Saturday, May 4, 2013

Autumn Colour in our World

 How could I not resist sharing these images of
Autumnal goodness in our part of the world?
(On the far south coast of Australia)
Only two weeks ago we were seeing
these golden leaves

slowly turning to varying shades of pink

 into these deep russet tones of red

It is so amazing to be able to peek through
these curtains of the Ornamental Grape Vine

draping itself across the verandah

forming different framed pictures out into the garden! 

Look at the contrast it creates against the greens!

Autumn leaves falling creating a carpet
of jewells! 

that I just can't bear to sweep up
because I know before long the wind will carry them away

for us to gather up and compost them to grow more goodness

that will end up on our table in time

as well as create more deep rich beautiful mulch
for our ever changing and rambling country

It is a very fortunate life to be able to experience all
of the four seasons and to appreciate each
and every day we have our
precious health and

I contemplate and reflect on these words again as I think of my
dear friend, Andrea, recovering the effects
of neurosurgery right now for a brain tumor.
  Please help me send her much
healing energy
with love.

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments left
for my "Gypsies Past" Lace book
a very warm welcome to all of my new Followers!

Love and blessings, Suzy


  1. How beautiful those Autumn colours are, a real delight for the eyes. We are just getting our first taste of warmer days and at last the leaves are appearing on the trees. It's been a long ,cold, wet winter so spring is really welcome.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Sending you hugs and smiles,

  2. It must be very soothing to just wander about in your garden taking in those wonderful Autumn colours. Those Manchurian Pear leaves are stunning aren't they?The bright reds, oranges, yellows.Autumn definitely is my fav season.
    love Judy xx
    PS I can read the word verif'n first time!!yay. I always seem to land the really blurry ones and have to squint!
    Damn! try again!!!

  3. Good morning Suzy-such an amazing display of colors I love autumn allot-I think more than spring sometimes. so beautiful is your ornamental grape leaves-awesome
    Love and hugs to you and your friend Kathy

  4. What beautiful pictures of your garden! Here spring and sun come slowly, really slowly, too much slowly!!!!
    Hugs and kisses

  5. Oh beautiful autumn colours Suzy.
    I particularly love the way the ornamental grape frames the garden beyond - quite magical.
    Very heavy rain here today - flooding too - I'm hoping to get in a long walk tomorrow between the showers!
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Shane ♥

  6. Suzy ~ What beauty you have surrounding your there in your wonderful country gardens. I love it all.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  7. Thanks for sharing the lovely colors of fall. Nature is a true wonder. We had 12/15 inches of SNOW May 1st, more cold and dampness the next few days. I'm hoping my Fern Peony will survive. All unexpected. Enjoy the weekend

  8. Dear Suzy, thanks for your kind commentary on my blog. Your autumn photos are a feast for the eyes. It's strange that when you start the autumn and spring is here in Europe. I wish you a beautiful season and a lot of fun to be creative.
    Hugs and smile
    MARTINA xxx

  9. Oh my, Mother Nature creates such beautiful colours, and you have captured them so well in your delightful photographs. Your garden looks like a wonderfully serene place to be in.
    I hope your friend Andrea's operation was a success and that she is on the way to a complete recovery. Worrying times for her family and friends, I am sure.

  10. Dear Suzi... no wonder you play with and create with lace so much! Nature must be your inspiring Muse, enfolding you with her abundant lacy offerings. Every picture is filled with vibrant, deeply saturated, and jewel-like images. I love the lacy flow of the grape vines on your veranda, really, really love your jeweled fall carpet.
    Sweet blessings dear friend!

  11. Oh my what a stunning, breathtaking compilation of photos Suzy!!! So beautiful with their rich autumn colors. Sending prayers for your friend Andrea.

  12. Wonderful Autumn colours !!!
    Here we are in the spring, colors are different.

  13. Dear Suzy, I`m happy to read that Andrea have had the surgery now! I send her blessings, healing energy and love through you, dearest friend.
    Your garden is an amazingly beautiful place, and in every season in year! I love your summer photoes from this beautiful garden, but those gorgeously autumnal colours are just so fantastic! I wish I could be there with you, to bend down and save a few of those wonderful pink and red leaves, to create something with! It must be so magical seing that change of year and colours from day to day!
    Sweetest dear, I send you my heartfelt warm thoughts and hopes for your friend to become all well after this surgery! And for you to be strong and find comfort in that amazing nature outside your door!
    Love from me, and hugs to you -
    Your Dorthe

  14. Your yard is so beautiful. And fall is always a favorite time. Here in the USA, we are having record breaking cold, even ice and snow. Killed all our plants. Hoping for Spring some day.

  15. Your garden is gorgeous! I have to admit I was always a little bit sad when leaves began to change to their fall colours because it meant that the dreaded winter wasn't far behind.

  16. Beautiful photos Suzi and what a gorgeous garden you have. Those leaves would produce the most wonderful colours bundled up in silk for Eco dyeing, I imagine.

  17. Suzi, I think Autumn is the kindest season here. It is cool but still offers some sunny days and an ever changing colour scheme to inspire. Your garden looks amazing. thanks again for sharing the beautiful pics.

    Sending good wishes for your dear friend.

  18. Beautiful photos Suzy. Recently returned from a trip to your neck of the woods, admiring the autumn finery - just beautiful. Just one beautiful scene after another. Do love your photos, just gorgeous.

  19. Hello Suzy,
    Oh how beautiful your autumn yard looks! Those grape vines are gorgeous curtains for your veranda! The fallen leaves are so perfect! I wouldn't have the heart to sweep them either. There is such beauty in fallen leaves! I love hearing you talk about mulch and taking good care of your soil. It is so very important. Thank you for being such a fine conservator of the earth.
    I am sending your dear friend healing energy and love.

  20. Hi dear Suzy,
    thanks for sharing your beautiful Autumn garden.Sending your friend Andrea healing thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs and love,

  21. Guten Morgen, liebe Suzy,
    vielen Dank für die wunderschönen Bilder aus deinem Garten.
    Ich bin jedesmal ganz berührt von der Schönheit.
    Lange Zeit mochte ich den Herbst nicht. Inzwischen liebe ich diese zeit, wenn die Blätter bunt werden und die Erde so duftet.
    Danke fürs Teilen :-)

    Umarmung und liebe Grüße von Sophie xx

  22. So lovely to see Autumn through your eyes dear Suzy ... I too feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy 4 seasons here in Virginia where Spring is raging at the moment ...

    Each season definitely holds its own special charms and each day truly is a gift...

    May your friend be completely healed and blessed with a peaceful ♥


  23. Hi Suzy, Your Autumn is gorgeous. I love the change of colors and your are stunning. I grew up with the 4 seasons in Michigan but here in Texas is sort of goes from winter to summer and back again. We do enjoy cooler weather in the Fall but only a little change in color. Still we are thankful and like you said, it is a blessing to be healthy and happy.
    Good thoughts and prayers for your friend. I pray she improves with better days ahead.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Always so nice to see you.
    Happy Creating,
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  24. Suzy,
    It is so beautiful! what wonderful inspiration for you. I would love to have more of those kinds of greenery in our yard, but we have lots of apple trees instead. I am trying to make the area under my deck more "cozy" , we will see how that goes?

  25. I can never get enough of your amazing garden Suzy!!!!! That grapevine is truly divine in it's autumn glory. The photos in your garden are such that I almost can put myself right into them. SO beautiful!
    I am so sorry about your friend Suzy. I will pray for her recovery from her surgery.
    sending hugs your way....

  26. Your garden and it's changing colors are like a dream Suzi! I am so happy you shared it with us, how gorgeous!
    I will send love and light and prayers out for your friend Andrea, I do hope and wish all good for her health. Hugs to you sweets!

  27. Suzy - Autumn in your little corner of the world is simply amazing -- the rich hues and the variety of colors is beyond beautiful. I've said this before -- but I would simply love to have a little walk around your yard. What a beautiful place you have to call home~


  28. Beautiful colors my dear, thely all looks like a painting ready to be created. thanks for sharing with us. xo

  29. beautiful photos, and lovely grounds, so glad to trade seasons with you, I am so ready for the color green!!

  30. Absolutely fabulous darling!
    So colourful!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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