Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Salvaged Pieces Inspire Me

 This image was the inspiration
for my next piece of artwork!
It's a scrap of 100 plus year old weatherboard with 
peeling white paint salvaged from a very old
barn that was being pulled down on the farm next door.

The Royal "We" - i.e. Jeff and I have almost completed
 the building of a garden room
using these beautiful old tattered   
weatherboards as well as
some old painted and unpainted corrigated iron
for cladding.

So I bought some into my studio and put together some
ingredients to create a new collage including
these tea bag papers, some stamped and rusted linen, 
feathers, bits of metal pieces, 
a frozen charlotte,

some carded silk tops, some lace pieces
as well as an old broken/repaired
bee hive frame from the beehives out in our paddock.

This was the result!

 The first step was to adhere some really open burlap
to a piece of masonite which I then covered in
gesso to which I added vintage book pages.


I then attached the torn lace fabric to the wood
and proceeded to create layers of batik 
fabric, tea bags, torn lace, a piece

of a very old embroidered handkerchief,
a stamped piece of rusted linen,

black lace holding feathers

then wrapping and attaching the whole collage to 
the weatherboard  with some cream sari ribbon
creating a pocket for

this beautiful vintage postcard which was rescued
from a house fire (still showing signs of singed edges).

 You may even be able to see some machine stitching
over some rust colored dyed silk tops!

If you look closely you can still see the
wax comb created by the bees.

Oh and there is also some of our Angora Goats' ringlets
hanging with strands of lace near the bottom of the
collage too!

I thought I might share just a few pics of our Angora girls

only about 4 weeks to go before shearing these beautiful locks!

It's not every day you see goats eating roses -

like this! But this is a real treat for them!
And I recently found this beautiful mosaic on
Rini's blog - ♥Catharina's Love♥

which I thought was amazing and I wanted
to share it with you!

and please go and visit her beautiful blog too!
  I'm linking up this week to Becky's
 Blissful Whites Wednesday
as well as
Ivy and Elephants "What's It Wednesday"
so you can join me over there to visit some beautiful blogs!

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realise there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.
Lao Tzu 

Hugs, Suzy xxx


  1. Sweet Suzy,
    your creation is just beautiful!! I love all the different bits and pieces you have chosen to become one piece of art.
    Many hugs
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  2. I don't know which is more beautiful, your work of art, or the goat that is eating the rose. Wow to both! XO Sue

  3. Something very special for your collection of wonderful creations. Really love the sheep photos. Beautiful animals.

  4. Hello my dear Suzy, I absolutely LOVE your newest creation. The beehive frame, the mixture of rough and soft materials, the nature elements - just gorgeous.
    The angora girls are such cuties.
    Big hugs and love,
    PS: Thank you for the message, sweetie! I'll get back to you.

  5. Love, love that fabric collage! Can't wait to see the new building with all those fab weathered boards.
    What a cute pic of the goats.The roses probably taste very sweet to them.Like lollies to us?
    We still have roses blooming as normal here in our neighbourhood.I just had to take the pruning shears out and do it (pruning), even though lots of flowers still.

  6. Love your artwork, such amazing textures and details and I love the haunted quality of the photo.
    Your shaggy friends are adorable

  7. Oh Suzy, your goats are wonderful. I love to use those ringlets in my feltmaking they add lovely texture to a scarf. They dye beautifully too.
    Love, love, love your collage. With it's amazing found objects and your wonderful imagination it is exquisite.
    Sending you hugs and smiles.

  8. I don't know which is more beautiful eighter, your creativity seems to amaze me everytime. i totally love your gorgegeous Things. and the lovely animals are just tooooo adorable

  9. Oh Suzy ! It's so beautiful and moving and poétic !! I love the way you détail each salvaged piece, the beehive frame is fantastic to enclose those treasures. ♥
    An your Angora girls... they are so lovely (your pics are neautiful) and seem so nice and tender. And so delicate when eating the roses.
    I love goats. I had one here, some years ago, she's been living a very long time with us, in the little meadow near the garden and she followed me on my walks in the countryside, without any leash; Her name was Pétronille and I loved her and she loved me too. So, when she died,I didn't want another one...
    Thanks for everything. And have a nice day.

  10. Absolutely beautiful ... so many interesting things to look at and so tactile too.
    The oats are adorable too! M x

  11. Gorgeous piece of art...It has texture, history and a timeless beauty...I think you did a wonderful job :-)

    Thanks for sharing it!

  12. I absolutely LOVE everything about this beautiful piece of art. Everything you used and the composition is perfect. Treasure it!

  13. What a breathtaking assemblage. Your choosing materials fit so perfect together. I don't know everything of it, but it's awesome to see so many vintage pieces together.(:o)

  14. Hi Suzy!
    Very beautiful creation with this old wood! Maybe, we don't see it enough???
    I love your goats, and the last picture with one of them eating roses is very cute! it seems you don't have cold winter???
    Hugs and kisses


  16. You, my girl, are an amazing artist, you turned all those bits and pieces into an incredible piece of art.
    And I am in love with your girls! Gosh, they are gorgeous creatures. xxx

  17. Oh my your collage is simply breathtaking Suzi!!! The details ans all those luscious textures are really fantastic! And your goats...Adorable. I'm in love with that last photo of the one at the rose...

  18. This art piece my dear Suzy is a most beautiful and amazing piece!
    Gorgeous with all you collected and put together, to this fairytale of a collage ,bringing us back in time, in so many wayes.. with the use of old wonderful tattered pieces, and used materials, from your garden and your animals.
    I love you used the bee hive with beautiful laces, and the most lovely old photo- you are a fantastic artist dearest friend!!
    Love your goats eating beautiful roses.... Is it Jeff feeting them-lol?
    Thankyou for showing Rini`s wonderful collage!!
    Sending evening hugs and love.

  19. This is truly a work of art Suzy, I think this is my favourite piece of work you have created. I love the colours, composition and the variety of textures, fabrics and found objects you have used. You must be so thrilled with it. Your goats are adorable. We saw alpacas at Woolfest, it is so nice to get up close to such wonderful animals. Jayne x

  20. Suzy only you could take all these individual old and tattered items and put together such a beautiful collage. It is gorgeous.


  21. What a lovely and interesting piece you have created. You are such an inspiration.

    I love your angora goats, they really are lovely. Wonderful photos.


  22. What an awesome piece! I love how you've added so many different layers and textures. And the bee hive frame is such a great idea! Your goats are just too sweet, I love their curly white fur:)

  23. Thats very gorgeous. You are really the magic hands and I always love your artwork.

  24. omygoodness...Suzy!! Your artwork is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I so love each and every component ~ it truly is amazing. I hope you are doing so very good dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  25. Miss Suzy-- can I just say that you are amazing. Your uncanny ability to turn "trash" into treasure is just unbelievable. Your newest collage is beautiful-- I think that we are all just in awe---


  26. You have made a beautiful post and I thank you for the link to my post too .
    Love from ♥RINI♥

  27. OH Suzy! That is a beautiful creation! I am loving all the bits and pieces that you so generously and ingeniously used for full effect! My favorite bits are the bee's wax, the feathers and the goats lovely curls!
    Thank you so much for sharing your inspired process with us all!

  28. Oh dear Suzy, love your stunning collage! You used so many beautiful elements and layered and arranged it beautifully.
    Your goats look very content :) Do you use the wool yourself too?

    Sending you hugs from the Netherlands, Wendy

  29. Suzy
    what an AMAZING piece filled with some many time worn treasures. The details are amazing! I love it!
    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous art with all of us!

  30. This is GORGEOUS my friend!!!!!! I love how you used so many wonderful elements to make this treasure. I also imagine the garden room will be beautiful made from this old weatherboard.

    Your goats are so darn cute, and the last picture should be a painting, it is really a wonderful shot!!!
    sending hugs....

  31. Dear Suzy, I love your newest creation! Absolutely stunning piece!Hope you have a wonderful new week.
    Hugs, Viola :)

  32. So many textures... so many shades of cream.. all blended to make my heart sing! And to top it off are those precious, adorable, sweet goat faces that I just want to nuzzle!!! Loved this post and thanks for sharing!

  33. Dear Suzy, this is fabulous, thank you for sharing. I love your amazing imagination, so exciting seeing what you come up with in your new creations. Always such fun visiting with you. Have a great day.
    Biggest friendship :-)
    Hugs MARTINA

  34. What a fabulous collage!! Just my style...and I know how much love and care went into creating it!! Thanks so much for sharing at Blissful Whites Wednesday!!
    Have a wonderful week!

  35. The depth of elements, layers and details you put into your beautiful collage works of art is simply stunning. Your angora goats are divine. I am off to enjoy the link you included. Blissful Joy Dear...

  36. Hopped over from Blissful whites. This is amazing! Love all the attention to detail. The shabby barn wood is a real treasure. Love your angora girls too! Happy to be a new follower.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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