Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friendship Lacebook of Collages and Tags

Do you often wonder how to display or store or keep
those beautiful swaps, gifts or creations
from friends?
This might be one solution you could consider!!!
Some time back I showed this cover of my
Friendship Book of Collages and Tags
which I was compiling.

I'm pleased to say that I have finally completed it
with a few extra pages that I can add at some
later stage.

The soldered charm was created by Marie (Lost Bird Studio)
especially for this purpose! 

It consists of a number of collages which (in some cases)
I have embellished further to combine with some of
my own pages

to add some pockets to hold
a collection of tags which I have received
over the past 12-18 months from
various loved blogging friends.

Below is the fat looking spine of the many pages
(20, in fact, counting the covers).

This shows the back cover.

I thought this would make a wonderful keepsake
of creative works from dear blogging friends
that I could treasure from my years
of companionship with
so many special

The collages and tags came as either swaps or gifts!

The first page on the right from Shane (Roses Lace and Brocante)

 I coupled with one of my own which contains a couple of tags
from Shane.

The next two came from Judy (Judith Ann's Blog).

They could have been used as prayer flags

but I chose to add them here in my Friendship Book.

The collage on the left with illuminated letter "S"

was created by Socrates (Altered Meditations blog) from the Medieval Lace Book Group
which I belonged to and the tag in the pocket opposite
was from Karen (Alaska Blue Moose blog) who
was also a member of the same group.

This double page spread contains another of my pockets
holding beautiful tags from Liz (Lululiz in Lalaland)
and Sharon (Livewire Jewelry) along side

another beautiful collage from Judy embellished
with more lace. 

The collage on the left hand side also from Socrates
sits in a silk backed and netted lace pocket

and the pocket opposite I created from some upcycled satin
and lace lingerie

It holds tags from Lynne (Adorn - Lynne's Bows and Bells)
Dorthe (Den Lillelade) and
Shane (Roses Lace and Brocante)

Another sweet tag from Dorthe and vintage lacecollage
 from Judy

with this pocket created by yours truly!

and these final pages were created by both Shane - (RHS)

with pocket by me on LHS!

So many pages with so many memories to cherish 
these dear friends and the artistry they represent.
I couldn't think of a more honorable way
to remember them all in the one
place - in a lace book of memories. 

The tags below are amongst some I still have to
create more pockets for but wanted to share
them with you so you too
could appreciate
the amazing
talent and creativity of some of my blogging friends.!

The idea of the Friendship Book could be an option
to incorporate any number of works such as this,
e.g. greeting cards etc.
Let me know if you have created something similar!!!

I am so very grateful to all of the friends I have met
in blogland and would really love to
acknowledge that in part by this post today.

Anyway my friends I hope you have enjoyed this 
very long post.

Take care and see you again soon!

Love and hugs,


  1. Beautiful, beautiful Suzy! What a wonderful way to preserve, display and enjoy all your treasured memories from your friend:)
    Hugs and love marilou

  2. Oh Suzy I am in complete awe of this amazing friendship book! Not only are the creations contained in it so very, very beautiful, but I love the thought behind it too. This is such an amazing keepsake full of incredible treasures, just wonderful!!!

  3. Wow...what a STUNNING friendship keepsake Suzy....Full of Gorgeous treasures....You've inspired me to create something similar with some prayer flags that I have received from friends :) Jan x

  4. What a wonderful idea Suzy! Your friendship book is beyond gorgeous! Would love to participate in one of those round robins. Everyone's work is truly inspirational. xo

  5. Amazing! It is so stunning online I can't imagine seeing it in person!

  6. Oh my! When I see what you've created, it makes my heart go pitty pat! I would so love to make something like this with some of my treasures and vintage lace I've collected. I've done something with some of my mementos but I'll send you the link in an email if you want to see. Enjoy your day! Sweet hugs!

  7. Breathtaking Suzy!!! What a truly stunning treasure of a book with all the equally stunning tags and pages. I feel like I could just sit with this and slowly run my fingers over every luscious fabric and fiber. It's a perfectly lovely way to celebrate the art of friends.

  8. what romantic and sweet work.. just beautiful...

  9. My goodness! Such a stunning display of talent! Your book is just wonderful and I so admire how you have put all these wonderful collages together for this book...each and every page is a feast for the eyes...once again you have created such beauty from scraps of lace and goodies...each page from your friends as well as yours is so full of creative awesome treasure for sure...

  10. How creative and gorgeous! Such a lovely way to hold your keepsakes! You are so creative! xo Jen

  11. What an absolute treasure of memories you have created with this beautiful book Suzy!!! It would be hard to put into words how amazing I think this is dear, so I will just say that you are one inspiring artist and friend. And by the looks of the fatness of this book, you are gifted with so many other talented friends who love you so much.
    much love from me...

  12. Oh my goodness, what a stunning creation. I am so honoured to be a tiny part of a book which has been created with so much love and genuine friendship. It is absolutely exquisite and so very precious.

  13. Dearest Suzy,
    Your friendship book is the most stunning collection of beautiful artpieces from so many friends of yours.Every page showing one more fantastic and adorable piece from your own hands or from someone sending you love and friendship.
    Your frontcover is gorgeous dear.
    Like Liz, I am thankful of having a place in your precious book and in your heart.
    Love from Dorthe

  14. You certainly have created a very beautiful and precious memory book.
    Hugs kay

  15. Suzy your book of lace and silk and loveliness is truly breathtaking. How very precious to create this masterpiece for yourself to enjoy the beautiful gifts from your friends. This shall be cherished for eternity. Every friend and every gift precious. Blessings Dear...

  16. Such a nice keepsake you have created. I can imagine you looking back through this book in the years to come, remembering your friendships with a smile on your face. All those gorgeous tags, each special and beautiful.

  17. Goodness dear Suzy!! What a beautiful way to display your collection of tags and such-- the laces and embellishments are stunning-- I'm just always amazed at what you bring to life with your lovely vintage laces and such. You make us all gasp with delight!

  18. Oh Suzy! That is just an incredible creation! How lovely to keep those tags from dear bloggy friends in such a fine book! Every bit of it is stunning! I love all your layers and layers of lace and fabric!

  19. I'm always happy to see a post from you come into my feeder because I know I am going to be treated to some pretty exquisite eye candy. This one was no exception!

  20. What a fabulous brilliant creation Suzy! every detail is stunning! I always love visiting your blog and your work never ceases to be amazing!

  21. What a beautiful way to store all the wonderful gifts from friends you have received. It is certainly a gorgeous work of art in and of itself. Have a great weekend.


  22. These are all incredibly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. Your Friendship Book is a true inspiration. I love the tags especially. I just might need to create some tags to enjoy. The are elegant and wonderful.

  23. Every page is magnificent. So much detail. What a wonderful idea.

  24. Suzy,
    Each tag made so detailed for you, and each page made so intricately to store the memorable gifts in.
    Such an amazing art book you have created.
    Just awesome to look at! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  25. Your Friendship Book is a fabulous idea! How beautiful!

  26. What a Gorgeous Suzy book and such a wonderful way to keep all those cherished gifts. Its Breathtaking!!!

    I have an entire drawer full. I just may have to borrow your idea. I hate that they are tucked away. Just not enough room to display them all.
    Hugs Lynn

  27. Oh dear Suzy

    I feel very honoured to be part of your beautiful friendship book!

    The front cover is exquisite, a gorgeous image of two friends echoed in Marie's soldered image - a perfect start to what lies within.
    The pages you have made with the pockets are stunning, you have managed to compliment each of the other pages of our work with your amazing collection, of lace, satin and lovely embellishments.
    I particularly love your up-cycled satin lingerie pocket containing those lovely tags - it's so feminine and oozes that special thing I call "Suzyness" - our Queen of Collage!!

    This idea of a book to hold gifted pieces has been bubbling in the back of my mind for a long time!

    Thank you dear friend for including my collages and tags.

    Love and hugs

  28. I am totally impressed by your beautiful friendship book, dear Suzy! You and all your friends are really great artists.
    Just a poem ! I`m excited.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs and kisses from Germany

  29. Stunning! What a beautiful way to gather your friends treasures in one gorgeous book. A true keepsake. And with all the different styles of all the artists you still manage to make a whole of it.
    Sending you big hugs, xx

  30. Oh! Suzy!
    This is the most glorious and splendid Friendship Book I have ever seen! What a wonderful place to cherish all of the friends who have given you gifts or from swaps. A rare treasure indeed!
    Thank you for sharing this masterpiece of vintage laces and embellishments.

    hugs to you my friend!

    Teresa in California

  31. Dear Suzy,
    What a wonderful Book of Friendship you made. It is truly a work of ART !!!
    I love it so much. You brought all the gifts together in one stunning Treasure.
    Think I will be back for many times to study it over and over again :) !!!
    Thank you for sharing it.
    Suzy, I also want to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog.

    Hugs and Blessings,

  32. Hello Suzy
    You've a wonderful collection. All tags are marvellous!!!
    Hugs and kisses

  33. Hi dear Suzy,
    your gorgeous Friendship book just takes my breath away. What a treasure and I'm thrilled the soldered charm is a little piece of it. Have a wonderful day.
    Sending big hugs and love,

  34. What a beautiful book. It shows the love you have for this wonderful creations by your friends and you.

  35. Stunning work What a wonderful keepsake packed full of beautiful gifts & swaps from your dear Friends... the attention to detail is outstanding...the fabric's & lace are amazing...Love it all... Hugs May x x

  36. Dearest Suzy,
    Your friendship book is a treasure with all these wonderful pages from your friends, they are all so inspiring to look at, I'm sorry that I haven't been around your blog for some time, I had a fall that gave me a concussion seven weeks ago and this has taken much of my energy, wish you a lovely new week.
    Hugs Anni

  37. can you tell I am drullllllling? I just made a book well two books in collaboration with Roses on my table, but nothing this fantastic. I have a long way to go but what an inspiration you are to us all. Hugs and thanks for sharing. xoxoxoxo

  38. Suzy - what a very special book. Forgive that I have been unable to get on for a while, recuperating and completing a few things along with a little p/t work! So enjoy your work, my friend, and nice to see the smoked moose hide among your treasures. The book is a terrific idea. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs and love, K

  39. I just can't get enough of this book. I have saved this post on my reader so I can go back and look at your pictures over and over. It is such a beautiful expression of your lovely work as well as that of your friends. What a wonderful keepsake!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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