautifully with the work of Arthur Rackham whose illustrations are also amazing. Joelle's panel that you shared is also quite gorgeous. I am inspired!

  9. What a great idea Suzi, I am surprised you didn't do this long ago. They are fantastic. xox


  10. Those are beautiful

    the lace makes me drool, I love vintage lace and ribbons, makes me want to try and dress up a paper doll I have

  11. Just beautiful, I'd like a skirt like the gypsy girl, I think! How do you transfer the fairy drawings?

  12. oh what stunning photos and beautiful things-and those fabrics and laces-to die for!!

  13. Oh Suzi! Your paper/lace dolls are beautiful!! I love all the inspirations you show us week to week. and I also love the amazing work Lila shares with us. I just finished three tassel dolls myself, but stuffed them with lavender, so they're really sachet dolls.
    Thanks for a great inspirational Friday morn!
    Blessings, Chris

  14. Quiet Yearning is beautiful. I love how you take a handful of laces and create a masterpiece from them.

  15. Oh Suzy
    Love these fabric and paper dolls.
    I've always been inspired by Lilla's too!

    CONGRATULATIONS on all your commissions - the real success of a true artist.

    The angel is lovely especially how you have given her the background of lace edged fine fabric framing her wings... my heart is skipping beats here!!!
    Love the sari silk - delicious soft colours.

    The fairies... they take me back to childhood when they were my imaginary friends!
    Did you have 'Peg's Fairy Book' by Peg Maltby when you were a little girl? She was an Australian artist and it was my favourite book!

    More beauty to take with me for the weekend - thank you dear Suzy!
    hugs and love
    Shane ♥

  16. Dearest fairy-mother, what lovely little paper dolls you have created, so gorgeously dressed, in all the most beautiful fabrics, made from things even a prinsess would dream of.
    The collage is stunning, in it`s soft blue and creams, and the image so wonderful, Suzy. You know I love all your
    amazing layers and fabric choises, they are ever so BESUTIFUL my dear friend.
    The photoes of Joelle`s silk quilt are showing another gorgeous piece.
    Hope you wake up to a beautiful day, my sweet, while I here am almost saying goodnight.
    With much love and hugs, Dorthe

  17. Suzy, what romantic and richly-layered ladies you have created. They are truly magnificent. I wish I had a dress just like theirs to wear -- lucky them!!

  18. My dear sweet Suzy you have once again created stunning beauty with your dolls! I had seen Lilla's tutorial and had day. lol But I dont' think mine would be as gorgeous as yours and Lilla's! And your fairy book is to die for.

  19. your dolls are just lovely! And I love Lillas site as well. So creative. Your fairy book is so beautiful.

  20. Hi Suzy,
    WOW you are a talent beyond words. Love your dolls. The details are incredible.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  21. I have always loved paper dolls. They were some of my favorite toys as a child. These are just so beautiful

  22. Oh, mein Gott, mir fehlen die Worte.
    Das ist spektakulär, was für Werke.
    Märchenhaft, fantastisch und einzigartig schön.

    Ich bin sehr beeindruckt :-)

  23. o my goodness Suzy, how are you able to make so many beautiful things in such a short time....??? It's quite humbling to be honest :)

    Everything is amazingly GORGEOUS!!

    hugs and wonderful sunny weekend,

  24. Your creations are just stunning Suzy. Your dolls are amazing, I absolutely love them all...although I am kinda partial to your Gypsy Girl! Always such a joy to visit your blog. Have a wonderful day.


  25. Oh I love all this beautiful material you used, and the images are fantastic!!! :D


  26. Oh Suzy! You are a fabulous artist! You paper dolls make me want to pull out my stash at try my hand at it! I've never dyed lace or ribbon but I want to try that too! Thank you for the mouthwatering inspiration!

  27. Just took a tour of your fabric Journal pages Oh My What a Beautiful Masterpiece! Would love to see how you put it all together! Marlynne

  28. I love your fabric and lace stash!! I love your photos and all the art you create from the materials you have.

    Love the fairy doll!!! And the others are amazing as well!!

    Happy Crafting

  29. Wow, gorgeous new creations, dear Suzi! You are a very talented artist and I love, love, love your style. Each of your unique works are clearly imbued with thought, effort and the passion for what you do. This is what makes your work inspirational for me.
    Have a nice sunday.
    Hugs MARTINA oxo

  30. the dolls are beautiful !
    I'm so inspired to create a few for my grandaughter....
    love love love your blog....

  31. Hi Suzy your work is so beautiful thank you for sharing all the photos-very inspiring to me enjoy your day Kathy

  32. The fabric dolls are outstanding. The fairies are really beautiful. You excell in these too....

  33. You have yet inspired me again Suzi! Your fairies are so real and gorgeous, so luscious the layers of fabrics, you are an artist who paints with fiber....just amazing! Love, love love your work!

  34. Oh Suzy, what can I say which I haven't said so many times before, I so adore your creations.


  36. As always, a feast for the eyes! I love the first doll - her face is so serene.

  37. Suzy,
    I love visiting here, always a load of inspiration. The cloth & paper dolls are wonderful & very unique. Love the dancing fairie lace book! Lisa

  38. Suzy- I'm so sorry I missed this beautiful post-- so glad I'm here to see it now!! Where to start?? Such lovely dolls- so beautifully dressed in your fabric and lace embellishments--

    And your amazing collage work- oh my- these are so beautiful. I just can't imagine that someone can create so beautifully-- you are amazing!



Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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