Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gardens Ever Changing - More Journal Creating

"Gardens Ever Changing"
This is the title of a new journal which
I have been commissioned to


The images lend themselves to an emphasis
on romance and bountiful beauty. 

This is a tassel which I made on the end of the
 crushed velvet tie which passes through
the buckle on the front cover.

I have used many and varied fabrics in creating
these pages 
consisting of a number of recycled fabrics
as shown on the left side page
(inside cover)
along with some 
very soft silk.

Silk, satin, sheers and vintage laces adorn
the Pre-raphaelite woman.

While I have used my felting machine
to create a field of flowers

with more silks, laces, pure silk tops
to embellish several other

such as these 
plus some machine embroidered stitching
with black thread to highlight
and border other 

The image below shows the back cover
with more gathered silks
and lace

and the buckle with the
embroidered crushed ginger coloured
velvet - so rich and soft!

In fact the layered pages of overflowing
chiffon, silk and lace
create a bed
softness and smoothness
like the velvet of a beautiful full blown rose
enticing enough to jump into.

Now this journal will very shortly be travelling to Canada
to live with
Lorraine Stobie
Lorraine is a most talented mixed media artist, crazy quilter
and embroiderer.  So go and check out her
new very attractive blog look
and beautiful creations.

For those of you who may now know Kerryanne

is hosting a party "Shabbilicious Friday"
where I will be featuring this
new journal there today 25th May.

I hope all of you Northern Hemisphere bloggers
are able to enjoy some of this beautiful
weather to smell the roses
while we downunder
here watch
the last of the autumn leaves falling
to expose the bare branches
of the grapevines and all
the desiduous trees
that surround us.

Thank you all for visiting, leaving warm comments
and giving inspiration to each other.
Oh! How we have learned to
appreciate so much more
beauty since we have
met here in Blogland!

xxx Suzy



  1. Suzy that is absolutely stunningly beauuuuuuutiful!!! Yes we are enjoying the warmth of almost-summer up here in the other Land of Oz (Kansas) and enjoying the ever-changing colors as each new tree, bush or flower blooms.

  2. What an entrancing journal, you have interpreted the theme beautifully. Your work is always a delight to the eyes x

  3. Oh Suzy, I am thrilled and can hardly wait to receive my journal. The photos are lovely but I can't wait to touch and feel the lovely layers of softness. Thank you for your kind comments too! Hugs.

  4. Your journal is just beautiful what a lot of beautiful fabrics you have to work with I just love all the lovely layers and the images you use.

  5. Stupende! buona serata e felice domenica...ciao

  6. Absolutely beautiful Suzy,every page is a delight. Lorraine will love it.
    Smiles across the miles, Angela.x

  7. Beautiful Suzy, love the use of your needle felting machine. I just cleaned up my mess of a sewing room and now can get to my needle felting machine, whoo-hoo! By the way you are my "very favorite" fabric artist!! I'm taking the Crazy Quilting class over at the Artful Gathering and can't wait to use it in my creations! Hugs and have a great day! xoxo Marilou

  8. Just gorgeous, Suzy! Luscious layers.
    Hope you have some sunshine.

  9. My dearest Suzy,
    beauty and amazing art work from you dear friend.
    So wonderfully textured, so extraordinaire materials all very,very fantastic, and gorgeous.
    This journal that will soon be hold in the hands of its owner, will give many hours of joy over the beauty you have created, --gorgeous to touch with hand and soul- and to watch with eyes and love.
    The silk and lace together with wool and velvet makes a stunning mix ,and so very beautiful.
    Suzy dear friend,thankyou for showing.Love and hugs from your Dorthe

  10. Absolutely stunning. What a lucky person this will be to receive such a gorgeous work of art. I am in awe of your talent, Suzy.

  11. Hi, Suzy! That is just marvelous!!I've just found your lovely blog, and I'm a new nice to "meet" you!

  12. Oh my, Suzy,

    Stunning, simply stunning, as always, of course, but different, as every piece is. Every one of your journals or creations is a gift of beauty you share with us, I for one, am grateful to have met you and to see your work!

    I will go to check out the site you recommended.

    and Thank you!

  13. Oh such lovely work! You inspire me. Lorraine will surely treasure it!

  14. Dear Suzy,
    the journal is simply gorgeous.Love all the layers and texture - what a treasure.You are so very talented my friend.
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    Hugs and love,

  15. Dear Suzy,

    Your new journal is really stunning! I love the way your have "wrapped" the pictures in the beautiful lace and bedded the roses in all those layers of rich lace, silk and chiffon. Beautiful way of using your felting machine. You create with so much love and you are so talented.

    Hugs and love

  16. This is só beautiful! I bet Lorraine is in heaven when she get it!
    You have such a fantasy to create a new stunning journal every time I look at your blog! You are a source of inspiration to me :)


    Now I'm of to see the blog lady recipient's blog!.

    Thank you for showing us all this beauty!.
    Hugs, Sandie xx

  18. Suzy,

    Another gorgeous journal. Love all the layers and soft fabrics. Your work with the needle felting is fantastic. The lucky lady who has commissioned the book is going to be so happy. I know I love my wonderful SuzyQu handmade cloth book.

    Keep up the great work.

    Marrianna in Flagstaff, AZ, USA

  19. Always love coming to see your gorgeous creations Suzy! You are AMAZING!!!! Happy Sunday to you and thanks for the blog ad. I will be working on my list this week and you know you will be on it!


  20. Suzy this journal you have so lovingly created is exquisite. Your descriptions of each page with its lovely fabrics and laces and images is delicious and divine. Blissful Dear...

  21. Suzy I am inspired every time I come over for a visit! You make me want to jump back in the studio and play although mine never come out as lovely as yours. You rock!!

  22. Oh my gracious!! Where to begin!! with each new piece that you create, I see growth and inclusion of new and luxurious textiles!!! Fabulous!! Love how you are using your felting machine- I love how one can draw with fibers and lace when that machine is used!!!
    I am sure your friend will swoon when it gets to her studio in Canada!!!

  23. Hello!
    I discovered your work on Flickr, and then your blog! I love all what you make! Would you allowed me to put a post about you, your art and your blog on mine please?

  24. Hello Suzi
    This is so Lovely! The Layering is Gorgeous.I must tell you I have been Playing with the Wonderful Giveaway Bundle you Sent me! Thank You for the Chance for some more Fun!
    Have a Wonderful Day My Friend!
    Hugs from Oregon!

  25. I think this is my favorite journal ever!!!! I just adore all the beautiful layering and roses and silks, velvets, and trims. Lorraine is going to LOVE it!!!!!!!

    I can never see too much of your beautiful work Suzy dear.
    I am so glad you would share is with us : )
    sending love your way....

  26. Its a delight to come to your blog and look at your beautiful creations over and over again...i must try to make one some day to learn how to start and gatter the laces and other lovely things......this album is so beautiful!!...lucky one who gets it....but i just love the way you have put it all together again....just awesome.....greetings Francien.

  27. My heart is beating too fast.... I feel you put your heart and soul into this enchanting journal dear Suzy.
    It shouts feminity to me and that's what I love most!
    With these soft fine sheer pretty fabrics you've weaved your magic once again - all of the elements blend beautifully to make the whole.
    It makes my heart SING!

    Your friend will be totally 'over the moon' with this and I can see her racing out to the postman everyday eagerly waiting it's arrival!


  28. Oh WOW, how completely breathtaking, my friend. You are SOOOO super-talented!!! Sending ((((hugs)))) your way,

  29. Dear Suzy, I agree how fortunate we are to live in the age of the computer and Blogland, where we can admire so much beautiful art at the click of a mouse. You've truly excelled yourself with this journal and told a beautiful story with your art. I love it and am sure, your friend will too!! Happy week-end! Robyn

  30. As we are plunged into the summer heat in the USA, the cool mornings on my porch remind me of all the beautiful scenes we see in your pictures. You are all about beauty and class and good living. Thanks for the pictures.

  31. Sweet Suzy--
    --- and the hits just keep on comin' !! Your latest creation is so beautiful- I love the felted flowers that you added-- your friend is going to love this so much!

    I'm sure that autumn is lovely at your home-- I remember your garden pictures from last year--


  32. Hi, Suzi. There's not much I can add that hasn't already been written. I liked your use of the old linens and felt. The layering gives such depth. Very pleasing journal. I enjoyed checking out Lorraine's blog as well.
    best, nadia

  33. I love your works Suzy every piece looks so fantastic!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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