Wednesday, November 20, 2013

White Lace Bags with a Grey Tag

It is always such a joy when a customer appreciates
your creativity enough to place an order
for an item from you.

This is a bag which I created using a number of
vintage doilies, tray cloths, lace, threads and
a pretty pearl button

this is the result!

and then I realized that my client had mentioned
that she loved pearls also so I added a set of 
faux string pearls here.

Two of the large three roses were fashioned by myself
and I used various threads, angora fleece with some 
seam binding.

The handle was fashioned from a hand crocheted edging piece
I owned which I laced with cream sari silk ribbon.

The whole of the inside is lined with a cut lace doily
and closed with a metal fastener.

This image shows the back from a Battenberg lace doily.


Now this second bag which is unclaimed at this stage
should anyone be interested in purchasing it!

 is also created from a number of vintage doilies, laces,
roses, seam binding, an upcycled  embroidered
white cotton blouse

and a most delicate handkerchief 

 which I have embellished  with more lace
and stamped with this image which I am so fond of.

 The opening is lined here from the collar of the
blouse and adorned with more seam binding and
some matching faux pearls.

The back of the bag was created with a crazy patchwork
effect with the side seams made from dyed scrim.

Finally I thought I  would show you this little tag
which I created for Wendy of
with a little gift that went to her.
You have to be very affected by lace to appreciate the
layers of lace in this one - LOL!

 I used this very favorite image in greys which

 go so beautifully with the white, cream and black lace
don't you think?

I'm linking all of these to Becky's
Blissful Whites Wednesday at and
Grey Dey Thursdey at Petite Michelle Louise blog.
So do pop over and check out all the inspirational
 white and greys there.

Thank you for all of your lovely visits here.
I'm trying my best to reciprocate!

Wishing you Happy Days!

Suzy x


  1. Oh Suzy, these bags are so luscious.
    The lacy tag is so lovey too.

    I hope you are feeling a little better after the loss of your dear friend. xx

  2. I've yet to see any of your makes that are NOT absolutely gorgeous and beautiful!
    These are, as usual, stunning!

    Thanks for showing us all these wonderful makes.

  3. What a feast for the eyes! Beautiful work Suzy.
    enJOY a lovely today,

  4. Oh my goodness, these are all so beautiful. So much work and creativity ... you must really enjoy making them! M x

  5. Lovely, so sweet and speaks to the heart. Di@Cottage-wishes

  6. As always dear Suzy, your work is so exquisite and wonderfully feminine. Just beautiful.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  7. SWOOOOON!! The bags, my goodness, they are so incredible. Layers and layers of the most exquisite laces and embellishments, and the best thing is, you can carry those amazing creations around with you! You need never be parted from them!
    The tag is quite magnificent as well, your fabric tags are not just tags, they are little works of art, delightful small collages with the same fabulous layers of lovelies.
    Always thinking of you. xxx

  8. Those bags are always so pretty and romantic or girly looking
    I remember when I first seen anything like them years ago that Magnolia Pearl Robin Brown made and had on her shop for $750. Now I bet they are much more

  9. I love all three bags but perhaps the grey one the best.I have been given a 4 week respite fron treatment and seeing your beautiful works makes me want to use the time being creative.

  10. My dear Suzy,
    oh swoon, those bags are totally amazing,- there are alwayes so many gorgeous layers and materials in your beautiful creations, and theese bags are stunning both, with the layers of laces, the flowers ,so beautiful, and all the strings and pearls..your costumer will love the one you made her!!
    Dear friend, sweet Wendy also have been so exited to recieve your lovely tag, it is so sweet and beautiful,too.
    A gorgeous Grey Dey and Blissful Whites Wednesday post, Suzy.
    Sending you love and hugs, Dorthe -I will write tomorrow, sweetie-

  11. Hello Suzy, WOW that shabby chic bag is very beautiful. Hugs Judy

  12. You always create such beautiful work with your lace, fabrics, beads and yarns Suzy. You obviously put so much thought into each and every piece and your attention to detail is amazing. I particularly love the hand made flowers which adorn the first bag. I am sure your client will be absolutely thrilled. Love the tag you have created too.

  13. What magical pieces, Suzy. I do love all the layers, I just love them.

  14. Oh my Suzy! Your bags are sumptuously stunning!And the tag is just stunning! All the lace and doilies that you have used on all of these is just stunning! Thank you for sharing your creative muse with us.

  15. Suzy,
    the bags are amazing! Such detail to your work. I would have to actually SIT and focus to do that! I adore the version of this tag that you sent to me. the layers of laces are beautiful and I LOVE it!
    hugs to you!

  16. Lol, yes very fond of lace indeed :) Thank you sweetie (both for the tag+gift and for mentioning my little space in blogland), it's such a beautiful tag and I'm admiring it whenever I'm working at my desk (where it has its own little corner at the moment). I started creating with some of the laces you sent me. Gosh, that's not easy, because I hardly dare using them, lol! Your bags are so gorgeous again, the new owners must be very well pleased with them. The roses of the first one are delightful and the embellishing on both of the bags is glorious. Wishing you a sweet week with love and peace. Big hug

  17. You truly create magic with all things lace. These bags and tag are lacilicious and the colors dreamy. How very lovely and so happy to see you able to be sewing again. Creative Joyful Bliss Dear...

  18. Oh these bags are gorgeous Suzy!!!! So yummy and dripping with everything I love my dear. The tag is so pretty too.
    I hope you are enjoying some lovely warm days. It is going to be so cold tonight that I know I will wish I was at your house :))) Winter is certainly on it's way to Idaho, USA.
    much love from me...

  19. You are absolutely fabulous! Such gorgeous work! Yummy!

  20. Simply stunning. I wish I knew a bigger word!!

  21. Hello!
    Your work is allways so charming! I love these ne bags!
    How Lucky you're to be in spring, here it's raining and raining! I would prefer a dry and cold weather with blue sky, but, we've to take what we have!!!!
    Hugs and kisses +++++

  22. what gorgeous handiwork! oh my..i am sure your custom bag was well-recievd by its' recipient! happy grey dey! ;)

  23. Suzy, your precious bags are stunning- I adore your flowers!! And your tag, well who could look at a tag the same again after this exquisite piece of art?

  24. Hi Suzy, your vintage bag is fantastic. You have a very original taste in assembling lace and textiles. Congratulations and a hug from Italy. Paola from

  25. Only you would make the inside of a bag every bit as beautiful as the outside! A feast for the eyes, as always.

  26. Stunning eye candy! Whenever I want luscious lace to feast my eyes upon, I know where to look! Yum!

  27. I am just imagining how these wonderful laces would look in a wedding outfit. One of those gypsy style dresses with lots of pearls.

  28. Beautiful bag and gorgeous tag. Hope you are having a great day.


  29. Hi Suzy,
    such beautiful creations. Lovely to see you back creating again! Hope all's well down your way.

  30. Simply gorgeous,my dear Suzy and the tag is stunning. Have a lovely Sunday.
    Hugs and love,

  31. Everything you touch turns into a beautiful object. That purse is a dream. I love it.

  32. Hello Suzy,
    I am catching up on your blog today. Finally! lol!
    I am enjoying seeing all your creations. These two purses are so lovely! Layers of goodness, and such pretty embellishments! I also love that you line your purse too, with another lace.
    The tag is lace goodness. I am sure Wendy will be delighted. The coloring is indeed amazing. I love that combination. That is a lovely PW image to use as well.
    I am glad you are in your art room creating away. Yay!

  33. Your Bags are SUBLIME! That first one literally took my breath away!!!!!!! *Swooning*

    Dawn... The Bohemian


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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