Friday, November 4, 2011

A Lace Book for My Etsy Store

Now tell me!
Just what girl doesn't love old lace?
I know that I have always been addicted to such
so I decided to pull some out of my stash
to create a book full of some of the most
gorgeous laces I have
and put it

My Etsy shop.

The pages are all made from a wool wadding mix
(rather like felt)
which I have dyed.

Each page has been heavily layered and collaged
with doilies, some dyed,
as well as dyed cheesecloth

(using my silk dyes)
and, if you look closely, you can see some dyed raw silk
which I have captured in the layers.

Some other features also include
these gorgeous printed French accented
images onto a soft calico ribbon
which I purchased from a beautiful
Etsy shop called

And some of this most beautiful vintage lace came from
Marie at

So many beautiful vintage laces and medallions
one of which I used on the front cover
(see above).

Inside back cover looks a bit like this:

And this shows the sum total of 12 pages
standing alone:

So if you can't resist beautiful laces and doilies,
 dyed and stitched raw silk, dyed cheesecloth,
mop buttons and embellishments
then go and visit
my Etsy Shop

I was thinking what a lovely idea for a giveaway
 but no promises (not yet anway!!!)

Thank you to all the wonderful comments I have
received about my journals and a very
Big Thank You to all
of my new followers wherever you are
I shall endeavour to visit you all soon!
Your comments so inspire
my creations!

Have a cosy weekend enjoying
what nature has provided!

Love Suzy


  1. Beautiful Suzi, don't you love old lace. Every page a work of art! Hugs and love Marilou

  2. I love your wonderful work! It`s so inspiring! Thanks!
    Big hug and have a great weekend

  3. Hello my dear Suzy, Your creations are always such eye-candies. Again I love the color combination you have chosen, the beautiful laces and fabrics you have used and of course the way you have put everything together. This is such a gorgeous book filled with lots of wonderful details!
    Have a great weekend, sweetie :-)!
    Big hugs to you,

  4. Suzy - LOVE your new lace book. It´s so pretty and inspiring with all the layers and the color combination. Also love how you incorporated the raw silk - I have some too. Definately need to give it a try in my creations too :o)
    Have a wonderful day.
    xo Tina

  5. Really beautiful Suzy. I really love old lace and this one is sa delight!
    Hugs, Angela.

  6. Another beautiful Journal, I love it!
    TFS and warm hugs to you.

  7. Suzy this is another gorgeous creation .....x

  8. Wow - that is so staggeringly beautiful!

  9. Rich, full romantic pages Suzy. Each one a jewel. xox Corrine

  10. Wonderful pages, love all that lace, so beautiful.

  11. Wow Suziqu! No wonder it's already sold!
    Love it, love it, love it!

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  12. This lace journal is truly a work of art. Each page is a masterpiece.

  13. Be still my beating heart !!!
    Again, you leave me breathless and speechless...xooxoxo G.

  14. Oh Suzy this book is gorgeous with all the beautiful lace, fantastic idea using wool for the pages, I really like it and I love your book pages, have a nice weekend dear.
    Hugs Anni

  15. I came to love lace a little late in life---only once I had learned to tat did I see the beauty in lace-- for, after all, tomboys don't wear frillies, do they?
    Your lace book creation has a wonderful, romantic feel to it, filled with beauty, and a gentle touch. I think opening the pages would sweep one away to a different, more graceful time. Lovely!

  16. Your work is amazing and beautiful... I love seeing and reading about it!

  17. You continually amaze me with your exquisite art.

  18. Such beautiful lace and pages...That inspires me to maybe make myself a book that showcases those laces that i am always 'afraid' to use....Great way to have a keepsake ....
    Your talent for mixing the colors and textures is just fabulous!

  19. No wonder it has already sold! What an inspiring display of laces....

  20. The more I see of your ideas, the more I think you must be a genius. I wouldn't even know where to locate such elements. I love that lime green color.

  21. Oh my dear Suzy- I see someone already bought this stunning piece of journal-It is a most fantastic and beautiful journal, in so lovely colour tones- as only you can mix together-heawy ,from all the layers of beautiful laces and fabric. Another master piece, sweetie.
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  22. Beautiful work Suzy and so easy to see why it sold so quickly. I had no idea you lived near Eden, if only I'd known I would have loved to have met you. I thought you were in SA.. I'll try to remember for next time we come by your way.

  23. Suzy, I just saw the beautiful gift you made for Dorthe. What a gorgeous piece of work and what an incredibly generous gift!

  24. Be still my Heart, Oh Suzi I don't think this could be any prettier, Or should I say Gorgeous!!!!

    Thanks so much for posting my giveaway I will enter you in the surprise giveaway as well as the bonus stamps and the regular giveaway, They say three times a charm! Best of luck!!!
    hugs Lynn

  25. It is beautiful, Suzy, really really beautiful, no wonder it sold again straight away, sigh. You have such an incredible eye for combining precious lace and rich fabrics and creating such amazing details.
    Big happy weekend hug, xx

  26. I can tell you how much i love looking at your stunning creative work Suzy i blame you now for me spending some money at homesteadtreasures lol xx

  27. Suzi, every time I see your books I am in awe. You definately have your special Suzi style. :0) Also, thanks for introducing me to some new etsy shops for supplies and gifts! I'm new to etsy myself and having so much fun so far.

  28. Suzy- it is just amazing what you can do with bits of old lace! This is another piece of your most exquisite artistry. Simply beautiful Suzy---

    The journal that you made for sweet Dorthe was also amazing. No one makes me go "gasp" like you do--

  29. Suzy, it's stunning. I always forget breathing when i look at your creations.

  30. This is very special. All the layers on eachother works wonderful.
    No wonder that it is sold already!

  31. Dear Suzy your textile books are so spectacular, I have a lot of admiration for your work!
    I am going to make my first collage, I do not know too much what he is going to give but I am going to apply.


  32. Hi Suzi,
    Looking at your work, it's like peering into a glimpse of heaven!! I love it!

    I wrote you an email and attached a copy of the book...I can't wait to hear from you!!! xo Cindy

  33. I think every one you make is more astounding than the last! Wow, wow and wow - and I'm not surprised that it sold quickly. Somebody is very lucky!

  34. Nowadays there is nothing more priceless than that made from hand that comes from the heart. These are treasures to be cherished.



  35. the most beautiful I've ever seen!!:)))

  36. hi
    i want buy panasonic camera. What is your recommendation model?


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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