Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Gypsies Past" - a new Fabric and Lacebook

While many of our blogging friends are starting to enjoy
the bright blue skies and soft pastels of Spring
here in Australia we are heading to
the more deeper and richer
tones of Autumn
today I am showing some of these deep rich
tones and shades in the form of
"Gypsies Past"

 a recent fabric and lace book -
a custom order completed

Many layers including vintage tapestries,
variegated dyed silks, sari ribbons,
coins and braid and buttons
and beads and 
 laces - some dyed and some
left as is

 have been well selected to adorn the
gypsy women in these pages 

some telling fortunes and divining the future

while others hiding their shame beneath
the beauty of coins.

There is just something about these pages
which transform you to another place -
to another time when life
was not as romantic
and as easy going
as the pictures convey! 

This was a special page included for
my client's love of crazy
quilting again with vintage fabrics
and machine embroidered
by me.

A pocket created here for 

a Gypsy's Love Song - in words

and in music
(in another pocket!)


for Greenwood Girl.
(I have to confess how fond I am of this beautiful image).

The book is full and the pages finished!

as the journey ends for these "Gypsies Past".

"When the heart weeps
for what it has lost
the spirit laughs
for what it has found"
...........Sufi proverb

Thank you all dear friends for your kind comments -
they continue to inspire me onward!

xxx Suzy


  1. Åee Suzy, det er noget af det dejligste jeg har set på din blog, jeg elsker hver eneste side, stof og billeder passer perfekt sammen, og farverne var virkelig skønne Sigøjner agtig. knus morkaren.

  2. I'm in awe and speechless. This is one lovely display of beautiful things. A treasure to behold. You are blessed with a special talent and I thank you for sharing it. I'm fascinated with "Gypsy" past..

  3. Suzy...my goodness...the layers, the fabrics, ribbons and laces are all so very beautiful!!! The images place it all over the top, what a gorgeous work of art ~ and the rich tones suit the subject perfectly! I hope you are doing so good sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  4. Another beauty Suzy full of textures and colour!

  5. Two words...SIMPLY STUNNING! Thanks so much for sharing such a work of art. XO

  6. This is just the perfect combination of colors, textures, images and words dear Suzy! I love Greenwood Girl, she has such an ethereal quality about her. Your work is always so amazing, and do I spy some familiar fabric here :) Have a great day.


  7. Wow! Suzy, was für eine Pracht.
    So schöne Werke, unglaublich schön.

    Liebe Grüße von Sophie xx

  8. It's really beautiful!!!
    Here it is spring, with the first flowers.
    Have a good day.

  9. Positively stunning and gorgeous creation dear Suzi ... your attention to detail along with your passion and talents give each thing you make so much depth and heart!

    I have been drawn to gypsies for some time ... they stir the wanderlust in me and more...

    Thank you for sharing photos of these amazing pages ... each one is a treasure!

    Lilacs are blooming here in Virginia ... thinking of you with your cooler and rich autumn days...

  10. I love very much these automn tones! I'm pleased to see you found gypsy girls pictures!!!
    Hugs and kisses

  11. Gorgeous and sooo yummie dear Suzy. I love the rich colours of your book, and the beautiful layers and embellishments of gorgeous fabrics and laces, ribbons etc. Love the beautiful gypsy images too. All is so well chosen together. I'm wishing you a wonderful week, filled with joy, and a colourful autumn. Big hug, Wendy

  12. All those gorgeous layers and layers of color and texture. So very beautiful and what a very lucky client to receive this stunning treasure.

  13. Such beautiful rich jewel tones you have used, Gypsy describes it perfectly - i love the richness, textures and colours you have chosen and put together, i didn't think you could make a more beautiful book but you have. Jayne x

  14. My dear Suzy,
    I`m totally amazed over this beauty.
    So stunning in every way- the images, and beautiful fabrics and laces, the pearls, ribbons and so fantastic colours you play with ,and create a whole of gorgeousness- of beauty byon this world!
    Such a treasure your costumer have recieved,- an art piece filled with your love of creating and mixing beauty!
    Sending you love from here in cold Denmark- and wishing you a happy and lovely new day, my dear friend.

  15. Dear Suzy
    I feel completely immersed in the beauty of their story and song especially Greenwood Girl, is it that soulful expression in our eyes that cause us to lean in and listent to her as she whispers her own story to us.
    Beautiful layering of deep and glorious colours.
    Positively divine and so right for the time of year you are entering into where the colours of Autumn surround you.

  16. Every detail and bit of fabric, lace, image, beads, buttons and so much more have come together in a divine gypsy caravan of beauty and magic. Your work is exquisite dear. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  17. Fabulous as always, my dear Suzy! The colors you chose for the gypsy theme work so well together and all the layers of fabrics, laces and trims are a feast for the eyes. Your customer must have been very happy to receive her order.
    Have a wonderful fall evening, sweet friend! We have a sunny spring day over here and yesterday evening we saw the first lightning bugs this year.

  18. Suzy, you are truly a master at this art form. Looking at your work is like taking a fabulous journey without ever leaving my home. You are unique and oh so talented.

  19. Suzy - what an AMAZING book! Each photo is just beautiful and all the lovely bits and trims you incorporate into your work! breath taking!

  20. Absolutely stunning! Sigh, and so beautiful. I love the images you've used, and the romantic feeling on each page created with the rich fabrics, coins and laces. This is sure to be adored.

  21. Breathtaking! Such love and consideration goes into your work.I enjoyed savoring every detail!

  22. I am mesmerized by the rich yet subtle color combinations and divine texture you have weaved through your stunning creation. What a treasure! Thank you.

  23. Suzy - you create the most incredible and beautiful books. The new owner is going to be so thrilled with it. I love your use of color and texture. This book is so "you" and wonderful. I still love my little book I got from you when we first met online.

    Now that I'm using BlogLovin as a reader, and they send me a daily email of blog posts for those I follow, I am updated as soon as your post is published. I'm a happy lady.

    Blessings to you,

  24. This is just lovely Suzi! I love the deep saturated colors, the greens and deep reds,golds.... truly a comfort of fall colors. Thank you for sharing with us.
    xoxo Chris

  25. Well, I have to say that I don't think I have ever seen anything more beautiful ever!!! These are my kind of colors, deep, dark, warm and rich, and I am partial to the mystery of the gypsy, and the unknown, and the secrets! My parents say that the story of our family says there is a bit of gypsy in us...???I like to think so, it is a wild thought, so intruinging! I absolutely adore this Suzi!

  26. So very beautiful Suzy. While I love the vintage colours of cream and sepia etc, I have to say that I'm very drawn to these gorgeously rich and deep colours that you've used here! I especially love all the differing shades of greens and burgundies mixed in together, and this piece definitely speaks to me. ♥

  27. A book of pure delight Suzy, a real joy to behold.
    I know the amount of work that a book like this takes so it has obviously been a labour of love in the making.
    Hugs Angela.x

  28. This is simply SPECTACULAR!!!I am drooling with envy ~

  29. Dear Suzy, the colors, images and everything you have used for this wonderful book fits so perfect together, love the embellishment in the book, I sure that your customer will love all the work you have done. Wish you a lovely weekend dear friend.
    Hugs and love

  30. Your gorgeous creations always makes my heart go pitter patter,dear Suzy:)Simply gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend.

  31. Incredibly gorgeous. Those colors are perfectly wonderful. Even here in the sun and spring, I salivate and drool over there. Beautiful.

  32. I am determined in my next life, I will become a gypsy. Just look at all the wonderful things that they wear. And, maybe I will not wait until the next life.

  33. I have NO WORDS!!!!!!! This is GORGEOUS in every detail Suzy!!!!!!!
    I will be going through these photos over and over trying to take it all in my friend. Every page-a divine work of art!

    I so enjoyed your beautiful post before this one and to see your lovely dried roses. Isn't it wonderful to be able to keep part of the past season with us always?
    I loved seeing your lovely shelf of beauties dear Suzy. I always know that when I come to visit it will be a feast for my eyes!!!!
    much love from here...

  34. Wow - what an amazing work of art! Your gypsy book is stunning, with so much rich texture and beautiful details. Wherever do you find such gorgeous textiles!?!
    Very beautiful, very inspirational and very you!

  35. Fabulous!!!!!!! I really have no Words, your Creation took my breath away and Transported me to another dimension!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  36. What a stunning book, dear Suzy! Really breathtaking!! You`re so talented!!
    Hugs, Viola

  37. c'est de toute beauté MAGNIFIQUE

  38. Stunning is all I have to say....
    Thanks for sharing.

  39. I think this is one of your best yet (but that could be because these are some of my favourite colours). Love it!

  40. Words cannot do justice to your beautiful masterpieces! In awe of your work, as always...Catherine

  41. So amazing and GORGEOUS!I Love your creations!

  42. Oh to be a gypsy~

    Your latest lace book is just stunning -- the vintage images are almost haunting. Every photo is worthy of framing and loving -- you are so amazing my friend. This is another outstanding example of your amazing talents~

  43. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Now I have made 1 1/2 books they pale in the company of yours but you just inspire me, I will keep on oh my goodness so much to see and admire here. xoxox


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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