Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthday Gifts to Share

It just so happens that very recently I had another birthday
(and I wouldn't dare even whisper the age!!!)
and a few dear blogging friends and other wonderful
friends gifted me with some truly

creative and beautiful gifts.
This very elegant little pouch decorated with a beautiful
rose image 
came from  sweet Marie

Now isn't this the most beautiful image on this tag
she created?
And inside the little pouch was all manner of ephemera items
including these:

Vintage botanical pages, vintage bird images, cards, stamps
and yet another little packet

with this gorgeous miniature tag on the back of which
were these words defining the meaning of
"a friend"
which I will share as it is just so meaningful:

"A friend is 1. a person whom one knows well and is fond of.
2. an allay, supporter, or sympathizer.
3. loves you for who you are.
4. unconditionally accepts you."
Now isn't that the most precise definition of a real friend.

Inside the beautifully wrapped paper packet were these little
gifts which Marie created also
including a little bird tag and matching notebook!

Marie I thank you so very much for your incredible kindness and
friendship.  You mean such a lot to me!!!

And another packet arrived from Germany around the same
time from
Julia, my dear friend, of

Look how beautifully she wrapped everything!
and such a gorgeous card made by her clever hands
and when I opened the parcel I found all of
these gifts -

An incredible  French collage so amazingly embellished
and framed with vintage laces and doilies

A vintage lace heart with a beautiful tin she decorated
which was full of a collection of old buttons
and metal embellishments
for me to use in my own creations.

Isn't this rich in white laces, pearls and a pearl button?

and this Birthday Card

up close for you to see the image of the delicate vintage flowers.

Julia, my friend, how you have so enriched my life
and inspired me so much with your
natural creativity.

I feel so blessed to have met these wonderful woman
and now have them as my dear friends
through blogging!

It also gives me great pleasure in being able to display the
wonderful craftwomanship of some of our fantastic
blogging woman who are out there in all
corners of the world fulfilling their
dreams and creative
and Blogging has made all this possible.
Blogging has also made it possible for us to make valuable
friendships without which our world would not be as
and I am personally extremely grateful!!!

I have more incredible creations to share next time so 
until then 
continue to follow your dreams and be happy
with the little things that you 
achieve in a day!

Sending love to you all out there in blogland
and Thank you for visiting,
and leaving such inspiring comments
it is always a joy to read them and to know that you have
So for now, good morning, good evening or good night -
wherever you may be!

-Always, Suzy xxx


  1. Dear Suzy !! I am sorry that I have missed your special day!! I cannot begin to tell you how you have inspired me and what A joy it is to visit your blog and to see the glorious works that you create!! You have certainly received some glorious gifts!! Know that you are loved!!!!

  2. Lovely treasures to a most deserving recipient. Happy birthday girlfriend, wishing you many more! I think the definition of friend sent to you on the tag above says it all.

  3. All of these momentos of friendship remind us that we are loved. We have become a part of someone's life and they cherish our company. Even if it is through the internet, and from half a world away.

  4. Such beautiful little treasures from your friends to celebrate your Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm sure it was a lovely one. The best gift, of course, as you have written, is the gift of friendship. Many Happy Returns of the day to you, dear Suzy. May you find many more blessings.....

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Suzy! Incredibly beautiful gifts from some very talented women. Enjoy your day.


  6. Dearest Suzy a belated happy birthday, you know, never talk about a lady's age, so we don't ask you about your age, nice stuff you have received from your friends, hope you had a nice day with your family.
    Hugs Anni

  7. Hello Suzy,
    A Happy Birthday is just what a special person deserves.
    It is always a joy to read your posts and especially to receive all your wonderful comments.
    Such amazing friendships are made in this blogging world, I'm so pleased to visit all those people all over the world. We are truly blessed to have found each other.
    Have a fabulous day and enjoy your beautiful gifts.
    Hugs, Angela.

  8. Happy Birthday! Isn't it wonderful to celebrate as long as we wish!? Beautiful gifts from wonderful friends.

    I agree, blogging has brought so many creative women together, and here we realize while the world is too big to sit and have a cup of tea with in person, it is only as big as our screens as we turn on our worlds and reach out to each other. Your words were so beautiful!


  9. Oh my dearest Suzy,
    you have been so spoiled- by both those two sweet and loving laydies- I love the work of both Marie and Julia , and treasure them boths as dear friends-
    How lovely are your gifts - all made with care and with love - and all so very beautiful.
    Aren`t we lucky to have found such dear friends?
    Sweetie I wish you a happy friday, and week-end,Love you- and sends you HUGS.

  10. Happy Birthday Suzi! Your gifts are so wonderful and beautiful and I am so glad you are sharing them with us. I have not known you long but I can instantly tell you are a beautiful soul, and so inspiring to us, and so kind. Thank you for being the beautiful person that you are.

  11. Dear Suzy,
    Happy belated birthday to you my dear! I didn't know it was your birthday. And your gifts from sweet Marie and Julie are so beautiful! What gifts to treasure! Both women are such talented, generous ladies!
    Thank you for sharing with us!
    Hugs and love,

  12. Oh my Suzi!! Such beauty you've received from such talented friends. How lucky you are indeed. I'm sure they're just as lucky to have you as their friend, esp one who shouts their grace and talent out to the world! :)
    You and I must share the same star sign perhaps? My birthday is tomorrow...56th!!
    Sending you many very happy wishes for when ever the special day was, though quite belated. x

  13. I am in awe of all your gifts. I know first hand how wonderful Julia's work is as I have a collage from her that hangs by my bedside. I love seeing it and being reminded of our friendship.

    Happy Birthday Suzy!


  14. Hello my dear Suzy, You've received such fantastic gifts from our sweet friend Marie. Everything is so beautiful. Enjoy!
    Thank you for showing my gifts too. I'm so glad you like my package.
    Have a lovely evening, sweetie :-)!
    Big hugs and love,

  15. Wishing you belated "Birthday Wishes" Suzy and many many more happy birthdays to come!

    You are one of the dearest blogging friends anyone could wish for.
    Your friend's exquisite gifts are testament to that!

    We all love you and I for one feel very priviledged to have you as a friend.

    With love
    PS you must tell me that very important date - please!!
    Mine is in a few days so we are at the very least the same star sign!!!

  16. Such gorgeous gifts Suzy and straight from the heart! I love your treasures from your friends!
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday and a weekend too!

  17. What gorgeous gifts, and what wonderful friends.

  18. Dear, sweet Suzy, A very happy belated birthday my friend! I hope it was a very special and fun day sweetie! I love all of the gorgeous gifts your dear friends sent to you! So many beautiful and loving things for you to enjoy! I love what you said about blogging! It is very true and I am so grateful to have meet you! Thank you for being such a kind and loving friend! Thank you for your very sweet comment! I will talk with you soon! I hope you will have a wonderful and beautiful weekend filled with all the things you love and enjoy! Love to you, Paula xoxo

  19. Happy Birthday, sweet Suzy. It's clear you are cherished by many. Hope you have a wonderful year.

  20. Wonderful gifts Suzy!

    I love the work from Marie and Julia.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Greetings Alexandra

  21. Happy belated birthday Suzy, what beautiful gifts to receive, I love them all x

  22. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a wonderful day, filled with happy things...
    Your gifts are amazing and I certainly do agree with about the wonderful, creative talent and sharing in our blogging world. I am constantly blown away!

  23. Those are certainly the kind of gifts and cards that'll be kept forever, beautiful and inspiring

  24. Those are such incredible gifts! I know Marie and she is a wonderful woman. Talented friends are a joy, aren't they? These handmade gifts are always my favorites!

  25. I know you have certainly enriched my life so much Suzy. I consider you one of my muses! I love your artwork and it is an inspiration to me. I agree that the world is so much richer with all of these women in blogging cheering each other on in our own lives and supporting our dreams. And you are wonderful at it. I don't know what I did before blogging sometimes. It is a connection to kindred souls for sure.

    Your gifts from Marie and Julia are treasures...real treasure!
    I hope your birthday was as wonderful as you are!
    sending many hugs...

  26. Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear SuzY Q...Happy Birthday to you! Much love my friend and I hope your days are filled with Glory and Wonder ....Love U!

  27. Dear Suzy,

    Happy birthday to you, hope you had a nice day with your family. You received some wonderful gifts. Made with love from by very special womn. Enjoy them!!

    Have a nice day
    Hugs Yvonne

  28. Hi Suzy,
    late as always:)Such gorgeous gifts dear Julia spoiled you with - love them all.She is so talented.
    Thanks for your kind words and I'm glad you liked my gifts.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs my friend.

  29. Such beautiful gifts from two Lovely and talented ladies!
    Enjoy your sweet treasures!
    Hugs Lynn

  30. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had the happiest of days ;) What beautiful & generous gfts, you're one lucky lady. x

  31. Suzy, what gorgeous gifts and expressions of love and friendship.

    Belated happy birthday from me.


  32. Hello my sweet "down under" friend-
    Can I wish you a belated birthday? Your gifts are all so exquisite-- you have many talented friends - you surely did have a very special birthday.

    I'm sending hugs- sorry I've been away so long- it's hard catching up after travels.

    I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!

  33. Hello Dear Suzy ~ Thank you for your visit to the Stone Angels on my Magpie's Nest...and thanks to Shane for sending you :)

    Your blog and creativity are really wonderful...
    I enjoyed your slide show while listening to Deep Peace...ahhh

    many thanks to you
    Brightest of Blessings!

  34. Also wanted to say Suzy that I hope you had a wonderful birthday month!

    I know you are enjoying so many gorgeous gifts from talented friends!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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