Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vicki's Pink Scarf Project Finished

Firstly, I would like to thank every single person that
has visited here and left so many wonderful comments about
my Giveaway.  I welcome all of my new followers - 
I will try to visit all of you who have a blog
wish each and everyone the very best of luck!


You may recall just a couple of posts back
that I had started to create some dyed wool for a wrap

for the "Pink Scarf Project" which Vicki
so very generously set up for people to create a pink scarf or wrap
choosing any medium they desired whether is was

knitted, crocheted or sewn and this item
would be donated to women with breast cancer.

 I just love to spin and knit or crochet and saw this
as a wonderful opportunity to contribute something
useful and creative.  So I went ahead with some
of my hand spun mohair (from our own Angora goats),
dyed it to achieve a soft shade of washed out pink.

I approached LaShell of

(where I had previously purchased recycled sari silk ribbon)
who very generously donated this beautiful  sari silk
as a way of contributing to this amazing project also

for my project which I dyed with the same dye
to blend with the hand spun mohair
Wow! I was really delighted to achieve,
what I thought was, a perfect match!

Well you all know me quite well by now to guess that I
wouldn't be able to help myself if

I didn't include some lace or doilies 

So I also dyed some of these as well

and embellished it with a hand fashioned rose

which I also dyed to blend in with the pinks.

It pleases me greatly to know that there is some
very beautiful woman out there who may receive
some comfort and heartfelt warmth as she
travels this difficult journey
all thanks to Vicki
in setting up
this very inspirational project

So if you are interested in pursuing this project and would
like to support Vicki then
I suggest you pop over to her blog and view 
some of the scarves that have already been
so kindly donated.
(Her button is on my sidebar at the top!)

A quick reminder too about my Giveaway which
is still open to enter.

If you would like to enter go to my previous post and
add your name there and please don't be shy
as these opportunities don't come all 
that often!!!
The date for the draw is Wed. 5th Dec.

Wishing for you all a joy filled weekend with continued

Love and hugs, Suzy xxx


  1. Hi, Suzi. What a beautiful scarf. The combination of crochet and knitting is very effective and the color is so pleasing. Plus the addition of the flower puts it over the top. And all for a noble cause, bless your soul.
    best, nadia

  2. Your scarf is exquisite Suzy, so much thought has been put into it.
    You could market that design and it would be a huge hit. I'm sure it will bring a little well deserved joy to whoever wears it....
    Have a wonderful Sunday,
    Hugs Angela.x

  3. Oh my dearest Suzy,
    I`m on my way out the door, but had to comment on your stunningly beautiful scarf.
    This is a piece of art, so beautiful, that my heart almost stood still. You are again, a most fantastic artist, and heartwarm woman.
    Your scarf is like a soft lovely dream,- and someone needing to feel special, will certainly do that, racieving this amazingly wonderful handmade dream.
    Love the flower and lace you added ,and love all the effort and love you put into this project. Love you ,sweet friend.

  4. Beautiful and so very kind of you to take the time to create this thoughtful shawl and support this worthwhile cause

  5. Your scarf is beautiful and very romantic. The combination of crochet and knitting is a good idea.
    Have a good week.

  6. Dearest Suzy- I think I might be speechless---
    This is the most incredibly beautiful shawl I've ever seen. That you created this from sheep to shawl is beyond amazing. You are so talented and creative- a blessing that you have used to make this lovely gift. You know someone is going to be touched beyond words when they recieve this. A gift such as this could change someone's life- make them feel loved.

    I love you for doing this for me-- I can't ever thank you enough-- I'm in awe of your talents-- and humbled.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart-

    Ps- may I use one of your photos when I show the shawl? My photos could never do your creation justice and your pictures are gorgeous!

  7. You are a star, this is so beautiful. xox

  8. Beautiful scarf Suzy. The colour is soft and stunning. The addition of the lace and rose give it the final touch.

  9. Oh my gosh! Its Breathtaking! and to think you used mohair from your own goats is Amazing! Of couse Love how you embellished it with all the lace and flowers making it a signature Suzy piece!
    Your going to make some woman very happy and will no doubt comfort her during this difficult time.Bless You!
    Hugs Lynn

  10. Oh, Suzy, your scarf is so beautiful! I know it will bring comfort to someone facing this difficult battle, not just in it's wonderful creation, but because a stranger with a loving heart was moved enough to give the gift of their time, to say "I care."
    Bless you.

  11. I think you have done a gorgeous job of creating such a pink dream of beauty!!

    I love the cause this is for and if I knew how to sew, knit, or crochet, I would be there with you....I could donate string maybe :-)

    Good Luck and thank you for sharing and letting us know about such a wonderful cause!

  12. Hello Suzi!
    it's allways a pleasure to come to see you! I dicover this wonderfull scarf, and I think that the woman who'll wear it will feel so sweet with it! I had one cancer some years ago, and my mother died from one. it's something very sensible for me as Aids is too, because I lost one of my companion from this desease in 1994.Congratulations for all you do and all these women do!
    Hugs and kisses

  13. I'm not a pinky girl, but that scarf is soooo adorable that i directly change my mind and loving pink now(:o) I can see the softness of the mohair in the pictures and it looks absolutly gorgeous together with the lace. This vintage pink colour you've hand - dyed is soo beautiful. Your hand - fashioned rose and the buttons make the scarf perfect!

  14. What a beautiful piece. It is truly so feminine. Bless you for your kindness and sharing your beautiful design.

  15. Suzy there is no greater gift than one handmade and filled with love and care and warmth. This shawl scarf is breathtaking. Your creation is exquisite and your generosity of time and talent is amazing. Blessings dear...

  16. Such a stunning scarf could only come from such a talent as you are, Suzy. There is no one like you. Just amazing.

  17. Thank you for posting about the 'Pink Scarf Project'. I will be doing a post about it and also adding Vicki's link to my sidebar. I crochet and will be honored to be able to send a scarf or two to Vicki for the project. Your lovely scarf creation is so divine! I am sure some very pleased lady will adore it.
    I particularly like the addition of the sari silk ribbon fringe on your scarf, as it adds a lovely elegance.
    Teresa in California

  18. Dear Suzy
    I have never seen anything so beautiful created with wool, even the softness translates in the photograph and what an excellent decision to include the sari ribbon (dyed to perfection!) and doilies.
    Unique and so very elegant and anyone can tell this was made from the heart.

  19. That is SO lovely and will bring beauty and warmth to someone who needs it at a difficult time in her life.

  20. Suzy your scarf is just beautiful and whoever receives it will just love it:0
    Hugs and love and thank you for your sweet comments on my post about my dear little Rub. It meant a lot as I still feel blue and know it will pass.
    Hugs and love, Marilou

  21. Suzy, your work of love is truly amazing. I donated a scarf a few weeks ago. Two of my very best friends are undergoing treatment right now for the destruction f these horrible cancer cells. Another neighbor and friend had surgery and is doing well. Thank God

  22. WOW, your scarf is breathtaking, Suzy! The combination of crochet and knitting looks fantastic and the sari ribbons are the perfect add!
    Just brilliant!!!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  23. Dear Suzy
    The lucky person who receives your amazing scarf will feel more than the warmth of the angora, but the kindness from within your heart too.
    It is much more than a scarf that you have dyed, spun and knitted.
    You have created and stitched a wonderful piece of comfort art and filled it with your love and kindness.
    She will be over the moon to think that someone she has never met would create her something so very special.
    Bless you dear Suzy,
    Shane ♥

  24. Suzy you have created a work of art so very very beautiful. The attention to detail and thought you have put into the scarf is amazing. I am sure the recipient will appreciate your wonderful creation and all of your heart and soul that you put into it.

  25. Dear Suzy your scarf is a dream and so wonderfully made, love how you have combined crochet and knitting and also that you added the fabric flower and sari silk ribbon. Wish you a lovely sunday dear friend.
    Hugs Anni

  26. Dear Suzy,

    I just loved looking at your wonderful scarf. Such beautiful shades of pink and all the different materials. Knitted, crochet and sari silk lace, it is so dreamy. I know it will give some woman comfort wearing this in hard times.

    Love and hugs

  27. OMG sweet Suzy, This is without any exaggeration the most beautiful scarf or wrap I've ever seen. I love the muted shades of pink and all the pretty things you've used to embellished it. What a great idea to add the doilies and the lovely silk ribbon. The beautiful rose completes the gorgeous look.
    Sending lots of big hugs and love,
    PS: The rusty door looks great :-)!

  28. Suzy, I can't even put into words how beautiful I think this is!!!!!!!!!!!
    Someone is going to be so blessed to have it around their neck and on their shoulders. What a wonderful thing for you to do. I love the thought of you spinning your very own wool and then lovingly putting this all together. I am so blessed to have such a gifted friend!

    Yesterday I was out in the garden puttering around with the camera and I thought of how you are enjoying a glorious spring and I am saying a short goodbye to my garden. I love how the world works, don't you?
    sending love your way...

  29. Suzy

    This scarf is very elegant and I love the way you added the additional pieces.

    13 years ago I had breast cancer and I know that a gift like this would certainly have made me feel warm and cherished. My dear husband did that for me and 13 years later here I am.



    ps I was going to email you and ask you where you bought your sari ribbon and here you gave me the name.
    I went to her site and am going to place an order. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Dearest Suzy - Skype did not show your magnificent shawl well - what gorgeous photos. Indeed, one very special woman will be blessed with your love. Hugs. Karen

  31. this is so gorgeous Suzy. the color is soft and oh so feminine. I love it. A beautiful piece indeed!

  32. What a beautiful scarf. I love that color so much and the flower on it is sweet !
    Love ♥RINI♥

  33. Suzy this is the most beautiful scarf I have ever seen. Just lovely.
    Hugs Jackie

  34. Dearest Suzy, You are amazing sweet friend! I love this gorgeous pink scarf you created from start to finish with your loving and talented hands! The color is beautiful and the fiber looks so soft and warm. I love the pretty silk your friend donated and the doily and rose you added is stunning! Your photos are lovely and so are you! What a sweet, giving heart you have! Just think of how a very special lady will feel so loved and cared for when gifted with this gorgeous scarf. I know it will help her through the difficult times and bring her comfort! God bless you Suzy and all of the ladies that are participating in this wonderful project. Much love and lots of hugs, Paula xoxo

  35. By the way...I did post your lovely giveaway on my blog sidebar. I didn't want to leave another comment on the giveaway post, as I didn't see but one other person who left two comments and I forgot to leave this comment along with my entry comment. Not that it matters! I hope to make three scarves over the next year for the 'Pink Scarf Project'.

  36. Well Suzy, you have inspired me yet again. This scarf is absolutely GORGEOUS. I love the muted pink shade you achieved, and I'm astounded that you actually raise the goats and spin the yarn. Incredible.

  37. Dear Suzi,

    Your beautiful pink scarf is something so extraordinary. I know the Angels were sitting with you and whispered in your ear as you were creating this beautiful shawl for a woman who will be greatly be Blessed by wearing it.

    I have to make one as well for Vick's wonderful project.

    Please add my name with the rest for your Giveaway! Thank you so much!

    Blessings and Love,


  38. that has to be the ost gorgeous wrap i've seen....the layers are exquisite, and your love in woven into ever fiber suzy!! what a gift that could be life changing, bringing new hope and courage to a beautiful lady in waiting....
    blessings be upon you dearest!!
    xo abigail

  39. Absolutely beautiful, so softly romantic I adore it, fantastic work. xx

  40. My jaw dropped to the floor! Your scarf is stunning!

  41. Suzy, when I started going through the photos on Vicky's blog, I knew your wrap before I even saw your name below the photograph. You style is so unique and "you" which you know I love, always. I'm getting ready to start a pink scarf for Vicky's project. And I'll also learn how to put the lovely buttons on my blog. As you know, I have to be in the right "mood" to play with buttons on my blog. Keep up the great work AND the great photographs.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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