Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 11

 It is extremely difficult to write a post when 
your heart is heavy - heavy with the
senseless loss of so many
innocent lives
in Paris in recent days so keeping it simple
with my no fuss heart
I created this heart for a dear friend
with the prism finding represented at the centre


 to help me look to the centre of myself


 to reflect upon how grateful I feel
for the life and love I have today
appreciating the safety of my own surroundings,
my friends, family members, my home,
my freedom, my place to come and go as I learn every
minute to never take any of it for granted
in my own surroundings what gives a spark of hope
is new life approaching as in this tiny nest.



I am grateful!!!!

I am grateful to all of my blogging friends in my own country Australia and to all those across the world and to
Wen for hosting this wonderful party
I'm sending you all love from 
my heart!

Thank you also Wen for featuring my art angels last week -
they are all around us if we can only see!
I'm linking this today and giving thanks
to you Wen and all of you!


  1. Hello dear Suzy
    Thanks for your thoughts for France! I agree with you when you say that world will change to be better, and we all know that all changements go by difficult times. We're ready to these difficult times and no bad people will change our hearts. They are like yours!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. A very heartfelt post Suzy. We certainly do have so much to be thankful for. Nature is one of those things and how lovely to have that beautiful little Willy Wagtail nest to look at. Isn't their nest such an intricate work of architectural perfection.
    Love your beautiful heart.
    Chrissie x

  3. What a beautiful post, Suzy.


  4. My dear Suzy,
    your words could have been mine, and your feelings of sadness and feeling lost, too.
    Our world,- containing so much darkness and hatred from certain groups,- are falling apart for me, too, when things like this happens. Our hearts and our brain don`t understand how people ends up like that, and we seek inside .
    What can we do, exept going on showing love and kindness to the world, watching the birds building nests, and see the flowers bloom every year !! We can try to stay strong and together, and hope Armageddon is not near !!
    I love your beautiful white heart, and yet more your own wonderful heart, dear friend.
    Love from Dorthe

  5. Very thoughtful post Suzy. I too have had a difficult time creating a post because having family all over France this was especially heartbreaking. Your felt heart is truly beautiful as are your photos.

  6. Hello Suzy, I love your heart and all feel your love when you put it on here. Hugs and hugs

  7. Such a beautiful heart Suzy!! The gorgeous lace, ribbon and wonderful 'center'. And a caring tribute to those who are suffering right now.
    I had almost forgot that you were in your Spring-time! and I must say the bird's nest was a timely and welcome element of "hope" and "new life!" Thank you so much for your contribution here~ Happy day! Karen O

  8. Such a beautiful heart and post, Suzy, i love your insight and beautiful Physical heart!!!
    Oh, that all could be filled with love and kindness... But we can hope for and dream of a time that will be true... Your heart gives me hope... And your love fills the hearts of those who follow your blog. We love our dear friends throughout the world, and want the very best for each and everyone of them, especially in the difficult changes the world faces. Our love makes a difference, we can't fix everything, but we can love...
    Hugs to you, dear Suzy!!

  9. Hi Suzy. Your heart and your post are both beautiful. And I love that little bird and nest. Have a great week! XO Sue

  10. A beautiful and meaningful post dear Suzy. Your heart is gorgeous and so beautifully serene and peaceful looking. The bird in the nest is too cute! Sending you lots of love too and wishing you peace in your heart. Big hugs xx

  11. Suzy, What a beautiful and heart-felt post. Your bird in the nest is a wonderful gift from nature, and your heart is a perfect symbol of thanks.

  12. Hello my dear Suzy,
    there is not much left for me to say. So, thank you for sharing your gorgeous heart:) The little bird is just precious.
    Sending hugs and love,

  13. It IS extremely difficult to write a post when your heart is heavy but you did a great job and I love your heart, thank you for sending love out like this!! xo

  14. Gorgeous post. Senseless violence, sad and disheartening but we need to continue to send good thoughts and love into the world. xox

  15. Beautiful heart. I'm fascinated with the bird nest.

  16. Well said Suzy - our hearts are definitely heavy and our minds grapple with the necessity to even think about such atrocities happening in our world. It's a joy to know that life goes on, even in the life of a sweet little bird.

  17. Suzy Dear your HeArt is beautiful and overflowing with Love for all we keep special. Prayers for Paris...

  18. The fabric heart and your heart are both very beautiful, dear Suzy. It's terrible that so many people lost their lifes and others will suffer from their injuries for the rest of their lifes. Creating and spreading some love helps a little bit to get distracted from all the sad news.
    Sending lots of love and hugs,


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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