Friday, January 17, 2014

Script and Scrolls Fabric used in a Collage

When I come across these gorgeous cotton fabrics
with script and scrolls
I have to admit 
that I just can't resist bringing just a little home with me.

These are some of my favorites that I like to use in my creations.

My latest acquisition which really inspired me is this
particular French themed piece which I used 
almost immediately

in the creation of this small collage 

which has been created for a friend for her birthday.

I love the soft creamy/shell pinky look

combined with the richness of this chocolate brown
I dyed for the wooden heart!

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A quick reminder here to all those people who wish
to grow their blog.

Vicki Boster at 2 bagsfull Blog will be hosting this 
amazing party again for 2014 so if you wish to invite
  new readers
to your blog to view your world of creativity
then this is a most wonderful
opportunity to do so.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend enjoying your creativity
keeping inside to keep warm
if you live in the northern hemisphere
keeping inside to stay cool during the heat wave
of the southern hemisphere.

Sending love and hugs and many thanks to
all my new followers and old ones too.

P.S. I will be having a Giveaway in my next post
as part of "Grow Your Blog" party and
as an opportunity to say "Thank you"
all that follow me!
I am so very grateful for being appreciated!

Suzy xox


  1. this is such a beautiful collage...the colors are just wonderful and so romantic...a great gift to be sure.

  2. The collage is gorgeous. Your friend will be thrilled about this wonderful gift, my dear Suzy. The script fabric looks great along with the lovely laces.
    I'm such a lazy writer but I'll kick myself soon in the b... to answer your message :).
    Have a sunny weekend, sweetie!
    Big hugs,

  3. O my word, Such a beautiful collage, the lace, details, fabric & image is can see this has been made with so much love, your dear friend will treasure this forever... Simply wonderful... Hugs May x x x

  4. Those fabrics are wonderful, I can see how you couldn't resist them.
    You've created a lovely piece for your friend.I'm sure she will be delighted.
    We have been seeing about your heatwave on
    UK TV. Keep cool my friend.
    Hugs and smiles.

  5. These fabrics are really interesting, and appealing.I haven't seen these in any fabric shops over here.
    Love that collage Suzy. Your friend should be very happy with her gift!
    Judy xx

  6. Dearest Suzy, please forgive me for being such a lazy friend! Thank you so much for your sweet card and words! I have appreciated it so much and meant to answer in the same manner. But real life interferes sometimes, as you know, and I could not find time to get creative...
    But this will change now, hopefully! I have browsed your latest posts and found sooooo much inspiration again! Thanks you so much for sharing these beauties with us! Have a creative weekend, my dear!
    Love, Manu

  7. Hello Sweet Suzy:) Thank you so much for your lovely welcome back:) I have been looking over all the wonderful Art you have been creating. Such lovely, dreamy pieces. I will gladly trade you your heat wave for our cold wave:) Love, Jamie

  8. I'm drooling over those fabrics and your collage! It's great to see how you use those fabrics in one of your creations, and inspiring.

  9. Hello dear friend,
    Seing your name on my blog-roll I alwyes get almost heart beat, as to see a new creation of yours, and NEVER my heart is dissapointed.Also today it is pure beauty and gourgeousnes, dear Suzy.
    Your birthday friend will love this wonderful gift,so much. The fabric you used is fantastic, and so are all you show...I wonder if they are avalable here in DK, I will have a look . Those script fabrics are also some of my favorites.
    Thank you for the link to dear Vicki, I have also this year not time to take part...MUST finish all the work with the shop!!
    Sending you weekend warm hugs and will write soon.

  10. gorgeous fabric collage -what a fabulous birthday gift for your friend. Those fabrics are wonderful and that French themed one is to die for! I'm going to try and participate in the "Grow Your Blog" . It just depends on how things transpire this week as I have appts. throughout and then a weekend event .

  11. Such a beautiful collage you have created with those script fabrics. I have never seen them before. Your friend will be absolutely delighted I am sure. x

  12. Suzy, so lovely
    enjoy your weekend

  13. Beautiful selection of fabrics Suzy.

  14. A sweet collage! Your newest fabric looks amazing on it. What a great find of fabric pieces!
    All your layers look so lovely. I am sure your birthday friend will be delighted with yoru loving gift.
    I hope your weather is not as hot, and that you got some rain.

  15. oh wow dear, so gorgeous! Love the subtile colours in this one.
    Giveaway... oh goodness, I still have to gather/make mine for the party... good you mention it! :)
    xx Wen

  16. Hello dearest Suzy
    Ooo la la - these are gorgeous and make me want to run out and buy some!
    Your new collage is yummy - full of the laces and divine sheer fabrics that are so much part of your signature look. The scripts, scrolls and lettering add another dimension.
    C'est magnifique mon ami!

    CONGRATULATIONS Suzy dear!!! I see you have got over the 1000 followers - no surprise there!
    It is testament to your inspiring creativity.
    It's always such a pleasure to pop in to see what you are making and if we’re lucky have a wander through your beautiful country garden.

    Hugs and love
    Shane xox

  17. Another gorgeous creation-- can I just say that I love that brown ribbon!! You never fail to create so beautifully that it makes us all just stop and hold our breath--- thank you for sharing the party info-- it's huge this year--!


  18. Dear Suzy, your new collage is gorgeous, as always I love your style and I also love all these beautiful fabrics, these script fabrics are also some of my favorites, I have a lot of them from when I made patchwork. Wish you a lovely day .
    Hugs Anni

  19. Suzy
    this is just stunning! what gorgeous fabrics you have created this from. Hope all is well your way!


  20. Those fabrics are so lovely Suzy. I love to work with text and music but it's usually as paper! :) I found some music print fabric once at Big W would you believe! in a lovely sepia colour.
    How lucky your friend is to be receiving such a gorgeous collage. The colour spread is so beautifully vintage. ♥

  21. I can easily see why you love those fabrics with such interesting textures. Then when I see your Lacilicious Birthday collage you have created it really shows your love of fabrics and laces. Creative Bliss Dear...

  22. What a gorgeous gift for your lucky friend Suzy! xoxo

  23. Oh what an exquisite collage! Delightful colours, gorgeous image, fantastic fabrics and laces, and all put together with that magical Suziqu touch. This is so lovely and your friend will be utterly delighted with it.

  24. Hi dear Suzy,
    your new collage is simply stunning and the script fabric to die for:)
    Have a lovely day.
    Sending hugs and love,

  25. You have done it again. Beautiful work. I too love fabric with script.

  26. Wonderful fabrics! You are going to have fun creating with them, and we're going to have fun seeing what you do!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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