Sunday, March 18, 2012

A bit of Lace and A dash of Velvet

Now get ready for a lace and doiley 
(Not too much of an overload I hope!).

Well I have just been going through some of my
and I found this one 

in the stack which I made nearly

3 years ago now

thought I might share it with you
as I know

there are a lot of you who just
adore lace and doilies
just as much as 
I do!
So here are some of the doilies which I have
layered and collaged.

As you can see these doilies have been machine
sewn onto a beautiful shade of
champagne coloured crushed velvet
surrounded with two rows of
soft matching floral

and each corner has been patchworked
with an embroidered taffeta
and then layered with more


Finally after layering and quilting many of the laces
and doilies (many of which have been crocheted)
I then hand sewed a very large number of 
vintage pearl mop buttons through all
layers to stabilize
the quilt.

I honestly couldn't tell you how much
(if any)
of this lace is actually handmade
I can really appreciate these gorgeous pieces
for their sheer beauty!!!

I need now to go and visit my friend Liz
as Liz has been collecting the most beautiful
linen and laces from France and England
for the last 30 years
she just may know the answers
to which may be handmade
and which are most likely machine made!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend
staying well and happy!

Love Suzy xxx


  1. Oh Wow!!! Yum Yum Yum. That is beautiful, fabulous, gorgeous.Thanks for sharing. And did I say I looooove

    regards Phillipa

  2. Oh my! Suzy this is GORGEOUS!! I am one of the gals who LOVE lace and doilies and this is fantastic!! Wow! So, so pretty, my friend!
    Thanks for sharing it with us!


  3. Just so beautiful Suzy! All that work and creativity you've put into it to make a wonderfully sumptuous piece of work! and to have so many lovely creations that you've actually 'found' it again!? :)) I can only dream of that at the moment. It looks a good size too. You've inspired me now to use this style on a journal cover I have just started, but not sure which way to go with it. Enjoy your week. x

  4. Sumptuous! What a feast for the eyes, Suzy! I want to feel all that lovely texture, too.

  5. What a treasure to definitely preserve. The lace and doilies are magnificent. Love the addition of the buttons for stabilization and the velvet makes it so rich and adds texture. Beautiful work, Suzy. Thanks so much for sharing the quilt. An excellent way to retain the whole doily without cutting it up. Hugs from Alaska. Karen

  6. Dear and loved friend of mine,
    this is just fantastic- I so love the beautiful velvet you used, and the laces on top ,makes your work, so rich and wonderfully heavy AND fragile to look at, at the same time-(I love heavy quilts)-and this so romantic one is gorgeous, my Suzy.
    Thankyou for showing my creations so beautifully in your last post, it was wonderful to create them for you- and I can see so many other friends ,love you ,too.
    Wish you a beautiful rest of your sunday.
    Hugs and kisses,

  7. Suzy this is delicious. I too love doilies: I don't mind if they are old or new, hand made or mass produced.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful quilt.

    Dian xx

  8. What a gorgeous quilt!!! Thank you for sharing it!

  9. Suzy
    oh my goodness! these quilts are the most amazing thing ever! I adore how the lace and doilies looks assembled. Gorgeous!!! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. This quilt is absolutely brilliant. Can't imagine seeing this on a bed. Wow. Reminds me of going to my grandmother's house.

  11. I breathed a huge sigh when I got to the bottom of your post. It was breathtaking and inspirationsl. I really would love to make one of these quilts but just know I won't so I'm happy to bask in the wonder of your creation. Thanks so much for inspiring my morning.

  12. Stunning work! So much time, I am glad you are preserving the old doilies! Some look home made to me! I have been collecting them and restoring them for years.

  13. Be still my heart.Swoon.Oh, this is just beautiful,Suzy.TFS.Have a wonderful Sunday my friend.

  14. Your Lace Quilt just took my breath away, "What A Beauty".


  15. This is quite beautiful, and yes, we do love our laces & doilies don"t we? Awesome ideas coming to mind here. Thanks for sharing.

  16. STUNNING! It must weigh a ton but what a dream quilt to have made and own.

  17. This is the most beautiful thing.....and to think it was all done out of your own creative process, without a kit or guide...that is what I gorgeous! N.xo

  18. More and more, by visiting your blog, I'm developing a "refined palate" when it comes to doilies and lace. You are a wonderful teacher.

  19. That is very beautiful Suzi! Extraordinary!

  20. How gorgeous, Suzy! I'm sorry because my English isn't good enough to explain how I like your works. Thanks for showing them to us and be an constant inspiration to us.

    Big hugs from
    Vintage Collages

  21. Необыкновенная красота! Роскошно!

  22. Oh my gosh, Suzy! This is one of the most beautiful pieces of fabric art I have ever had the privilege of seeing! Absolutely amazing, ... stunning ...

    I love old linens, doilies, fabrics and laces. I've thought about putting some to good use, and a similar project - maybe someday!!!

    Thank you for sharing this work of art with us, it is truly amazing.

    Blessings for a wonderful new week!

  23. Brilliant Suzy! What a gorgeous presentation of doilies.

  24. Oh brother! Now I'm off to collect all my lace and doilies! Inspired!

    Thanks for sharing!


  25. What a magnificent work of art Suzy. I thought I had lots of doilies but your collection puts mine to shame. Have you ever visited Magnolia Pearl's blog? I think you'd love her work.

  26. Just when I think its safe to look at your blog again because I have finally stopped drooling over your beautiful work from previous posts, you go and show us pics of a true heirloom quality, exquisite quilt. And so the drooling starts all over again, lol. You are incredible, madam!!! xx

  27. Ooooh, lace galore! What a feast for the eyes. Thank you for posting this. It must have been a thrill to get to work with all this deliciousness.

  28. Breathtaking Suzy! Lace and crushed velvet, yummy!!


  29. Can't beat lace, more lace and velvet! Absolutly beautiful!!
    Have a great day!
    Always, Queenie

  30. Lovely, beautiful, incredible ... shall I go on? I love coming to your Blog for dessert - everything is always so delish!!!

  31. Overload? OVERLOAD? OMGoodness, be still my beating heart. That's it. That's allI can say as I am overcome by this beauty.

  32. Oh my - what a simply beautiful creation! I absolutely love it - it's so sumptuous!
    you truly make the most amazing things Suzy.

  33. Dear Suzy what a fabulous and very very beautiful quilt, love all the different doilies.
    Hugs Anni

  34. Oh my goodness Suzy words escape me. But I shall try... absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, scrumptious, wonderful, imaginative, dreamy..... you get the idea. I love it.

  35. I am gasping for breath!!!!!!
    Suzy, this quilt is breath taking, how could you keep this treasure tucked away from us for so long?!
    Collecting all the doiles and lace pieces must have been exciting too.

    I hang on to very special pieces - just because I love opening the box to look at them often.....
    I let my imagination wander and think of who might have stitched these treasures and the story behind each piece.
    I'm on my way to your house now, to go through your cupboards while you're asleep - OK??!!!

  36. Suzy you have me swooning over the delicious laces, doilies and fabrics you put together to make this stunning quilt. I am so thrilled you "found" it to share with us. Lucious Lacelicious!!!

  37. All your threadworks are to die for. So yummy!!!

  38. STUNNING! I am just in awe of how beautiful this is. Thank you so much for sharing.

  39. Suzy!!!! never seen something as beautiful than this piece before!! what a master piece!!! congrats!

  40. So beautiful Suzy, I love velvet, laces and doilies. What a treasure you have created and so much work:) So well woth it, Hugs and happy weekend, Marilou

  41. i can only imagine what other amazing quilts you have stored in that pile! this one is so incredibly beautiful suzy!!!

  42. Dear Suzy, oh, no overload here at ALL! IT'S STUNNING, GORGEOUS, EXQUISITE and a treasure! Be still my heart!! I think this is the most beautiful creation you have ever made! Exhibit and blue ribbon quality!

    XO Diane

  43. Hi Dear Suzy,

    I have been thinking of you and wanted to drop by to say hello!
    Oh my goodness this quilt of yours that you made three years ago is stunning!!
    I could picture it in a museum!!! A family heirloom indeed!!!

    Be well, have fun and blessings always,


  44. Are you kidding I could never get enough of looking at lace. I love this idea and your collection is gorgeous. the quilts remind me of crazy quilts that I've always wanted to try but alas seems to daunting. You've given me an idea that I might take a ready made store bought quilt and add doilies and lace to. Well not now when things are nuts but someday.

    Sorry for not having gotten back to you. I'm so behind on my emails.
    hope all is well.


  45. Suzy,
    You have inspired me so much today. Your lace quilt is soooooooo beautiful! Oh my......I have always collected lace and dreamed about incorporating it into a quilt someday. Thank you for showing me how to do it so beautifully.

  46. Ohhhhhh and for this piece I says to you what Suzy???? Another fabulous, extraordinary work, me who so like laces: I am amazed by this collage(sticking)!
    Your talent is a godsend!


  47. This is truly one of the MOST gorgeous quilts I've seen. What is it about lace? You make me want to pull out all my lace and make my own. Stunning!

  48. Suzi,
    This is absolutely exquisite! My two favorite things, velvet & lace. What a beautiful thing you've created. I can only imagine how long you labored over this.

  49. Wow! What a wonderful work! So precious and georgious! I'm jalous about all vintage laces you show, it's so hard to find vintage laces in France now! But I've some too!
    Hugs and kisses!

  50. I missed my inspiration from your blog :O I was a long time not here. This work is brilliant so fantastic I do not know what shall I say.

  51. Ahhhh, oooooh, I found it! How I never saw this before, I don't know!!! This is beautiful Suzi! Got me sizzling and juicy, wanting to make one of my own!! JUST RAVING STUNNING!

  52. WOW Suzzy, BEAUTIFUL! I have been wondering for a year now what to give my daughter as a wedding gift........... Nothing more beautiful then a quilt made of Antiq dolies self made. Living in Germany I have a mother in law and old neighbors who have been kind enough to give me old family ones! My question is how did you sew them on? I need some instruction. my email is Thanks!

  53. Again BEAUTIFUL> love coming here and just visiting and looking oxox

  54. Suzzy, your quilt/work is beautiful, it's a joy to look at. Could I ask a question? I was recently given a about 8 dollies and would like to put them in a quilted table runner for my daughter-in-law as a Christmas gift. So I started looking through Pinterest to look for ideas of ways to do this. Of course I saw your work and found it by far to be the most beautiful. So my question is when you sew the doily's to the fabric do you hand sew or machine sew it? Do you sew one circle around it or sewing around in numerous places on each one? Could you please give me just a little guidance? Thank you Edythe


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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