Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gifts from a very dear friend

Quite recently I was very spoilt in receiving these
most gorgeous gifts

in the mailfrom a
very dear friend, Dorthe, at
I am sure that most people who know this amazing woman
know what a most wonderful art doll and mixed media artist that she is!

It was my birthday a little while ago and
she wanted to show her
wonderful kindness
making all of these beautiful gifts
which I thought you would love
to see.
The most gorgeous card above
has one of the most serene and angelic images
I have seen.  It has been overlayed with
the skeleton of an aged leaf
but still in it's complete

A most cleverly collaged
and colourful little wall hanging complete with a driftwood hanger
(no doubt collected from the beach below her home!)
and depicting two close friends
And just look at the gorgeous colours she has chosen
to create this piece with.  I have no doubt that Dorthe hasdyed all of the fabrics she has used.
And as Dorthe knows just how much I really love her driftwood angels
the package would have not been complete
without one of these
of course,

created in the richest of colours such as burnt oranges, magenta,
lime green and pinks.

Just look at that shot of reddest hair
with all the fine details of flowers, buttons, trims and beads.
Dorthe made it, as she says,
"in my colours".
What a beautiful smiling face
with the biggest blue eyes!

if that wasn't enough!

This very beautiful tag!
How beautiful is this other beautiful face
with this angel clasping
a white lilly!
embellished so sweetly with a rose, lace and ribbon. 

Our wonderful friendship has only blossomed through our close
communication in blogland -
where else
you live on the otherside of the world!

Thank you so much sweet Dorthe - you are the dearest friend to me
and I am ever grateful for your
loving friendship.
xxx Suzy


  1. Suzy, all I can say about your beautiful gifts from Dorthe is WOW. They are fabulous. I love the way she uses skeleton leaves in her art. The colors are gorgeous. She is a very sweet lady and you are lucky to have received such lovely gifts.
    Hugs, Jackie

  2. Hello dearest Suzy, our sweet friend Dorthe has created some gorgeous things for you. All her gifts are made from her heart with lots of love and I know how wonderful it is to receive one of her packages. The collage is fantastic and I love all the sweet little details of the driftwood angel. The card and the tag are both very beautiful too. Enjoy, sweetie!
    Big hugs, love and kisses to you,

  3. How precious for our precious Suzy Q!

  4. Hi dear Suzy,
    love all the gifts sweet Dorthe spoiled you with!!She is just such a sweet soul and dear friend and always creates from the heart.
    Enjoy your treasure! Have a lovely weeekend my friend.

  5. Dorthe is the most wonderful friend one could have. She is so incredibly talented and such a very generous and sincere person. Gotta love her to bits.

  6. wOW!!! That card is beautiful!!
    What a sweet bundle of gifts!!

  7. Well, what else is there to say. Such truly beautiful gifts representing the beauty of friendship. You deserve such gifts.

  8. What wonderful gifts Dorthe has sent you! You must hold a special place in her heart!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck.
    hugs Lynn

  9. Dothe makes the most beautiful collages, driftwood angels and tags. These she has created for you are beautiful and different in the colors she has used. Dorthe if you read this....I love what you have done here. Lucky you Suzi to have received such lovely things from Dorthe.

  10. What a lucky girl you are to receive such a beautiful gift - your friend is very talented and you two must share a special friendship. I love looking at your blog - it is very beautiful and serene

  11. Dearest Suzy, I`m so happy you like my gifts, made for you, and thank you for presenting them so beautifully.I feel overwhelmed with all the beautiful words from you,my sweet, wonderful friend- and from all the other dear blogging friends whom left comments here.Thankyou Suzy for your beautiful friendship, and thankyou all other dear friends.You have all a special place in my heart.
    Love -Dorthe

  12. Hello lucky lady! How deliciously spoilt you must have felt when you received all those wonderful goodies from Dorthe. They are all so lovely and the colors are so you! Belated birthday wishes, I trust it was a good one.
    Isn't it great to have such lovely weather. I so enjoy frosty mornings followed by such beautiful sunshine. Haven't managed to visit a market in a long time, hope you are finding some treasures.
    Hugs Alveen

  13. oh!! happy birthday( late late) Suzi!! Dorthe is a doll! love her work, and specially in "your colors"!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday from me, too! What fabulous generous presents, specially made to make you feel special.

    And a driftwood hanging twig! Thanks for your helpful comments re my twig ;)

  15. a most wonderful blessed friend dorthe is, and you are such a worthy recipient!! love inspires love, and all the beauty a heart can hold!

  16. how wonderful! Dorthe is so generous and creative. I am happy to have met you Suzy, through her!
    : ^ ) lenna


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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