Monday, November 25, 2013

A Peek into our Rambling Rose Garden

It's that time of year when everything seems
to "spring" into life here in our 
Old World Rambling Garden
where we live on the Sapphire Coast of S.E. Australia
whilst most of the rest of the world is beginning to
close in as Winter approaches 
why don't you join me as we take a little look around.

It is a very extensive garden so I'll start with some of what
you can see at the front as you arrive.

This "Pierre de Ronsard" climbing rose 

is such a highlight as you approach the verandah of the house.
It is growing on both sides of a timber gateway entrance.
Behind this climber you can see a very vigorous
flowering Ornamental Grapevine.
Past the Crab Apple trees is a shaded deck. 

A view through a fernery from the kitchen window.

down to the Ornamental Pear trees near the goat paddock.

 Nearby in a damp spot (for Australia!) grow a profusion
of perennials like fox gloves, roses, bulbs and
shade trees like Silver Birches and a Ball Bay Magnolia.

Over this pergola grows a couple of David Austin roses
called "William Morris" (pink) and Teasing Georgia (gold).

Moving further out is a newer section once again
planted out in more roses, Silver Birch trees,
lavenders, a White Weigelia, wormwood
bordered by a row of Feijoa trees

The little structure you can see is a very recent
addition constructed from recycled corrigated iron,
some very old paint peeling weather boards and vintage windows
to create a shabby little "Garden Room"
still in the process of completion.

Looking back towards the house you can see
these magnificent Chinese Elms which
we planted about 5 years ago.

A favourite rose growing here is "Honey Dejon".

 This is the view from our Garden Room facing towards the house.

A pleasant place to sit on a hot sunny day!

Moving now to around the back of the house
in a jungle of climbing roses "Lorraine Lee"

you can see on the left my special place where I create!
and just around the corner you can see the
sunlight catching the reflection of the garden
onto this depression glass display in
our tiny sunroom!

Some Chinese Lanterns growing happily here 

as one of our Angora goats "Baby" is plotting a way to get over
onto the other side of the fence inside the garden!!!
(No chance Baby!).

The creek below is a place of utter beauty to me
with its beautiful stones and mossy rocks,
ferns, native grasses and shrubs.

"Ballerina" (I think!!!) an old fashioned rose
spreading herself all over this pergola
also around the back.

 And from our bedroom window we look out onto this
amazing view of bush and climbing roses
including "Apricot Nectar"  and

David Austin's "Umbridge".

You might also be able to see "Bonica" peeking through
amongst the Valerians.

 This is "Sally Holmes" showing off once again this Spring and
she never fails with her stunning beauty!

I would have to say - a simple single favorite!

I know this has been a very long post but I really hope
you think it was worth the stay to enjoy
some of the beauty
we can share 
in our little corner of the world.

I will be linking this post to Mosaic Monday so click on
this link if you would like to view more beautiful gardens there.

Thanks for visiting and always a special "thanks"
to all who love gardening as much as I
this is where you will find me if I'm not ensconsed
in my other happy place  - my studio!

A very big welcome also to all my new followers!

PS  Down the track sometime I'll share the other part
of our natural bush property and creek.


  1. You've got such an enchanting garden, my dear Suzy. It was wonderful, taking the tour and looking at your beautiful flowers and trees. I especially love all the soft pink roses. Baby is a cutie with the curly fur on her legs. The creek is a wonderful place. I could well imagine sitting there and just listening to the dabbeling of the water.
    I love both lace bags of you last post. They're just gorgeous, sweetie! All the layers of lace and the embellishings are wonderful. The new owners will get lots of attention when they take them out to a shopping trip or dinner etc.
    Have a lovely week and enjoy your spring garden.
    Big hugs and love to you,

  2. Oh my gosh Suzy ~ You live in a heavenly bit of earthly paradise. Your gardens have inspired me to keep working on my own.

    Thank you for sharing all of that lush beauty that surrounds you.


  3. Oh suzy, I love your garden! Lovely to see as here we are just starting to get the cold and miserable days going into I wrote that, the sun came out!

    Please share your garden and sunny pics as often as you like, cheers me up no end!

    Sandie xxx

  4. Such lovely inspiration right outside your house.

  5. My dearest Suzy,
    You live in a Paradise place , oh so surrounted by the most amazingly beautiful , roses ,flowers ,trees and busches.
    But they did not arrive there themselves !! You and your husbond created this amazing garden with your so secure sence for beauty, and
    scenery of the most heavenly kinds!!
    You are so blessed with those gifts, both, and you made a heaven on earth !!
    Your roses are my favorites, they are just stunning, and so wildly growing all over- thank you dear friend for this gift of walking with you through your fabolous garden!!
    Love you, and send you warm hugs.

  6. Suzy, do you give garden tours? You should! Your property is stunning! So lovely and enchanting! Loved the tour!

  7. Oh,my, Suzy, I want to live in your garden!! Such a stunningly beautiful place wrapped in the scent of roses. I can't believe the profusion of blooms. thank you for sharing this lovely sight. I'm especially enjoying it as we have freezing temperatures here, with winds. Oh, come on summer!

  8. Hello dear Suzy
    It's my kind of garden too.
    Old roses billowing over everything nestled beside the lovely old perennials.
    Adding Lorraine Lee and Umbridge to my list for next year!
    I love my Pierre de Ronsaard but miss the heady fragrance of others.

    I enjoyed my fluffy coffee as I wandered with you through the garden dear Suzy - thank you.


  9. Oh thanks Suzi for this long message and all these wonderful roses pictures! We need here to see wonderful gardens like yours, to forget we must wait now for some months before seeing ours again!!!!
    I love your goat, and your garden is giant. You must have an army of gardeners???? LOL
    How do you feel, hope this garden give you happyness and strenghs after the departure of your friend! She's in light and must be very happy to see your garden from sky!
    Hugs and kisses

  10. Your garden is always so inspiring Suzy. Our roses are doing wonderfully too this year, must be just the right conditions.

  11. Such a wonderful garden, but Suzi I dont think that lovely single rose is Dorothy Perkins, she is a double bright pink climber with a mass of small flowers.
    Not able to garden much now but such a delight to see your beautiful one and I do appreciate the amount of work that goes into such a garden.

  12. A stunning garden indeed Suzy! I've never been as far south as you are, but it certainly seems to have a lovely climate for all your gorgeous blooms and plants. Though I'm thinking a lot of them wouldn't survive up here on the coast of SE Qld esp with me behind the wheel! :D I always wish I was a much better and more motivated gardener when I see pieces of heaven like yours! Thanks for the tour. ♥

  13. Suzy your garden is truly stunning. I see how you love to be in this amazing space and enjoy all of your beautiful flowers and roses and trees. You certainly have green thumbs and a magical touch with plants. Your garden is as lovely as your lace collages. Blissful Beautiful Nature...

  14. Your garden is just stunning! And I bet the fairies have so much fun in all those roses and flowers...and the creek is a place I would love to come and sit on a blanket and nap while listening to the gurgling water as it goes is so very cold here today with sleeting rain...your post has warmed my heart as I walked with you through your lovely garden...thank you for sharing with us...

  15. Hi dear Suzy,
    your garden is just heavenly and I enjoyed every minute of the tour:)
    Love,love your roses.We had the first dusting of snow yesterday.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Hugs and love,

  16. Good Heavens... You truly have a heavenly garden Suzy, full with the most gorgeous flowers and trees and plants. It must be an absolute delight to work and walk in your garden. And simply watching and enjoying all the beauty around you. I think I could spend hours and hours there. Thank you for sharing sweetie, especially now in Spring when we are heading towards cold and dark months here... Thank you for your sweet comment today dear :) Wishing you a happy and beautiful Spring day, hugs

  17. Oh Suzy your home is gorgeous. A wonderful tour of your beautiful garden. One of my favourite flowers is a rose, especially the David Austin blowsy papery ones. Your images are amazing, your creativity comes through your photographs. No wonder you are inspired by your amazing surroundings. Thanks for showing us your lovely home. Jayne x

  18. Be still, my heart! The natural beauty of your garden defies description. How lovingly you have cared for it... it's as if you are thanking God for all that beauty by tending to His creations.

    And that creek! Oh, my... I would pick a spot on the large rock in the foreground and daydream there for hours at a time.

    Your roses and other flowers must fill your heart with joy... just looking at your photos of them fill MY heart with joy!

    Thank you again, dear Suzy, for sharing so many stunning images of the loveliness that surrounds you.♥ xoxo

  19. So beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  20. Hello Suzy,
    I loved every picture of your gardens! They are so beautiful! All those roses! It must be quite the sanctuary to walk around, go down to the creek too. I can see that you and your dear husband really love the land and take such good care of it. In return, you have such beauty to absorb! Thank you so much for giving us a tour : ) Lucky us!

  21. I have been hoping for this post Suzy! It is all so beautiful! Everywhere one looks is a profusion of color and beauty. I love that you have so much space in garden beds and yet have so many lovely places of grass and seating to take advantage of the lovely views. It is all so amazing and I am so happy that you shared this with all of us.
    Your roses are gorgeous and while we have many of the same roses, yours grow and bloom so much more than mine do in the climate you have there. They are happy roses I think! :)))) and that darling little goat...well, he looks happy as can be!
    sending love....
    now...I am off to go through these photos again and soak them all in.

  22. Hi Suzy, what an amazing trailing rose garden you have to enjoy. I just love the variety of gorgeous blooms. It looks like such an interesting spot to walk through and watch nature grow in whatever direction.
    The little goat looks so sweet even though he has destruction on his mind.
    Thank you for sharing the inspiration of your garden.

    Lovely to see you and thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  23. Dear Suzi, thank you for a lovely tour of your amazing and LUSH gardens! How very wonderful and inspiring!
    xoxo Chris

  24. I am beginning to wonder if the Garden of Eden might have been in Australia. You live in an enchanted world.

  25. OMG your Garden is simply Enchanting... like the Secret Garden of my Dreams! I could wander thru lush Beauty like that for hours on end and your Angora Goat Baby is ADORABLE! I've always wanted to visit Australia and New Zealand, The Man has visited when he was in the Service. It's on my 'Bucket List', which grows ever longer now that I'm Captivated even more by the Visuals being Shared here in the Land of Blog! *winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  26. What a treat it has been to look at all those glorious pictures, especially after looking out our window this morning to see a lot of snow and grey skies. I wish I could come and live with you for the next six months!

  27. Your garden is straight out of a fairytale. It makes me want to dress up in a beautiful gown and lose myself amongst the roses and bushes. Throw my arms up in the air, sing and dance and never stop smiling. You can almost see the fairies hiding behind the blooms and peeking out from behind leaves.

  28. Suzy your garden is just glorious and magical-thank you so much for taking us along for a tour. Your post just made my morning beautiful
    hugs from the ozarks Kathy


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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