Monday, July 1, 2013

Time to say "Good-bye" to Google Reader

The countdown begins....Google Reader will be shutting down 
at midnight tonight, June 30th
 but never fear if you wish to keep following me 
 you can click on the Bloglovin button on my sidebar 
(under Google Friend Connect followers)
 and continue to follow me here at Suziqusthreadworks.

 I would SO miss not seeing you! It's super easy to transfer all of the blogs you follow in Google Reader and into Bloglovin! Go ahead...give it a go!

You can also follow me by email or just by using

Wishing you all a most posperous and artful week!

Suzy xxx


  1. Hi Suzy,
    I transferred everything this morning so we are good to go, I hope you can follow me there, Im merging Heartful Creation into Lulus so I will just have the one blog, 2 was too much to keep up on posts. Hugs and I will see you on Bloglovin!

  2. I transferred everything to the other day, i sure will follow you ;O))
    aww and you are in a magazine, congrat to you dear and i wish you a beautiful crafty day

  3. Bonjour Suzy !
    I followed you on Google AND Bloglovin'! So, no problem following you here.
    Have a beautiful day.

  4. Hi sweetie,
    YES I changed too, as you know!! :-) and am already following you, on Blogloving, too!!
    Well for me to see ,it is still there !!! What is happening I wonder!
    And what is that book with your gorgeous artickle? I want to know!!! you are a teaser, my dearest Suzy!
    I send you my many warm thoughts...and sweet kisses, and loving hugs- and I wish you a new happy tuesday -the first one in July :-) Love you.

  5. Hello sweetie!
    Yep, I'm still here! :)
    You know, it was only the google reader page. Not the blogroll on our dashboard on blogger, that one stays.
    And as Dorthe, I really would like to know what book that is with your work being in it???

    Sending you sweet hugs from the Netherlands, Wendy

  6. Not sure what is happening to google. Blogger removed all my widgets because they said they are carriers of Malware. I am not happy with Google plus. Wish I had never joined it, as it is taking over my blog comments now. I will continue to follow you. One way or another.

  7. Will do. And, along with Dorthe... I would also love to know what publication that with your article in it!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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