Monday, September 30, 2013

Why I'm not present as much as usual!

Well dear blogging friends
I really need to apologize for not being present
here as much as I usually am
also for not visiting you and commenting
on your blogs.

The reason being that Jeff (DH) and I are involved in the caring
 on a daily basis for a very dear friend, Andrea,
 with a Grade IV malignant brain tumor
so the creativity has taken a back seat for now as I
put my energy into something far more important and rewarding
not only to me but also to dear Andrea.

This journey is not easy - it is difficult but
we are on it with the best attitude we can muster for the precious
time she has left with us with Andrea being our best
teacher and guide in showing us that there
is always more joy and hope if we
can learn to adapt to
any new 
God love her!

  We did have a most wonderful opportunity
to have a little adventure for a week away
into the country and then to the sea
driving through forests
like these

in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales (Aust.) 

under magnificently built bridges like this

viewing sites like this of an old rusted water tank
along an existing railway line which used to fill
the old steam trains carrying passengers and goods.

This would have been someone's precious home
with charm all of its own 

And this old and weathered mail box 

growing lichen and weeds 

under trees on a property 

like this!

 We stopped at a new (to us) little 2nd hand shop

selling all manner of metal findings, furniture, china, bottles, pictures,
chandeliers, vintage jewellery

and tools etc. and I'm not sure how lucky I was to walk out
with this beautiful old Printer's Tray

waiting patiently for me to fill and house in the very right place!
But Joy of Joys!!!!
when I discovered this magnificent old

Young Ladies Journal from the early 1800s

Some of the pages telling beautiful stories

with pages upon pages of beautiful lace drawings
and dresses so rare these days.

Finally from country to coast this was the view from
our cliff top cabin overlooking views

like this

and this

but the beauty in our back garden is breathtaking
in another way

 where climbing roses ramble and spread

 all over the verandah just outside where we sleep.

 and there on a limb is a disbanded bird's nest
which has just been renewed
for another Spring

with the help and easy pickings of some mohair from one
of our Angora goats just over there!

Wow you wonder how any bird can go in and out

And here one last little bird's feather has been put to
use in the creation of a card I made for a friend.

So dear friends make hay while the sun shines
and bless every moment of being alive!
God does bless us all!

Love Suzy xxx


  1. Such a beautiful post Suzy! What you are doing right now with your friend must come first of course!
    Your photos are breath taking, what a wonderful trip that must have been! And what a treasure that old book is, I am sure it fell just in the right hands! Enjoy every moment of that wonderful Spring that is now well on it's way where you are while here the Autumn leaves are gathering more colour every day.... We live in a magical world!

  2. I think about you and Andrea every day. You are amazing women.

  3. Dear Suzy,
    What a beautiful thing you and Jeff are doing for your friend, and what a beautiful attitude you have about it. You are all blessed to have each other. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous photos of your travels too.
    JOY to you,

  4. You and your husband are dear friends to Andrea. Your time together is precious.

    Your trip was lovely and I'm sure peaceful and that printer's tray will be filled in no time with lovelies that you work with.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  5. A very moving post .You are amazing, I have a thought for you and Andréa.

  6. Dear Suzy, I am so sorry about your dear friend. What you are doing is so very important and I am sure very much appreciated. Thanks for your lovely photos and for taking me to a beautiful place that I will likely never get to visit. Hugs, Sue

  7. suzy, sorry to hear that your friend is not well, you kindess toward her will always be remembered. Your post today, is lovely full with natural beauty. Truly the mailbox take one back in time.

  8. Blessings on you for being a caring friend (which we all know you to be). We'll be here when you get back.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about you friend Suzy. Peaceful and healing thoughts are on their way from the UK Bessings to you all

  10. Beautiful scenery, Suzi - thanks for taking us on a tour. What a dear friend Andrea has in you to take such good care of her. Hugs, Catherine

  11. Suzy dearest,
    I am the first to know what a special and precious friend you are,- and this difficult road, you are now walking, with dear Andrea, -being there for her, and giving help in any possibly way, shows the beauty in your heart. I know Andrea loves you, too,- and your relationship is by far the most importent now.
    The tour you made with Jeff , was so filled with beautiful places to visit, and wonderful experiences, to save in your mind. Such beautiful photoes ...and OH my that book, Suzy... it is totally amazing to find something like that!!... The tray is gorgeous too..sweetie.
    I hope you take your time to relax just a bit, outside in your so beautiful garden,- watching those adorable roses, and that wonderful nest....I love it !!
    Your card have made someone very happy.
    Dearest friend, know you are loved far away.... here in Denmark, and alwayes in my thoughts... Take care!!
    Warmest hugs, from Dorthe

  12. So sorry to hear about your dear friend. Your photographs are lovely as usual and the book looks amazing.

  13. Hello Suzy,
    My thoughts are with you dear. I am still keeping Andrea in my good thoughts, heart and prayers.
    I am glad you were able to get to the beach. Your images are gorgeous and I am sure you enjoyed all the beauty around you.
    e-mailing you soon : )

  14. What a sad time for you all, I hope your friend doesn't suffer too much. What a lovely friend you are. A much deserved break for you, your photos are lovely.

  15. such a beautiful and heartwarming post dear Suzy.You are doing exactly what you need to be doing and what your dear heart is saying. I too was in a similar situation once and gave up a job opportunity to instead stay by a dear friend's side up to the very end-a decision I never once regretted.
    How fantastic to find such a beautiful vintage book that is so you!
    Prayers and positive thoughts to you and your dear friend Andrea.

  16. Such a lovely post Suzy...keeping your and your dear friend in my prayers during this time...may you have continued strength for the journey...and peace for a troubled heart...hugs sent to you across the miles.

  17. Suzi, you are an Angel,the best friend Andrea could have, especially at this time in her life.
    Bless you all, hugs and good wishes to you and yours and Andrea of course.


  18. What an amazing friend you are your friend Andrea is indeed fortunate to have a friend like you. My best wishes for her recovery and thank you for finding the time to share your wonderful photos with us.

  19. Suzy this is such a beautiful post and one that should serve us all with its message of Living Life with Joy and Hope by adapting to change. Bless you and your husband for this journey you are experiencing. May Andrea know peace forever.
    Your trip looks blissful and love your vintage acquisitions.
    Blessings to you dear...

  20. You are an amazing lady and and amazing gift to your friend Andrea...God bless..this is what you are meant to be doing right now of course.
    I am glad you found some time for yourself and your photos are so incredible, thank you for sharing. Sending prayers for Andrea and everyone.

  21. Oh Suzy, so sorry to hear about your dear friend Andrea. My thoughts are with you all.
    Love and hugs, Viola

  22. I took care of my mother for the last years of her life, before she finally had to move into a professional care facility. Once she moved there, I still visited with her every few days. The good thing about spending this time with her, is I got to know her better than I had ever known her before. It was difficult at times, but I am grateful for those last years. You will be blessed by this too.

  23. God Bless you and Jeff, Suzi. Being with your friend is truly God's highest calling. I'm so glad you had a week away to rejuvenate. And thank your for sharing your journey with us!
    Sweet Blessings, xoxo

  24. Beautiful heart felt post...thinking of you all.. God Bless... Hugs May x x x

  25. My thoughts are with you and your friend Andrea Suzy. Creativity can wait. Your lovely new printer's tray and that book are just exquisite, I would love to see the lace drawings, I will keep an eye out for that book. Take care of yourself too Suzy.x

  26. I know we never know what later today or tomorrow will bring
    I try to remind myself of this often and enjoy every day since I am in the autumn years of my life

    A friend of mine just died from having brain cancer,it was just one day were were having lunch together next day she was in hospital being told terminal brain cancer

  27. So sorry to hear about your friend dear Suzy, my thoughts and prayers go out to both of you during this difficult time. Your post is amazing and the views are spectacular. Love how you used that bird feather on your card. Have a wonderful day.


  28. Dearest Suzy- I've been keeping your Andrea in my prayers-- bless you and your husband for the love and attentions that you give to her.

    Your little getaway was amazing-,such beautiful scenery- breathtaking. You'll need that little break to give you energy to provide care to your friend--

    Your backyard is always so stunning- what a gorgeous rose-- love love love the nest:)


  29. A very difficult time Suzy but so special for both Andrea and yourself. Take care and I'm thinking of you both.

  30. Suzy I wish you joy and strength on this journey. Words cannot express the way your post made me feel but in some ways the pictures say it all.
    In the darkness there is beauty to be found. xx

  31. Dear Suzy, such a beautifully written post and very touching xx
    How lovely that you were also blessed with such wonderful finds, they were waiting for you :)
    - Jeanette

  32. I know what a very hard time this is for you Suzy. Caring for Andrea is as a natural thing coming from your heart. But in every dark time there is some light and your pictures shows me a beautiful spring with new life and challenges. Take care of yourself and ofcourse of Andrea.

    Love and hugs for all of you.

  33. Dearest Suzy
    You are the friend we would all wish to have beside us. Your support will be a tremendous comfort to Andrea.
    ...there is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:
    God bless you all
    take care
    much love and hugs

  34. Oh Suzy, I am so sorry about Andrea. I can't imagine what she is going through. How very fortunate she is to have you and Jeff's support and love. Keeping all of you in my thoughts.....

  35. Dear Suzy, I'm very sorry about your friend and I understand how hard it is. We can't accept this kind of event especially when it's one of our dear friend! But I'm sure that your presence and love is the most beautiful gift you can give her!
    Lovely thinks to you and your friend!

  36. chère SUZY
    je suis désolée pour votre
    amie , tout le souhait que je
    fait c'est qu'elle ne souffre pas
    trop , avoir une présence ami
    auprès d'elle la réconfortera
    votre découverte de ce livre est
    c'est des cavernes "d'Alibaba"
    je vous souhaite une bonne semaine
    dans les meilleurs conditions
    je penserai à vous et à votre amie
    toute ma tendresse
    edith (iris)

  37. You are the sweetest friend to care about and help Andrea so much, my dear Suzy. I can imagine that it is a difficult situation and as well physically as mentally exhausting.
    I'm glad you could take some days just for you and Jeff and had such a great trip. What a cute mailbox. If I were a bird, I'd move right in ... The shops you stopped at had some great treasures. Wow, the printer's tray is fantastic! What a great find!
    The bird card is lovely. Your friend will be very happy to receive it.
    Sending big hugs and love,
    PS: I just sent you a message :-).

  38. Oh, dear and Jeff are such caring souls for helping your friend out during this sad time. These are truly the things that are important in life. It is so special that you can spend this time with her.
    Your drive through the country has been a joy to see. I loved every photo. I adore that old house. I love things like that and like to imagine what life was like in it's time.
    I love your gorgeous roses Suzy!!! So beautiful! Also I love the 'mohair' nest. Now that's a bird who knows how to make a home cozy!
    sending much love your way!!!

  39. Dear Suzy,
    what a sweet and caring friend you are to Andrea and I'm sure it must be so difficult for all of you.
    Sending big hugs and love,

    P.S: Thanks for taking us along on your tour.

  40. Wie schön von dir zu hören, auch wenn es nicht alles gute Nachrichten sind.
    Ich wünsche nur das Allerbeste und Gottes Segen für euch.
    Danke, für die wundervollen Bilder aus deinem Garten und deiner Heimat.

    Umarmung von Sophie xx

  41. Your love and friendship will be cherished by your friend in this her time of need.
    Glad you managed to find a little time out for yourself too.

  42. Angels walk beside us and you are surely one of them. Your kindness and care for dear Andrea shows your heart.
    The pictures were beautiful and I enjoyed the journey in your pictures. Loved the bird's nest also, the goat fur in it is amazing what they incorporate in their homes. Love it.
    Thanks again and take care while you are away from us..

  43. Beautiful photos of your travels and your property as well as the wonderful 2nd hand items you've found!
    ove the Book and the type drawer....I you you will put it to good use. You are a dear friend, to lift your friend. I know how much it blesses your life to be there for her. I was able to participate in a situation like that a few years ago, and it was a blessing for me.
    hugs and hearts, and My the Lord continue to bless you!

  44. Hi Suzy, I've been away from blogging for a long time and just come back to read your beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Your friend is very fortunate to have such wonderful people as you and your dh to see her through this difficult journey. Don't forget to take care of you too through all this. God bless, Robyn xoxo


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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