Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Art Cards and Some Lace Romance

I can't tell you all how wonderful it feels to have
my computer and the internet
back operating
How else can we create images so necessary for our artwork.

 I am currently working on these 
new Romantic Lace Kits
using some of my beautiful soft handmade paper to hold
a number of different laces, net lace, lace motifs
and buttons
which can be incorporated into any number of projects
these will be appearing in my Etsy shop soon.

However, what I do have completed and are in my shop now are
these Fabric Art Cards/ frameable art pieces
using images from one of my favourite pre-raphealite artist,
Edward Burne-Jones


 some fabrics in the softest shades of blues and greys
with turquoise accents.



 As you can see I have added some stamped flourishes
around both images in similar shades.

This second one shows deeper blue green lace fabric
over deep blue printed chiffon. 

 They could also be sold as a pair as they look so
(And this is the way they were sold!)
I will be creating more cards very soon! 

I'm also preparing for a Workshop which I will be running
at home this week on Thursday and Friday
teaching the creation of a lace book
with images.
I'm hoping to share some images of that coming up in my next post.

Take care everyone and may your days be filled with
much love and laughter!

xox Suzy


  1. The cards are beautiful, Suzy, they wobn't be in your shop for long. And I am soooo excited about the romantic lace kits you are preparing. Can't wait to see them in your shop. I might just have to treat myself to one ( if I am quick enough, that is, because I know they will just fly off the shelf ). xxx

  2. Two more exquisite creations, love the colors and sentiments.

    Wish I lived close to go to this upcoming class of yours.

    Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

  3. Beautiful! I love both cards and am partial to turquoise and blues. Someone else was fortunate to already get that card. You make everything awesome. Blessings, Nancy Carr

  4. GASP ... these just took my breath away. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

    As always, eye candy!

  5. Hi Suzy, Your creations are gorgeous and I know your kits will be a big hit.
    You are so talented and always an inspiration. Have Fun!
    Hugs, CM

  6. stunning cards Suzy!! No wonder they all sell the minute you put them up:)

  7. Just gorgeous to be sure! They will not last long at all. Great pieces of art anyone would be proud to own a bit of.

  8. Your cards are beautiful, Suzy! Wish I lived closer so I could attend your classes. Best of luck with the workshop!

  9. Hi Suzy. It is wonderful that you are sharing your talents. I'm sure you and your students will have a great time. Look forward to seeing some of the results. Hugs Alveen

  10. The colors on your latest cards are stunning and immediately took me to the beach. Truly lovely! Your classes must be Creative Bliss...

  11. Oh dear Suzy, again you created the most gorgeous cards, in great blue tones, and in all the lace beauty , they are so wonderful, and so is the idea with the lace kits !
    I wish you many happy hours tomorrow and friday, my sweet friend, and hope it will be a wonderful experience for you and your students .
    You will hear from me very soon loved friend.
    Dorthe xxooxx

  12. Your gorgeous cards are each little pieces of art SO beautifully created with all of your special Suzy touches!
    Wishing you a Happy Autumn as we enter into Spring blossom here in Virginia.

  13. Beautiful Suzy-- your fabric cards are gorgeous.... I don't think I've see anything quite like them. They would be wonderful as framed treasures--- they are so beautifully vintage inspired:)

    You are a master of beautiful creations in the world of lace...
    Love, love

  14. What a delightful dream it is to imagine being able to attend your classes!

  15. So lovely to hear you will be having a workshop in your home for a couple of days. Wish I lived near to where you lived I would attend it in a moment!
    And what beauteous cards! Such lovely choice of colors and laces.
    You always inspire me!
    lots of love and hugs,

  16. Hi Suzy
    The cards were all gone by the time I read this post. They are gorgeous as usual.

    Wish I could fly over there and join this class. Please consider doing it online one of these days.
    Have a great time.


  17. Hello dear Suzy,
    Your cards are so beautiful !
    I love them. You know, our oldest son Leon did the Art School and graduated
    to get a bachelor degree in fine Art.
    His final essay was about his favourite pre-raphealite artist Edward Burne-Jones !!
    Wonderful paintings ! You use them in such a great way.
    Happy for you your muse is back.

    Hugs, Wilma.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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