Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Working with Textiles and Crazy Quilting

Textiles have always been a very big part of my creative life 
ever since I first began quilting and patchwork
some 40 years ago!
So I have gathered quite a collection of
amazing fabrics and embellishments
over the years!

So recently I stepped back from my usual creativity
where I create more with mixed media
delved into my stash to complete some
projects using these and
some crazy quilting techniques!

 I have made many bags and totes over the years
and here are just a few!
Firstly these two Boho shoulder bags



using quite exotic fabrics such as silk velvets,
embroidered silks and brocades
along with gorgeous Indian beaded motives
and lace pieces
plus this next one basically
using cotton and vintage textural fabrics.

 The next one is a clutch which I hand stitched


using some textiles from Rajasthan
and some very old hand embroidered braid!


and the second one here is a larger clutch
created from a number of textiles
and embellished with fringing and vintage buttons!


This last item is a rather unusual but sweet
hand sewing carry-all for your needles and pins
with pockets for measuring tape, scissors, etc.

 This sits beautifully over your lounge arm rest
and is easily accessible
what an enjoyable little treasure to have
at your side whilst sewing!
 These items are now available for sale in 
if this suits your fancy.

Thanks so very much for coming to visit me here.
It is so appreciated by me.
Enjoy your day!

Xxx Suzy



  1. Hello dear Suzy
    I love them all! You allways inspire me, and I love all the wonderful you make. Your last textile books were very beautiful too!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Oh, I get so excited when it comes to anything crazy quilted, my absolute favorite style. Your fabrics are ever so beautiful and rich looking and your collage of colors is candy for my eyes. Beautiful and inspiring creations, Suzy .....until next time, Helen White (Canada)

  3. Very beautiful! The epitome of what crazy quilting should be. More things I would love to fondle because the textures are such an important part of the whole experience.

  4. Suzy, you never cease to amaze me with your creative output. Such talent! How beautiful they all are!
    Jesse XX

  5. I do not know what is my favorite all great
    Like doing crazy quilts need to do some
    Have a busy fun time

  6. Oh my, such gorgeousness! Absolutely beautiful Suzy~ Rich tones and beautifully embellished; each one is lovely! Hugs and best wished friend, karen o

  7. I have loved the crazy quilt pattern since I first seen it in an antique quilt.
    I like the clutch purses the best of course they all have fabulous material and embellishments arranged perfect

  8. Good morning dear Suzy!!
    I am playing some blog catch up and when I opened this post, well, I almost fell over on the floor! To see all of this fabulousness and gorgeousness in one post- Well, my eyes are still bewildered! LOL
    Your talent is beyond measure and I am just happy to be able to see your art through your posts- thank you for sharing, I am in total awe!
    hugs and love,Jackie xx


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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