Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Bit of Sewing and A Bit of Garden to Show

Whilst I have been putting together an order
for some needlebooks
(which I promise to show on completion)

shown above
I thought I might share some Springtime Garden Roses and
other plants from our garden on the far south coast

of Australia.

This shows the driveway entrance on the right
and a front paddock with our goats.

A rose arbor at the entrance.

Pierre de Ronsard climbing on the right

A sea of fox gloves growing amongst two more
climbing roses -  William Morris and
Teasing Georgia on the right.

Some close ups of climbing Charles Austin
The Alnwick rose of David Austin
Sally Holmes on the bottom of the stack.

Around the back of our home are more climbers
including Crepescule below

Cecile Brunner rose over the pergola

and outside our bedroom window is
David Austin's Umbridge and also
Lorraine Lee climbing along the verandah.

If only I could share the fragrance of this incredible bush
of Mock Orange which fills our bedroom of an

This view is of some Manchurian Pear trees, Silver Birches
and Chinese Elms which we planted on our arrival
here about 6 years ago.

Last but not least is a flower picked from our
Magnolia Grandiflora which
has the softest fragrance
but it is just such a large flower which measures approx.
8 inches across and is truly magnificent.

So there you have it -
a mini tour of our flowering Spring Garden.
Hope you enjoyed it.

A special thanks and welcome to all the wonderful
people who have followed me recently -
you are so appreciated!

xxx Suzy


  1. Hello my dear Suzy, It's always such a joy to look at your creations. The details of your needlebooks are so beautiful.
    Your garden is wonderful. I love your pretty roses, the folxgloves and can imagine that the frangrance of the orange blossoms is very captivating. On the first garden picture I can see your cute goats in the back :-).
    Have a great afternoon, sweetie!
    Big hugs and kisses,

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  3. Hi Suzy,
    What a joy to see your garden as we here in England are slipping into Winter. I could almost smell the roses.
    Thank you for such a lovely post.
    Hugs, Angela.

  4. Such a beautiful garden you have, real paradise! Love the foxgloves :)

  5. What a beautiful garden. It must smell wonderful. There are just a few roses out here as autumn gives way to winter.

  6. Thanks for helping me 'take time to smell the roses' this morning! Lovely.

  7. Wow! Your garden is just breathtaking!! Those roses are to die for!!

  8. Jeg nyder dine vintage blonder, og dine billeder fra din have i Australien er helt vidunderlig, sikken nogle roser. v.h. morkarn.

  9. Oh Suzy what a treat for the eyes your post is this morning!
    Is there anything better than beautiful crochet juxtaposed with fabulous garden photos? I think not. I can hardly wait to see the projects you are working on! Have a great day....
    Tina xo

  10. What a beautiful garden! Would love to come by and have some tea and sew with you!

  11. How lovely to see your garden pics! Our days here are grey and colder, windy or wet. I can imagine the aromas of the roses all around your home mingling together into a soft sweetness. I love the mock orange! We had one in our last home, and the scent would waft into our bedroom window.........
    Your 'bit of sewing' looks beautiful.

  12. Oh my dear Suzy, this looks like heaven,-and I`m sure it is like being there, enjoying all those beautiful roses, and other wonderful flowers. It looks fantastic with all the white Foxgloves, my sweet friend.
    Every corner, is fantastic- and your cut roses together are fabolous.
    Also the details, from your little needle books, looks like something very heavenly ,and so beautiful.
    Thankyou for showing, and thankyou for your lovely letter.
    Love you friend.

  13. Your Roses are soooo beautiful, here ours have gone as we are moving into winter with 30 degree temps. You live in a beautiful restful place no wonder you are so inspired and create such lovely things.
    TTFN Wanda

  14. What a gorgeous garden and beautiful flowers. It has been very cold here today and the garden is looking sad.

  15. your garden is as sumptuous as your needlework .....lovely ...x

  16. Thank you for the tour of your garden, it is just so beautiful. I would say you are lucky and I know that there is an element of luck but also a lot of hard work It is paying off now. Just wonderful

  17. Hi dear Suzy,
    hope this will go through:) Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful flowers with us.Oh, I can smell the roses.The needle bock is absolutely gorgeous.Love all the details.
    Have a wonderful week dear friend.

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  19. What a beautiful garden Suzy, I can see where some of your inspiration comes from. We too have a lovely mock orange and I can smell it's sweet fragrance from my studio window as I'm writing this comment. I will have some more poppy seed head stamps in my etsy soon, thanks for reminding me.

  20. Hi Suzy,
    No wonder you make such beautiful peices all the time with all that beauty surrounding you how could you not!

    Do you get people asking to take wedding photos at your place?
    I'm sure if they knew about it, they would.
    Creative hugs,

  21. Dear Suzy,
    Your gardens are as beautiful as your work.... or is it the other way around?!?!
    I belong to the "Brown Thumb" club and am always struggling to see anything bloom in my garden!...sigh!
    Seeing all this beauty has been very inspiring and your work is always such a treat to view. Thanks so much Suzy for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day..

  22. Suzy,
    How are you also a beautifully!
    I am glad that you are living in a beautiful natural place on earth, this is great, and the smells ochhhhhh ........... I have no words of delight,
    I wish you always had in my life so beautifully in every way,

  23. I've enjoyed wandering around your gorgeous garden!
    Love the Roses especially!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a lovely weekend coming up!

    Sandie xx

  24. A *bit* of garden? Oh my, I am so envious - especially as winter sets in here. The Pierre de Ronsard rose is fabulous, and looks like the one I've been seeking for years (I never knew the name of the one in my last house, but you may have just solved that mystery for me). I can almost smell the mock orange and the magnolia. It's all absolutely lovely. Thanks for the mini vacation.

  25. Suzy your flowers are breathtaking. The roses are so lush and full bodied. While prowling your blog I also saw the 'double wisteria' is it native to Australia? We have wisteria in Alabama but have never seen doubles. Your needle work is beautiful. Such imagination. I will be watching your blog.

  26. Nossa...quantas e quantas variedades de rosas e flores...Seu chão deve ser um tapete colorido de tantas pétalas...E o cheiro...imagino que maravilha!!

  27. I can't even begin to imagine the scent of roses that must surround you! It's no wonder you create things of such beautify with all that inspiration.

  28. Thank you for the lovely tour of your Spring Paradise. Foxglove is one of my absolute favorites.

  29. Just plonk me down somewhere in your garden and leave me there for a day or seven........... what a beautiful place! I would love to have a garden like that. One day. In the meantime, I'll ogle yours, almost smell your roses and dream.

  30. Ohh Suzy! Can I blink my eyes to be transported to your beautiful garden? It is lovely! I am looking out my window right now watching my husband vacumn up a ton of leaves... winter is upon us and all I see is naked trees and the remaining hydrangeas trying to squeeze out the last of this year. Thank you for sharing such a treat!

  31. Hi Suzy! Wow, wow, wow such awesomeness everywhere. I could get lost in your garden. Simply beautiful. You are so blessed my friend to be surrounded by such calm and beauty. Your art is always the most precious of all...big hugs and love to you sweet friend.

  32. I'LL BE RIGHT OVER! LOL It's breathtaking!!!

  33. Oh Suzy what a beautiful place you live. I can almost smell the mock orange bush, we had one when I was growing up at home and the smell was out of this world. Beautiful roses. Can't wait to see your needle books. Your creations are always gorgeous.
    Hugs Jackie

  34. The "teasers" are great but look forward to seeing the needlebooks! Your garden is looking wonderful. Hard to imagine as we head into winter here.

  35. Suzy- your home is magnificent-- what I wouldn't give just to stroll among your fragrant and beautiful flowers. Your photos are just breathtaking-- I am just in awe of your beautiful place. I can't even imagine living amongst such beauty. Thank you for that lovely tour of your gardens- truly incredible-

    If I could just smell those beautiful roses-

  36. oh my....your home-land is so enchantedly beautiful!!! i so want to come visit....and just spend time with you suzy!! love & miss you<3

  37. I haven't been to your blog in a while, I am so glad I came today and happened on this post. Everything is so dreary here now , this was so uplifting. Thank you.
    I have decided you must have VERY good fencing! When I raised Angoras, they would have been into that garden and eating those beautiful David Austins in a flash without good fencing. I miss my goats, so it's lovely to see yoours as well.


  38. Magnifique jardin et j'aime beaucoup ton ouvrage ! Bisous et bon week-end


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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