Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Found Treasures, New Journal Evolving and Winter Garden

On a very recent trip up the coast from our home
I came across some beautiful little finds:

This is a compilation of the Cassell's Magazine containing
the episodes of Hester Morley's Promise which was printed in 1873.
It really is quite tattered but not torn (thank goodness)
and it contains some incredible prints such as:



They really are quite incredible and, from my point
of view, would make beautiful additions
to any altered journal.

Now this very beautiful silver spoon with an incredible
etched three roofed cottage I think may be more
of a bon bon scoop (or something of the like) possibly
 made in Holland I guess
judging from the windmill -
not sure of it's date but it so very unique.
Any one out there may have more information on this???!!!

Now it is very hard to go past precious lace or doilies
for me and I had to include these pieces
in my travels also.

I think the edging of this doily is knitted from the
finest and softest cotton with a linen centre - a most rare
find around here.

Another beautiful piece also hand knitted is this

It is just so delicate.

On my work table at present is another journal coming
slowly together with a garden theme.
Another commission.

Lots of frothy lace and soft fabrics being
gathered up and sewn

with a nearby stash of mop buttons
ready to be added.


In the southern hemisphere Autumn is now coming
to a close

and the winter leaves are falling thick and fast

but this season brings with it such magestic colours

everywhere you turn
like the deep shades of the pinks of the hydrangeas

so much colour everywhere!

the dying leaves of the once green bountiful
wisteria in readiness to
retire into the bareness of Winter
but it is all so gorgeous
everywhere you look!

Wishing all mothers out there in blogland and way beyond -
a Most Happy Mother's Day
to you!

Sending love to you all including all of my
new recent followers -
and a much appreciated "thank you"
for visiting.

xxx Suzy


  1. Sweet world is simply magical!!! Your finds...your work and your gorgeous surroundings!! I love the amazing book and know you will find many ways to use it for good ~ thank you for the wonderful inspiration, hugs and love, Dawn

  2. Suzy I don't know which is prettier the pictures of your gorgeous finds of the pictures of the garden, both are Breathtaking!

    Thanks so much with helping in my quest! Its much appreciated!
    hugs Lynn

  3. Such wonderful treasures you found! Your garden is sooo beautiful!

  4. fabulous finds and amazing pictures ... your fall looks spectacular!

  5. Thank you for the most beautiful photos of your garden. No wonder you make the most beautiful journals, if you look though the windows all the beauty is there to copy ;-)

  6. That´s am amazing book Suzy - what a great find and definately perfect for journals.
    Beautiful fall photos - thanks a for sharing.
    Happy Mothers day to you too

  7. What a beautiful post Suzy. It's great to find such treasures. Your old and tattered finds and the fading hues in the garden go so well together.
    I'm sure your new journal will be just as wonderful and catch all these elements.
    Have a great weekend,
    Hugs, Angela.x

  8. I wonder if that spoons not a tea caddy spoon?
    Youd only use a small amount of tea so you wouldnt expect to use the entire bowl and the flakes thus fall through it.
    In the day when they had silver tea caddy spoons, tea was very
    expensive, so again, the smaller area of the bowl to use?
    try and suss the silver hallmarks out if there are any to see a date?
    fab finds all round and those prints would work scanned and printed onto fabric too surely lol

  9. Your treasures are definitely the find of the year - especially the book with the beautiful images. I know already you will create beautiful things with those!

  10. Must have been a wonderful trip. You find such beautiful treasures. The book is beautiful and so is the silver spoon. I think it must be from Holland or Denmark. Can you find a brand mark on it??
    Your new journal looks promising but how could that be the otherway while you are creating it. Your garden is a real treasure for the eye one big source of inspiration with all those magnificent colors.
    Have a nice weekend
    Love and hugs

  11. Thank you for the sweet email. It made my day. You are right, your Autumn is so colorful. I know you are enjoying it. The Hydrangeas are beautiful! Happy Mother's Day to you too Sweet Suzy!

  12. Love your finds Suzy, who can pass up hand made lace in any form. Thanks for the visit and the sweet comment at my Vintage Romance blog. I just sold the altered journal you commented on. TTFN Wanda

  13. Such beautiful pictures! Your garden looks like ones I have seen in my favorite gardening books, aaahhh, so peaceful. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Dearest Suzy,
    I don`t know where to begin to comment on all the beauty you shows ,my sweet friend,-all is so very wonderful and fantastic- from the old book ,so gorgeous tattered- the knitted laces, and the lovely silver spoon- they are all wonderful-but still can`t messure up to the stunning new book you are working on, oh it looks like a so sweet adventure, which I would love to dig into, and almost dissapear-like Alice in wonderland!
    And thinking this was it, you also shows the most stunning photoes from you garden- I love the tones and shades of autumn, and this colours you have been able to show, are the most beautiful mellow, and soft ones to be seen.
    Thankyou so much for this "walk with you" in your autumn garden- I loved it dearest Suzy.
    Love you too, and send hugs over the miles.

  15. Suzy, Suzy. You know just the thing to brighten the spirits after a busy day in the studio. A trip to quaint little shops and beautiful treasures to come home with. And, of course, a trip through your garden. Yes, I feel much better now

  16. It all looks SO very cool.
    The book is a piece of art already!!!

  17. Wow your treasures are just that - treasures! The spoon is beautiful and the lace - yummy.

  18. Dearest Suzy
    I've just had the loveliest walk through your Autumn garden with you (wish it was in person)!
    The colour is amazing, ..... and such a wonderful source of inspiration which is reflected in your exquisite collage pieces.

    Finding that beautiful old red book was meant to be - one of life's mysteries. I imagine it was destined to eventually arrive in to your creative hands, from the very day it was first made!
    I believe in "meant to be"!

    The illustrations are inspiring and no doubt already have your creative juices running at full speed - am I right?!

    Wishing YOU the happiest mother's day too dear friend.

    Shane oxo

  19. Hi Suzy!!
    Your journal is absolutely delicious! I would so love to be able to touch it and turn each page and look at all of the wonderful details! so happy for you to have commissions!! It all helps to support our treasure hunts!
    I think that the spoon might be a relish or condiment spoon of some sort, the back open part would allow the juices to drain????
    thank you for the autumn tour of your beautiful garden- after spring, fall is my favorite season!!
    Happy Mother's Day to you too, dear girl!!!
    Big Hugs!

  20. Oh my gosh, Suzy,

    Such beauty and the second piece of lace appears to be tatted. It is so gorgeous! All of it is. Your weather is quite the opposite of mine! Here our colors are just beginning to appear, and yours are finishing it's wonder and awe!

    Best wishes, Suzy, for a beautiful Mother's Day filled with happiness and love!


  21. Love the journal it is sensational ..Your garden it also a work of art

  22. Wow Suzy- so many things to comment on!!

    The journal is amazing- I can see why you chose it-- perfect for your journals!!

    Your late autumn is beautiful- these pictures are so lovely. I'd love to take a walk around your property right now/ it looks so gorgeous. Such rich deep colors!

  23. stunning!! your house and gardens are delish...
    our wisteria is in full bloom right now!

    oh my.. that book is gorgeous...what a spectacular's truly divine!!

    happy mothers day to you Too!

  24. Your treasures are wonderful. Autumn colors are gorgeous and your descriptions are so sweetly said.

  25. I found your blog via Maynard's Greenhouse and oh my goodness, I am so glad I did! Your blog is just beautiful! I look forward to reading more!

  26. I want to sit in your garden and run my fingers over your new tattered book, the cover looks soft and velvety, I want to hold your new spoon in my hand and feel all the etching and quietly sit by to watch you weave your magic as you create another journal.

  27. Suzy, I am so late in reading this. One day I might catch up.

    The pictures are all so beautful - the natural and the made. gorgeous.

  28. I agree with, Dawn. This post is pure magic. I love your finds. What treasures. The journal pic just makes be beg to reach out and touch it!...and the pics of the house and the gardens...breathtaking. Such beauty that surrounds you. What a blessing!

  29. such treasures, and gorgeosity, but I am so glad to be enjoying the color green up here, while you have winter!

  30. I have never seen such gorgeous autumn color before Suzy. This is just amazing!!! Oh my goodness Suzy, this is just so beautiful!!!!!!!
    I love all of your new finds too! I can't pass up beautiful books like that one anytime I see them either.

    I hope you are soaking in all the loveliness around you dearest are so blessed!
    sending hugs....

  31. the silver spoon is a dutch spoon/ scoop for wet fruit. It is beautiful. and rare too ! Search on Google for 'natfruit schep zilver ' or 'zilveren natfruit schep ' (images) and you will find some nice examples.
    Thanj you for your inspirational blog,
    Marjolein Staal, Gouda, the Netherlands

  32. Hello Marjolein
    How very kind of you to comment about the spoon! I have just looked quickly and have been able to identify it. Thank you so very much again - it is so very beautiful and it looks hand engraved!
    Do you have a blog?
    Have a wonderful day!

  33. Oh yes-- more beautiful garden photos--- they are magnificent. The colors of autumn there are unbelievable!

    Your vintage finds are wonderful- I can just see those laces ending up in your beautiful journals!


  34. Your garden is a dream Suzy the pictures are so fantastic and your founds are magnificent!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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