Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vintage Laces and Cabinet Cards Exchange and some new Artwork

Hello Dear Blogging Friends
Today I am sharing with you a most wonderful
exchange I have  recently had with my
dear friend, Marie, from

and I'm sure that this post will certainly inspire you too!!!

This is the first thing that jumped out at me when I opened 
this parcel from Marie -
How very true!

Look at how beautifully Marie presented her
swap with me!

 Marie has a special way of presenting her gifts
to friends! So much thought has gone 
into this wrapping.

This was what I found inside! 

 Oh my!!! Aren't these women looking so strong
 determined and powerful?
Perhaps a little sad!
Don't you always wonder about their lives?

So elegantly dressed with their lace collars
and jewellery.
  That piece of jewellery has been  so beautifully altered
 by Marie too!

and look at the dear little felted lace heart!
So special! 

It really must have been a huge deal
to dress up for these photo

The quality of the printed cards is so strong -
they were meant to last lifetimes
and they probably will!
(in the right hands that is!!!)

They deserve to be kept in a special place 
don't you think?
and I will share that special place
further along in this post.

Along with these cards also came a stunning
tag made by Marie also in her own special
French style

and these napkins - with a bird theme - of course!

This is what Marie received from me from Australia -

- a packet full of vintage laces and  a few other little bits and bobs
that I thought Marie might just love to include in
her gorgeous creations!

Now for some antique and vintage lace pieces
A girl can never have enough of this stuff

and often we think they are much to treasured to use

but it is these pieces which make our creations so very special!
 and so appreciated

because of the many hours that have
gone into the lacemaking!

Some of these pieces include laced edged collars.

Such fine netted lace!

As I have a small collection of vintage post cards
and a some original cabinet cards

I thought it might be time for me to 
honour these women and give

a home in this album

which I can just reach out for

when I need to find just that inspirational image.

So receiving this very beautiful package from Marie

was just the prompt I needed.

So thank you dear friend for sharing in this most rewarding
swap.  I will always have the memories filed
in my heart and in my new album
to remember the lovely friend
that you are!


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Thank you to all my new followers and to everyone
who takes the time to leave a thoughtful
comment - you are really appreciated
so much by me ♥♥♥

Suzy xxx


  1. Hello my dear Suzy, You've had such a wonderful swap. The cabinet cards are beautiful and Marie has wrapped them just lovely. The felted heart and tag are wonderful treasures too. Your package for Marie was wonderful as well with the beautiful tag and all the fantastic goodies.
    Your postcard album turned out fabulous. The postcards and cabinet cards couldn't wish for a prettier place to be stored.
    I hope you have lovely fall weather and can still enjoy your garden.
    Sending hugs and love,

  2. Hello Suzi!
    I Love your cabinet card, mix of white laces and warm colours of this wonderful fabric!
    Hugs and kisses

  3. What treasures!! Lucky you. :-)

    ...and I'm sooooooooooo envious of all those laces........

    x C

  4. everything so gorgeous-as always-what a wonderful swap between friends

  5. What treasures shared between two great artists as yourselves. Thanks so much for sharing these with all of us who so love vintage everything! XO Sue

  6. I loved seeing your treasures. How thoughtfully you displayed and photographed them ... and I love the album you fashioned.

  7. Suzy
    what gorgeous treasures from Marie and so beautifully wrapped. The laces are so dreamy!
    I also love the collage pieces - stunning creations! Always inspiring!


  8. Hi dear Suzy,
    your album is absolutely gorgeous and I love the way you photographed everything.I'm still swooning over the lace:)Thanks for letting me borrow the photos.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Sending big hugs and love,

  9. Oh my goodness Suzy marvelous! xox

  10. A gorgeous selection of treasures! I find the presentation of these very inspirational.

  11. I also have some wonderful gifts some sweet marie and I can appreciate all that I see here, it is all so beautiful and both y\of you will create magical things with the cards and laces!! I love seeing the exchange, it is really the exchange of friendship and love that lasts forever!

  12. What a treasure trove you've received! Now we all get the pleasure of seeing what you end up creating with the images, so it's a gift for us too.

  13. Lots of lovelies, lovely gifts, lovely laces, lovely album.

  14. As I search through my grandmother's pictures and add them onto our family tree on Ancestor.com, I envision how they would look in your special books. You are such a talent.

  15. Two very special ladies who are extremely talented shared a swap of beautiful vintage ephemera...And bliss was born. Stunning on both sides. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  16. You've made such lovely things with your old photos and laces! I love old pictures and wonder about their history too. Love your cards!

  17. Hello my dear friend

    This is a swap with a "meeting of minds" touch to it.
    You are both exceptionally creative souls and have each drawn on the 'best' from your collections - I love that.

    Oh Suzy, I'm drooling over those laces and hope that tonight I will see them in my dreams too!!!
    Nothing gives me more pleasure now than finding an exquisite piece, lovingly created by clever hands so long ago. I haven’t heard of anyone making lace today – so we need to preserve these pieces as you have done.
    They bring such beauty into our lives.
    Much love and hugs
    Shane ♥

  18. I am drooling all over my keyboard right now...I wish I could find lovely old laces like these where I live....your pages with the cabinet cards are just lovely...so lovely.

  19. Oh my. The cabinet cards and the lace - especially the lace. I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to receive a package like this in my mailbox. You are so fortunate. It would be like opening a package, specially delivered from heaven. Lucky you!

  20. my goodness!!! the photos make me swoon with pleasure and i am intoxicated with the beauty of the lace. I can almost feel me holding them in my hands and caressing them to my cheeks!
    the album is so well crafted and lusciously beautiful and romantic. Love it!

  21. What lovely laces! They are stunning and i look forward to seeing their future altered states. A wonderful swap with treasures. Love the postcards, and their new home.

  22. what a really extraordinary swap!!! there is so much loveliness here...I too often wonder about the lives of the women in the cab cards-never a smile. I did some altered cab card swaps which were really fun but I always felt a bit guilty-like I was disrespecting them somehow. Your book is gorgeous!

  23. Hello my dearest Suzy,-
    you and dear Marie have swapped such wonderful gifts,- I also can`t get too many cabinet cards, they are alwayes so special to use in our art pieces, and the heart and charm are both so beautiful, as is Marie`s tag.
    Your own packet with the wonderful lace pieces and butttons, not to forget your beautiful tag, surely have made Marie so happy ,too.
    And you, sweet friend, you have made another gorgeous book, and then for those special old photoes to rest in piece-- what a wonderful idea,and how very beautiful, Suzy.
    Thankyou for all you have showed, your blogposts alwayes makes me feel the world is filled with love and beauty!
    Hugs and love to you my friend-your Dorthe

  24. How very sweet to swap treasures with a like-minded, talented friend! The CCs are lovely, and your laces are wonderful. Your album is beautiful and perfect for the ccs! Beautiful post! ~Lorraine

  25. OH MY GOODNESS! What a gorgeous post! I am drooling over all the beauty! Marie's swap for you is full of wonderful things. I can see how you got inspired to create your fabulous album cover. Both of you are so very creative and make the most lovely things!
    The album is a perfect place to honor your ladies.

  26. What a wonderful swap! There is nothing better than to receive such beautiful gifts from a friend! I enjoyed seeing all the lovely pieces of art and the beautiful pictures.

    Have a sunny weekend,
    Gaby xo

  27. Oh my, when two amazing people like you two gals get together for a swap, the results are just fantastic. You both have such exquisite taste and flair.

  28. such a lovely swap of beautiful gifts, and your gorgeous book to put your new/old cabinet cards is so incredibly beautiful suzY!!!! xo abigail

  29. Hi Suzy, Gosh its been a bit since I've been over. Life just gets in the way sometimes.
    Be still my heart. The exchange between you and Marie was a delight for the eyes. I can't believe how you have used those cabinet cards. Stunning as always.
    Now off to see more of your posts.
    Hugs Lynn

  30. Hello dear friend,
    O wow, so much eyecandy! Marie really spoilt you with so many beautiful gifts. The cabinet cards are amazing, such a treasure. You really can't help but wonder about who they are and what their lives were like.
    Your album is beyond gorgeous. Love the colours you used. You're so right, the wonderful old lace just makes it all the more special. Especially with the colouring you do to them. How do you dye them Suzy? I mostly use stamping-ink and tea bags, but I don't know if those colours will last?
    Your tag is so gorgeous too. Is that a bird napkin too that you used? It's a beautiful soft image.
    Big hug and wonderful rest of the weekend, Wendy

  31. Suzy-- where to start?? Both you and Marie have gifted each other beautiful heartfelt creations.,such beautiful uses for lace-- I'm so in awe of your talents. Your fabric pages are nothing short of amazing!! You bring them to life so perfectly in your photos!!


  32. Suzy, I would have been thrilled, as I am sure you were, to open the package up from Marie. Wow, she was truly generous!!

    Thank you for the kind compliments you left at my blog, about my new guest bedroom and fabric collages. Do you have a Facebook account we could catch up with each other on? Would love to continue to see your creations, but I just so rarely blog lately!! I am Carol Richards-Berger on Facebook, if you want to look me up!

  33. An awesomely beautiful post, with lovely designs. A heartthob!!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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