Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lacebook Journal Pages and a Few Finds

You might remember that I am taking part
in a collaborative Round Robin
Lacebook Group.
There are 6 women in our Yahoo Group.

The subject of this book for Deb (Deb has no blog)
is "Victorian Couples" which gave me this

to feature my grandparents!

Isn't that the most beautiful posy Clarice is holding!
She was born in 1899 and married Edward (Fred)
in the early 1920's.

These are the parents of my father, James, who died
only last August at the age of 90.

The next page (of the two I had to contribute) is
of an unknown couple.

This is an original postcard which was retrieved from a
house fire, the owners of which were not at all
interested in keeping, so it ended up in the
hands of my husband along with many others
like this.

The postcard shows some brown tinging with evidence of
a fire.  I surrounded this postcard with a hand crocheted
cream frame which was the perfect size for this

Some of the vintage lace, and beaded lace
were gifted to my by some lovely friends which I
was able to use in these pieces.

I do hope Deb will be happy with these additions to her lacebook
when it arrives back in the U.S.

Speaking of lace - I have a few gorgeous pieces of
vintage lace to show you

These tiny treasures I have acquired very recently
and am so looking forward to using them
in some future projects.

As well as these I thought you might like to see some
beautiful crochet cottons which I purchased as
a lot

along with this very nice frame

which is begging for a vintage cabinet card, postcard
or something similar!

And to finish off this post I am going to show here
the most delightful little antique plate

which has a diameter of only 3inches.
Isn't that just so beautiful?


A huge "thank you" to all my wonderful followers -
new and old for visiting and commenting
even if it is just to say "Hi" - you are so welcome
and appreciated.

"Success is not final,
failure is not fatal:
It is the courage
to continue that counts"
...........Winston Churchill.

Love and blessings to all!
x Suzy x


  1. Suzi, I love these pages. The flowers and the hats are gorgeous.

    These old photos and postcards really belong with precious fabrics.

    The tiny plate is very sweet too.

  2. Hi Suzi! LOVE you pages!!! Absolutly gorgeous!!!!
    Hugs from Norway!

  3. Dear Suzy your pages for Deb are so wonderfully made, all the beautiful lace and other things put together so perfect, and you have also found some beautiful lace and other things, wish you a lovely sunday dear friend.
    Hugs Anni

  4. Dearest Suzi
    Oh wow this round robin is right up your alley - lace book pages, no wonder you joined up!!

    How wonderful that you included a vintage photo of your grandparents, they make such an elegant couple and the bride's headgear, veil and bouquet are stunning - I adore 1920s clothes.

    You have put so much into these pages, combining many different elements which work so well with both images.
    Deb is one lucky girl, she will be 'over the moon' when she opens your parcel!!! and she will have an exquisite heirloom piece to hand down to her grandchildren.

    Wishing you a great new week - I can't believe it's May on Tuesday!

    hugs and love

  5. Hi Suzy,
    It is all a feast for the eyes. Isn't it wonderful to have antique photos of our own family to add to the mix?
    enJOY a lovely week,

  6. Another stunning post Suzy, your book pages are gorgeous.
    A girl can't have too much lace, your little pieces will soon be made into a fabulous treasure for sure.
    Have a wonderful week.
    hugs, Angela.x

  7. Hvor er det skønt med alle de blonder, jeg elsker det. knus morkaren.

  8. Love your pages!
    The way you use the lace is very inspiring for a scrapbooker! :)
    Kind regards, Corina

  9. Beautiful, Suzy, absolutely beautiful. The lacebook journal is going to be a true treasure for Deb. I look forward to seeing photos of your own lacebook journal when the project is completed. Your work is very inspiring.

    Marrianna, Flagstaff, AZ, USA

  10. Vintage lace and vintage photos - they just go so well together.

  11. You have created the most beautiful pages - adore the images, lace motifs and laces you've used. Your collection of goodies is incredible Suzy...

  12. Your pages are stunning! What wonderful books those are going to be!
    And you have some great finds there too. Love the lace and that frame is gorgeous.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  13. I am also one of the lucky and blessed; who have many, many pictures of relatives from the turn of the century. These are such treasures and now we can duplicate them onto photo fabric. Your pages are so beautiful, and you are one of my favorite "artists that inspire."

  14. How wonderful to have those vintage photos from your own family. I have very few from mine. Deb's book pages are gorgeous!

    I loved seeing your new treasures. Isn't it exciting to think of all the potential? That's my favorite moment.

  15. so pretty and the fact that they are your relatives is so meaningful! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Suzy
    To visit your Blog is to be transported to a place of gentleness.
    The photograph of your Grandparents is so special and reminds me of a treasured photograph of my paternal Grandparents, married at a similar time to your own. Last year I created an altered canvas for the first time with the photo and seeing this piece of art by you I am eager to once again play with the photograph (scanned, of course!)
    I wonder who the other couple are.
    You created beauty but you always do as you have the most special touch.
    Adore the lace, oh my goodness you are going to have too much fun.
    Wishes from Scotland

  17. Hello dear Suzy, your pages are very very gorgeous, I so much love your fabric art! And the laces, oh my, they're so beautiful. Great finds, as are all the other finds. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, happy creating to you too!

    hugs, Wendy

  18. Dear Suzy,

    I'm sure De will be thrilled with her lace pages. They are so dreamy and the frames, colors and photo's just match perfectly.

    Hugs and love

  19. Suzy your work is so exquisite and the layers and layers of lace and crochet really gives it depth of interest. You have created heirloom treasures. Fabulous new vintage acquisitions you have. The laces are dreamy. Blissful Creating...

  20. So very beautiful yet again Suzy! You always know just where to put everything! :) I also have some pics of my ancestors and it's lovely to be able to use them when I can.
    All your acquired treasures are gorgeous esp the vintage laces. and the threads look lovely in the big glass bottle. x

  21. Dear Suzy,

    Everything you create is so beautiful! I just love your work and love stopping by to just look at the wonders!

    Today was no exception to your beautiful work! Thank you for sharing the artwork with us. You are such an inspiration for me to do SOMETHING!!!

    Thank you so much,
    hugs and blessings,

  22. Beautiful as usual Suzie, I love vintage lace and got about 100 yard of vintage and new lace at a garage sale for $5.00 can you believe it. I felt so rich. TTFN

  23. Your posts always leave me longing for more. The two pages you showed today are so rich and sumptuous and luxuriously embellished, the recipient will be absolutely delighted. And as to the rest of the photos, drool, drool, drool, so many beautiful laces, makes my heart beat faster.

  24. Ces deux pages sont sublimes, quelle délicatesse dans le détail.

  25. My sweet Suzy, you are just an amazing artist- OH this Deb will be over the moon seing your wonderfully stunning work.The pages are so richly filled with beautiful laces and ribbons- and I love the deep brown you used with all the cream
    The photo of your grandparents show two serious beautiful people, so lovely a thought to use them here. The other photo is wonderful too, how can anyone throw such pieces away!
    And your lace finds are gorgeous sweet friend, as is the frame and the little plate, how cute it is.
    You are asleep now- so goodmorning to you-Love you and hug you.

  26. ooooooh - drool!!! I think each picture is more drool-worthy than the last....the photos of your grandparents are so much like one I have of mine. Your vintage lace pieces are treasures and then I saw the jar of threads - yum!! (p.s. sorry I haven't been commenting as much lately - life has gotten busy).

  27. Suzy,
    Your round robin pages are glorious! I adore your grand parents wedding picture, & yes that bouquet is amazing!

  28. beautiful Suzi!! what a coincidence!! i 'm getting married this month!! lovely designs as always!! hugs from france!

  29. Lovely lace and well done on making great use of it.
    Thanks for your comment.

  30. Amazing pages, love the little roses. Jealous of your lace stash and the little plate, all the way from my country, just adorable.What's the betting it was made in Staffordshire.

  31. breathtaking! I adore the photo of your grandparents (weddings must be in the air :) ) and the gorgeous details! stunning as always!

  32. Your pages are absolutely gorgeous!! As all your work is! Wonderfully done, my dear! Big hugs, Viola

  33. Hi dear Suzy,
    the pages take my breath away:)
    Absolutely gorgeous as always.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Sending big hugs your way.

  34. Wow Suzy. I know i dont get a lot of time to blog but i so wish i got more and when i come here i know why. I adore your exquisite creations and its always so lovely to visit and see your treasures. Thanks so much for sharing with us in Blogland my friend
    hugs June x

  35. You always know how to make my heart go pitty pat. Those sweet goodies you have aquired are to die for. And such a lovely picture of your lucky you are to have that.I've always felt somewhat sad that in my family we don't have a lot of old family photos. I hope you are doing well sweet friend. We lost my dad about two weeks ago and I am laying low right now. I know you know exactly how I feel.

  36. Oh Suzy I LOVED this post! So full of gorgeous things. I love that sweet plate too. You were so lucky to find that darling plate. And the lace...oh that lace!!!!!
    Your beautiful collage page is wonderful. I love that photo of your grandparents. It is so special to have a copy of that...and yes, I love that bouquet too.

    I think about you so much when I am in the garden and wonder how you are doing. I hope you are well and enjoying everyday. By the looks of your beautiful creations, you are.
    much love to you...

  37. Wow Suzy..these are beautiful! You are so gifted and talented. I love your art completely. The lace is bountiful. The pictures..beautiful and the layout..all Suzy! You are the best...hugs and love to you...Lovey

  38. Hi Sweet Suzi,

    I have been on vacation for a couple of weeks and seems like I have been gone forever. I wanted to come visit you and tell you that I have not forgotten you!!
    I am in love with the Fabric journal pages. I love the page with your is indeed a very special page you have created in their honor.
    All the laces and trims you have found are simply divine and I know you will design something wonderful with them!!!

    Love and Blessings,


  39. Dear Suzy, Every time I discover your work my mouth makes: "wwaouuhhh, ahhh, ohhOOOhhh, merveilleux!!!", not need of translation for it ;-)?!
    Your pages are candies for eyes, thank you!

    Beautiful day délicieuse amie

  40. Hello dearest Suzy, Your pages are stunning my friend! The laces and fabrics are gorgeous and you know just how to place each lovely piece perfectly! I love the photo of your grandparents! What a treasure it is, and their names are so lovely too. The other photo is beautiful as well and you framed them both exquisitely! You are so very talented and creative! Your beautiful heart comes through in your beautiful work. Deb will love and treasure her pages. I love all of your wonderful finds. I am happy you found so many pretty things to create and decorate with. I hope you have a beautiful day and upcoming weekend sweetie. The quote is wonderful! Much love and many blessings to you! xo~Paula

  41. Good morning from the Netherlands Suzy....just dicovered your blog and it just made my day.....i am truely stunned by the absolut beautiful...stunning....awesome.....did i wrote beautifull already?!....creations to look at here.....i just love them all...and you are inspiring me to try and make one....i just have too own one!! am speachless....have to dig up my lace from the attic......have to take out another hour at least to take a good look here on your blog.....thank you for posting and sharing.....greetings Francien.

  42. Suzy-
    What a wonderful creative way to use your grandparents photos. Your lace findings are magnificent. I'm all about lace right now also-- have it scattered all over my craft room. You'll see soon--

  43. Stunning doesn't even come close to describing your Artwork!! I'm in awe of your talent Suzy!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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