Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Simply Neutrals Tuesday 31 - For the Love of Old

For the Love of Old
I'm sharing a few precious items I've collected
over the years which surround me 
in my studio where I create!

 There is always the mystery surrounding the stories behind
these old cabinet cards and the
collection of the antique
photo albums
so beautifully decorated and bound

 but for me, personally, I am also very
attracted to the incredibly beautiful fabrics and laces
used in the dresses of these women and young girls

as well as the quality and detail which is so absent today! 
Clothing was meant to last and you only owned
one special dress often which was worn
for special occasions! 

Even the embroidery - so beautiful!

One can barely understand how they could
use such intricate pieces under glass
for an ash tray!!!!! 

Even these little German porcelain dolls' under garments
were hand stitched so beautifully and neatly!
Lasting treasures!

You will, of course, always find a piece of beautiful old lace
in my studio because I don't have to tell you that that is
another addiction of mine!

Everything was so well made 
including these beautiful locks with their
keyhole covers

it matters not that the
 surface becomes damaged with time -
the rust is treasured even more!


Cash books and journals were used for every day purposes
and their leather covers last for centuries!

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Thank you Wen for hosting this for us once again and thanks
to all of you who visit and appreciate these loves of mine

Hugs, Suzy xox


  1. I love vintage things....especially old books and linens! You have such a wonderful way of displaying things too. Hugs, Diane

  2. Lovely vignettes, my dear Suzy. TFS.
    Will send you an email later.
    Hugs and love,

  3. Every photograph speaks of your love and appreciation for the beauty of time worn treasures. I do so love these little glimpses of the wonderful things which surround you.

  4. My dear Suzy, I can see we are not far from each other in what we love to collect , everything could have been mine, if I had the chance to find them, and similar are treasured pieces here .
    It looks so b eautiful, there with you, dearest . Thank you for showing your precious pieces, of many kinds.
    Love to you and hugs- Dorthe, xxx

  5. What a gorgeous post Suzy!
    Oh my goodness, such lovelies, such treasures! The rust on the locks...mmm!
    Your comment about the clothing once worn and what a difference from what is made and even kept today resonated with me. Clothing and other articles made today are not made with the same quality and care they once were. We have become such a throw away society, that it just bothers me so. I am glad there are those of us who appreciate things from the past and have even found new uses for the tattered and torn.

    Have a beautiful rest of your week dear one!
    Jackie xx

  6. Hello Suzy, What exquisite treasures you have presented to us today so beautifully. Your cabinet card collection and the old photos are swoonworthy indeed. How special! I love all those vintage things too. What inspiration they must give to you.
    Jesse XX

  7. Oh my sweet Suzy, how many treasures are surrounding you! Your blog post is filled to the brim with gorgeousness and weathered/tattered beauty. It's so true, things were made to last for ages. And they took great care in making them. Both in durability as in their beauty. In our days things are made to break down asap so we will buy new ones again and again, to keep our economy going. I love how you treasure these durable beauties of the past. Like Jackie said above, the throw away society of today really bothers me too, it's worrying. Thank you for sharing this all with us, dear Suzy, thank you for a beautiful reminder to treasure the beauty of the past. Big hugs and love, xx

  8. I also love vintage photos, I admire your collection !

  9. I would more than likely love to dig around your studio and see all the treasures you own.
    The lace would be so fun to see

  10. Such treasures! I love looking at pictures from back then and I always marvel at how much work it must have taken to keep all those outfits clean (and pressed!).

  11. Such a gorgeous and beautiful post of days gone by! I love so many of the treasures you shared and have always been drawn to old photos as well. When I started buying them at antique malls, my oldest son would tease me and tell me how did I know they didn't pass away from cholera or measles, etc. etc. thinking like Stephen King ( :( ) but. certain photos speak to me more then others if that sounds right. anyways, beautiful collection.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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