Friday, June 14, 2013

Creating with Gifted Lace

 Hello Dear Readers
Well I really hope you are not getting
too bored with me by now
always talking about
lace, linen and doilies - receiving it, buying it,
 talking about it and creating with it
because I have even more to share with you 

This most beautiful stash of the finest vintage net lace

doilies, broderie englaise and an array of 

bits and pieces including these most gorgeous

 hand tatted and Vintage knitted lace pieces

arrived in the mail from my most generous friend
Judy McCarthy who recently suspended her blog
"Judy's Fabrications" 
for a break for the time being.

 Thank you Judy so very much for always thinking of me!
Some of these have already been included in my works!


And, all the way from Bornholm, Denmark
came this most beautifully wrapped gift

from Dorthe of

Another bundle of the most beautiful lace pieces,
vintage curtain, beaded ribbon,

with this accompanying die cut and lace tag
with a stone angel and wings - isn't it beautiful?
 (The other wing is on the underside of the tag!)

with an assortment of precious cut lace, collars,
embroidered doiley, handkerchief and motifs'

 Dorthe included some of these
beautiful glittery stars.

See how they sparkle?
These beautiful pieces will be used
when I create my Christmas angels with their
 soft flowing dresses of vintage lace and silk.

Thank you so very much my very dear friend - 
it's priceless and precious  
when our blogging friends know us that well that
they know what makes our hearts sing!
Little jewells of beauty!

Please go and visit Dorthe's blog if you don't already
know her and her gorgeous doll and mixed media


"Thoughts Far Away"
is the theme of this collage created

for another dear blogging friend (whom has not as yet received it).

I've always loved this image and 

I realize that very often these are the source
of what inspire me to create pieces that

will become endeared by others who also have
the same passion for laces, satin and sari ribbon and
embellishments like roses as I have!
Oh what beautiful textures!

This last collaged tag was a little
creation I came up with
this afternoon with some
French accents

it was made for a girlfriend's Birthday!

Hope she enjoys this little tresor!

Thank you everyone for enjoying 
your visits here and to all those
people who know how much I appreciate their
wonderful gifts of lace - the more they see
of these little creations - the more they
seem to want to offer and I am so
very grateful for that!

I'm linking to Ivy and Elephants
with this!

Thank you for your lovely comments - always!

I can feel another "Giveaway" mulling around in my head
for all of my faithful followers to enter
and know it won't be long before you see it posted here
so keep checking!

Love and blessings to you xox


  1. Hi Suzy. what wonderful treasures! Lucky girl, but the senders know you will turn the lace etc,into an even more beautiful object. Your work, as always is inspirational. Blessings

  2. I just love hearing about your wonderful laces, doilies etc, so keep them coming. Love your beautiful collages, your blog always lifts my spirits and inspires. Have a beautiful day x

  3. What a fantastic stash! And in very good hands :-)

  4. What beautiful laces from generous people who know that you will put them to such great use! Hope you're having a great day over there. Sue

  5. You are blessed with a lovely talent for creating the beautiful pieces that you do and for the wonderful and generous gifts bestowed on you from others.

    I have the lovely heart you sent to me after my dear husband passed away hanging in my bedroom. I thank you again for your kind gift.


  6. OH wow ... just OH wow! How fortunate you are to have such thoughtful friends. And how fortunate your friends are to have you in their lives. Your work is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing it all with your blog friends.

  7. sighing....and drooling......and happy for you having such generous friends.

  8. Suzy
    the laces are all so breathtaking and the sweet gifties! Your beautiful fabric collages I could swoon over for HOURS! Gorgeous detail and brilliant art work! I hope you have a wonderful weekend dear!

  9. Who could ever get bored with such lacy loveliness ... such beautiful work ~ Sarah x

  10. I love vintage laces and doilies! All of yours are wonderful ! What a treasure and so nice friends you have !
    Have a beautiful week end Suzy !!
    Nijenn from Brittany (France)

  11. Hi Susy!
    Don't stop talking about laces , doilies and all wonderful creations you make!
    I wonder how many pieces of lace you must have in your studio!!! LOL
    Thanks for this marvelous picture of white rose!
    Hugs and kisses

  12. Oh dear Suzy, what lovely lovely gifts! But then we all know that each and every piece you are sent, is going to be turned into the most magnificent work of fabric art.You know, holding a piece you have made in one's hand is like being in the room with you, and seeing you creating it. The whole thing kind of unfolds in one's mind, if you know what I mean. Makes one feel so close to you. And again you have made such wonderful treasures for your friends, they will be delighted.

  13. Hello Suzy,
    I am so happy to stop by and visit you today : )
    Seeing all your glorious lace thrills me. I love seeing your beautiful gifts. Wow! You have been blessed with such lovelies! All you received is gorgeous and so very thoughtful. Judy and Dorthe are two absolutely wonderful people, and artists.
    Your collage is amazing. So beautifully done, so inspirational!

  14. Oooh Suzy, I am just sighing over all of your dreamy creations... I too adore vintage lace, doilies, embroidery and such... I am blessed to have many pieces my mama made so very long ago... your tresors are just stunning... one day, I so hope to own one!... xoxo Julie Marie

  15. Oh sooo much beauty, dear friend, both the giftsyou have got and the lovely and beautiful gifts you have made - I never get bored by reading about that!!! Hugs Bettina

  16. Nope, never tired of seeing your gifted lace - and what a wonderful treasure trove it is! I have never seen lace like that either and I am sure you will create something truly magical with it.
    And your gifts from Dorthe are delightful as well - she is really so generous and talented!
    Looking forward to seeing your next beautiful, lace-filled creations Suzy - they are always such an inspiration of loveliness!

  17. Lucky girl! I never tire of seeing your lace treasures - beautiful!

  18. Your pieces are so beautiful! And how lucky you are to receive such gorgeous treasures! They are priceless. xx

  19. Such gorgeous laces and such beautiful creations! Your collages are so wonderful to see as well, dear Suzy. Have a great weekend.


  20. Suzy, you take the most beautiful photographs. Can you give me some pointers?

  21. Hi Suzy I could never tire of reading about your lovely gifts and what you create with them. you are a great inspiration for me Kathy

  22. I could never tire of seeing such gorgeous laces, fabrics, trims, etc. I think it would be so much more fun to jump into a pile of these beauties rather than a pile of leaves :)What loving gifts of things you cherish. And you always create the most beautiful projects with them. Thank you for sharing it all here. I love it.

  23. I don't get tired at looking at your treasure and your images are always superb.

  24. It becomes Christmas every time I look at your blog, where you offer us so many beautiful images to enjoy. Just like opening a treasure. Thanks Suzy.

  25. Oh my Suzi, just breathtaking! There is such beauty in this piece and it gives a sense of peace to the viewer...I am just sitting here thinking of my mom as I look at this wonderful piece you have made...I am so thankful that you share all of the beauty you create with us your readers...your gifts of lace are wonderful and would naturally cause inspiration to flourish....hope you are having a wonderfully beautiful day.

  26. So beautiful! You thrill my heart!

  27. Your gifts of all delicious laces and treasures are exquisite. The resulting collages and tags you create are equally exquisite and delicious. Blessings and Happy Creative Hearts...

  28. Never get bored.. and what a wonderful package from Dorthe.
    Amazing pieces. Love your creations.

  29. Oh my dearest , Suzy,
    your art work is as alwayes to loose my breath seing!! The collage is SOOO VERY BEAUTIFUL, the most wonderful colours,laces and a lovely , beautiful image , I so love your creations ,dear friend, and the tag is amazing too!
    Your gifts from your so generous friend, are gorgeous, Suzy, what a gift of love, --just like my little pieces are ,too!! Thankyou for showing them so beautifully !!
    I send you much love, and hugs from my heart!
    Your Dorthe

  30. Hi Suzy,
    I will never be bored of looking at beautiful lace! Especially the french net lace, my absolute favorite. I also never get tired of seeing your and Dorthe's latest creations. You are both amazing. And yes, lets do a swap!

  31. I just love these textiles and envy those of you who can create things with them..I would love a book jacket made from them..Oh well...Have a great weekend..

  32. You are such a lucky and blessed woman to have so many generous friends! (I think I kind of envy

    Your treasures are amazing and I love the "Thoughts Far Away" Collage.
    Your friend is lucky indeed!!

    Happy Crafting

  33. As always, ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Thank you for sharing your bounty!
    Sweet Blessings, Chris

  34. I am always in awe when I see what you create! I love your layers of lace and vintage materials. You are amazing!

  35. simply beautifully captured shots…lovely!

  36. Oh Suzy, it has taken me a long while to read your lovely post. I have examined each image so carefully so as not to miss one detail of the gorgeous gifts you have received from your kind friends. They know you so well to send you such wonderful gifts for you to use in your creations. There really are such gems in there that are very rare and hard to find. I do love net lace, there is something so special about it. I love the presents you have been creating for your friends so beautiful made in your own individual style. What a wonderful post full of beauty. Jayne x

  37. Suzy, you always create the most delightful and fanciful artwork. I love everything you have show us. And to have such wonderful friends who send you lace treasures? You are one fortunate lady. Keep up the great artwork.


  38. Hello Suzy
    How can any of us get tired of seeing such beautiful Lace and Trims! These are so Lovely you must already being making plans on what to make with them! Thank You for Visiting Me and Posting my Giveaway Button! You are so Kind to do that for me!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  39. Tired of seeing such beautiful Lace and Trims oh. no. never! envious? you bet! I'd love to reach through cyberspace and grab them all up! just lovely!

  40. Suzy what a beautiful assortment of laces, ribbons and embellishments, absolutely stunning. The roses are spectacular!

    I've been under the weather but after visiting I'm feeling like it's time I pick up a needle and thread and work on my granddaughter's lace book.

    As always dear Suzy thank you for the wonderful inspiration. Carole xox

  41. Hi sweetie! You'll never get me bored with those gorgeous laces and fabrics and the amazing and beautiful treasures you make with them. So please keep on spoiling us with the eyecandy :)

    Your collage and tag are gorgeous dear and so much you. Love all the beautiful layers and colours. And love all the gorgeous gifts you received of your sweet friends. So precious.

    Sending you warm hugs from sunny Netherlands. ~ Wendy

  42. Never ever get tired of seeing such lacy treasures! Your friends know where such wonderful little bits of antiquity will be appreciated, loved, and used.

  43. Suzy- you are so blessed-- and so loved that friends would send you such beautiful treasures. No-- we will never tire or be bored when you post photos of your lace creations--(sigh) or photos of your beautiful and amazing stash of laces.

    Your newest collage is beautiful-- you sure do amazing things with lace!! Every photo here is so very beautiful- the laces are so exquisite--

    You make us all dream about your beautiful lace designs--

  44. Every single picture is absolutely gorgeous! I have recently begun a love affair with vintage doilies and lace and started making table runners out of them. Visiting you from What's It Wednesday and following you via GFC. Would love for you to stop by my blog when you get a recent post is my attempt to use some of my doilies in a different way!

  45. What beautiful gifts of such lovely treasures. I know we'll see some more of your amazing creations using these. It's really cold here, lovely sunny days, but very cold, by Aussie standards anyway.

  46. Hello my dearest Suzy, My taste has changed a bit lately when it comes to images but not when it comes to lace. I just love lace and the pieces you received are fantastic. Your heart must have skipped a beat when you opened up that wonderful package.
    Our sweet Dorthe has spoiled you too with some gorgeous gifts. Enjoy all the beauty!
    You've created some new lacey treasures, my dear friend.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Big hugs,

  47. dear Suzy
    what a gorgeous pieces of lace, and i saw that my friend Dorhte has spoiled you.
    you have created wonderful fabric pieces and it looks so precious to me.
    have a nice weekend and hugs from Ann

  48. Such breathtakingly beautiful treasures from your sweet friends!
    And we all know you will make divine creations from all the lacy treasures you have received. You are always an inspiration. I would love to see a bedspread made of such wondrous goods! Then I could dream to my heart's content that I am a princess in a royal castle if I had such a treasure! Actually, it makes me want to possibly make such a creation. I have boxes full of luscious lace goodies just sitting there waiting to be used.
    love and hugs,
    Teresa in California

  49. So wonderful lace! Your fabric collage is stunning as always :) I love it!
    Hugs Alexandra

  50. What a fabulous array of riches! And you, as always, put them to such beautiful use. I was so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you are both holding up. Glad you are back to creating a gain, it helps keep us sane doesn't it. Always thoughts of you my sweet friend.

  51. I could never get bored of you talking about laces and linens my dearest Suzy! You have been gifted the most beautiful pieces. I know they will be used in many gorgeous collages and books :)
    sending love...


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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