Monday, April 18, 2011

"Little Steps" Textural Journal

Well I think I can now honestly say that this
"Little Steps" journal is complete.
For me, it is always difficult to know when to stop embellishing
as I just love to create more and more layers!
I have decided for this post I would just show you the front and
back covers including the spine as there are such a lot of details

so I have provided you with quite a few shots.
So above you can get an idea of the front with the embellishments
that have been added - bearing in mind that almost the whole
of this little journal has been made from recycled fabrics

apart from the laces in some instances.
So this is showing you the back cover with upholstery fabric,
braid,  an old tattered doily and silk for tying.

The spine with silk tye and doily

From the top looking down and in

These last two images give you an idea of the layers of laces
and fabrics used.

So there we have it from "the outside"
next time we meet
you will be able to view
"the inside".
There are many layers on each page with quite a bit of detail
so I promise to give you an
up close and personal
view next post.

Oh, and don't forget, if you haven't already,
to enter yourself in my
with closes in about 9 days
on Wed. 27th April
(just after Easter).

Wishing each and everyone of you a really creative week.
just want to say "thanks heaps" for showing so much interest
in my little world of creating
it is truely appreciative!
Love to all of you!
Suzy xxx


  1. Absolutely stunning Suzy. You and I certainly have the same sort of mind.
    Hugs, Angela.

  2. SO pretty, love the look of it, wow ♥♥

  3. Hi Suzy,
    oh,I'm just soooo impressed!!!Love it.
    GORGEOUS.Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Dearest Suzy- this is a FANTASTIC little journal- OH my so many textures, and wonderful fabric`s- so much love-and happines went into making this, --the front with all the bits and pieces and SOOO beautiful colors-are amazing-and gorgeus.I love it, sweetest friend.
    Have a lovely evening-Suzy dear.

  5. Sensational as always! Have a great week.

  6. What an enjoyment to discover sublime tone work Suzy!
    I too have difficulty stopping embellishing, oops … My husband often says me: " You did not finish? ", and I answer him " Noooooo, just still a little!;-) " ..

    Hugs dear Suzy, et bon quilting

  7. Suzi, I love what you have done with this: i find it difficult to build up the layers with such exuberance. My natural impulse is to be economical but I am trying to break free of that.
    You always inspire me.

  8. Flipping heck, thats just utterly amazing.

  9. Dear Suzy your work is as always gorgeous, it is always so inspiring to visit your blog, love that you make so many different layers. Have a nice week.
    Hugs Anni

  10. What a beautiful Journal! I love all the layers you used. I have trouble building up all those layers. I think, "that does not go with the rest". When I should be adding more with the contrasts, making it work. Great job and I have enjoyed seeing this and most importantly learning!

  11. Suzy that is absolutely one of the most beautiful items I have ever seen.... I love it, so rich in detail and color. Wow.

    I can't remember if I entered your gieaway already or not.....anyway I hope I win!! lol

  12. It's just as beautiful as I thought it would be.

  13. Oh Yum!! I could fall right into all the lucious beauty of it!!! I ahve sucha hard time finding tattered laces- I think that most folks throw them away- that kills me- sometimes I really prefer the damaged ones as I don't feel bad cutting them up when they are damaged or stained!!!! Have a glorious week yourself , my friend!!!

  14. Your layers are wonderful Suzy! The colors, textures, patterns and sewing are simply amazing. I can hardly wait to see the inside of your "Little Steps" book. Have a wonderful week.


  15. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I love all the layers of embellishment, and I think it's fantastic that the materials are mostly recycled. This is a wonderful journal, and I'm loving the eye candy!

  16. Suzy Q! Oh my goodness! Gorgeous! If I could just come to your studio for a day or two...hmm..maybe three and just admire the beauty of it all! I would be in happy land for sure. Love all the lace and details! You are phenomenal! My fabric She-roh!

  17. Is there anywhere in your house that is not filled with glorious fabrics you can use because this little steps book is amazing and I cannot even imagine what you have to pick from to create your spectacular work. Each book a story, a history.

    xox Corrine

  18. Don't ever stop embellishing, and don't ever stop layering!! This is totally awesome and so beautifully created, Suzy....your talent is amazing as is your art piece. Love it!! Hugs, Gayle Page-Robak

  19. This is so gorgeous ....can't wait to see the inside of it .....x

  20. This is lovely. To me you could never over embellish- I wish I had a bit of your problem. I think I go too minimal because I'm afraid that next layer will mess something up. As always, beautiful book!

  21. Hi Suzy,
    Gosh, this is gorgeous!
    I wonder how you start a piece like this and is the basic book fabric or paper?
    Oh how i'd love to touch and feel it.
    I'm a hands on kinda gal. lol
    Happy creating,

  22. Suzy, Love, love, love your journal. The layers, the textures and the colors..wonderful. Can't wait to see the inside.


  23. Absolutely delicious. Dreamy textures and yummy colors!!!

  24. Ohhhhhhhh so yummy and delish to look at! Your creativity awes me. Could I be a little bug and sit in your studio and watch you play? I promise to be quiet (not an easy task for me to do LOL!)

  25. It's over the top gorgeous, dear Suzy! I love all the layers and the texture. You have a wonderful stash of fabrics and laces and you always create such fantastic pieces of artwork with these materials.
    Hugs to you,

  26. ...nothing left to say for me - SUPERB as always!

    Have a lovely day!
    Big hugs,

  27. Ce jurnal minunat! Imi place foarte mult.
    What a beautiful Journal, I love it, is gorgeous!

  28. Hi
    Studying artwork such as this makes me want to work at becoming a better crafter.

  29. Suzy, the textures are amazing. You've given me a bit of a push here! Last year I began a white-on-white "thingie" that was going to become a tote or pillow top and I put it away because I wasn't liking the layout. I think I'll drag it out again and begin putting more layers on it. Maybe that's all it needed!
    Hugs, DIane

  30. I am in fabric heaven when I see your creations, Suzy!!! WOW!!! Totally exquisite!

  31. Hi Susy, I love the way you use the free technique to make your fabric journals. It is such a nice way to save bits and pieces which are too nice to go in the bin :)
    It looks beautiful all together!

  32. Oh my dear this journal is simply breathtaking. Your layers upon layers of lace just speak to me. I am swooning over this journal of Little Steps.

  33. Estou boquiaberta com sua loucura MARAVILHOSA!!! Uma combinação fantástica! estou ansiosa por esperar ver todo seu blog, e é o que irei fazer agora!!!

  34. Miss Suziqu-
    I am visiting you by way of my friend Dorthe. I am truly blown away by your beautiful and creative journal design. Such a marvelous use of fabrics and textures - I CANNOT even imagine the amount of work and preparation that went into this magnificent creation. THIS is talent - I am amazed.

    Your photos are beautiful and so is your blog. Kudos to you and congradulations on the completion of this wonderful and beautiful project.


  35. Your journal is both glorious and precious. You must have spent hours creating it. You are an inspiration and I love the creating experience when I find something that I have never tried making before...such it is with your journal. I am definitely inspired to make something like it, as I have many articles of vintage laces and trims, and I absolutely LOVE journals!!!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.
    Teresa in California

  36. another sacred treasure~ within more heart gems.
    you are a blessing!
    love you!!

  37. Suzi, Thank you for the look see at your journal.
    It is truly beautiful.

  38. I am in constant awe of your work - how I wish I could take a class taught by you!! There are so many wonderful details and little things to look at and appreciate. Wonderful!!

  39. Happy Easter, my dear friend!! Sending love and hugs your way!

  40. Hi Suzi. I tried sending you an email but the link did not work. Anyway it was just to let you know that I had finally finished that crazy quilt i started about a year ago! I have popped up a post about it with a link back to your blog.
    Have a lovely Easter break.

  41. Well, this one is quite, quite beautiful - i wish i could hold it! It's the looking down & in photo I like best, all that scrumpciousness ! Have you/will you ever do/done a tutorial on attaching pages? Just thought I'd be cheeky & ask.... ;)

    Happy Easter!

  42. This is the most beautiful journal I have ever seen Suzi! I get what you mean about the embellishing ~ but yours are always so perfect! i adore your creations and aim and inspire to be more like you as I create. Just couldn't past up the chance to wish you a blessed day! Hope it is with all my love and best wishes, Katie

  43. Thinking of you...Blessings my Friend! Happy Easter!

  44. Gorgeous...simply gorgeous! A real piece of true inspiration!

  45. Suzy your creativity is just amazing, Thank you for showing how your have built up all those wonderful textures. i just love everything you do. Your work is just an inspiration to all who see it.

  46. This book is absolutely wonderful.I love it.
    Have a good week.

  47. I thought I had left a comment for your giveaway but apparently not so I am putting that right now! Your giveaways are sensational - so gorgeous and I would love to have a chance of winning.

    I'm keeping everything crossed. Thanks Suzy.



Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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