Saturday, January 19, 2013

"A Chance to Grow Your Blog" and GIVEAWAY!!!

Grow Your Blog Party

What a most wonderful opportunity our dear generous Vicki of
has provided to bloggers to showcase their blog and to bring
to light so many new bloggers and their wonderful
gifts of art to the rest of the blogging world.

I love to support Vicki because she is one of those souls
always out there ready to assist anyone in a far less 
fortunate situation than herself
so I thought I might join in the party and welcome all
new bloggers and old friends and followers into
my blogging world here

to share my secret space of creativity with
 a little background about myself.

But first, at the time of posting this, within the last 24 hours,
 we have been dealing with this crisis on our back
door step - OMG!!!  45deg.C (113deg.F)

approaching our property

and behind our shed and attached flat

but we are still well and safe
with no property damage (unbelievably!!!)

 somewhat terrified!

 due in no short measure
thanks to good preparation, hard work,
a great deal of luck and
a fantastic and well equipped rural Fire Service

(I am just so pleased that I had pre-prepared this post
before the outbreak of this fire!!!).
I really would not like to face a fire this close ever again!!!


I started blogging about 3 years ago with the intention
of sharing what I do, offering inspiration to others
as well as gaining new visions,  knowledge, musings etc.
about those things which inspire my works.

I had no idea what blogging was all about really but
I just followed Blogger prompts and in no time
I had my own blog - much to my amazement!

So this is where it all happens!
(Click on my Studio button on the sidebar to view more images)

and these are some of the items which I create.

I honestly can't remember when my passion for creating with
rich, vintage and textural fabrics begun but 
my current work in mixed media has sprung out of 
my love of and my exploits into crazy quilting
as well as my love of embellishments such as vintage lace,
brocades, briads, velvets, doilies, buttons, ribbons
and sari silks from the costumes of the
belly dancers over 
the last 20 years.

Although it seems there is still much interest in my quilts
especially this particular one via Pinterest


my main urge to create these days is for fabric
and paper collaging which I love to apply
to fabric art journals like some of these

 and this one

and this Bird Journal which I haven't shown here
as yet but plan to soon!

These are a few felted books often needlebooks.


as well as collages for wall hangings and pages

to go into books and journals.
such as these.


and this smaller collage using a
vintage tart tin

and there are always tags and hearts and clutches too.

And a few pincushions here.

I know how everyone loves to look at images as this is 
where we get inspiration!
so the more the better!!!

I made these Heart Strings some months ago which I 
so enjoyed and hope to get back to creating
more sometime!

Last but not least is an image of a fabric and paper doll.

The other favourite things which I share here is my love
of  both my garden and treasure hunting - not just for my creative works
but just because I have a passion for things old, worn,
tarnished, tattered and collectible
so you will also see things appearing here
amongst the velvets and lace such as these.

As you have been so kind in coming to visit and view
my artwork I've planned a little 

A collage using all of my favourite doilies, vintage laces,
cottons,  burlap, string and buttons.

for you to enter by leaving a comment here on this page.
You don't have to follow but we all love and welcome
new followers so
I will be drawing the winner for this on 
Friday, 1st February
so don't forget to leave me a way of contacting you
via email

Now I really wish everyone the very best luck with this
but more importantly the very best of luck with your blogs 
where you will be rewarded over and over
in so many different ways.

Thank you Vicki once again for all you have contributed
in making this event so successful!

Love, Suzy xxx
P.S. If you are interested in me creating an item for you
just email me at


  1. Oh Suzy

    The threat of the bush fires is horrific. Having lived in Australia and experiencing one close at hand I really do know the terror.

    I've prayed each day that you and your precious home and garden would be spared - thank you dear God for answering my prayers!

    How lOvely to see inside your studio/creative centre where all your treasures are designed and made.
    Everything is exquisite and I feel very lucky to have two of your pieces of art!

    Enjoy the party
    hugs and love
    Shane ♥

  2. Dear Suzi ~ It is wonderful seeing where you create and to glimpse so many of your beautiful and wonderful creations. You are definitely an inspiration to me. I look forward to visiting other bloggers in this party.

    Thank you again for my lovely heart.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  3. Suzy, you terrify me with your fire pictures, o my goodness!!! You're in my prayers dear. I'm happy to hear all is well with you so far, but I'll pray that it will stay that way!

    Now on to your other pictures. You just never stop to amaze me. These are so beautiful... Some I knew but some are new to me. And you have the most wonderful give away. I'm praying to be the lucky receiver too :)

    A big hug,

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images Suzy, your work is exquisite. My textiles are completely different but a pretty vintage lacy piece will creep in occasionally friends have accused me of being a closet Victorian!! :)

  5. Oh wow!! Your work absolutely delights me! I began crazy quilting 5 years ago and love it! and the more I see these fiber journals, the more I want to delve in to them as well! Pat Winters would love to showcase your work in her magazine, Crazy Quilt Gatherings, I am sure!

    I would love to win your giveaway! That would make me smile!

  6. What fear you have had with the fire
    It is a pleasure to see your works so pretty. Thank you.
    Friendships of France where the weather is cold. Amitiés.

  7. what a fantastic blog post!!
    I follow you anywhich ways but this is a superb post.
    All the more beacsue Im in the blessed grow your own too and had forgotten to post!!!
    THANK you for reminding me to get my finger out!!!

  8. I am so glad you are safe from the fire, that looks terrifying! I remember when I found your blog, and how utterly beautiful I felt it was, and still is! I am so glad I found you and your talent, you are always so inspiring, and so kind!

  9. Beautiful post and I'm so glad you are safe from the fire. Love the giveaway. I always hate to be the first to leave a comment, because #! never wins. Oh well...

  10. OMG, Suzy, you scared the .... out of me with those pics, thank god you are ok. I'll have to talk to you properly, lol, just to be absolutely sure. Sigh.
    Your blog is absolutely amazing, and you are probably aware of how many of us you make drool over our keyboards every time you post. Luvya, girl!! Keep safe!! xxx

  11. So beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing, I especially love the doily quilt and pincushions. Fingers crossed for the giveaway too.

  12. I have loved your work and your blog since the first day I found it.

    Your heartstrings are gorgeous, and I had not heard of crazy quilting until meeting you.

    It is such a joy to visit and see your lovely creations. Your talent is so amazing and your work very inspiring.

    It truly would be an honor to win anything from you since I love all your work!

    Thank you so much for the joy and inspiration you have given me.

    Happy Crafting

  13. I adore your art, your artworks are fantastic, so beautiful! I love to follow your blog, which is on my blog list. I'm sorry for the tragedy from Australia.
    (Romania, Europe)

  14. So very glad the fires missed your place. Your blog is eye-candy for me.

  15. lovely blog, I am new follower from Italy. hugs

  16. Well, I am soooo glad you and your family are safe!!!!! That was just to close for comfort!! ..and you know I love your work sweet Suzy...I think you are just the Bee's knees:):):) hugs

  17. Hi Suzie-I'm here from Nancy M James' blog where she shared the gorgeous tag she received from you. First of all -so very happy for your safety after such a scary,scary fire. I can't imagine. Your projects are truly breathtaking!!! I'm also a real lover of vintage imagery and laces I'd LOVE a chance to win your giveaway! I'm now a follower. My blog is not even a year old yet so I've lots to learn, but what an amazing community this is.

  18. Hello Suzy,

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post! I'm a follower on your blog a few months now. I love and admire your work so very much !!
    It's so breathtaking and inspiring. I can only dream of making something like this. But seeing your work always makes me so happy and grateful to be able to enjoy your creativity, thank you for sharing that on your blog!!

    I really hope everything is going to be allright with all the fires going on there. Seeing the photo's of the fire, makes one realise how terrifying that is.


  19. Suzy, what a gorgeous blog post! I am so much to learn from you about everything.
    Those photos are really shocking, though, of how close the fires were to your house. What horrific hours that must have been. So, so happy you're safe.
    And back to your blog post, it is delicious. Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration and a leader in the world of fabric art.

  20. WOW! I am in awe of the beautiful things you create and would like to come and live in your studio, please. I've been to your blog before and am happy to be back! I hope you'll come visit my (humble little) blog when you have a chance, too!

  21. Oh Suzy, your studio is SO beautiful and that lace quilt is breathtaking!! Thank you for sharing in this party. I will be visiting you again in the future.

  22. Your creations are divine... I'm a lover of anything lace. So nice to "meet" you!

  23. Looking around for blogs that show creations with lace i just hit upon yours. At an auction i bought a big box of lace so now i am searching for inspiration on how to use it in a pleasing manner. Love what i see on your blog and hope to pick up some basics while i look at some more posts.

  24. Lovely pictures and lovely blog!I am a new follower and 'Grow Your Blog' participant. Have fun at the party!

    Evalina, This and that...

  25. Hello Suzy, I really hope there will be no fire near you again. You create so lovely things. It's just amazing.So nice to hear from you by Vicki's help.
    Magdalena from Germany

  26. I am glad you are safe it sounds horrid when something like that is on your door step. I have a soft spot for lace so it was nice to look at all the eye candy you have here!

  27. First off Suzy, I'm so glad you and your home were spared from the fire. That must have been terrifing! You must have Angels watching over you!

    Gorgeous work as always. I hadn't seen your quilt yet. It took my breath away!
    Hugs and stay safe.

  28. Oh the joy of it all, a feast to the eye, what a beautiful giveaway. Love and light Marie

  29. Oh Suzi, I would be terrified if I saw what you show on first pictures!!! Hope everything will be OK for you, your home, your family and friends!
    God bless you!
    The quilt you made with all laces is absolutly georgeous!!! I made one too, once, but I never finished it, and anyway, I don't know where I could set it in my home with dogs. Maybe raher on a wall, but it's very tall!
    Hug and kisses

  30. You do see how many people really care about you Suzy. To those who follow, you are a friend. Someone who shares her personal stories and tragedies. Like when your father died. We travel through you property and smile at your sheep and goats. We pick your flowers and have tea among you lovely laces. And we pray for you. God Bless.

  31. I just love your blog, I found you the other day-your work is just gorgeous, thanks for the beautiful giveaway chance Kathy

  32. I never tire of viewing your gorgeous creations. May the fires be extinguished soon and all be safe.

  33. What a post! Full of fire and full of your beautiful work.
    Best wishes from a fellow party goer.

  34. My prayers are with you Suzy for this horrible time of dealing with the bush fires. I love coming here for all the creative inspiration you always share, but I do love to read about your garden and all the lovely flowers and roses you have in abundance. Thank you for such a generous offering in your giveaway! Truly it is a treasure.

  35. I didn't realize Suzi that the fires were close to you. They have been really terrible this year, we had one two weeks ago, very close to our house, fortunately they contained it very quickly. Please stay safe.
    I love seeing all of the images from your past and the progression of your work, it's all so beautiful.

  36. Suzy- the glow from that fire is much too close for comfort! I can't imagine the terror that must have filled your heart. Thank God and goodness that all is safe and well--

    Your home is stunning- truly lovely in every photo- every story-- every thought. Thank you for sharing those beautiful images of the place where you work your magic. Magic with laces-- a great title if you ever write a book- lol! Every creation is a treasure.

    Suzy I'm so proud to be playing even a small part in introducing folks to you and your beautiful blog. You are so very loved-- by me and so many others!!

    I'm thankful for your safety and that of your home and grounds--- happy you are here to party with us!


  37. So glad you are safe and well with no damage, it has been a terrible week or so. I have worried about people I know in all the areas hit by fire. Thankfully we only had a small one near us, extinguished very quicly by our wonderful country fire service. But... this is only the start of summer. We are so dry and the garden is suffering badly.

  38. Hope all is better with the fires now, my goodness! Beautiful post, wonderful of you to share it with us despite everything ;)

  39. First off I am glad you are safe. Second I love your work, Third yes I want to win!! Thanks for sharing with us, I love, love those quilts. Di@Cottage-wishes

  40. Your creations are truly beautiful. And I am glad you are safe...that was very frightening. So nice to meet you through the Grow Your Blog party.

  41. I am praying those fires are put out completely very soon and that you remain safe and fire free. Your post is wonderful to showcase the beautiful things you create out of amazing fabrics, laces, ribbons and such. Vicki was very smart to offer this "Grow Your Blog" party. Safety to you and yours dear...

  42. Hi Suse
    We have earthquakes here in Christchurch NZ, But give me one of them compared to a bush-fire.
    That is getting too close for comfort. You take care.
    And thanks for a rerun of all your wonderful creations.
    After your post on the paper/fabric wall-dolls, I had to make my own :)
    They are great fun to create.
    Regards Phillipa in NZ

  43. Your work is beautiful and just fascinating to view. Thank you so much for sharing. Prayers for the continued safety of all in your area.

  44. Gorgeous overload!!!! Glad you're safe Suzy! xo

  45. So glad you have escaped these dreadful destructive fires which are ravaging our country. Your blog is just beautiful and I wish I had your ability to put things together the way you do. I am full of admiration for you. Those quilts are just breathtaking. Keep up the good work as I love reading the blog. From fryml4444@

  46. what a wonderful giveaway - please enter me. thank you. i wish you all the best. would you please stop by my blog. take care. ( :

  47. Suzy. I am so glad I found your blog. your work is amazing and that lace quilt is to die for!!! I am now a follower . stop by sometime . Becs

  48. ....ohhh my gosh... that fire seemed so close.. the smell must of been in the air a long time.. so nice of you to join in this wonderful blog hop.. TY TY

  49. OMGosh, Suzy...even worse seeing the real photos of the possible disaster. I am so thankful you guys are OK. Your giveaway is fabulous, of course; and, your photos luscious. Thanks for saying "Hi", too. My computer motherboard went on the fritz - today -and I am on an old small Accer trying to do a few blog hops... hoping computer returned on Tuesday and will do more. LOL - always how it goes. Love and hugs,Sweet friend. (

  50. Thank goodness you and your family escaped that terrible fire. Itmust have been terrifying. I hope all my blogging friends in Australia are safe and well.
    I've really enjoyed seeing more of your beautiful work. I must admit I take my inspiration from you, but somehow my work never looks as good (sigh) I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Blessings Lesley UK

  51. Oh My - I can´t believe you had the fire that close to your backyard - how scary. I´m so happy you´re safe and with no damage.
    Your work is always amazing Suzy.

  52. I am already a follower and it was great to see all of your lovely items again. Your studio looks amazing but that fire looked way too close!

  53. My goodness that fire must have been terrifying, I'm glad it didn't get any closer.
    I loved looking at the pictures of your beautiful work.

  54. How truly terrifying the photos of the fire appear encroaching on your property. We have been hearing of the high temps in Oz but this truly brings it to light. I am glad to hear you are safe and well despite all this. As always, your work is stunning. I hadn't seen this doily quilt previously - would be most interested to hear how it was constructed - perhaps an idea for a future post? Take care my friend.

  55. Oh Suzy how terrifying for you, I am so glad to hear you are safe and well. I enjoyed the summary of your work, you are a very talented lady, each piece has your heart and soul in it. The lace quilt is so breathtakingly beautiful - a real work of art. jayne x

  56. wow what a posting. The fires are horrible, I have family living there and it is so terrifying. The fact that no one was hurt is Godsent and no lung problems. Keep safe. Now your beautiful work so inspires me and I have just started doing a fabric book. Thanks so much for sharing all of the pretties that you have created. Oh and please put my name in the pot for the drawing. xoxox

  57. Thank goodness you are okay, and there was no damage from the fire. It looked so close!
    It was a pleasure to see your lovely creations again, Suzy. Best of luck with the blog hop.

  58. Yikes on that fire!! Please keep on your toes and stay sharp ~
    Your work is exquisite! I especially love your books and the heart strings ~
    Thanks for the chance to win some of your lovely work.


  59. I am so glad you are ok. Cannot imagine the terror you must have felt with that so close!
    Your creations are just stunning. So happy to have one of your gorgeous pieces in my home! Stay safe!

  60. Suzy, I'm hoping the fires have relented and you and yours are safe and sound. It's wonderful news you're sharing in Vicki's blog party. Even though I don't comment each time I visit, your blog has always been full of gentleness and inspiration for me. Some of the hard days, since Dave died, I'd come to your blog and just roam through your posts. They never failed to bring me a sense of calm and peace; you have blessed me so greatly. Bless Vicki for being the impetus for letting me say thank you.
    Suzy, God bless you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

  61. Glad it is working now with all your beautiful comments.

    Stay safe and keep on inspiring us with your gorgeous work.



  62. So glad to hear you are safe, dear Suzy. Your blog is always such a wonderful place to visit, many beautiful pictures of your gorgeous creations and studio. Stay safe.


  63. Suzy,
    I am so glad that you and your property are all right! That is a very scary situation. I watched fires from a distance last summer that destroyed many homes and it was scary...even from a few miles away...
    I have been adoring your blog from a distance...via Lululiz's blog, for awhile. I love your art and your eye for beautiful things. I love thread and textures and crazy quilt look, I have been "collecting" for a memory box, crzy quilt mistes with images and items, for about 20 years....I have been fearful that my finished items would not be very I keep collecting! Having looked at so many beautiful blogs over the past year, and at Liz's prodding ( you know how motivating she can be ; ) ) I finally decided to DO some things...So I would love to have my name added to your giveaway, Everything you make is magical. I remember when I saw your Heart Strings posts.....of course I jumped at those! Since that is the name of my Blog, Betsy's Heartstrings...I am hoping to get some UFOs finished and I hoped that blogging might keep me to the task! LOL we SHALL see!
    Hearts to you, your beautiful property looks so inviting...

  64. Beautiful blog and I love your lovely giveaway...

  65. Hi Suzy, I have been one of your followers for some time now but I couldn't miss out on the beautiful pictures I knew you would have for this blog party post... OK, I admit it, I figured you would have a giveaway and I am just chomping at the bit to have a piece of your work... it is just so darn stunning! I know, I know, I need to visit your etsy shop :D
    Well, that's it really... keep on making all your beautiful pieces my friend... it is truly an inspiration for the rest of us much less talented gals!:D When I am really doubting myself with my art I pop over to your blog for a nice wander about:D
    Hugs your friend in cyberspace:D
    Beth P

  66. OMG, I`m so glad to hear you are safe, dear Suzy.
    Your work is amazing. How lovely to offer this wonderful giveaway :-)
    Take care.
    Love and hugs
    MARTINA xxx

  67. I so love your blog and am really inspired to try to make a fabric / lace book.
    Thank you for sharing
    Keep safe

  68. Dear Suzy,

    I'm so glad to read that you are safe. It scared me to see how nearby the fires have been. Oh dear it must have been so hard for you. Your post is gorgegous with all those lovely pics of your work. Did you receive my email about receiving your package??

    Hugs and love

  69. Dear Suzy, I am so glad you and your property were safe from the fires. Your work is absolutely amazing and beautiful. I am going to become a follower so I don't miss anything.

    I am visiting via Vicki's GYB party. If you have a chance, drop by

  70. Lot's of excitement you have had, dear friend! I'm back with a new blog and giveaway. My excitement wasn't good either. I would love to get a chance to win a fab. creation from you! I am also having a new blog kick off giveaway. Love to have you back as my blogging buddy! Hugs and love, Pam

  71. OMGosh, Suzy, how frightening those pictures are of the fire so near your home. Praying for your continued safety from harm.

    On a happier note, I always love to visit your beautiful blog, and this was a wonderful chance to revisit some of your lovely photos and work, as well as a few new ones. Thank you for the inspiration, and an opportunity to win your gorgeous giveaway.

    JOY and Blessings,

  72. Hello Suzy, I've really enjoyed looking at all your beautiful makes and have joined up as a follower so I won't miss your posts in future.

  73. Hi Suzy,

    Thanks for visiting with me! Enter me for your giveaway.

    Steph ♥

  74. Oh my Suzy....the fire! How terrifying that is. I hope it is all over and done with?
    Did they make you leave your home at all?

    On a brighter note...
    Your creative creations have always inspired me. The rich vintage laces and doilies and trims....and how you artfully layer everything in such an appealing manner! A true artist you are.
    I am happy to have met you here in blog land....never stop doing what you do.

    Please enter me in your sweet giveaway...I would adore and treasure a piece made with your hands.

  75. OMG Suzy! How scarey was that??? I would have been freaking out! So glad you are all safe and sound as well as your home!!

    Reading this post and seeing all your lovely photos reminded me all over again why I fell in love with your blog and your creative talent! I have been remiss in my blog reading these days, as there just are not enough hours in the day to do everything I need and want to do.

    Thank you for reminding me why I love blogland so much!!!


  76. Dear Suzy,
    first of all I would like to say how happy I am that you are OK. It must be so scary with the fires so close. I grew up in British Columbia in the mountains and we had big fires there too.
    And then I wanted to tell you what an amazing artist you are and your artwork is stunning to say the least ~ so beautiful!!
    Please enter my name to your wonderful giveaway ~ thank you.

    many hugs
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  77. Dear Suzy, I'm so glad you're safe after such a horrific ordeal.
    Such a beautiful blog post and so lovely to view all your wonderful creations.
    Thanks for offering a giveaway, such a special piece to treasure, if I was fortunate enough to win.
    Keep safe,
    Robyn x

  78. Dear Suzy,
    I'm so glad you are safe and sound.
    What a scarey situation.Your giveaway is absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure the winner will be thrilled.Keeping my fingers crossed as always:)Please stay safe.
    Sending hugs dear friend.

  79. First, I am so happy you are safe with the fire so close..We were hit by a tornado 15yrs ago. It was a blessing in disguise for us. My home needed a lot of repairs and we were fortunate to have insurance. I am sure you feel the same blessed that you were spared.

    Second, Thank you for the opportunity to win a beautiful piece of art you created. Your work is exquisite.

  80. I have been fretting about all of my wonderful Aussie artist friends with these high temps but I had no idea that you were so nearly affected!! How terrible.!! I can remember being very close to such horrible fires as a little girl when we lived in California up in the hills. It gets very dry and hot there as well, but not quite so horrendously hot!!! So relieved that you are safe!
    I just took a stroll thru your studio via your side bar. Your studio is glorious and neat as a pin!! A very magical space. I cannot even share My in home studio right now as I can barely enter the room!!! I did not do a very good job of introducing myself on my blog- the date snuck up on me as well!! You do do inspire me and I love all of your collections and creations. WE have been friends for awhile and I am so very blessed to have found you and to be able to call you friend!!!

  81. Hi, Suzy! Thank you for stopping by my blog, It's so nice to meet someone from 'down under'! Your handiwork is amazing!


  82. Hi Suzy, Thanks for visiting from Grow Your Blog. Love your hydrangeas, dried roses, lacebooks, and quilts. You create beautiful things! The fire looks very scary and I am so glad your home is safe. :-)
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  83. Hi Suzy, Oh I am in love with your blog, your posts, your creations and in awe of you incredible talent. So enjoy my visit and your beautiful post for GYB. Love your givewaway too and would also like to enter.

    Thank you for stopping by your kind comment and new following. I am happy to be a new follower here too and look forward to visiting you again.
    Hugs and happy creating,
    Celestina Marie

  84. Also, wanted to say, I am so happy you came through that fire safely. It looked so scary but praise God you are okay and your home and property spared too.
    XO Celestina Marie

  85. My dearest heart,
    I so hope all is still well with Jeff and you, and your propperty?
    The photoes am so scary, and so wild - I can`t imagine how awfull you must have felt during all this-only know I`m HAPPY you are well.

    This post is also about pure beauty,-- seing all your stunning pieces ,created so much from your heart and with such gorgeous skills, dear Suzy.What a wonderful visit with you, sweet friend.
    Your giveaway is a new stunning piece- the winner will jump for joy!!
    Love to you, and hugs,Dorthe

  86. Your work is beautiful, and the fire looks a little scary to me! I hope you are safe and sound, and that you can rest easier today! Would love to win, and yes I am a follower:)

  87. First of all, so glad to hear you safe. Your nerves must still be raw from the worry.

    Your blog is scrumptious. This is my first time visiting and I feel like I've entered a lacey dreamland! Your giveaway is beautiful...I'd love to win it. The little floral button on top of the lace piece is my favorite detail.

    I'd love for you to visit my blog, too. I have a giveaway of my work as well, and would be delighted if you entered!


  88. What a beautiful post.
    I was so happy to read it.
    I have worried about you since I first saw "Milligandi" on the television news. I wondered what you would rescue first if things got bad...I am so happy that you and your treasures are safe.
    Mary on Norfolk Island

  89. Suzi
    When you said the fire was close, I didn't know you meant your own back yard. My goodness, what a scare!
    I love all of your beautiful handiwork. I bet it's hard to put it down toeat or sleep. It's so obvious by your work that you enjoy what you're doing!

  90. Dear Suzy
    Sorry for taking this length of time before popping over to say Hello.
    Oh my goodness those photographs are terrifying, thank goodness you are safe and well and also your beautiful property.
    Knowing you and your blog enriches all of our lives. All of your creations speak of beauty and have soul.
    What an astonishing Giveaway. Would you believe I actually own this image as a rubber stamp, The Stampsmith, beautiful Maude. To create her as nature's bride is so uniquely and creatively YOU.
    I know the joy I receive every time I lay eyes on your art that I am so lucky to have in my life.
    Wishes and thank you for once again allowing the opportunity to be part of your Giveaway.

  91. Suzy what an amazing giveaway and a very beautiful blog you have I am visiting and now following and love your beautiful work.

  92. Suzy,
    To a kindred spirit- lace lover! Beautiful quilt and the details of your work are exquisite. Your blog is a true inspiration!

  93. Suzy!So glad you are ok!Weather has not been good to your area lately!!So beautiful to see all your beautiful creations again!
    Wish you safe days ahead...

  94. Liebe Suzy,
    ich hoffe Euch geht es gut und Euer Haus wurde, Gott sei Dank, verschont. Wie tragisch, als würde die Welt aufhören zu existieren, man kann von einem zum anderen Moment alles verlieren, steht vor dem Nichts. Ich hoffe die Feuer richten nicht noch mehr Schaden an. Zurück bleibt verbrannte Erde, ich hoffe und bange mit Euch, möge eine Himmelsmacht Euch beschützen.

    Alles Liebe und viel Regen wünscht dir dir Babsi

  95. Oh Dear Heart! Those fire pictures are so terrifying! I can just imagine how you were feeling and being afraid you would be chased from your beautiful home. I am so,so thankful you are safe! I've been in a whirlwind of technolgy changes in my word for teh past few months so haven't gotten "out much" in bloglandia. If I could stroll thorugh your garden and sit in your studio surrounded by yoru fabrics and lace surely I would think I had died and was in heaven and all would be right with the world. You did such a beautiful job of throwing your party. Mine was a tad on teh skimpy side, but I'm glad I was able to join.

  96. Oh my goodness the fire was so close!!! Thank goodness you are safe and there was no damage done. Your post is so very inspiring, I love looking at all the pictures and seeing where you create, thank you for this :)
    - Jeanette

  97. Suzy Q...I am so grateful that you guys are safe. Your home and property is protected by God as well. I love seeing all your beautiful art posted and it does inspire. You are a beautiful woman and talent abounds within you and through your hands...You will always be my number one...Love and Hugs...Lovey

  98. First - I'm so glad that you are safe from such a terrifying fire. I can't imagine having one come so close. And second...OMG, you're work is stunning! I've never seen anything like the lace quilt and it is just fabulous. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours. I would have found you eventually..still working my way through the blog party - I'll be a lurker from now on. Love your giveaway! Hugs ~ Laura

  99. oh my suzi, i am speechless! first, my husband is a firefighter for the government(the big bad forest fires) so i know how dangerous and frightful those fires are, and i also know you are dealing with mother nature, so you just don't know what can happen, if you are safe now, you truely are blessed! and 2nd, your art work is so beautiful and so inspiring! tx for sharing, i am following you for sure! aloha, angi in hana

  100. So glad you were safe from the fire! All of your creations are just beautiful! Loved reading about you and love your blog!

  101. Oh, Suzy, I'm so glad you found me and my blog. I wondered why I wasn't a follower of your blog anymore. Mystery solved, I think. After I write this comment, I'll go to the "follow this blog" link and get signed up again. I've so missed your lovely images and artwork. I am still trying to get to all the blogs and have time this weekend to catch up.

    Your work is wonderful, as always.

    Blessings and I'm glad the fire didn't get to your home.

    Marrianna in Flagstaff, AZ, USA

  102. oh your work is beautiful Suzi but gosh that fire was way too close to your plce! last Friday was way too hot here in Sydney too but we didn't have a bushfireto deal with just over the back fence!

  103. Thanks for visiting my blog Suzy.
    OMG glad that fire didn't reach your house, it looks far too close! Those fires in the East coast have been so devastating to land and home owners.
    Very sad! Your lace work is so intricate, it must take ages to make it. I love that lace quilt, amazing!

    I only have 1 pot of hydrangeas that stay in the shade, but the last couple of days they also have wilted due to the heat.

  104. Omgosh- the fire situation did look scary! I am glad you are safe! Your work looks just beautiful-

    Glad to meet you on this wonderful blog hop -
    Enjoy ;)

  105. Hello Suzy, a fire that close is terrifying; I faced the same about two years ago. Love your creations and that you keep your own Angoras.

  106. I think we should dub you queen of the fabric and lace collages. Wow your work is just beautiful. I am thinking from the pictures that you are in Australia. Am I right. My son actually lives in the Perth area right now. Miss him lots, and I am already a follower of yours. I knew I had been here before. I will be coming back often.

  107. What a great post...first I must say the wildfire photos were frightening!
    Your blog is always one where I know I will find inspiration and a love for well loved vintage girlyness! that a word? Well if they need a definition for it...they can find it right here on your blog.
    I must say I love the "Heart Strings" necklace, from the thimble top to all those fibers spilling out,
    WOW it is great!
    Your workroom is so well organized and attractive...I would just like to sit in the corner and soak it all in.
    I am a follower, because I would not want to miss a thing!

  108. I love to look at your work and I do have a supreme case of lace envy. I'd love to win your give away

  109. Hi Suzy,
    I read this post and didn't leave a comment before. I'm so pleased that you are safe and well, I had been thinking about your beautiful garden and how it was handling all the heat and then to see the fire so near!!!
    Your work is wonderful and as always I'm inspired.
    Keep safe.
    Hugs Angela.x

  110. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that fire scare, and so glad that you (and your beautiful artwork!) are ok. Your work is truely stunning. It reflects a beautiful soul!

  111. Omg i simple adore the lace quilt<3
    The rose quilt is stunning too.
    How I wish I was that talented.have a good one Ann/alba

  112. Such a goose my email addy is

  113. about sensory overload. I feel like I've been to heaven. I'm using my favorite things now Suzy. Love...annie!

  114. HEATHER Says: Thank you so much for the chance to win this beautiful giveaway. Your entire blog is just so pretty. Thank you for the chance to win this one.

  115. Heather says: i follow you on email

  116. Thanks to GOD cause now you are save. All of your artworks are awesome and always make people's eye looking at it instead. Your combination colors, fabric, lace, button and images are very gorgeous and your ideas just flow like water in the river. I can't say anything and now I lost all of my words, the only word that I can say that you are "The magic hands". Both of your hands and all of your artworks are STUNNING !!!

  117. Hi Suzy,

    Nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by my blog as well. Your blog and items you crate are very pretty!

  118. Hi Suzy,
    Thanks for coming over to my blog and saying hi, I am so glad that your family stayed safe during the fires..what a hardship that is/was for all of AU..we have family in Canberra so we keep up with what is happening..
    Not sure what happened to my comment box, but you are in the draw..I will be coming back to see all the wonderful things you create..what a joy this is to be able to share our creative selves with so many others. have a safe and joyful week.'ox

  119. I've slowly made my way through Vicki's list, to land here, this morning...and glad I did! Your work is exquisite (and I'm so glad you weathered the fire ok, with no scary!!!). Newest follower - will be looking around a bit more before finishing the list. Happy creative Tuesday - Tanya

  120. Hi Suzy, Thanks for the chance to wind your beautiful collage! I'm sorry to hear about the fires you have experienced. I hope you receive some rain soon!
    xo Karen

  121. oh,
    I sew love your fabric art Suzy```maybe just maybe I'll be the lucky one (smile)

  122. I love your pieces, especially your use of doilies and lace. Very beautiful!

  123. Such a beautiful giveaway. I would be so thrilled to be chosen winner.

  124. Your talent always amazes me, Suzy! I just adore what you do. Laces and trims speak to me, also. In fact, I went to our local antique mall and picked up three more pieces to add to my stash. I would be thrilled to win your giveaway and would be honored to own a piece of your work. Thanks so much for entering me!!

  125. Oh Suzy, I can't tell you how thankful that you are safe and that you didn't lose your beautiful property. I thought about you every time the news would telecast about the fire and wonder where you were in proximity to it. I had no idea it was so close to where you live.
    I loved this post of your beautiful artwork my talented friend. You are such a treasure and I feel so blessed to know and love you.
    I will be back to read a couple of the posts I have missed here soon.
    much love,

  126. Your creations are so lovely. I am retiring in June and I sill have more time to be creative.

    Thanks for visiting me. I thought I hit every one of the blogs in the party, but some people have commented on my blog and when I look, it is one I didn't see before.

    I hope the fires are no longer a danger.

  127. First I want to say...OMG...I would be freaking out if I were that close to a fire like so glad it worked out for you...but I imagine it was so scarey!!
    You have a gorgeous blog and creative all the lace trims and your creative room...I am in the process of redoing my room right now, and just took a little break to try and catch up on emails....I have quite alot of vintage trims and lace myself, my new thing is to buy vintage hats with flowers all over then, and taking the hats apart to use the flowers.....thanks so much for your visit and nice comment on my blog...have a nice day!!!

  128. Oh what a lovely giveaway! Thanks for visiting me and telling me about it! I will be back for more visits!

  129. Hello to you Miss Suzy!!! What a treat to have you visit my blog! I am in awe of your creativity and LOVE your collages and lace creations. Pinterest has been a huge part of my daily computer time and I have been here to your blog many times. After multiple times of trying to get logged on so I could follow you, I am now your newest follower! I'd love to win your gorgeous giveaway collage...such a pretty piece of loveliness!
    I am so glad to know that you and your home are safe from the fires that were so close to you. The amazing grace of God to protect and bless us in the midst of storms and trials and dangers of this world.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I am so blessed by you!

  130. Suzy, I am a new follower, via GFC. I see your sweet posts on others' blogs (and your beautiful creations on Pinterest) all the time, and I already feel as if I "know" you.♥

    The collage that you have generously offered for your giveaway is exquisite... thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a gorgeous work of art.

    I am so sorry that you and your family had to endure such a terrifying ordeal as the fires raged around you, and I am happy to know that you and your property are safe.


  131. Hi, Suzy, from Texas. I am in awe of your gorgeous pieces using vintage lace and ribbon and other goodness! You have a wonderful collection of such treasures from the past.

    Thank you for the chance to win the beautiful collage. I have also become a follower of your blog and look forward to visiting often.

    blessings, denise :D

  132. Hi Suzy, your ideas of layering lace and doilies and etc., beautiful. Thanks for the generous give away.

  133. Hi Suzi, thank you for your comments on my blog, I can't imagine how terrifying the fires must have been but I'm glad you came through safely. Browsing through your work has been a pleasure as always :)


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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