Monday, June 3, 2013

Buntings for Vicki's Birds Nests

I am sure many of you are familiar with
our wonderful blogging friend,
Vicki Boster from
2-bagsfull blog
who creates the most amazing "nests" from
her huge range of threads, fibres, laces etc.
Well Vicki also creates a range of
"Designer Nests"
 where the proceeds from the sale of these she donates
to a charity. How incredible a gesture is that from
one women?

Vicki loves to include the creativity of other people in these
Designer Nests and she approached me about being
a contributor! Well I just couldn't be more
honored and below is a picture
of her "Vintage Spring Nest"

which she has designed and created using the most
beautiful millinery flowers from her own 
personal collection and 
my own contribution
will be these teeny weeny little buntings
which will hang down the side
of these sweet nests!

These nests will not be available until May, 2014
because there is so much to organize for these

but preparations are already
taking place now

 so that they will be available and on hand

for Vicki as she creates each one individually.

These little buntings are approx. 4 inches long
so that gives you an idea of the actual size.
I have used a variety of soft Spring cotton prints
and embellished them with ribbon, 
embroidered motifs, lace,
beads, buttons and

Vicky explained who would
benefit from the nests.

"The charitable donations from these nests
will be given to our brand new
Pediatric Addiction recovery center 
here in
Huntington, West Va. 

Lily's Place will be the new home of a regional and national leader in the care of babies suffering from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, or drug addiction."

I believe this is the only one of it's kind 
in the United States!
(maybe even in the world???!!!).

(Some of the beautiful millinery flowers Vicki will use).

No wonder this project is so near and dear to Vicki's heart
where everyday in her nursing career she witnesses
so many babies suffer from the complications
of maternal drug addiction
this new facility will forever change the way
that babies will be treated for addictions.

(Some vintage Jewellery Vicki has chosen for the nests).

So what better venture could I throw myself into
other than making a number of tiny buntings
which could benefit so many
dear little souls?

There are two other amazingly creative artists whom will also
be contributing to these Vintage Spring Nests
and they are

Karen Bailey of Todolwen Blogspot
Deb Hembree of Mosaic Magpie Blog

so if you would like to go and check out their blogs
you will be able to view their contributions also.

For further reading about this magnificent
project go to Vicki's blog and read
about how you can order 
one of these
for yourself!

 Thank you so very much Vicki for choosing me
to be part of this wonderful project
created in your heart and mind!


In the meantime I have been slowly plugging away at
creating a new Lace book

(I wish I wasn't so addicted!!!!!)

and so here is a sneak peek until I reach the end!
Linking this week to Becky at
Blissful Whites Wednesday  
and "What's It Wednesday"

Sharing some words from Kahlil Gibran

"Your living is determined
not so much by what life brings to you
as by the attitude you bring to life;
not so much by what happens to you
 as by the way your mind 
looks at what happens."

And finally friends I'm just so grateful for all of your
wonderful words left over my "Birds Inspire"
Fabric and Lace book
and for always coming to visit - new and old
followers too!

"Sincere thanks from my heart to yours"
You are the best!!!

Love and hugs, Suzy xox


  1. Oh dear Suzy

    Your tiny bunting is magical and is the perfect embellishment for Vicki's precious nests.

    Our dear Vicki is such a special person who never stops giving of her time for worthy causes such as this one.
    By drawing on the talents of three especially creative blog friends, these very special nests will be even more sought after - Vicki is a visionary of our times!

    So very kind of you Suzy to give of your time for this rewarding project - congratulations!

    Wishing you a happy week.
    Shane ♥

  2. Suzy, your buntings are PERFECT for Vicki's nests. Isn't it wonderful that she has invited us to come along to fulfill her dream? I know I feel honored! Your work is wonderful and I'm glad she has invited you, too.

  3. What charming little elements. I never heard of calling them buntings. What a really worthy and touching cause.

  4. Fantastic tiny buntings which will go beautifully on those amazing nests!!! xox

  5. Your little buntings are just so sweet!... I have already pre~ordered my Spring nest from my dear friend Vicki... I own five of her beautiful nests already, and am so excited for this one... and so happy to help out in a small way with the profits benefiting the tiny precious little babies... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. I just love vintage jewelry!!! Yummy...will go over to Vicki's to check things out:):)

  7. Hello Suzy,
    Oh this is a wonderful project! I have seen Vicki's amazing nests. And all the ingredients you share here are foretelling the most amazing nest! Your buntings are very sweet! All those lovely fabrics and buttons, and lace! I am curious to see this nest comes into form. Your new fabric book looks stunning! You are not "addicted" just gifted! You make the most gorgeous lace books!
    Thank you for sharing the insightful words of Kahlil Gibran!

  8. How adorable they are my dearest Suzy... so tiny and perfect...a wonderful work, and so special, as they goes to the dear Vicki`s amazing spring nests ,and via them to help those tiny babies ,born too early !!
    A beautiful project made of all of you contributers,too!
    And then the little most fabolous lace book- so stunning photoes, sweet friend- I love you used the knitting, too! Amazing layers and pieces added!
    Dear heart friend, I hope you are feeling good, and that all is well after the weekend!!
    Much love, and hugs from Dorthe

  9. Your buntings are just the sweetest contribution to add to those gorgeous nests Suzy. What a really loving thing to collaborate on and for such a worthy cause. You both make the most stunning creations with fabric and fiber!

  10. Suzy- just seeing them here again on your blog makes my heart sing! They are adorable-- your use of tiny little vintage treasures was sheer genius. They are perfect for this newest nest design and I can't wait for you to see them in their proper (and beautiful!) place on the nests.

    I'm so grateful for your creativity--

    I love you--

  11. What a lovely collaboration! Your tiny buntings are sweet!

  12. What a wonderful collaboration to be involved with Suzy. Your bunting is so tiny and delicate and will look so gorgeous on the tiny nests. What a lovely generous spirit Vicki is to make these nests to benefit such tiny souls. Jayne x

  13. Hi Suzy,
    What a wonderful contribution to the Spring nest . I'm so lucky and honored to be one of those who is able to get one. Thank you again for stopping by my blog and being able to reconnect again. You have Google friends connect but not that Google + thing so you are good, many are getting it and they will find it a big hassle, more gals at this point aren't though.
    Until we chat again, know that I love all your beautiful work and you even more:)
    HUgs Marilou xoxo

  14. your little buntings are so sweet and what a lovely post.
    thank you for sharing with us.
    hugs to you.

  15. These little buntings you are making are just as precious as Vicki's nests will be for the most precious tiny babies who will receive excellent care. Bunting Blessings Dear...

  16. Dear Suzy, what an amazing and inspiring project of your friend. She's just so generous. Love the buntings that you created for her nest. They're gorgeous and so colourful. And love the sneak peeks of your book, can't wait to see it all!
    Take care sweetie, big hugs from the other side of the world.
    ~ Wendy

  17. You have created such beautiful buntings to adorn Vicki's nests! I love my autumn nest and I can see just how much love goes into creating them.

  18. Oh my dear Suzy, how beautiful and magical everything is! I look forward to 2014 when my nest will arrive. Thank you for giving us a sneak peek. Hugs, Carole xox

  19. Hi Suzy.
    Exquisite little buntings for exquisite little nests. What a joy to be involved in such a wonderful project as this.
    Your book looks so beautiful and invites us to want to see more, Gorgeous!!
    Hugs and smiles,

  20. Your buntings are pure magic, incredible and gorgeous, and will allow beautiful new soul's to awaken! What a gloroius project Vicki has going on and you are contributing to, so wonderful of all of you! You are amaizng, and your new book is enticing as well!

  21. How wonderful that your beautiful buntings are going to be added to Vicki's gorgeous nests, and all going toward such a lovely cause! Visiting your blog and looking at all the wonderful art that you create is indeed a feast for the eyes and soul!

  22. This is my first time visit and I just love your blog. Vicki's nest are incredible, such detail. Great post for a great cause. Kathy

  23. Hello my dear Suzy, These are such happy little buntings and just the perfect additions to Vicky's sweet spring nests. It's wonderful that you contribute to them.
    Your lace book preview is very promising and I have no doubts that the finished piece will be another gorgeous creation of yours.
    Big hugs and love to you,

  24. Lovely, the nests and the sweet little buntings.....and how wonderful that the proceeds are going to such a wonderful cause!

  25. Such lovely little buntings - perfect for a beautiful nest. And...I must say that I'm awfully glad you're addicted!!

  26. The tiny buntings are so beautiful. I'm always inspired when I visit your blog. I'm going to put it in my blog favorites! Sweet hugs!

  27. What a perfect combination, the buntings and nests. So sweet, and for such a worthy cause.

  28. Suzy, I'm excited to preview your beautiful, delicate buntings for Vicki's nests! They remind me of the birthday banner that we hang to celebrate our grandchildren's big day(s). Your buntings are surely a symbol of hope for many happy birthdays for the little ones at Lily's Place. I'm looking forward to enjoying your creativity when I get my nest -- thank you!

  29. Such a dear and special cause! and to know your work is benefiting humankind is amazing. Can not wait to see your new book!! The next fabric collage I am starting is with you in mind. Will share soon. Suzy, how do you keep your wall hangings clean? My husband love to cook and I am wondering about cooking odors getting into the fabric as they hang on the wall. xxoo

  30. Your contributions are amazing and I can imagine how delighted you are to be included in the loving work of Vicki's hands.

  31. BEAUTIFUL - I love the generous and kind person Vicki is. Seem that beauty and kindness goes hand in hand with a lot of the blogging community.

    I can't wait to see these nests. I have one on order myself from Miss Vicki.

  32. That bunting is just the perfect touch Suzy!

  33. Thanks for the shout out Suzy! I am honored to share in the making of little add ons for Vicki's sweet nests. Love the buntings you have created. Somehow I lost you on my reader...following now on Bloglovin.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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