Monday, August 4, 2014

Vintage Cabinet Cards, Photo Albums and artworks

 Most of us love to collect the things we relate to as an aid in

(photo saved from a house fire!)

 inspiring us in our creative works and just because we love them

 and these are some of my treasures sitting on our living room shelves
 and antique dressers
(purchased and gifted)

which I have used to create some works like these



(a few of my fabric and paper journals here)

and some have also been gifted such as this
gorgeous Victorian collage

a beautiful garden angel and lace heart behind.

It's not everyday that a friend offers you the chance to purchase
two beautiful vintage photo albums.  These two particular
albums belonged to my friend, Glenda's, grandmother
as she has no children to hand them down to
she offered them to me
she knew how much I enjoyed using these cabinet cards
in my projects.

 I think they are from the late 1900's and this one
is quite large.  I will share the photos of this one at some later stage.
Such a beautiful brass closure
on this one

 and this is the second smaller one.

 The tooling on this smaller leather one is also amazing
with its brass closure.

and just look at the gilt bevelled edged pages so thick and strong.

 These are just a few of the pages and photos it contains.

It is not just the Victorian history behind these beautiful cards - it is also 
the amazing garments, their textures of silk, satin and velvets these folk wore
as well as the exceptional quality
of the card and paper
which was used to create these albums.

 These albums were made to last - not just one lifetime but several
if they are looked after!

I consider myself very very lucky now being the owner of these two
magnificent leather bound photograph albums which I will treasure
in their original torn,
slightly tattered and stained form.

I'm getting closer to the time when I can sit and blog
and create again in my favourite room -
dare I say almost!
So thank you all dear blogging friends for continuing to visit during
my long absence of recovery.
I appreciate you all so very much and hope to be visiting you again before long.

Love and hugs,
Suzy xox


  1. Hello dear Suzy
    It is lovely to see you are able to type again and put up a post - we've missed you so.

    Such gorgeous albums that were gifted to you - I can imagine your head is spinning with ideas on what you will create from the wonderful photos within the pages.

    Good to have you back

  2. I miss you and am so glad we could have this short visit. I hope you are up to par soon. XO Sue

  3. Suzy!!! You are posting! Does that mean you are better? I do hope so, I so miss our chats.
    You are surrounded by so much beauty, and each one of those beautiful objects tells a different story.
    Those two photograph albums are such a precious gift, and you are the perfect custodian. They will be treasured and much loved.

  4. Oh Suzy, it's so good to see you back at blogging. I've missed you something tremendously. Getting back on your feet (or in your case, upper limbs) is no easy feat but you did it! Welcome back. Beautiful blog post and I am so jealous of those journals. So very jealous.

  5. Dear Suzy,
    it is so nice to see that you are able to post again. I hope you are healing well. Oh my, you sure are surrounded by so much beauty!
    Absolutely stunning everything.
    Sending you many hugs and much love,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  6. I was thinking of you yesterday and here you are. Adoring your cabinet cards, Suzy. You will admire them for years to come. Stay well.

  7. So pleased to see your post this morning - welcome back even if it is only a wee visit as it indicates you are most definitely recovering. You have been missed my friend :)

  8. Beautiful post. I too collect cabinet cards, I have always been drawn to them. Also, I love how your not afraid of texture. God bless you.

  9. I have missed you very much Suzy! And I am so glad that you are recovering nicely...I am looking forward to seeing you create again and being able to blog about all the beauty that you create...but most important of all is knowing that you are well on the road to recovery and will be better take care and all the time that you need to be completely well...we will be here waiting for when you return to your and hugs sent to you...

  10. So glad to hear that you're feeling much better! Take time to look after you. AND - lucky, lucky (!!) you to become the caregiver of such wonderful albums filled with treasures. They could have no better home.

  11. These old photo albums are amazing and I know you are happy to have them. I hope you are feeling better and better! Take care! Sweet hugs Diane

  12. Lots of sweet things to inspire here Suzy.Hope you can get creating again soon.
    Judy xx

  13. Hello dear Suzy
    I love all your vintage things, they're so beautiful.
    Old pictures make me allways a little sad, because I imagine real people in them, and I think about their life! What was ther life? What kind of people they were? Because of my psychic gifts I can feel some things sewing these pictures, so it's allways difficult to see them.
    How are you? Do you feel better?
    Hugs and kisses

  14. Nice to see your post this morning. Lovely photo albums you have been given to care for....what memories they hold.

  15. Hello my dear Suzy,
    it is just wonderful to see a post from you and I adore those two albums. Such a great gift.Hope you will get better each day.
    Sending hugs and love,

  16. those photo albums are awesome Suzy. How lucky you are.
    Love all your photos in the post too - how can I not, sharing the same passion for old stuff like you. Love the look of your books and journals.

  17. How lovely to see you return Suzy. A lovely post I enjoyed looking through your photographs and the beautiful work that they inspired. Your two albums are so precious, an amazing insight into past times. They are treasures indeed. Hope you continue to improve. Jx

  18. Oh dearest friend, congratulations on this amazing gifts from your friend, what treasures, -both the beautiful albums, and the wonderful and so lovely photoes inside. Yes sweet Suzy, we are many whom so understand what you talks about, when saying :" inspiring us in our creative works and just because we love them " about these old photoes . I buy whenever I see some, but it is difficult now a dayes, as so many wnats them.
    Your photoes are gorgeous, and so are your decorated home, also so very much because of your beautiful art which also in my home have beautyfied many walls and places.
    Such a lovely post dearest,- and so very much also, because you are now able to do one, with your arm- I`m so happy for you, and on your behalf, I can`t wait to see you fully recovered, heart friend.
    Love from Dorthe

  19. Suzy, I hope you are much better. Your albums are gorgeous treasures. You have such a knack for putting it all together in beautiful vignettes. Taking the time to photograph our artistic collections is a wonderful exercise in appreciation, isn't it?

  20. Hello dear Suzy,

    This is such a wonderful post. So happy for you that you were able to post again.
    I'm sure you must be very happy to now be the owner of such beautiful albums.
    What a precious photo's they contain.
    I love the pictures you made of all these treasures.
    So great to hear that you really are recovering. I missed you Suzy.
    Thank you for always sharing yourself with us in your art.
    It is so wonderful and inspiring and I sometimes get emotional when I see it. I so hope you feel better now.
    It must be hard to wait this long, knowing you so much love to create !!

    Warm Hugs and Blessings to you.
    Thinking of you !

  21. Suzy,
    Thanks for sharing with us, Love the photopraphs. So glad you are continuing to recover. I wish I could come give you a massage on your arm. I have been giving family members massages today.
    take good care and recover well, dear friend!

  22. Hi Suzy, Lovely to see you had put a up a fabulous post... I adore your wonderful albums & photos what Treasures... May you to continue to heal each day....Hugs May x x

  23. coucou Suzy
    j'espère que vous allez de
    mieux en mieux
    et que les douleurs s'atténues
    pas facile d'être bloquée
    dans un lit
    je suis toujours en admirations
    devant votre talent
    j'admire mon sac tous les jours
    à très bientôt et bon courage
    pour les jours à venir
    edith (iris)

  24. I have been out of pocket and thought I better check up on you and see how you are. What a delight to see you posting again . Always love the pics and see your creations and inspirations. Hugs from Texas my dear xoxo

  25. I am so happy to read your post and know that you are recovering. These albums are so amazing and to be able to acquire them and savor them for future enjoyment is true Creative Bliss. Healing Energy Continues Dear...


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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