Monday, September 16, 2013

Some Love Lace Gifts to Share

Can you remember the feeling of holding
a parcel in your hands
and the excitement and smile on your face
knowing that a dear blogging friend
has sent you a wonderful 

Well this is what I experienced just a few
days ago when these beautiful gifts

from Dear Yvonne
"Yitte" - Mixed Media and Fabric Art
all the way from The Netherlands.

Isn't this collage sooooo beautiful?
"Old Love"! All the details are exquisite
and she is so clever the way she
can manipulate all of
this beautiful
recycled fabric with laces

Also in the box was another delightful little
collage where she has experimented
with the use of chiffon
and organzas
along with sari ribbon

to frame the image of this elegant woman!

Also in the box I found

this beautiful linen bag/tote
embellished with many
layers of beautiful laces and doilies,
an old embroidered handkerchief
with a large white satin rose

as well as some beautiful pearls and pearl buttons!

all completely "handmade" and machine stitched
with her wonderful immagination.

Yvonne knows how very much I love her creations
and I feel so special
to be able to add these few pieces to
some others she has already gifted me with.
"Thank you so very much for your love and generosity Yvonne"!


Now this is a collage which I have recently completed

where I have used this magnificent image of Anna Pavlova

from the famous "Swan Lake" Ballet.

I loved the image from the first time I laid my eyes on it

and was looking for a good reason to use her. I've
incorporated lots of lace, doilies, the softest
chiffon and scrim to
complement her
magnificent ballet dress.

This little section is from an antique handkerchief
which I've had in my stash waiting for just
for the right collage to use it.

A small heart tart tin hangs from two

vintage buttons and embellished with some
old lace and a pearl ear ring.

I'm linking to Blissful Whites Wednesday and
Ivy and Elephants with these so
go and take a look at some beautiful posts there!


A fond welcome to all of my new followers
a big "Thank you" to everyone who left lovely
comments on my early Spring garden
images in the previous post!

Love and hugs to you all!



  1. Your gifts are just exquisite!... how sweet of your friend to send those to you... and your collage is just beautiful... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Oh my Suzy! Just stunning! What a great box of treasures from your friend...her work is stunningly beautiful! A true work of art to be treasured by you...your collage is absolutely gorgeous! I love the image you chose as well...such beauty and elegance...your creativity always sparks something inside my own muse...just beautiful...thank you for sharing this with us...

  3. All this gorgeousness, wow!! Yvonne's gift to you is so amazing, and your collage is stunning, so creative, the addition of the tin is magnificent! I love everything I see when I visit your blog! Hugs to you!

  4. These beautiful gifts from Yvonne have my heart racing. What an amazing eyeful of beauty.
    Your own collage is also a thing of beauty. Such creativity from you and your friend to gaze and study and sigh over!

  5. wow......fab gifts and all so beautiful.....enjoy them
    as for your creations, its always a delight to see them.
    xo tfs

  6. just exquisite, my goodness this is amazing lace creations

  7. Hello dear Suzy!
    What wonderful gifts! I love the bag. I've one to make for my brother's wedding on the 5 october, but honestly, I don't know when I'm going to find time between living room restoring, garden and others works!!!
    Hugs and kisses

  8. I am in complete awe of people like Yvonne and you that can work in this amazing way with fabric, lace and wonderful vintage elements. All of these pieces are so beautiful, incredible works of art!

  9. Hai Suzy,

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.
    I love you`re work, it`s so romantic and beautifull.
    And i can imagine that you`re over the moon with the beautifull gifts.

    Love, Ciska

  10. What beautiful gifts you have received from your friend Yvonne, she knows exactly what you would like. Her work is gorgeous. Your collages are amazing with that little fragment of a handkerchief just make the piece, I love it when you have a special fragment and find just the perfect place for it. Your pieces are little works of art Suzy x

  11. What a beautiful bag! All those layers of interest and love added. The collage is great and I love that heart added to it.

  12. You are so extremely lucky to have amazing and talented friends!!
    Your collage is amazing. I have the same image and have not done anything with her. You really now how to pack a punch!!!
    Love the tart tin.

    Happy Crafting

  13. all is beautiful and lovely in the world of doilies and lace, my nose was 2 inches away from my computer screen as i read all the details you shared with us. thank you

  14. Absolutely, positively the most stunning work I've seen in a long time. You two woman create masterpieces. You really do!!!!!

  15. oh what truly beautiful gifts and projects!! You both are incredibly talented and have such fine attention to the littlest of details. That photo of Anna really is gorgeous too.

  16. What wonderful gifts from a great friend. Yvonne is also very talented as are you.

    I like the way you used the little tart tin almost as a necklace in your corsage. Great idea.


  17. This post is perfection.
    It will send me off to a sweet land of dreams tonight where everything floats on clouds of lace and chiffon.
    The gifts from your dear friend are mesmerising and I can tell she created with such love, they are exquisite as is your stunning collage. Oh your collage is what dreams are most certainly made of, it is a remarkable piece.
    Thank you for sharing such beauty.

  18. Your post today is overflowing with beauty dearest Suzy.
    Yvonne's white collage gift is created with the most delicate soft fabrics giving a sense of elegance from times gone by. The special touches of the sweet quilted pocket, vintage millinery flowers, old book pages and buttons immediately tell me 'this piece was created by Yitte!
    She has such a timeless style - lucky you!

    Anna Pavlova is a perfect inspiration for a Suzy collage. From an age of grace and beauty you have created a worthy tribute to the greatest Russian ballerina. Your framed image of her signature role as the dying swan is echoed in the grace and beauty of your beautifully choreographed collage!
    It's obvious you have used your most treasured pieces of lace and delicate fabrics.
    This is so very precious - a fine work of art, dear Suzy.

    Much love and hugs
    Shane xox

  19. I. Am. Speechless! The lacilicious gifts from Yitte are beyond divine. Her ability to create such incredible texture with the laces is amazing. I think your creations are delicious as always. Swooning with delight...

  20. Hello my dear Suzy, Yvonne has spoiled you with some fantastic gifts. I can imagine how excited you must have been when you unwrapped the package. Everything is gorgeous.
    Your newest creation is just fabulous too. The colors are wonderful and the altered tin is such a great and unexpected detail. Fantastic!!!
    Thank you for your message, sweetie! I'll answer it soon.
    Have a lovely spring week!
    Big hugs and love,

  21. What rapturous creations you were gifted with! Gorgeous doesn't even come close to the beauty in all of the embellishments. Oh! My!
    I feel like Toad in the 'Wind in the Willows' when he was beside himself when he saw his first motor car and all he could say was "Oh! My! Oh! My!" Except I think I'd rather have the laces and the beauty of handmade glorious creations.
    And your creation is over-the-moon, drop-dead, swoon, gorgeous! The Swan Lake photo is amazing, and I love black roses, and the use of the heart-shaped vintage tin is so sweet, and of course all of the laces and sheer scrim you used. I think I died and went to heaven!!!

  22. Hi Suzy,
    dear Yvonne really spoiled you. The gifts are so fantastic!!
    And I love your newest creation. Absolutely stunning work!! As always! :)
    Big hugs to you,Viola

  23. What beautiful creations you have received from Yvonne! And your collage is gorgeous, dear Suzy! Hope you are doing well and thanks so much for the warm welcome back to blogging. Have a wonderful day.


  24. So much beauty and only this little box to comment in, LOL

    Seriously, it's all so gorgeous and soothing. Old Love, is there any other? xo Rhonda

  25. Hello Suzy,
    What a gorgeous gift Yvonne has sent you! All that lovely chiffon! It really is a precious gift.
    Your collage is stunning as well. Oh my, but the elements are soooo gorgeous!

  26. So beautiful! Really love the tote bag with the S :)

  27. Dear , dear Suzy!
    OH our dear Yvonne certainly send you some amazing gifts.
    She is a fantastic artist and the most generous and loving person,- I am so in love with what she creates, and your gifts are proof of her wonderful talent!
    Both collages and the bag are stunning pieces of art.
    Also you dearest friend, have created a marveloues collage using that lovely image of Anna Pavlova, and your amazingly sence for beauty and drama ,all in one gorgeous art piece.It is stunning Suzy.
    Love and dear thoughts from Dorthe

  28. Happy post is the best kind...your dear friend has gifted to you the most beautiful creations I have ever seen.. I'm sure you will treasure them...
    Suzy your collage is outstanding.. the laces are Beautiful... I adore the wonderful image you have used...your work is breathtaking... Thank you for sharing... Hugs May x x x

  29. Hi Suzy, thank you for your sweet words. I came into your blog to browse and I discovered a talented artist! I really like your romantic creations! See you soon! Paola from

  30. Oh Suzy - the gift and your own creations are magnificent. I have missed our long-distance visits. Still traveling back/forth, but hope to give a shout in a couple of weeks. Studio is not completed - lol... working on it, but need to clear garage so we can park vehicles as snow is going to hit very very soon. Love and hugs. K

  31. Suzy, your gifts are absolutely stunning. I love everything Yvonne sent along. It's always a pleasure to visit, so many wonderful things to see.

  32. Oh my (sighing happily), I can only imagine how you must have felt when you opened the lovelies from Yvonne. I feel as though I got a present too, just because I got to see it!

  33. Your creations are just amazing! I love this ballet one especially. The use of the tin is just fabulous!
    The gift you received is gorgeous as well. A visual treat for us all!

  34. I understand your enjoyment with this magnificent present, Yitte has a lot of talent!
    And your new so beautiful creation, all that you make is transformed in gold; candy eyes!

    Beautiful day dear friend
    Amtités de France

  35. These are absolutely exquisite works of art!!
    Mary Alice

  36. Glad I have found you. What an inspiration. Thanks for sharing
    Love from Sunny South Africa

  37. The "Old Love" collage is so darn amazing, nearly takes my breath away!
    You are so blessed to have received such lovely gifts indeed.
    Thanks for sharing.

  38. Hello Suzy,
    What a wonderful gift Yitte sent you.
    I love her work.
    Your collage is beautiful, with so many lovely laces and fabrics.
    And all the other things you use.
    Love it !! It's very special!!

    Blessings to you,

  39. Unbelievable beauty as always Suzy!! the gifts from your friend are stunning!! I have to wonder where you are able to find such incredible quantities of laces?? I am having a tough go of it here in my corner of the world. I love to see how you use them all!!1 now I am off to see your luscious spring garden shots!!! <3

  40. hello
    en passant par le blog
    " Matin Lumineux " je suis arrivée
    par ici
    vos sacs sont splendides
    en vendez-vous
    je suis sous le charme
    ces sacs sont splendides
    edith (iris) France

  41. Dear Suzy,

    Thank you for your sweet words. I love you new collage it is breathtaking wth all the equisite lace and fabrics. The hanging old baking form is perfect.

    Xxxx Yvonne

  42. I am thinking of you and hoping all is well.

  43. Such lovely gifts from a very talented lady. I wish you could hear me owing and ahing at each picture. Also your lovely spring photos. We are heading into Fall and winter here. Today we had 60 mile an hour winds, trees down, power outages and heavy rain. Not what I had in mind for today.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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