Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I've joined Pinterest! Simply Neutrals Tuesday 39

For those of you who love 
I thought I may let you know that I have finally joined myself
and have set up a few boards there
so here is a taste of a few pins
I have added from my own artworks
as well as many other favorites I have gathered along the way
to date!

These images I have added today are ones

which I thought would be more appropriate
this week at Wen's blog - AppleApricot


My link to Pinterest is 
The link with images is also on my sidebar!!!

 So if you would like to join me there just click on the link.

I'm always keen to see other's Pinterest boards
so let me know if you would like me to

So pop over to Wen's blog if you would love
to see lots of beautiful neutral images!

Thank you always for visiting and
thanks to my new followers here 
Wishing you all a great new week!
and a Happy Easter coming up!
Love and hugs,
Suzy xox

P.S.  I have some beautiful new
Inspiration Kits of fabrics and textiles in my 
if you would like a peek.
I may show them here also shortly.


  1. I would Love to follow you! yea! so glad you joined! Have a great Tuesday! Leticia

  2. When next I visit Pinterest, I'll join/follow, whatever it's called, you. Your work is simply Fabulous...LUV it! I don't visit Pinterest often as it's a black hole into which I fall, emerging light years later.

  3. Oh Suzy!! What a gorgeous post!! Filled with so many beautiful textile artworks! LOVE!

    How are things with the fires? Has it calmed down or burned out? I do keep everyone in your world in my thoughts and prayers.
    Sending love & hugs
    Jackie xx

    Yay welcome to Pinterest!


  5. Oh so many fabulous creations for Wen`s Tuesday , they are truly stunning all, dear Suzy. I love the "tray" with the "doll" , I have never seen that before !!
    I already follows you there, dear, but have to admit, my time is not giving me many moments to go look , at what my friends are adding, and also not for me to add myself..... it should be different !!!
    A lovely new week to you, dear heart friend !! Big hugs from Dorthe, xoxoxo

  6. Oh my Suzy I love your post today! Always you make me swoon~ : ) Your authentic vintage style steals my heart every time. "The Light of Spring" with it's beautiful butterfly is a favorite for me. Thank you for sharing. I too hope to see your place on Pinterest; when I can get over there~ love & hugs, karen o

  7. Hi there Suzy,
    Another spectacular post of yours to swoon over. Indeed, Pinterest is a black hole that sucks time away in seconds! I am trying to ration out my visits there, but it is such a treasure trove of gorgeousness, and so many of the best images are yours!!!
    Sending love, and Easter greetings to you from
    Jesse XX

  8. Ha, I was already following you on Pinterest :) You created some gorgeous boards there, dear Suzy, a feast for the eyes!
    And so are the gorgeous creations by your hand which you share here with us. The books and collages, such beautiful layers of yummyness! And those beautiful angels you created!
    Sending you big hugs and love, xx

  9. Wow, what an amazing post! The vintage pieces with all the beautiful page are stunning 😀. It's nice to meet you at the Simply Neutrals Tuesday party and wishing you a wonderful week! J 😊

  10. Suzy your work is just amazing and I follow now all your boards on Pinterest! You are such an INSPIRATION!

    I am on Pinterest as well since some time and it is my favourite place for inspiration and collecting ideas.
    are my boards.

    Happy Easter!

  11. Suzy Dear I am so happy to follow your Pinterest boards. Love your Simply Neutrals and everything you create. Spring is near for us we hope.

  12. oh - the rabbit hole thinly disguised as Pinterest! Definitely a place I like to spend time and I know I'll be following your boards - thank you!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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