Sunday, January 13, 2013

Relief at last!!!

Well, at least for the time being,
it looks like our prayers have been answered with the
most welcome arrival of some beautiful refreshing
rain after an abnormally hot and hazardous week of bush fires
surrounding many properties and homes in our area.
(100's properties damaged but thankfully no lives lost).

I have been totally pre-occupied this week with the
care and safety of ourselves and our family and friends
living close to the bushfire areas here where we live in a coastal
area of the far south coast of Australia in New South Wales
Our family - kids and grandchildren
have just this morning travelled
back to their property which was undamaged.


I do apologize to everyone, who left such supportive comments
in my last post, if I didn't get back to you this time but
your kind thoughts were soooooo appreciated and
I thank you for each and everyone 
welcome all my new followers also!!!


This is how some of our hydrangeas were looking only a
couple of weeks before we went into the heatwave

and after one day of 42 deg.C (107 deg. F) with a roaring hot wind
it turned these gorgeous blooms into this! 

burnt and scorched (like much of the garden and trees)
 it will all recover -
maybe not this year but certainly next Summer
we will see their beauty return.


This morning I went out into that lovely soft warm rain
and visited a local market where I purchased 

Being a lover of spinning wool (particularly that of our
angora goats) and still owning my spinning wheel
of almost 40 years (now that's almost vintage - hey???)

I couldn't resist this beautifully hand crafted spindle
from the 1800's made from copper and brass
with tiny rusty hooks
it weighs a ton too!


Just before Christmas I was commissioned to create a needle book
as a gift for another fibre and textile artist as a surprise
and I used this beautiful image of William Bouguereau

to create this.
The image depicts "Sisters"

I dyed the smooth woollen felted pages in a soft mushroom pink
before embellishing with 

pieces of vintage printed satin, dyed laces and silk fabrics.

Now before leaving I thought I might just remind you that
next Saturday, 19th January is the
"Grow Your Blog" Event

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so if you would like to visit the list of bloggers
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on the 19th by leaving a comment.  This party was so very
generously created by Vicki as a way of promoting
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advertising their creative arts and skills.
come on over and join in the fun then.

Until then, I'm sending you some rose love from
some of the roses I have recently dried from
my garden.

See you soon!!!
xxx Suzy


  1. Hello Suzy, your poor hyrangeas!Still they look pretty when dried. So glad the rain has settled those fires and provided some respite.Glad your family are safe now.
    Love that needle book.Very sweet and feminine.
    Judy x
    i understand about the W.V'n now.Spamming is horrible.When blogs get popular they cop loads don't to squint at the print...

  2. Hi Suzy,
    We are seeing daily on the BBC news how bad things are for you and I thought about your beautiful garden. I'm sure the rain is helping and hope that the temperatures cool down soon.

    Your needle book is divine, I love how you create so many textures.

    Keep safe and lots of hugs,

  3. Hello Suzi!
    I'm glad to know you're far from fire and hope all your family and friends are safe.
    Poor Hydrangeas!!!
    I allways your work so georgeous and I would like to know how do you dry flowers and keep their colors? I often dry roses from my garden, but, later they become brown or yellow.
    Hugs and kisses

  4. Hello my dearest Suzy,
    I`m so happy to see this post today, as I started worrying again, not having heard from you since I send my mail 9/1- I know how your life have been ,though- and just hope you recieved it ?
    How sad with all the beauty ,lost for this year, dear friend, but also so lucky that nothing else happened for you and your family!!
    The book you made is as alwayes stunning, I love those mulberry coloured pages, did you also colour the fabric on the cover?
    And what a beautiful spindle, in bras and copper- a wonderful piece for decorating with!
    I`m so happy it now seems you can go back to "normal! living sweetie, and send you my love and hope for fearless and happy dayes.
    Your Dorthe

  5. Dear Suzy ~ I am so glad to read that you and your family are safe. I can imagine how scary and stressful that must have been for all of you.

    Your hydrangeas still look lovely even after being scorched by your hot temperatures.

    That old spindle is wonderful.

    I want to send a heartfelt thank you for the lovely creation you sent me. It is a dear treasure. I posted about it with a link to your lovely blog.

    I love that needlebook you created and the person this was commissioned for will love it!

    Have a lovely week ~ FlowerLady

  6. Hi Suzy!!!!I am sorry to hear of all you have been through but glad the rain has come and everyone is well!
    Hydrangeas are my favorite!So beautiful!I wanted to mention I was so excited when Is aw your column in Pat Winter's magazine.....Great!
    looking forward to
    grow your blog'!!!!Stay safe!

  7. Glad you are safe. That heat must be devastating! Your hydrangea's...poor things. Love your fabric needle book!

  8. Hello Suzi,
    I am so glad to hear that the weather has changed! I do hope that means the fires will go out, and you all will be safe. I am really glad to hear that no one lost their life to them! Yay!

    Your commissioned book is gloriously romantic! I am sure the recipient was totally delighted!

    I am joining in the Grow your Blog party too, even though I am not new, I want to meet new bloggers, and others I have not yet met. It should be plenty of fun!
    See you there : )

  9. Your needle book is so lush, just fantastic. It's good to hear from you and that the fires are now under control. I love the dyed pages, that color is just amazing. I trust you used all natural food stuff from your garden. That's very special.

  10. So glad to hear you have gotten some respite from the dry heat. I'm sure the parched soil was whispering thank you's to each drop of rain that fell. So sorry about your flowers - hydrangeas? I hope the bushes will go dormant and then return again next season. Take good care, Suzy.

  11. Hi suzy, I am so glad you and all your family and friends are safe and well. I bet you have never been so glad to see rain. It must be terrifying.
    your sisters journal is beautiful, I love the faded colour palette, my favourite, I call it ashes of roses. Your poor hydrangea bush has taken a hammering and your roses but there is something beautiful about their fragility. You do take fantastic images. Jayne x

  12. So thankful you and your family are safe and the rain will help keep the fires and wind manageable. Your work is breathtaking and this fabric Sister book is stunning. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  13. Dear Suzy
    We've been watching a lot of Sky News Australia to get a better coverage of how things are.
    The scenes of devastation are really heart-breaking - those poor families.
    All the time you are in the back of my mind so I've been praying that you, your family and property would be safe.

    It's so encouraging to read this post and hear that you've had a little rain, so I pray that continues. And such good news that your children's property was not touched by the fires.

    To find beauty in the chaos is wonderful and I'm sure creating the beautiful needle book gave your heart and soul some much needed relief.
    The roses are precious and will give you so much pleasure.

    I'm know the spindle would be a highly treasured find for you.... could you ask J to take a pic of your spinning once you have it all set up??!

    Take care and God Bless and I thank Him for keeping you all safe.
    Hugs and love

  14. Dear Suzy, i'm glad to read that you and your family are safe. Hopefully everything is back to normal very soon. Your poor garden.....and flowers in it. Screeming for water luckely they have some water now and they will be back next year in al their glourious coulrs. Your new work is gorgeous. Love the dyes journal page.
    Have a nice day
    Hugs and love Yvonne

  15. So glad to hear you got some rain to cool things down a bit. But your poor hydrangeas! They have to be my most favorite flower, as the fragrance takes me back to elementary schools days when I would be driven by bus to another school for violin lessons with many other students. The hydrangeas were in every flower bed in the school and that is when I fell in love with those beautiful, angelic flowers.
    I will certainly be visiting Vicki's blog and viewing 'Grow Your Blog!!!' It sounds like so much fun!
    You are always an inspiration.
    Teresa in California

  16. Hi Suzy, So sorry I haven't commented lately, but I had to change the name of my blog. Customs was inspecting all my shop "French" items going out of the US because I had the name Apothecary Shop listed on my merchandise , and they thought drugs! lol:) Of all things! I was told of all the funny things happening...I have been busy though getting my new blog. I feel so sorry for your poor hydrangeas suffering from the heat. One thing for sure they will come back. They were soooo lovely. I love your book, it is dreamy. Your work is so beautiful and inspiring.
    We are in freezing sub 0 temps. right now and I can barely go outside, so your flowers still look good to me. I am glad everyone is safe! Love, Pam

  17. I can't imagine anything more frightening than those fires. I am so happy to hear that you and your family are ok, and I can imagine the sheer joy you must have felt walking around in the rain. I think I would have burst into song and skipped and danced. Not a pretty sight, lol. I adore your latest creation, it is frilly and feminine and sort of light as air, absolutely delightful.
    Vicky is an amazing person, and I so admire her and all the things she does to help others. I have had the button on my sidebar ever since she first talked about. I hope that lots of new bloggers will join in.

  18. Good morning, I love your blog, lots of inspiration for me.
    I started out at 2 bags full and ended up here-so glad to find you.
    I am retired and do all kinds of things with fiber-I have too many projects going at the same time it seems-but that's how I work-lol Kathy

  19. I'm so happy you've received rain. Thankful that all is well with your friends and family. Beautiful work Suzy.

  20. Dear Suzy, it is just like you to exchange "Beauty for Ashes." One of my regrets in life is that I never had a sister. I have no one to share the family memories with. Your wonderful sisters are a token of family ties. Stay safe now.

  21. your hydrangeas looks amazing on first photo ohh wish we had summer time in denmark long for the warmth we have 10 degree under so very very cold in denmark
    I just adore your needle books and all your latest sewing. and the dried roses are stunning your the master at this just gorgeous and very lovely

  22. Suzy
    Thank goodness you and your family are safe and well and that your family have a home to return to.
    What a worry time it will have been for all of you.
    The damage they have done to those beautiful blooms is so terrible. They are actually one of my all time favourite blooms.
    What a stunning book you created and that delicate image - what a dream.
    Enjoy any cooler temperatures that might come your way Suzy.

  23. Oh Suzy, your roses dried so, so beautifully didn't they? So pretty! And speaking of pretty, your newest needle book is gorgeous my friend. Oh what I wouldn't give to take a lesson or a class from you on creating beautiful fabric collages! You just have such a lovely way of melding every together perfectly.
    I love that you are a treasure hunter as well. I imagine going shopping with you would be so much fun!

    I have been so worried that you were near the fires and you have been in my prayers. I am glad you have gotten a reprieve with the weather, but I am so sad about your hydrangeas. They were so amazing before the hot, hot weather. I hope that you stay safe and that your family does too.
    Do you think your garden will be okay?
    Even though our weather here this past two weeks has been so frigid, I wish I could send you a little coolness from here.
    It's always so wonderful to have you visit and hope that 2013 will continue our friendship here.

    I love your new blog header design.
    It is so lovely my sweet friend!
    much love...

  24. Hi there Suzy! I am the very happy owner of the needle book! My sister Jan commissioned it and I told her I am over the moon! I just now took pics of it and will post to my blog in the morning. Thank you so much for this lovely book. Such a treat. xox

  25. Suzy, your blog is always such a pleasure to read.

    I am unable to sleep (arthritic pain in knees) so am trying to use the time to catch up on blogs and comments while waiting the effects of the panadeine.

    so pleased you are safe. The weather has played havoc with our garden too.

    It is such a joy when the plants recover and offer us beautiful blooms again.

    keep safe. xxx

  26. Dear Suzy, I'm so happy to hear your family is safe and sound. That must be a great relief to you.
    I absolutely adore your needle book creation. It's stunning. Your hydrangeas and dried roses look wonderful. It's always a feast to visit your blog.
    Hugs, Wendy

  27. I see that Lorri commented here on the needlebook. I wish everyone were as fortunate to have such a wonderful sister as her. I hope that you and yours remain safe from the fires.

  28. I cry for the loss of your beautiful hydrangeas, this happens to mine on occasions. Your work as always is beautiful Suzy. Do you have a name for the rose that you dried it is a lovely rose. I am glad you are well and safe. TTFN

  29. Hello Dear Suzy
    I´m so happy you finally have got some rain down there. I have been thinking of you with those terrible fires. I glad everyone is safe.
    You needle book is so so pretty.
    Love seing your hydrangeas too - beautiful.(here we have snow) :-)

  30. Your sister's book is looking lovely. My hydrangeas are looking white today, they are under snow [which means they are looking better today than yesterday!]. Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog too, most appreciated.

  31. Oh Suzy thank goodness for rain so you can get back to normal, you have been in my thoughts and prayers, we have terrible fires in So. CA. So I totally understand the worry.
    Hugs, love, and prayers. Marilou

  32. this is one lovely journal! I love all those gorgeous flowers and lace! Stunning as always.

  33. Oh your poor hydrangeas!! They do hate the heat this high!! So glad that all are safe- so scary to have to leave ones home and not know what you are returning to find- incredible stress!!
    Your needle book is gorgeous and I love how you have gathered up the chiffon's on the front to encircle the wonderful image!! Simply gorgeous!!!

  34. loved your blog
    follow me at

  35. I'm so glad that rain has finally arrived. We've been watching the news with growing concern here (in Canada) and hoping for rain to douse the horrible fires. I'm glad you're safe!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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