Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Chance to Grow your Blog Party 2014 and a Giveaway

 Vicki Boster, a dear friend, of
2bagsfull Blog
 has generously offered to host another
Grow Your Blog Party for 2014

 for bloggers to showcase
their blogs and to offer to connect new bloggers and old bloggers with each other
 as well as providing an opportunity to make new friends
and to share their talents with each other.

There is much to learn in having a successful blog
and there are many wonderful bloggers
willing to help and assist
where they can.
All you need to do is ask!!!

Vicki is one of those special people always looking to lend a hand
by thinking up ways to raise funds for those in a less fortunate
situation than herself e.g. Pink Scarf Project for women
with breast cancer amongst many others
I thought I would join in the party in support and welcome
all new bloggers and old friends and followers
into my little world of blogging here
where I live in the country
on a beautiful property in an old world garden of
rambling roses on the far south coast of

My name is Suzy Quaife and below is the studio where
I work (play!!!)

I have had a great love of vintage textiles, rich and exotic
fabrics (like silks and satins), vintage laces, doilies, braids, trimmings, velvet ribbon etc. since I can't remember when going way back even as a child.

This love was expressed through costume making and crazy patchwork for several years and more recently it has
taken the shape of mixed media fabric and paperworks.
I have found that bloggers love to see images (and the more the
better) to help them become inspired so be prepared to see heaps!).
They love to see where you create, what you create with and 
the finished creations.

This collage gives a sample of the items I create
and here is a sampling of the materials used in some of these,

 e.g. vintage doilies and laces

buttons, feathers, pods

sari ribbons, jewellery including rhinestones

more laces, seam binding,

tea bags, string, stamps, raw silk, mohair
and many small rusted pieces which I can incorporate into
collages/assemblages such as this. 

Of course one of my greatest passions is in creating
fabric lace books and journals and the collages
which form the layered pages

Daguerreotype images for the theme of this lace book above
and below another theme is that of nature

The many hand stitched layered pages form the background
for these Australian birds or a collection of
gifts from friends are held inside this book

Then sometimes I just love to create free standing
collaged and layered wall hangings using
vintage jewellery with tins and chains
and similar things.

Bags, purses and totes have been other items on my
project list this past year

along with garlands (reminiscent of Buddhist prayer flags)
 such as these as well as the smaller
creations of boxes and cards and mini collages 

Now that you have persevered and finally arrived at the bottom
of this post you are rewarded with a chance to win
this Giveaway - a vintage style brooch
created by me which may be pinned to anything
that appeals to you!

All you need to do is leave one comment here on this page.
You don't need to be a follower but you are certainly
welcome to follow and I will draw a winner
on Saturday, 15th February 
so don't forget to leave me your email address
so that I may contact you.

*** Please feel free to pin this GIVEAWAY
on the sidebar of your blog to tell others!

I wish you luck in the draw and more importantly
I wish you much success and enjoyment with
your blog as it is in the sharing like
this that we receive
inspiration, acknowledgement and a chance to make
wonderful friends!


Thank you so much Vicki for the most amazing hours
of dedication you have given this party for the
benefit of so many bloggers.
We appreciate you heaps! xxx

Love and hugs, Suzy


  1. Hello, Dear Friend, what a beautiful entry... I always love visiting and miss you bunches. Let's connect as soon as I return home. Hugs and love. K

  2. Hi Suzy..
    thank you for the many beautiful pictures.. I love the vintage laces.. they are so pretty.. I cam via the blog hop.. happy blog hopping too.. :D

  3. Dearest Suzy
    be still my beating heart.... I think I've arrived in HEAVEN!!!

    There is so much beauty within these pages - it's a lot to take in.
    Your stash of exquisite fabrics, vintage laces and ephemera is mouth
    Then with your artist's eyes and heart you weave your magic creating your very special pieces - these little works of art.
    I feel so blessed to have three of your pieces in my collection!

    I know I will come back again and again to feast my eyes.

    I love your beautiful giveaway brooch - it will add beauty and pizazz to any outfit.
    I'm so glad you're part of Vicki's Grow Your Blog party!
    You know you are an inspiration for me!

    Big hugs
    Shane xox

  4. Suzy, I loved every photo of your lovely creations. Thank you for sharing your creative space. It sure is inspiring.

  5. Oh wow breathtaking!!! Your blog, studio and work is inspirational!! I just love the journals and and and .... I will be a regular visitor!

  6. Hello Suzy
    I love your studio, I'm sure you can go in your garden directly!
    You know how much I love your work (playing) and I'm sure you inspirated many people around the world!
    Make the most of beautiful weather and your roses!But too hot; I saw a video about your country and death of many bats! Poor animals.
    Here, it's raining and raining without stopping and we fear of floods in many places! Don't worry about me, it's OK for my village!
    Hugs and kisses

  7. Dear Suzy ~ I am inspired every time I visit your lovely blog, this time was no exception. I want to pick up needles, threads and beads, laces, etc. and create. :-)

    Have a wonderful week and thanks for the lovely give away. Whoever wins will enjoy it.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  8. Hi Suzy
    I've been following for a while from England (very wet here!!)
    I love your work - especially your books! I would love to win one of your fabulous brooches!

  9. I never stop loving your studio and all that you create within it! That brooch is just gorgeous! I hope that you're having a great day, Suzy! XO sue

  10. It's wonderful to get to know you even better. I love seeing your bins of laces and trims. And your creations are fabulous! I would be thrilled to have the beautiful pin you've made! Thank you very much! And have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Diane

  11. Hello Suzy, All your creations are most beautiful. You are a very talented lady. The brooch is "Exquisite".. Your art is very inspiring. Hugs Judy

  12. Hi Suzy, I'm Beth one of Vicki's GYB party volunteers as well as one of your long time followers! Your work always makes me swoon! (giggle) I could just live in your studio :D I hope you have lots of fun at the blog party and wish you much success at "Growing Your Blog"!
    Hugs and have a great weekend,
    Beth P

  13. I have been loving Your work for a long time now by following You on Friends Connect.You may want to drop by and meet one of Your admirers.I would love to have a new follower too ; ) Blessings Denise

  14. votre blog est magnifique, j'y viens souvent car j'adore vos créations


    Myriam G. FRANCE

  15. Hey Suzy! Sadly I was late to join the party but I still wanted to come by and see your post and enjoy your fabulous creations!!!
    Although if my space was as well organized as yours I would think I was in the wrong house! You are awesome!
    Have a super weekend and good luck with the party!

    Tina xo

  16. Suzy, I will be revisiting this post several times. Eye candy overload of the best kind!!!!!!! xo

  17. Dearest Suzy, Vicki is an amazing woman taking time to organize all this wonderful event, and I`m sorry I also this year have no time to be in it!!
    What a joyfull post ,seing a new shoot from your studio, and all your stunning creations..every piece you touch becomes beautiful art, filled with lovely thoughts and materials. I truly love every thing I have seen coming from your hands, and mind- and what you shows here, are all gorgeous pieces... from your beautiful ,amazing books, to the adorable vintage style brooches... and all things in between, it is totally falling in love alwayes !!
    Your generous giveaway is a wonderful, creation, that I would love to win, ofcourse!!!!
    I send you love from so cold DK and wishes you a beautifu and sunny sunday-dearest friend.

  18. I could die a happy death to be locked in your studio with no key to get out! Love the brooch! (and I'm a follower, too!)
    textilerecycler (at) yahoo (dot) com

  19. What a LOVELY post, dear Suzy! I've been following you for years now, and when I want a bit *BUNCHES of eye candy, it's your blog I turn to. Always and inspiration. I love that you posted such a variety of your work.

    Enjoy the blog party. Sending you hugs and Sweet Blessings from the California Redwoods!

  20. Hi Suzy, oh my your creations just take my breath away!! Such beautiful combinations of fabulous pieces styled in such creative ways! I still love the piece I won from you in the summer and hang is proudly. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with all of us in blogland! Blessings, Linda

  21. Lovely post! Following you since last years GYB party! I love your studio... it is inspiring me this morning to get to work in mine! Wonderful post and enjoy the party!

  22. Hi Suzy--your artwork is just unbelievably amazing--I love your studio and your garden, and all your gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing all of this with everyone. Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. Such beauty in each and every photograph! You know how much I adore your beautiful creations. They make me smile with pleasure every time I see them.

  24. wow Suzy so much treasure in just one blog...amazing you are very talented and your love for textiles shines through the favourite is the bags...
    lovely giveaway too.....
    popping by as part of the 'grow your blog day' Its such a lovely way to find super new blogs to read...I am joining along with you too
    bestest weekend wishes
    Daisy j

  25. Ive lusted after your work for ages I confess lol
    Your style is quite unique, though others make similar but yours is by far the most beautiful.
    I follow by email : )

  26. Hello from another 'grow your blog' participant. I've been following you for a while. You create such a beautiful pieces. Are you enjoying this party as much as I do?
    Evalina, This and that...

  27. beautiful unique work.....
    been following you for awhile
    thanks for the giveaway

    thanks and creative hugs to you all

  28. Found you at the GYB party ... and I am doing a happy dance!
    Love this blog! Love it!
    And I have to say I have a HUGE crush on your studio and all of the wonderful things that you have created in there!
    Dang! I will be here often....just became a new follower!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  29. Hello ,

    Nice to meet you.:)
    I would like to take part in your giveaway.Lovely presents.:)


  30. Hi Suzy, I was thrilled when I found your blog last year at the party-you always inspire me and your pages are always so peaceful. I would love to win something you have created-thanks for the chance.

  31. ooooooooooo.... I have now spent SO much time on your blog that I need to stand up and walk around for a bit to remind myself I can move!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS! I love vintage arts and crafts, old photos, textiles...I'm hooked! MASSIVELY thrilled I found your gorgeous site via 'Grow Your Blog' and can't wait to get back here once the hop's over so that I can drink up all the lovely that's here! Thank you so much! Best wishes - Shroo:)x

  32. Another day to be inspired by your previous works Suzy...I just love coming by here and being immersed in such a lovely creative atmosphere...hope you are having a blessed and creative day.

  33. Hello! Your mixed media work is beautiful and your collection of vintage lace and fabric is stunning. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway (and all the wonderful photos)!

  34. Hi Suzy, visiting, this time, via Vicki's GYBP and love your give-away. I've been a follower for a very long time -grin-.

  35. It's always a pleasure to visit your wonderful blog...your creations are so beautiful I never tire of seeing your crafty space either it's full of wonderful laces...Stunning giveaway too... May x x x

  36. I love your blog. So inspired by all your creativity. Velvets and Laces are a great love of mine, so I get such a wonderful eyeful when I visit your blog!

  37. Hello Sharon,
    What a gorgeous post! Picture after picture of your amazing textile art just makes me swoon : )
    Goodness, every piece is stunning. And sharing piles of incredible lace has me drooling. Ha! Funny picture that is!
    You have such a lovely blog and you fill it with your beautiful inspiring self!

  38. Beautiful work, and your creative space is to die for.So very nice to meet you.

  39. Nobody inspires quite as much as you do Suzi! Your work is utterly amazing with all the tiny little details and never ceases to create awe in me. Have fun with the tour!

  40. found my way here from the gyb party. your blog is amazing! can't wait to see what you're up to!

  41. Suzy,
    You are a sweetheart to help Vicki out with the party!
    Love all your pictures as usual, and you know I would love to win anything you touch! But I also am so grateful for what I already won from you, I should probably let someone else have a chance for it...
    Liz and I were talking about how lovely her tag is....I was so excited for her that it arrived. WE also said we should get over our fear of lace books and begin playing....what do YOU think???LOL
    hug to you sweet girl,

  42. Just beautiful, I love your crafting area, so many beautiful linens and supplies. Your work is beautiful and I would love to win your giveaway. Much love to you, Di@Cottage-Wishes

  43. Yes we do love to see photos of creative spaces and works of art. Yours are breathtaking with all the laces and collages and books of delicious fabric pages. I adore all that you create dear. Creative Blessings...

  44. Your work is beautiful. I think I have sensory a good way.

  45. Suzy, your studio and work are absolutely stunning! Your rose garden a dream! I see your heart and soul everywhere and I am so very excited to follow your life and creations! xoxo Jen

  46. Oh my goodness Suzy, your work is amazing! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your beautiful vintage world.

  47. How do you ever make yourself leave your work/play area? It is beautiful beyond words. If I ever came to visit you, you would have to throw me out for I would not want to leave. Thank you for all the eye candy.

  48. Thank you for sharing your creative space with us. Your collection of vintage lace and fabric is incredible, Suzy! You know I love all of your creations, but I'm not entering the giveaway. Just stopping by to say hi!

    Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with the party!

    Sending big hugs your way,

  49. Oh my, that brooch is exquisite!! Pleeeeeease put my name in the hat :)
    And thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving such a lovely, warm comment :)
    I'd love to just sit quietly in a corner of your gorgeous studio while you create your beautiful things *sigh*
    I'll certainly be back when it's less frantic - still catching up from the GYB party...

  50. hello
    toujours émouvent de voir
    l'atelier ou se fabrique de si
    belles créations
    merci de si belles photos

  51. Hello dear Suzy, what a pleasure to see so many of your gorgeous work together in one beautiful post. Good way to start my Sunday afternoon with :-) Some of the work you show here I haven't seen before, they're stunning. The nature inspired home dyed colours, your way with fabrics and laces... And oh yes yes please, count me in for your giveaway! Crossing all fingers and toes of every family member available here... Wishing you a sweet day, xx Wendy

  52. New follower on Bloglovin. I am having fun finding new bloggers to sewing and quilting. Greetings from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  53. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Suzy, I just wish I could sit and play all day with you in your beautiful studio with all of your beautiful supplies. Your work is absolutely STUNNING!!!

    Isn't Vicki just the sweetest ever to have this "growing" party again this year? I was determined after missing out last year that I would create a blog and enter this year. I did start a blog (posted once!) and after that, well, you know it goes ...

    I would love for you to enter me in your contest. Winning would take the sting out of not jumping on the bandwagon.


  54. Dear Suzi, I have now looked at your gorgeous photos several times-just breathtaking!! Your work space is so beautiful and organized. And each of your projects is truly exquisite with so much wonderful attention to the compositions and details. Thank you for sharing and for your beautiful giveaway offer. I'm sorry I missed the sign up deadline as I really wanted to participate also.

  55. С большим удовольствием записываюсь на розыгрыш! Какая красота! ссылка на мой блог
    ссылка на панельке справа.

  56. Oh Oh your work and your studio! Good thing you live in Australia or I could easily turn into a thief and steal all that gorgeous stuff!!

  57. trying to think why i know you - maybe i have met you or maybe you were participating last year in the blog hop? i wonder? any who i know that face. hi there. i'm Beth from E. Lizard Breath Speaks - so nice to meet you through the Grow Your Blog get together/party. ( :

  58. *sigh* what a beautiful place to visit! Thank you for sharing your inspiration, knowledge and beautiful heart with us. I'm visiting from the GYB party and am very happy to have found you. Your work is beautiful and will be following along to learn and be inspired. Thank you for such a beautiful giveaway. xx's

  59. Oh my goodness...your work is absolutely gorgeous!!! I want to just touch each piece, as each has a very unique story to tell! And your studio is amazing! Man, I am inspired to get mine a little more organized after seeing it! Very, very nice, indeed...all of it! And I would wear your brooch with great admiration and pride! Aloha

  60. I have been a follower and admirer of your work for quite a while and always love seeing your creations. This was a fun to see so many things gathered in one post. You are an inspiration!

  61. Wow! Your work is simply divine! Wish we had your studio to work in, too! Yes, please put our name in for the brooch. We will pass it around amongst our Arty Tea Party members so we can each have a chance to enjoy it! Enjoy the party!

  62. It is every time fantastic to look in your craftroom.
    And your pictures from your crafts are wonderful! So much inspiration
    Have a nice week dear Suzy

    Hugs Alexandra

  63. Wow! Your mixed media collage is stunning. Wonderful textures. Lovely.

    Thanks for visiting my redwork/ embroidery blog yesterday. My follow button is working now if you would like to stop back...

  64. Inspirational and delicious. Thanks for sharing
    Regards Phillipa in NZ

  65. Hi, I am new follower of yours and just love your creations. The vintage style brooch is gorgeous.

  66. I've long admired your work, Suzy! OMG, what you do with laces and layers and yummy old bits and bobs!! Love the free-form organic, intuitive quality of your work!! Just gorgeous.

    Please throw my name in the hat to win your giveaway!


  67. Hi!!!! I love your blog!!! I am a new follower and enjoyed my visit!!!! I am very glad I found it!!!!

  68. You have so many lovely pieces of unique art. Personally I love the vintage pictures with the laces around them. Are the pictures yours/family pieces? This would be a fun way to decorate and display some of the family photos we have. Hmmm, something new to think about. Thank you for sharing with us.

  69. thank your for your sweet comment on my blog. I love ♥ your blog, your work is so beautiful ♥

  70. i love your work and your blog. it is so inspiring!!!

  71. Hi Suzy, Your studio is beautiful. So organized! When my in-laws passed away I inherited a lot of lace and buttons. Still trying to come up with some clever ways you use it. Your beautiful handwork is very inspiring. Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Judy in Colorado

  72. Your work is absolutely beautiful and created in an amazing space.

    Thanks for sharing

  73. Wow, you items are gorgous! I love lace. I was wondering..have you ever made a quilt out of lace? that is something i have been thinking about..but can't quite put it to pattern! Thanks for the giveaway! Thanks for the giveaway...I found you from Grow Your Blog...I am at

  74. Wow Suzy, you have some amazing creations and some beautiful bits and pieces in your collection. Thank you for sharing this info about yourself and your craft. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Cheers, Tracy

  75. Hi Suzy, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love visiting all over the world and you give me a chance to see more of where you live. I have heard some about your country from my daughter-in-law who spend 6 months there as exchange student. I love your pictures and I saw in your pictures of laces some beautiful ones and always wonder where you found them. Thanks for the give a way and I will be back to visit. Have fun Shirley@shirleystitches

  76. Oh Suzy the pictures of where you live and all the beautiful things you create are wonderful. Vicki is a dear person and I love visiting her too.Thank you for sharing all your lovely things. Hugs, Sharon

  77. I love visiting your blog Suzy, there always so many lovely things to see.

  78. I have been a follower for a long time. I love your work. So very beautiful and inspiring.

    And your studio is wonderful as well.

    Have a blessed day.

  79. Although I do not have a blog, I follow many wonderful blogs and your blog is one of the most beautiful. I am in awe of your creations. Your designs are so beautiful.
    Please enter me in the giveaway.
    Pat Champagne.

  80. I love your creations. Thank for a vhance ro win

  81. I so enjoyed my visit to your blog and look forward to seeing how you use the items in your amazing stash next. (As a crazy quilter, the buttons, lace and ribbons did not go unnoticed - lol!)

  82. Sweet Suzy,

    thank you for welcoming me to this year's GYB party!
    Please enter my name to your giveaway. Your gift is 'to die for'! It is so beautiful!

    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  83. My sweet Suzy, I will modestly stand at the end of the queue of your admirers, hoping you will not oversee me ;-). I was so happy for your visit and your comment on my blog! And now I have been even happier to take a stroll through your studio, your beautiful garden. And touch a little of your creative breeze. And, oh my, how proud have I been to find some of my gifts to you in your inspiring images!
    I see that you are feeling well and in balance, a very joyful thought...
    Certainly, dearest Suzy, I wish to hop into your lottery ticket pot. I love the pieces you create and hold the postcards I received from you very dearly. So I will certainly keep my fingers crossed to win the beautiful brooch!
    A warm embrace from
    (Tomorrow I will try and display your giveaway-button on my blog; it's just so late now...)

  84. En så kreativ candy, vil jeg da elske at vinde, der er altid så meget smukt at kikke på, på din blog, jeg nyder at besøge dig, og om lidt ligger du i min sidebar. knus morkaren.

  85. Dear Suzy,
    Please, please tell me that your beautiful studio does not always look so well kept;0). All of your work is gorgeous, and I would love to win your generous giveaway.
    hugs and JOY,

  86. Hi Suzy, your blog is absolutely amazing, I'm always in AWE when I come for a visit! You are one amazing creative person, thanks for sharing!!!

  87. How could I possibly not enter to win one of your lovelies my friend. As always your creations are gorgeous and all that lace - be still my heart! Hope you are enjoying visiting some other blogs too.

  88. This is an absolutely gorgeous post dear Suzy! Stepping into your studio is like heaven to me! How I wish I could visit and look through all your beautiful laces and fabrics. That would be such a delight.
    much love...

  89. I have been a silent follower for a while now, but it's time to tell you how much I adore your beautiful creations. They make my heart sing and I'm excited to have the chance to win the gorgeous brooch.

  90. I've been reading your blog for several years now and love everything you create. I love the variety of materials you use and how you merge them into something so lovely. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your pieces.

  91. talk about eye candy ... your art is always beautiful ... you do amazing things with vintage materials ... i am a fan!!!

  92. I love your work. Would so love to win this beautiful brooch.
    Jacqui x

  93. Wow! Looks like you've picked up a few new followers/commenters Suzy! :)
    I've seen many of your images previously but there are still a lot I hadn't! All so fabulous. and what a wonderful studio. I can just imagine how lovely it would be for you to go there every day with those beautiful surroundings and the peace on your property.
    A very generous giveaway indeed! Thank you. I wonder how many of the GYB entrants I'll manage to get around to with 500 of them!!!!! ♥

  94. I love visiting your blog - so much eye candy! I would love to be entered for your give away

  95. Your work gets more beautiful as you continue to create and blog about life in Australia. Thank you for sharing more inspiration. Blessings to you, always.
    Marrianna, Flagstaff, AZ, USA

  96. Hello, Suzy, I'm new blogger, but I love your works long ago. You have simply tremendous works. Thank you very much for everything, for inspiration!!!!

  97. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I do enjoy looking at your work. It is such an inspiration. Bessings Lesley UK

  98. holy cow, you are talented! And so organized! How do you do it?

  99. OH my please add me to your winning stack of names. I always love seeing what you create and just give me inspiration. Thanks for sharing so much. xoxoxoxo

  100. Thanks for the chance Suzy. Love any of your goodies and hope one sails away to me in the Islands
    It needs lace out here, had enough palm trees!
    aloha Lilla

  101. crazy ravens studioJanuary 31, 2014 at 6:33 AM

    Love the layered elements of the articles on this blog.

  102. This is so beautiful. I love the design. Your style is amazing. Dee

  103. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you.

    I am in awe of your studio and all the goodies you

  104. Dear Suzy
    I could never tire of visiting your exquisite studio or taking the time to view your incredible art which never fails to take my breath away.
    This is a generous giveaway, a piece from your creative heart that whoever wins will treasure.

  105. Suzy,

    Your studio looks almost like a museum -- so many lovely things to see and discover! :)

    As mentioned in my previous comment on your other blog post, your artwork is very elegant. I will be sure to come back to keep up with all your projects.

    Thanks also for the chance to win such a treasure!

    Happy creating,

  106. soooo beautiful ~~~~~ I love everything you create Suzy ~~~~ I often come to your blog for the eye candy ~~~~ thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful creations with the world !

  107. Oh My, These are so lovely. I am in love with your style. You are very creative with fabrics and images.

  108. Suzy, I am a weak, weak woman! I'm trying to visit each GYBP participant by working my way from the top down. Tonight I caved. I wanted to visit you and refuse to wait any longer. Your blog is a wonderfully serene, calming place and there are many, many times I visit and never leave a comment. I just want to sneak in, have a quiet look...renew...refresh...and be happy. I bless Vicki each time I think of her, all the enormous work it takes to put on the GYBP and bless her name. So many portals are opened to all of us because we participate.
    God bless you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

  109. Hi Suzy, as always it is a pleasure to visit you. I see you continue to inspire us with your beautiful work and I always find so many wonderful places to explore on your blog. Wishing you a wonderful day! Hugs, Carole

  110. Hello Suzy....Putting my hand up for the prize, your work is adorable and I still cherish my Petite rose book was one of the nicest birthday pressies I was ever given. NO BLOG SO ......
    Oh and a big shout out to Our Darling Jo-AnnA from Moss Hill Studios who is facing a terribly difficult battle with bone cancer...please, please, keep her in your thoughtS everyone....

  111. Hello Suzy, I was so thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest! What beautiful work. I have signed up to follow you because I can't get enough of your beautiful works of art and want to see more. My blog is
    My regular email is

  112. Thank for your inspiration... I'd love a chance to win one of your creations too please. Smiles Cass x

  113. Thank you so much for visiting my blog Suzi! I have been a follower for a while now ... not just the GYB party. I love your style ... your work is always sumptuous , gorgeous and wow!!! You are a wonderful inspiration!

  114. I guess I've been away much to long Suzy. I didn't even know about the party.
    now... I want to come play in your studio. Can you say GORGEOUS!!!!! I can.
    Hugs Lynn

  115. I am absolutely in love with all of your works. You have so much talent and a great eye for design. I look at your beautiful journals every day on my Pinterest. Thank you for sharing your awesome photos of these beautiful pieces of art..........Angie G

  116. Wow! Such exquisite and beautiful eye candy! Yes, put me in for the draw. Thank you for volunteering to help Vicki and also for coming by my blog. I will look at vintage fibre much differently now!

  117. Hello, dearest Suzy
    I missed doing the 'Grow Your Own Blog' event by finding out about it the day after the cut-off I am thrilled that I can at least still partake of your generous, and beautiful giveaway.
    Please add my name to your giveaway and here is my email address:
    And here is to everyone who enters, as we are all 'winners' in our own creative muses.
    Have a blessed week!
    Teresa in California

  118. Oh wow...hold on just a second while I pick my jaw up off the floor! I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I just discovered your wonderful blog and my heart just sings looking at your creations! You are magic...

    I'm Amber,your latest follower. Stop by and visit me sometime

  119. I love your blog and seeing your gorgeous creations. You are truly talented. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. Best wishes for the new year.

  120. Dear Suzy,

    Oooh....what a wonderful post. All your beautiful pieces of art.
    So inspirational to everyone!! Love to see them over and over again. All the lovely details...!!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog Suzy, so encouraging.
    I was surprised and amazed like you, hearing about the similar picture in your parents' home :)!!

    The brooch is so beautiful, thank you for this give away.

    Hugs and Blessings to you,

  121. Hello , my name is Dawn your my one stop on the blog party, Hope that I soon will be friends with all of you cyber neighbors. I just say that 600 plus bloggers that sign up to the Party and I am only up to 232 whew a lot of good read and great giveaways. Thanks for this opportunity to join friends with you and be apart of your giveaway. Can't wait to see more of your great projects in the making. My site and contact info is

  122. Ah yes, I vividly remembering drooling over your photos previously! What a fantastic studio - and what else but fantastic creations should come out of it? You do such wonderful work... wowzers! Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment on my post - and a reminder that I must pop by more often!

  123. Such a lovely collection of beautiful things.

  124. Hi Suzy, I have just found your work and it is wonderful.I love what you do.
    I would like to enter the comp.
    Hugs Kay

  125. It's always inspirational popping over to your blog. I love those bags and the bunting, such wonderful, rich details.

  126. Suzy, thank you for sharing your talent and generosity with us. I am in awe of the beauty of both your creations and your studio and home.

  127. Wow - what a glorious studio you have. I don't think I would find myself out of it for very long. Gorgeous stuff - romantic and lacey. Glad to meet you, Suziqu, via GYB. And thank you for helping Vicki with this great endeavor.

  128. I just found you blog and am so enjoying looking at your beautiful studio, laces and fabrics, projects, so much eye-candy and beauty. Violet in Canada

  129. Your work is so beautiful Can I enter the giveaway please.
    Jacqui x

  130. Suzy, I wrote you a long message, but google ate it! Suffice it to say that I love your studio and would love to live there, or in your beautiful garden. The opulence of the Victorian era springs to mind every time I see photos of your creative space (and I drool!)

  131. Great blog and wait, I have some of that lace in my stash!

  132. This is one of the most beautiful blogs I have ever seen and I will be following as of today. Thank you for the chance to win one of your works of art. I would be so honored to have it. Thanks, Jackie My email is

  133. Oh my!! Your studio is stunning!! And your creations are gorgeous!! Would love to win one of your lovely creation :)

    I created some fabric collage but nothing compared to yours, i would love to be able to play with layers, your blog is an inspiration.

    Currently i'm still building my blog so for now my email is shnabbystudio(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thanks for the chance to win your lovely giveaways!!

  134. Visiting from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Nice to meet you. You have lovely projects. Thanks for sharing.

  135. Hi Suzy, Such pretty things. I´ve been a visitor for years, still love the things you create.

  136. I'm so glad I found your blog through a friend who told me about your awesome vintage art. I'm definitely in love! You make beautiful memories using threads, lace, silk, and ribbon. thanks for the opportunity to have a chance to win one of your creations.

  137. Hi Suzy! Thanks so much for visiting me via the GYBP and for saying such encouraging things! Your art work is stunning and I would love to be entered in your giveaway, pretty please :) Blessings, Diana

  138. Hi Suzy--Oh, my what a fabulous studio and collection of lacy goodies you have!! I could easily and happily spend hours on your blog!! I would love to win your lovely info: Have a wonderful week! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  139. Hi Suzy, still winding my way down the blog party road! What an amazing artist you are! Obviously you have an amazing vision for each piece! Nice to meet you!

  140. What lovely work - thank you so much for sharing - I am so inspired - I love to make jewellery and I have just started dabbling in fabric ---- so many ideas.....

  141. Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! Your blog is filled with such lovely items. I enjoyed visiting your blog.

  142. Hello, Suzy! Very cool art objects you create! Would follow your blog with pleasure!
    I'm from Russia :)


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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