Thursday, May 15, 2014

Layers and Layers of Collaged Lace and Doilies

Hello dear blogging friends!


Just before Easter I showed you an image of a new
Lace and Doily Throw I was starting to
Well I am happy to say that it is now finished!

I started with an antique cotton tablecloth which had been
edged in a some exquisite hand crocheted cotton
which I used for the base.

Everyone knows just how much I love these beautiful
doilies whether cut lace, Battenburg or hand crocheted
and I can't think of a more sumptious look
when they are all put together
layer upon layer

 butting up and overlapping each other

 to create a sea of beautiful patterns of lace

swirling around the cloth

in perfect harmony with each other.

When I arrived at a pleasing effect to the eye
I started on another journey of layering the assembled
top to a prepared base of batting under which
is yet another beautiful white damask
vintage linen tablecloth 
(which was almost the same size in this case)

and once all three layers were pinned I was
ready to start some machine quilting

up and down the layers and in and out of the looped
doilies and around and around I went.
The final step in the whole process was
to sew through all layers with a large 
number of pearl and white 
new and vintage buttons. 

The quilted underside looks a bit like this and

these beautiful roses form part of the amazing patterned
linen thread work of the cloth underneath.

These pieces are precious and highlight
the amazing handwork

(and machine work)

of these well preserved pieces of linen and cotton lace work.

This is my idea of some beautiful bliss
so I'm linking this post to
What's It Wednesday  at Ivy and Elephants with Patti
This piece of lace work could be used as a throw over 
a chair or couch, as a wall hanging or a centre 
cloth for table or bed.  
It really is a keep sake for someone and I am
considering putting it up for sale.
It measures 41" x 48" approx inc. the lace border.
If you are interested just email me

(I am happy to let you know that this new quilt has been sold
and is flying it's way to California!).

Some of you may remember this quilt above I posted about
a couple of years ago.  I think it has created
more interest than any other quilt
I have posted on my blog
I do hope this new work inspires many of you out there who love
 to create with lace and doilies to let
your heart run free! 
xox Suzy


  1. Suzy, this is absolutely exquisite. Everything you've done is done to perfection. LOVE!


  2. OH, Suzy, what can I say other than AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, my dearest friend.
    Fantastic work of art in putting all the lace together, sewing and quilting them after . I so love this kind of Crazy quilting ,you made, it is sure to become a much treasures throw in someone lucky`s home. A stunning masterpiece of soft white luxury and beauty.
    What a wonderful pleasure to just see it here, it must be fantastic to really hold it in ones hands, sweet Suzy.
    Love and admiration from me to you.
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  3. Hi Suzy, I have never seen anything so Beautiful... the wonderful layers & the doilies & lace are perfect...Thank you for the wonderful inspiration I have drawers full of old doilies....Hugs may x x

  4. WOW! This is so beautiful! What a way to display all of these wonderful laces.


  5. This is stunningly, fantastically fabulous! I have always loved the once you made on the velvet and have started collecting doilies to give it a after seeing this one I really need to get more gathered so I can jump in and make one...just stunningly gorgeous....sigh....

  6. She is beautiful! Wow! All that piecing and sewing and creating has really come together to create such a treasure! The composition you ended with looks really wonderful. I am amazed at your artistry!

  7. It's hard to leave a comment when you're speechless! This piece is beyond amazing. What a homage to the lacemakers of the past!

  8. If i had your skills, i would love to create with lace and doilys but...i haven't :o( That's why i love to look at your creations, which make my day anytime i visit you. I guess you would laugh, if you could see me making sheep's eyes. ♥

  9. Hi Suzy, I´m just back from the hospital and checked my Blog and saw your lovely comment, thank you so much for your sweet words.
    You wanted to know how I did the vintage photo look, I use photescape, here is the link :)

    I´m a great admirer off your work it looks all so beautiful, but this Lace and Doily Throw is gorgeous !!!!!!
    What a wonderful and amazing work.
    Thank you for this fabulous inspiration :)

    Hugs from Holland
    Mieke xxx

  10. I love all your vintage lace projects but oh my, this throw around my shoulders would feel like being wrapped in a piece of heaven! Gorgeous Suzy!!

  11. Your talent knows no bounds sweetie! This is a gorgeous piece of art, beautifully designed with such wonderful composition and the contrast of textures makes it magical! It makes my heart skip a beat!

  12. Absolutely exquisite and a true masterpiece.
    Chrissie :)

  13. to create a sea of beautiful patterns of your own words you have described this piece of art perfectly. I am swooning with the Blissful Beauty of all these various pieces put together by your skilled hands. This is a timeless heirloom treasure. Stunning dear...

  14. Hi Suzy!
    I can't tell you what I thing about your work, because I can't find the word!!!!!
    WONDERFUL, AMAZING, FANTASTIC, Most beautiful work I've see from a long time!
    Hugs and big kisses

  15. Hi dear Suzy,
    I'm speechless. Your throw is absolutely gorgeous and such a treasure - how can you let go of it?
    TFS. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Sending hugs and love my friend.

  16. Truly a masterpiece, and something which will be treasured for many generations. It makes my heart ache ( in a good way ) to look upon such beauty.

  17. Stunning! Such a lovely way to preserve important work done by women in the past. How long did it take you to make it? I would never be able to sell it, a family treasure.

  18. I love the way you have shown us how you have made your quilt/throw Suzy. I love the choices of different types of doily you have used and embroidered pieces. This is gorgeous, so much work involved and the addition of the buttons just the perfect touch. Jx

  19. So gorgeous, Suzy! I don't know how you could part with such lovely laces, layered together in a sea of froth......

  20. and I can see why, it is remarkable!! xo

  21. BEAUTIFUL is all I can say what a treat to look and look and look at all the beautiful work on this oxxoxoxo

  22. A beautiful array of laces and textures Suzy! The results are stunning.

  23. This is absolutely gorgeous, dearest Suzy. So many wonderful doilies went into this throw. It's fun to check out all the different techniques and patterns. If you really decide to let it go, the new owner will be very happy and enjoy this great creation.
    Have a wonderful Sunday, sweetie!
    Sending lots of hugs and love to you,

  24. Suzy, this is absolutely AMAZING!!!
    The way you were able to make everything come together in this beautiful pattern is a feat only skill can bring. (Mine would have been a mish mash!) Simply gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for sharing with us.
    Big hugs,

  25. oh wow wow wow, i want to make one this is sooo gorgeous, but i dont have that many doilies, i feel a thrift shop shopping exhibition coming on....jannette

  26. Simply gorgeous! I thinking about that idea only in a wearable fashion! Top, skirt, dress.

  27. Oh Suzy how wonderful. You have that special touch. I wish I had that much lace and doilies. You are such an inspiration.

  28. Woa, Suzy.....
    This is completely gorgeous! I have some questions I will email you with!
    This piece is so amazing! LOVE it!

  29. This is SO beautiful! I want to run my hands over it and feel the lace. I'm so inspired!

  30. Hi girl I know I have been here before but just while I was putting a new post on my blog I kept thinking about this beauty so had to come back. Funny how things get stuck in your mind isn't it? All the lace is so pretty can't wait to see what you do to inspire us next. hugs and off to go fight dragons in my part of the world. xoxox

  31. Suzy, this is over-the-top gorgeous!
    What a splendid creation, and how lovely to show these gems off to such advantage - you have given them new life. I love the layout, and your quilting is just perfection...
    Beautiful work!


  32. Hi Suzy, WOW this is gorgeous. I love this creation of layered laces and hand work. What an inspiring idea and you did an amazing job of pulling it all together in such a beautiful look. What talent you have to do this. It is truly incredible.

    Thank you for stopping by. I have been signed up to receive your posts by email, but have yet to get them. There is a blog glitch going on and things are just not working right. Anyway, I signed up again and it said I am already signed up to receive them so I will keep on the look and hope it begins to work.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  33. It is always a treat to stop by for a visit with you dear Suzy ♥
    What a truly magnificent piece you created ...
    I know that that lucky someone in California must be very very happy indeed!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend...

  34. Just glorious, Suzy! Lovely beyond words!!! Hugs, Catherine

  35. That is so beautiful! What a fabulous idea! You even did free motion quilting all over or did you go around each doily? Just BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing!

  36. My Goodness Suzi! This is just amazing and profound! Beautiful work and yes, soooo inspiring. Thank you for gifting us with a peek at your fabulous work.
    xoxo Chris

  37. I feel like a character from the book 'The Wind in the Willows' by Kenneth Grahame...the mole in the story who came out of his deep, dark homey, hole into the sunshine for the first time and all he could say was 'Oh! My! Oh! My! Oh! My!' This is the way I feel looking at this glorious throw you have created. I am awestruck by its beauty. A very fortunate person has a miracle they have purchased from you. This piece of lacy treasure is priceless.
    All I can say is 'Oh! My!'
    lots of love and hugs,
    Teresa in California

  38. Wow your lace quilt is stunning!

  39. This is absolutely the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen in my life Suzy. An absolute work of art that can't be matched my friend!!!
    much love...

  40. That came out quite lovely. I have oodles of vintage lace items, some crochet, many collected wedding hankies, antique collars and cuffs, vintage lace gloves, doilies, ribbon and trim. I used to display the really special ones on vintage hangers throughout my home. Then I discovered a clothes moth infestation inside a closet that I rarely opened. They looked so harmless, these tiny gossamer winged moths that disintegrated touched. Little did I know that for months they were laying eggs and their larva was eating away at many precious textiles. It took me 2 months to wash and dry everything to get rid of any eggs. Some things needed to be frozen twice in my freezer. I have wanted to create something out of all the pieces that were spared. I covered a large, drum-shaped cream lampshade with small doilies, lace and scraps of crochet. It looks really pretty. Your throw sounds like a great next project, although I have never made a quilt. But it seems simple enough. Thanks for the great inspiration.

  41. I can't help but emagine the spirits of all those lace makers over the years that you have memorialized in your work! This is truly exquisite! An inspiration to others of us who have been captivated by these treasures from the past! Thank you for sharing itch the world!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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