Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Little Journal for Amalia

Amalia is the daughter of my hairdresser
and she asked me to create
a birthday journal

for her

and as she wanted something very feminine

for her 13th Birthday

I created this.

Here is the back cover.
I thought I would keep it quite simple
using water colour pages
with lots of vintage lacey bits
and pieces, some printed linen, seam binding,
a pretty image,  gold and pearl buttons,
and some stamping.

There is still some gorgeous plants still flowering
in our Autumnal garden here

in Australia

like these gorgeous Windflowers

in double white
single pink.
(I'm still mastering my photography and editing
so hopefully my images will improve!!!).

I have also completed the journal on my previous post
which has already made it's way to
New Jersey
and I will show this one
on my next post.

Hope you are all enjoying some beautiful sunshine
whether it be Spring in the Northern Hemisphere
Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere
"May the light of Love
Shine upon you and
In you!"


  1. Huh, everybody sleeping or busy working? I am happy to be able to post a first and fresh comment. All the more that I may fill all this empty space here with my expression of adoration for your latest work, dear Suzy! All this abundance of beauty for the daughter of your hairdresser? She must be very close to you... I see your journal and hold my breath! So many stunning details, all these inspiring pages... Chapeau ( as the Frenchies say)! You know what this stirs in me? To drop everything I should do in order to gather all my laces and fabrics and try (TRY!) to create at least one page like yours... Thanks so much for this great inspiration again! And sleep well :-) there, down under... Hugs, Manu

  2. A lucky girl! What a fabulous gift!
    hugs Lynn

  3. Thankyou my dearest Suzy,for your beautiful wishes-
    and the photoes of your stunning Wind flowers ,I love the white one.
    And Oh my, that little lady will be so very happy to recieve your gorgeously made journal. It is lovely and so sweet and girlish in the soft colours, and very feminine, sweetie.
    Beautiful outside and in ,with all the laces.
    Hope you are well, my sweet friend Suzy-
    Hugs and love, and a happy easter-
    to you and Jeff.

  4. What a special birthday gift. 13 is a big deal :o)
    So feminine~
    Your garden echoes all the colors you used...
    Very sweet.

  5. How special is that, something beautifully feminine for a sweet girl, you have such a magic touch.
    I love the flowers, we are just starting to get some colour in the gardens here in England but the weather is very changeable so the flowers don't know wether to come out or say in.

  6. Que bela criação...um grande presente de aniversário! Lindas flores também!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful journal.
    I love it.She's a very lucky girl.


  8. Hi Suzy,
    Such a lucky girl to receive that beautiful journal. I'm sure she will love it!! How nice to have such a special gift.
    I love your late summer flowers and they are great pics.
    Have a great day,
    Hugs, Angela.

  9. Hi Suzy,
    Beauty of your work and everything you create.
    Suzy, I wish you healthy, happy, happy Easter, for you and for your family,
    many hugs xxx.....

  10. That is the perfect gift! A gift that will be memorable and a place to hold many more memories. Lovely!

  11. This is a gift she will treasure forever. Imagine receiving this luscious book at age 13!

  12. In a time when we see so many ugly images of young women around the world who strive to mimic every insane celebrity, how wonderful to see such a lovely gift for a special girl. She must be special indeed.

  13. What a wonderful gift this will be Suzy! And the colors are so soft and serene. Have a wonderful week.


  14. That's a gorgeous album Suzy. I'd love to sit under your tree, and smell the wild flowers, and listen to the birds.It just doesn't get better than this does it!

  15. I'm sure she'll be delighted as much as we have all been just being able to view the pictures! ;-)

  16. I can't imagine a more beautiful gift for a girl on the brink of womanhood! The laces, image, MOP buttons, the stitching-- all are so feminine and pretty, and whisper Victorian to me.
    I am enjoying the pics of your garden flowers. Spring has finally arrived, and some tiny crocuses poked through the earth, and today we have sunshine.

  17. Beautiful gift I know she will love it.

  18. Oh Suzy, this is the most precious gift you created. To be 13 and receive this, she will treasure it for a lifetime, long past she has filled it with muses and art.
    All of your creations exude love and beauty.
    Strange weather in my part of the world with last week showing record breaking temps for March yet today .... snow and forecast of -4 for during the night.

  19. Vraiment une petite merveille cette réalisation. Bien jolies fleurs automnales.

  20. Another lovely journal! I bet Amalia loves it. Lots of vintage bits. I believe you are mastering your photography as these are lovely garden shots. Hugs to you.

  21. What a wonderful gift, just beautiful!
    enJOY a lovely day,

  22. What an amazing present!
    Cannot stop looking at it!
    kind regards, Corina

  23. This lace journal you have created will be the most special birthday gift for a 13 year old. It may even inspire her to create lovely things in her future. Blissful...
    Your Autumn flowers are gorgeous.

  24. Your journals are wonderful and this one is perfect for a young girl on the verge of teenager-ness :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  25. Exquisite. This beautiful gift might just create another textile affectionada and she'll be inspired :)

  26. What a special gift for Amalia; I can relate since my granddaughter will be 12 this summer - image Amalia will be "over the top" ecstatic. It is beautiful, Suzy. Hugs. Karen

  27. Dear Suzy,

    This journal is absolutely beautiful. This young 13 year old will be so proud of this she will probably make it an instant heirloom, keeping in forever and ever! It is stunning!

    My daughter in law sent me a big box of goodies and I thought of you as I unpacked it, or thought of your work and asked myself, do we think we could make something like Suzy does? Well, I think I'm going to give it a shot, Suzy.

    I may need to write and ask a few questions, if that would be acceptable?

    Blessings, and thank you for sharing!

  28. As always, Suzy, your book is fantastic! Amalia is a very fortunate young lady to get this gift from you. She will treasure it always.

    Also, thanks for showing the wind flowers. We don't have anything like that in Northern Arizona, USA, but soon we will have some flowers around town. I grow wildflowers because I don't have to water them with the precious water resources we have AND they only need to flourish in the sunshine and the reseeding that nature does for them.

    Again, thank you for sharing your lovely work.


  29. I can't imagine an a nicer gift for a young girl. She will treasure it for years to come.
    yes one of my favorite fall flowers anemone. We have a stand of pink ones with monarda popping thru. It manages to keep the monarda in check. Gives you an idea of how strong the plant is.
    ps great photos btw

  30. Suzy! Very pretty, and definitely feminine. I'm working on some journals as well....slowly! Thanks for the inspiring push to get them done already!

    Ciao Bella

    Creative Carmelina

  31. What a lucky girl to receive your gorgeous journal,Suzy.Love your beautiful flowers - thanks for sharing them with us.Have a Happy Easter.
    Hugs my friend.

  32. Oh Suzy, this is a very, very beautiful gift! Love your journal! It`s soooo gorgeous!!

  33. oh my... Suzy, this is so beautiful, what a lucky girl Amalia is!! And your garden looks so lovely too! Happy easter to you!! xo Wendy

  34. such a lovely birthday journal for a coming of age in softness and splendor, and do you windling flowers grow in the late season there! beauty surrounds you and flows thru you all ways!!
    xo abigail

  35. wow this is a very lovely journal and I'm sure she will treasure this til old age. its so beautiful.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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