Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friends who Care and Gifts to share

So many well wishes, kind and consoling words
have been posted by so many
beautiful blogging friends
on the loss of our darling
last week
that I was totally blown away!

Sincere heartfelt thanks
to all of you most

Also just yesterday arrived this most beautiful surprise
from all the staff at our local Vet Clinic
who have been active in
caring for her
in the

final months.
Included was a most beautiful poem.
Just how special is that
was she
 to be loved so much!

Now life goes on somehow and before our recent episode I had started a
small baby quilt for my girlfriend's daughter who has
recently had a baby boy and who just
loves these

It is coming with Jeff and I when we visit my ailing 91 year old Dad
who lives in Adelaide (interstate) next week.

I had also just finished another little fabric and paper journal like this
which will become available for sale.
Let me know if anyone of you are interested!

And speaking of journals I wanted to share this beautiful little paper and lace
journal which I won in a giveaway from

I think Anna has only very recently started on her journey of making a journal or two.
She does the most beautiful paintings which
you should see on her blog!!!
Beautiful work Anna and thank you so much for this gift I won.
It is just so pretty.

Just one more thing to share:
this vintage Fleur-de-lis
pewter plate

which is very happy to be sharing company
with some other vintage silver and pewter items

and jewellry on top of this
cupboard in my

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and comments
during this really difficult time!
Love and hugs to you all,
Suzy xxx


  1. Suzi, the quilt is fabulous I am sure she will love it. Your journal is beautiful. I love the rich blue in lower corner with rose on it. It looks dreamy and romantic, Imagine is a great title for it.
    Hugs, Jackie

  2. Hello, dearest Suzy, That was a sweet gesture of the vet clinic. Cherie had been loved very much and will be missed.
    Your girlfriend's daughter will be thrilled to see the beautiful baby quilt you have made for her and your new journal is fantastic with all the layers of fabrics and laces and the lovely rose. The touches of teal look wonderful combined with the vintage creamy tones.
    Congratulations on winning the pretty journal!
    What a lovely pewter plate you have found. It's a wonderful piece for your collection.
    I know that it's still a difficult time for you and I hope you can find some distraction in your studio.
    Sending you lots of big hugs and warm wishes, dear friend,

  3. Suzi that is such a beautiful gesture from the vets .....the sentiment brought a tear to my eye too .....i too have lost a dear companion although it was 6 years ago there will always be a hole where my darling Alfie was. he was my best buddy and had been through thick and thin with me ....they are so special aren't they ....take care Suzi..........xx (ps love your journal will it be on sale on Etsy ?)

  4. Dear Suzy,
    that was just so sweet of the vet clinic to send you this beautiful card.Love the poem.Your new journal is absolutely beautiful and so is the baby quilt you made for your friend!!Congratulations on winning this beautiful journal.Take care for now.Sending big hugs and love,

  5. A gorgeous quilt for the baby!

    Love your sweet book too - beautiful fabrics.

    Thinking of you at this time dear Suzy.

    Shane x

  6. It is nice to know that those at the vet clinic are so caring! You don't find many businesses that will take the time for such heartfelt gestures. The quilt you made is beautiful and the journal is fabulous! So much detail! Congrats on winning your own handmade journal from Anna. Have a terrific Tuesday. Tammy

  7. Such a lovely thought from the vet clinic and oh so kind words.
    Those are great fabrics in the quilt, I really like the flashes of red.
    Beautiful journals!!!

  8. Hi Suzy. I saw the title of your post and send a belated condolence on the loss of your beloved furry family member. It is truly a gesture of love to take care of our pets the best we can.....and then let them go peacefully. I know it will take time (believe me, I know). It looks like you're keeping yourself busy by creating and giving to others. Another loving gesture! Take care.

    A big hug to you.......Angie

  9. Dear Suzy,
    Oh gosh, the card from your vet was so touching...I know that this gesture of love must have been so special to you...

    As always, your work is totally amazing as are all of your treasures in your studio...I am speechless.

    You are more than welcome to put the button of my blogging friends piece on your blog--I think I'll ask everyone if they would like one and we can share the love from one blog to another.

    Sending (((hugs))) your way.

  10. you are surrounded with such beauty...as well as beautiful friends and precious memories of loved ones (cherie). at this hard time your heart is giving and creating more beauty...like the herb that is stepped on, releasing only fragrance. may love carry you with wings to your dad in adelaide, bringing joy and peace to his soul.
    blessings be upon you my sweetest friend~

  11. Dearest Suzy,-the card from the Vet clinic , is the sweetest thing - and the poem, just right,--so caring of them to send it.
    And sweet friend, the journal, is absolutely gorgeus,-how wonderful is the soft water colors with the orange and beige, and the stitching-and beautiful rose, and then all the layers. Another dream creation from you- !
    And the little baby will love cuddling up, in this beautiful quilt you made , Suzy-such wonderful fabric`s.
    And congratulations with the giveaway, so sweet-,
    your last photo looks like Aladins Cave, my dear friend.
    Love to you, and a special hug.

  12. Dearest Suzy...we love you. We love you. We love you. We love you. Did you know? We love you. And that's why....

  13. Oh, that made me cry!
    Very sweet......I love the new journal book! Would love to buy it but can't afford it right now!
    At least I can admire it!

  14. Dearest Suzy what a sweet card from the vet clinic, love the words on it, your journal is gorgeous Suzy all these wonderful pages, right now I participates in Nellie's workshop at Artful Gathering, I am busy making my own book, have a nice weekend dear.
    Hugs Anni

  15. What a wonderful gift from your Cheri's Vet Clinic! Makes me want to spread love. Thanks for sharing your fabulous art and thoughts.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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