Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sampling a Giveaway and Springtime Garden

 It is a very abundant time in our garden this time of year
(so I am warning you that this is quite a lengthy
and picturesque post if you enjoy garden

in so many different ways especially
with the roses in bloom.

Popping up everywhere you will find forget-me-nots, granny's bonnets, grasses of all sorts,

hydranges, irises, roses - rambling and climbing

beautiful shade tress of Chinese Elms, Japanese Maples, Silver Birches,

Buddleas and places to just sit 

and take in all the fragrances, listen to the birds
and watch the Angora goats grazing!

Spectacular colour as in these irises!

And just around the corner is another garden of old world roses

and climbers like this Cecile Brunner and the soft apricot
shades of Crepiscule.

Now on one of the branches of this climber 
which happens to be outside my studio

 you might remember I mentioned that a Willy Wagtail
was creating a nest
and since then everyday as I have been creating
only metres from my table

I have witnessed the most amazing little miracle
of the entrance into the world

of these three baby Wagtails

and the emergence of each one

from the nest,

the testing, spreading and stretching of their little wings,

gaining strength in their little legs
in readiness for flight!

Now it's not every day that we are blessed with
such an amazing miracle 
within just a few feet of where we create just outside -
 that's for sure!
And what's more I feel so blessed for
living in such a special place indeed!

 Even with all this distraction I have managed to create
a little something ( yes - just a tad lacey!) 
for all of my wonderful
followers as a little
"Thank you"
which I will be sharing in a Giveaway very soon!
So do stay tuned to enter yourself!

Wishing you all a most relaxing and joyful weekend!

Love, Suzy xxx


  1. a magnificent garden and oh...those baby birds.

  2. Hello dear Suzy. I just knew when I saw your post come up in my reader that you were going to be sharing some photos of your beautiful garden. I am SO happy to stroll around with you as you show us your gorgeous spaces. I love seeing more and more of it! Your trees are so lovely and I of course love your climbing roses. I have never heard of the apricot rose before. It has such an amazing bloom!
    The Willy Wagtail babies must be such a joy to watch everyday. What a precious lot of photos of them. You will certainly miss them when they find their wings. But of course there will always be another hatch.
    It is so wonderful to come here tonight and read this post my friend. I have missed you so much.
    much love from here...

  3. Hi Suzy,
    What a joy to see your post as we move into the depths of winter.
    I could almost smell the roses and what a delight to watch the baby birds grow and fledge.
    I can see how your lovely garden would inspire your work and always look forward to your posts.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. Dear Suzy, I have so enjoyed strolling through your beautiful garden. What a special place it must be. Thank you for sharing all those beautiful photographs.
    And the birds! Oh what a joy to see them so close and your photography is wonderful.
    It is dark, cold and rainy here this morning and you have brightened my day.
    Love and Hugs xx

  5. Hello Suzi!
    You've a wonderfull garden, so colorful and sweet! Are the goats yours? To have wool?
    And you've the most beautiful view we can have about life with this so cute nest and little birds!
    It's paradise!
    Hugs and kisses

  6. Gorgeous garden! Very lovely! It's interesting to see pictures of spring garden, while we have the greyist fall ;) Lovely bird babies. This evening I'll make a large garden posting about yesterday in my blog ;)

  7. Dear Suzy
    How lovely to wander through your garden this evening - bursting with Spring blooms.
    I had Cecile Brunner in my last garden, she is a beautifully fragrant old tea rose.
    The highlight for me is your bed of blue irises - they are exquisite!
    If you know the name please let me know!
    The Willy Wagtails are so adorable!

    Shane ♥

  8. Liebe Suzy,
    ich bin grade in diesen herrlichen Bilder von deinem Garten versunken.
    Die Rosen, die Gräser, alles ist so wunderschön anzusehen.
    Da kann ich im Moment nur von träumen.
    Hier in Norddeutschland ist es neblig, kühl, grau und düster.
    Kein Sonnenstrahl erhellt mein Herz.
    Aber deine Bilder stimmen mich ganz fröhlich.
    Dankeschön dafür.
    Ganz liebe Grüße von Sophie

  9. Suzi your garden is a sheer delight, it must take you days of hard work to keep it in such a beautiful state.
    Roses have been a picture in your state and ours this year, all of the rain, we've both had, has certainly rewarded us with abundant blooms.
    The little willy wagtails are gorgeous too, we have a nest of blue wrens and they are such busy little birds, darting all over the place.

  10. Dear Suzi ~ What a delightful post, with those gorgeous photos of your wonderful bit of paradise where you live, and those sweet little birds. This was just great for today.


  11. Suzy, your garden is beautiful. The roses are so pretty. I love the climbing ones. What a thrill to be able to watch those birds. Our summer is gone now and headed for winter so your garden tour gives me something to look forward to. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Jackie


  12. Suzy, as also beautifully with you! so there is a lot of nature, and naturally grows, so they will never not want to forget such a picturesque place, I love nature, animals, peace, how are you it is.
    A lot of inspiration, and a normal life, in every way.
    Beautiful fabric books, so I'm curious as to create it? the nostalgic, very interested in me and equally I like this life. I greet you a very warm, welcome, I wish a peaceful wekend,
    Hugs ....... :)))

  13. Suzy-
    The emergence of spring in your yard is beyond beautiful. Don't you feel like you live in the midst of a botanical garden? I always enjoy seeing photos of your beautiful home and grounds-- thank you for this lovely spring tour.


    Ps- I love the little nest and baby birds!

  14. A thoroughly enjoyable tour of the garden and refreshing as we are heading into winter here.

  15. How amazing to watch those wee birds come into the world! I don't think I'd have gotten any work done.
    Suzy, I want live in your garden!

  16. On this November afternoon it was so relaxing to take a stroll with you around your divine garden, to sit in the shade for a while before we once again sauntered amongst the glorious trees.
    Thank You dear Suzy for this moment to take a deep breath and recharge.

  17. Such lovely pictures Suzy - you truly live in a magical place! I adore your yard; it looks like a place where you could wander for some time and see many wonderful things!

  18. Your garden is stunning and I would love to spend time just relaxing there! Your roses are heavenly! The little birds are so precious!

  19. Hi Suzy, those irises make me swoon. I love that flower so much and the apricot roses, I am picturing them together in a vase. Lovely garden, I spot a coolaroo shade back in there, I love those for shade here too! And the dog beds!! A bit of lace, you, how could it be. xox

  20. Suzy your garden and your flowers and roses are dreamlike. The photos are wonderful. Thank you very much for this fantastic pictures.
    I think you have a lot of work in summertime :O
    Hugs Alexandra

  21. Thank you so much for allowing us a chance to see your amazing garden and yard. Wow, I am so impressed. What a cute name for a bird, too! We are readying ourselves here for a long, col snowy winter so seeing this spring time look makes me look ahead! Also, I wanted to thank you for the kind words you left at my blog (regarding the passing of my cat recently). I can tell you feel the same as I do about losing a beloved pet and so appreciate you taking the time to share your words. Thank you!!

  22. Oh My Suzy!!
    Your gardens are spectacular...and those baby birds.... A wonderful time watching them advance!
    Thanks so much for sharing..

  23. I enjoyed my Sunday morning garden walk within your beautiful garden. We are now in Florida for the winter and will see green as opposed to snow in Chicago.

    Who is the gardener? Both of you or just one of you?



  24. Me again Suzy

    The pics of the little birds are darling. I loved the one of the 3 sitting so close together on the branch. Priceless.



  25. Such beauty and life just outside your door! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend dear Suzy.


  26. Oh what beauty abounds in your surroundings! The iris are lovely, but it was those Calla Lilies that really caught my eye. Love the photos of the wee willy wagtails. (I often call my canine pal a "speckled nose wagtail".)

  27. My dearest Suzy, you truly live in a little magical Paradise- I know I said that before, but as it is the truth ,it can be said many times in the future,too :-)
    You and Jeff creates wonderful places, and nooks,filled with different kind of beauty ,and such gorgeous flowers.I particular love all your roses, and am so happy for you that you have all this lovelyness around you,every day.
    It must have been so joyfull to get up each morning to watch the birds grow and learn- what wonderful photoes you took ,sweetie.
    I wish you a happy and bless filled new week in your Paradice,my loved friend.

  28. It's really a beautiful garden. You have a little corner of paradise !

  29. Your photos are breathtaking! I love seeing your charming home. It always seems odd when you share spring and we are about to get winter here. We planted loads of flower bulbs this past weekend. Some of which are Iris. Can't wait to see what they look like! Have a wonderful week!

  30. Hi dear Suzy,
    thank you so much for the tour of your beautiful garden.That was just what I needed.Have a wonderful week.

  31. Dear, sweet Suzy, Your garden is truly an amazing, beautiful and magical place! I am utterly enchanted by it! I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to see it in person and to meet you my friend! You have put so much love into every area of your gorgeous garden! I love all of the pretty resting places too! You must take time to sit and enjoy all the beauty you have surrounded yourself with! I loved seeing your goats and the blooming flowers and roses! Every single thing is stunning and so are your photos! The baby birds are darling and I am so glad you were able to witness such a beautiful event from your studio. They are the sweetest little things and you captured them beautifully sweetie! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible home, garden and all the sweet creatures that share it with you. Thank you for visiting me and for your sweet words! You always bless me! Have a beautiful week dear heart! Much love and a big hug, Paula xoxo

  32. My dear Suzy thanks for the tour around in your wonderful garden, you have so many beautiful flowers and also lovely places to sit and rest, for me it looks like a paradis on earth,but there must also be at lot of work to do in such big garden.Have a lovely day.
    Hugs Anni

  33. I have been so hoping that you would give us a tour of your garden this spring, thank you - it is just gorgeous. So many nooks and crannies to linger and enjoy, and those little birds are ever so cute. I just love willy wagtails, they are so cheeky, love to see them hitching a ride on the backs of the cattle that live over the back fence here. A very special privilege to be able to watch them burst into the world.

  34. Your garden is delightful!!!!I always enjoy a stroll.....Thanks for sharing!!

  35. So much fun to see your garden (and those sweet wee birdies)! Here it's all brown and grey as we head towards winter (boo!!!).

  36. Dear Suzy!!! I have finally gotten back to my long neglected blogging!! crazy busy up here!!
    These pictures of the wonderful fledgling of these baby birds are such treasures!! what a gift you have been given!!
    Thank you so much for sharing!!! Happy Spring to you!! Summer by now , eh?


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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