Friday, October 5, 2012

Wisteria In the Home and in the Garden

And so Spring begins with Wisteria, Bird Song,
 Birds Nests and the many fragrant perfumes with this
"Cecil Brunner" rose in the background just leafing up!

Welcome everyone to this splash of these most
gorgeous shades of mauve and purple!
Isn't this Double Wisteria a most spectacular display

cascading over this solid timber pergola outside
 our Sunroom window?

It is this Wisteria which is one of the first

displays heralding the opening of Spring
here where I live on the South-East Coast of Australia.

Wisterias are commonly comprised of a single flower

but this double variety seems to have more
shades of purple with its density!

I picked a piece to display on a kitchen vignette
as I thought the beautiful purple shades blend 
so beautifully with the whites and
the tarnished silvers.

Sitting above this narrow Oregan timber table
is a vintage Railway Station clock
displaying a collage just completed by moi.

There are almost shades of blue in there too!

How could you not fall in love with such beauty?

A tarnished silver plated tea set!


A few odd vintage time worn spoons and cake forks!

A couple of old mixing bowls

And a few gifts from nature in the form of
gum leaves, seeds, pods and a few
shells, driftwood etc.

I even remember my grandmother mixing cake 
in these very similar bowls -
don't you?

One of the greatest joys of all would have to be
the view from my studio window
 where there is creativity of a different sort!

Only in the past few days a Willy Wagtail
decided to build a nest
on this climbing rose stem.

I have never seen such a solid nest
as this and there she sits in 
all her glory
patting down the sides to firm it up.

What a gift she is sharing with us all!
I had to be quick to even catch 
this one!
(Sorry for the blur!!!).

To all my Blogging friends - I thank you for the gifts you bring
too in the way of comments, inspiration and appreciation.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend
whether you are in Spring or Autumn or

Sending love and hugs, 
Suzy xxx


  1. Hi Suzy!
    What a joy seeing that Willy Wag Tail nest!It will be just lovely watching the eggs hatch and the little ones fluttering about!
    Lovely setting on your sideboard.Make a great "Still Life".
    Oh NO!!The dreaded word verification!!! I give up after 3 goes!

  2. Hi Suzi! Your wisteria is georgeaous and wonderful! I never saw before a double one like this!
    I love all the pictures you took of your garden, specially the nest with bird inside, so lovely! Thanks, with you it's a little part of spring which come in north hemisphère!!!! LOL
    Hugs and kisses

  3. We are experiencing fall weather here in mid America. Your wonderful pictures of Spring are so refreshing and colorful. I think I should take some pictures too.

  4. Your wisteria is beautiful!!! I wish I could grow it, but alas, I have to enjoy the blooms growing in others' gardens. What a wonderful view to have. Those colors touch my heart.

    Love your little Willy Wag Tail and it's sweet nest.

    Have a very nice weekend ~ FlowerLady11 milyshn

  5. Hi Suzi. Your Wisteria is simply gorgeous and it looks so pretty sitting among your beautiful venues! I have wanted to plant some to grow up my pergola. Your's is breathtaking! xo's Pam

  6. Suzy, this was my first visit to your gorgeous blog and I'm delighted to have found you (via Janet's Art Play)! I love your wisteria... and the photos you've taken are divine. I need to visit often so I can catch up on all the beautiful pieces you create...

  7. Wow! the wisteria is just amazing and I love the photos of the little bird!!

  8. Dearest Suzy, Your wisteria is gorgeous and I enjoyed all of the beautiful photos! I know you must be excited about your roses blooming soon! I look forward to seeing all of them. Your kitchen vignette is gorgeous! I love how you decorate! Your collage is beautiful! I love the laces, fabrics, image and all of the other lovely elements you used in creating this. Gifts from nature are some of the very best, don't you think? I enjoyed seeing yours. I need to go hunting in my yard and see what I can find for autumn. I have never heard of a Willy Wagtail! What a sweet name and what a sweet bird. Her coloring is so pretty and her nest is perfect. Thank you for sharing a photo of her. It is a real treat to see birds from other countries. Thank you for visiting me and for your very sweet words. You are a dear heart! Sending you a loving and grateful hug! Love and blessings sweet friend, Paula xo

  9. Dear Suzy
    Wisteria heralds Spring here too!
    I had one in my old garden, but there's no room for one here - sadly.

    You've created such beautiful vignettes - I'm so glad the 'tarnished silver' look is in too!!!

    Willie Wagtail is a stunner!
    Last year I watched a blackbird build her nest outside our window - it was fascinating, she worked tirelessly for a week and then didn't return - I fear a cat was involved.....

    Such an inspiring post ...again!
    Shane xv

  10. Dearest friend, you shared the most beautiful photoes from your Paradise,-the Visteria is totally amazingly beautiful, in its shades of lillac and blue- hanging in those big caschades from the branches- and so lovely displayed in your wonderful home. I love your tarnished silverware, I do collect such,too.-
    I never heard about a Willy Wagtail, but the nest is fantastic-looking a bit like a swallows nest in your photo?, such a joy, for you to be able to follow this nature wonder ,now.
    I wish you a beautiful weekend my dear Suzy- and send you my love from a very stormy little island-
    hope it will not be too bad!!
    Love you and sends you hugs, -with the storm we have ,it will quickly be with you !!!

  11. I love wisteria and have recently planted one, my first. I can't imagine it ever looking as splendid as your gorgeous specimen. Wonderful photos.

  12. What a lovely post Suzy such a beautiful wisteria, they have such a delicacy about them, the way they droop is just gorgeous. I love your vignette and collage you have created. Jayne x

  13. Suzy
    your wisteria and photos are AMAZING. I want some wisteria so badly now! :) Thank you for sharing your precious home with us. Hope you are enjoying spring/summer as we head into fall here.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  14. Suzy I can't even tell you how wonderful this post is. Starting with that AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS wisteria!!!!! I have never seen anything like that double one! I would give anything to be able to grow one myself.
    Your Oregan table top vignette is beautiful! You have such special pieces adorning it. I also love your newest collage!!!
    I've never heard of a Willy Wagtail. It will be fun to watch and see how it goes.
    Your previous post on the Victorian lace collars is full of some many lovely pieces. Just the very things I love.

    I just can't believe how beautiful that wisteria is Suzy!!!!! And your photos are so amazing!
    sending love...

  15. that Wisteria is stunning! i have never seen a double form!! wHAT A GLORIOUS SIGHT!! thanks so very much for sharing this beauty with us!! Hugs!

  16. Hi Suzy, the wisteria is just beautiful. I have never seen a double one and the colour is just gorgeous. My mother had a mixing bowl like the one you displayed, it is currently in a cupboard with a very cute, sort of short rolling pin. I just love the old kitchenalia - not to use, I do love the modern appliances. Enjoy the wonderful spring display

  17. Hi Suzy, your double bloom wisteria is amazing. When I first saw it I knew it wasn't like mine and as I read and scrolled, I was in love. Wow, I would love to find that around here. What a lovely time of year for you. We are going into winter. Enjoy the beauty around you dear friend.

  18. The first time I was made aware of Wisteria was when we lived in Geneva, Switzerland. One of the expats rented a home whose front entry way was covered in these gorgeous blooms. She felt so blessed! And the vignettes with the tarnished silver? I adore how it ages! A friend of mine would always tell me she was dying to get her hands on my pieces so she could polish them! Can you imagine taking away all that aging??!!! To each her own. Lovely photos you have shared!! Thank you!

  19. Your wisteria is so different to the one I planted at our cottage in France, much darker, more shades of colour, and of course double flowers. It is amazing, so beautiful and you have to tell me the name of it, so that I can try and find one over here, lol. The photographs are beautiful, your garden is such a lush paradise! I will have to look up what a Willy Wagtail is, but it is the cutest name and makes me giggle. It is getting very autumnal here in the UK now, rather fresh in the mornings, but at least today we have some sunshine. Thankfully no grey skies and rain. Hugs to you, xxx
    Must talk again soon!

  20. Suzy--
    I hardly know where to start-- these photos are so amazingly beautiful. The colors of that wisteria are exquisite-- your arbor is truly magnificent in its wisteria cover.

    Your spring vignettes are perfect-- and your collage as always is lovely in every way. You must be enjoying the spring days so much-- how delightful to bring it into your home!

    I've sure missed you--

  21. The dimension of color of the Wisteria is breathtaking. Your photos captured the delicate ruffled blooms perfectly. Love your vignettes, too.

  22. Oh my dear Suzy, I LOVE your wisterias. They are just gorgeous. Ever since I saw wisterias for the first time lots of years ago, I wanted to have them. Maybe one day ...
    Your vignette with the tarnished silver is beautiful and your newest collage is fabulous.
    Like Liz, I find the name Willy Wagtail so cute and had to giggle as well :-).
    Sending lots of hugs and love to you, sweetie,

  23. What a beautiful wisteria! I love the willy wagtail nest too!

  24. Your wisteria is so beautiful Suzy! I have always loved the way it looks hanging from a pergola. You do have much beauty outside of your windows. Your collage is also gorgeous. Have a great day.


  25. What babulous pictures and decor!

  26. Not even a queen of fabric journals, no..a garden queen, too (:o)Lovely pictures you're showing and the rain blues is disappearing...

  27. In France it is the autumn, sheets become purple and yellow, it is a magnificent rainbow at the end of branches!
    Thank you for these magnificent flowers, I adore the color; even if I like quite colors the purple and purple are my preferred!
    I like discovering your house because I also like the former things ;-) ; but you already know him …
    Always admiring of your textile work, which leaves me speechless!

    Smiles dear Suzy

  28. What a wonderful post, Suzy... love it all. The Wisteria is super fabulous - such lovely colors for sure and the texture. OMGosh. Beautiful completed collage hanging - a Waterhouse? I remember seeing the photo when I was searching for my new subject matter "Waterhouse Ladies and Knights" - I have your tag hanging in my living room; will send a pic. Also, just got my computer back and running - friend who borrowed my web cam has an interview today, so should get it back tonight. Let's visit soon. Love and hugs. K

  29. The nesting bird is so wonderful to see. What a great view. It truly is amazing how each species of bird builds their own very unique nests. Everything around here is still very drab and it's still hot. Your wisteria is so beautiful. Hope your weekend is going well. Best wishes, Tammy

  30. Hello Suzi,
    You have a beautiful garden with a wonderful flower ...
    I like all this photo on the decoration.
    I love your blog and all your work !

  31. Hi dear Suzy, your wisteria is so wonderful and the nesting bird is lovely to looks at, you are showing so many fantastic photos from your garden and some from your house, with a lot of treasures, it looks like you live at a wonderful place, dear sweet friend, thanks for sharing these photos,wish you a creative and lovely weekend.
    Hugs Anni

  32. I've never seen wisteria in such profusion (actually I've never seen them at all, at least for real!). We planted one years ago and it grew profusely but never flowered. We finally asked an expert and found out that they aren't supposed to even grow in our area. Guess somebody forgot to tell the plant!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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