Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Look at a Journal Page and Hydrangeas

Now that the OWOH Event is over it is time to catch up on
some other things which I am passionate about
but before doing so
I would just like to say a wonderfully big
Thank you so much
for all the amazing comments I received during the past 2 weeks
all the many people who have decided to follow me -
I am truely humbled!!!

So now for some garden pleasures and a peep at a couple of pages I am working on for my
new Fabric Altered Journal.
It is coming to the end of Summer here in Australia and we are starting to see a change
in the colours of the hydrangeas

These have just been picked today!

The pinks are taking on a greenish/pinkish hue.
Don't these look stunning!

And after they have been left to dry in the vase for a couple of weeks
they end up looking more like this!
Just so soft, papery and dreamy.

currently has the most gorgeous images of
her dried Hydrangeas too so go and check out her blog.

Have a Wonderful Sunday.
Love, Suzy


  1. Hi Suzy,
    your fabric journal looks beautiful and I love the Hydrangeas.TFS.Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Morning from the UK Suzie - those Hydrangeas are just beautiful as you said so soft and dreamy. Your journal is just simply amazing - through OWOH I have learned so much and have now joined an online course and am going to be working on a fabric journal. I went visiting charity shops yesterday and hunted out some beautiful lace materials. I'm also keeping an avid eye on ebay. - See what you have done !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Hilda

  3. Another good morning from the UK...I agree those hydrangeas are absolutely beautiful, just perfect. I find your work most inspirational, love it!

    Carol x

  4. June....I love your fabric book! Stunning as always! Your work just inspires me so greatly! Love the Hydrangeas...they are so very beautiful. Oh to be surrounded by such beauty everyday must be heavenly...

  5. Suzy, they are so fantastic beautifull,and looks lovely on your little table---
    and your book pages, Suzy- are stunning,
    you are doing wonderfull art.

  6. Hey Suzi
    I was wondering if you overlooked my message and email.
    Today it is the last day that you can receive my OWOH prize which you won !!!
    I will wait until this evening Oké ?

    Hearty greetings Rian from Holland

  7. Lucky Hilda - she's making squares! ;)

    Beautiful hydrangeas & gorgeous pages - my Hydrangeas are just coming into bud ;)

  8. I love your beautiful textured cloth pages. I never tire of looking at them.

  9. Hi Suzy. Your journal pages are so inspiring. Just beautiful! Hydrangeas are my favorite and these are gorgeous!

  10. Hi Suzy, The sneak peak of you new journal looks fantastic!
    Hydrangeas are among my favorite flowers and I love them fresh and dried. A whole bunch of them in a vase is such a pretty sight.

  11. Beautiful pictures! Isn't it amazing how many shades Hydrangeas can have? I love them, I have few in my garden:)

  12. The hydrangeas are just gorgeous! Will your journal course be an online course?

  13. Your journal pages are very beautiful.

    I love hydrangeas and always try and dry mine as I use them in my mixed media projects and they are so useful for adding a finishing touch to a page or label. Lovely photos.


  14. WOW,WOW,WOW is right Suzy!!!!! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! Just like everything you do. And thank you so much for the wonderful mention here! Are you sad that Summer is coming to an end? Sometimes it is hard for me to let go of it, but the garden has gotten so large (because I just keep creating new beds) that I welcome the rest from all the hard work, but then I am so anxious for Spring to come and for it all to start again.hehe I'm sure you know exactly what I am talking about!
    It is always so good to hear from you!
    sending hugs

  15. Suzi, your hydrangeas wear the same colors that your CQs do!!! Perfect!! I just received my CQ magazine from Pat Winter and your article is on my reading schedule for this evening! I can't wait to curl up with a cup of tea and read all about you. Isn't this magazine beautiful! I feel honored that Pat asked me to participate with exceptional CQers like yourself.

    Happy Sunday....or is it Monday there already?
    Hugs, Diane

  16. And a good evening from the usual i love your fabric pages with all the wonderful lace and dyed fabric....stunning flowers to.

  17. wow!! i love the colors on your journal and the different textures ... soothingly romantic :) those hydrangeas look gorgeous but you know what, i was admiring the combination of all the vintagey stuff in that nook ! SO pretty!

  18. Thank you all for visiting and making such lovely comments. It would be so lovely to give you all a bunch of these soft hydrangeas but the images are the best I can do....enjoy!!!

  19. Your journal pages are wonderful! The hydrangeas I have from last fall are golden brown and papery. The colours on yours are beautiful.

  20. Your fabric journal continues to inspire my work. We are looking for signs of Spring in the USA and I have enjoyed seeing your garden bloom all through our winter.

  21. Another wonderful journal underway! The hydrangeas are just gorgeous Suzy!

  22. Lovely hydrangeas.Love how your altered book is coming along. Sounds like you're having a ball!
    Enjoy the lovely weather we are both lucky enough to be enjoyiong at the moment.Did you see the tv prog on Lake Eyre?An inland sea indeed!!
    The Outback looks incredible after rain.

  23. Hi Suzi,
    Oh my gosh, it was so good to hear from you...I'm afraid that with so much crafting and painting, time just slips away from me!!! I was so happy to hear that you won Liz's awesome OWOH exciting.

    And thank you for your sweet comments...It's always so wonderful to see how you're doing...I love this piece and the beautiful, my sweet friend.

  24. Love the fabric page you made and LOVE the soft colors of the fresh and dried hydrangeas! Beautiful !!

  25. what a magnificent display of hydrangea glory! they look like a swarm of butterflies collecting their beautiful wings in a dance!
    and your fabric journal is also a glory to behold! your work truly feflects all the beauty you nurture on your beautiful land and home.
    blessed be~

  26. I go away for a week and another fabulous fiber piece shows up, you never stop creating do you. Hydrangeas are gorgeous. I do so love how they morph from blue to pinks to fade away. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos. xox Corrine

  27. Your fabric books are so beautiful. I have been working on some of my own and you just put them to shame! haha!

  28. Suzy your new book pages are gorgeous, and the hydrangeas looks so beautiful on your table, they have wonderful colors.

  29. Hi Suzi,
    I've just received my copy of Pat Winters mag and was so delighted with all the pages. I'm here to read your blog and admire your beautiful work, it's great to meet you and find yet another 'Kindred spirit'.
    I am passionate about fabric books too,
    Best wishes, Angela.

  30. Your fabric book is stunning and so are the flowers.
    Thanks for sharing.

  31. Oh, your Hydrangea's and Journal Page are breathtaking! They sell the potted Hydrangeas here in the stores but I'm not certain they would thrive in such heat if planted outside? They are among some of my favorite flowers so I do wish I could grow some of my own for cuttings to have fresh ones in vases around this ole' House!

    Yes, I was beyond chuffed at my MP bag scores... I actually purchased TWO from the same sweet Seller... the other was my Valentine's Day Gift (see a previous post)... and that one was in pristine condition so I didn't have to make any repairs. It was also a fur bag, so even rarer to find!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  32. I wish I was sitting right next to you while you create these wonderful journals. You just have the touch. I so enjoyed your post today. I love hydrangeas. We had a foot of snow fall overnight. So we have spent the day digging out. What is with this weather. It was in the low 60's a week or two ago. LOL Hugs, Sharon

  33. Hi Suzie - managed to get a digi copy of CQ and have just printed it out - your article looks fab - am looking forward to devouring the whole magazine - haven't seen anything like this in the UK x Hilda

  34. beau travail en préparation et magnifiques hortensias..

  35. Fall is my favorite time of year for my hydrangeas!!! I am so inspired by all of the color changes that occur and the fact that they dry that way is such a wonderful treat! Yours are stunning as are your fabulous pages!!!!

  36. Voce realmente é abençoada, uma GRANDE artista!

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Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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