Monday, March 10, 2014

Changing of the Seasons

Well Autumn is now showing herself very discreetly
in our garden for another season!

It has been another incredibly dry Summer here again

so when this beautiful soft 25mls of rain landed I just had
to rush out and capture these magnificent rain drops
sitting on the Manchurian Pear Trees.
It takes very little before things
start greening up again!

It's such a different scenario this year than at the same time last year

when we were fighting off a huge bushfire dangerously 
close to our boundary fence so to see the soft
rain dappling our rocks and native grasses
is a pleasant relief!

Some ladders and garden tools are propped in readiness

for taming our very rambling garden.
You just see the very beginnings of the changing colors
from green to red on the grapevine.
I love this grapvine in every season - you can never tire
of it's beauty for shade, protection and shelter
for birds nesting too!

There is a different view around every corner
like this gnarled looking Ornamental Grapevine, a rusty garden gate,
 a few cast iron pots and rusty buckets
used for different jobs around the garden.

The sight of the girlie goats returning to their home paddock
walking in line besides the bubbling creek

with their drenched Angora fleeces

wishing they could get through that fence and into
the Belladonna Lillies

and even, better still, would be the last remaining 
Just Joey apricot roses in their last flowering before Winter sets in
or perhaps those pretty Hydrangeas which have almost
turned red.

This last bit of rain we hope will keep some life
in our garden until Winter returns once again!

Hope you all get a chance to spend just a wee bit of time
outdoors somewhere appreciating
the subtle changes of coolness, warmth, melting snows,
sunshine or rain wherever and whenever you can.

Thank you to all of my new followers - 
I hope there is enough to inspire your days here
in whatever you are doing!!!

Big hugs, Suzy xox


  1. We've just had the most sunshiny glorious weekend and I've been in the garden and don't my joints know it!
    Yet some of the UK has had snow and wintry showers!
    Enjoy your Autumn as we go into our Spring.
    Sandie xxx

  2. Beautiful rain to quench the earth. There is nothing like it.

  3. Good morning Suzy your gardens are always so beautiful and peaceful. we finally have a warm day here today as spring gets closer-finally! enjoy your autumn

  4. Hello Suzy... love seeing your beautiful gardens and so happy you are getting your much needed rain... those little goats are so sweet!... your old ladders and garden tools look wonderful all lined up... it is strange to think it is approaching winter for you, and we are entering Spring here... wishing you a beautiful new week, xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Your garden is wonderfully inviting! Here in the N.E. Corner of the USA we are getting yet more snow today. Yearning for spring!!

  6. An exciting time of year to see the changing of the seasons. Each bringing it's own beauty and challenges. With Spring approaching here it is always of fun time of planting and planning. Enjoyed seeing the beauty that surrounds you!

  7. Beautiful photo's and I love reading the short snippets of information leading us throughout your grounds that allows you to be so creative!!!

  8. Lovely photos Suzy! The gardens look very good this year.

  9. Hello Suzy,
    Your gardens looks lovely! I am so glad it rained! Yay!
    The Just Joey roses look beautiful. I can imagine how wonderful your grape arbor is too. The girlie goats would love to have a bite of those flowers : )
    It is a gorgeous day here too. The temps are rising and today will be in the 70s. Just right.
    I am glad you are enjoying nature.

  10. What a beautiful place to call home. Your photos are great. I live in Northeast US and after this past winter I am so anxious to see Spring.

  11. Oh Suzy! Your garden is just beautiful! A dream for me! I love your girlie goats! ;) Goats are one of my absolute favorite animals. The grapevine is so gorgeous! xoxo Jen

  12. Your place is oh so beautiful and peaceful. Enjoy your autumn weather.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  13. Lovely garden pics to be you are going into the fall season, hopefully we are getting ready for spring to come here in the south...I am so looking forward to working in my flower beds this spring...hopefully you will get another rain shower to help your garden along.

  14. Hi Suzi, autumn and some rain here too but still pretty warm , so glad you call them belladonna lilies too, am not keen on the alternative naked ladies.
    Your garden still looks lovely.

  15. How thankful that this year is wet droplets of rain and not the fires of last year. Your gardens are glorious. We had a dash of rain overnight and today spent time doing some serious weeding on the front slope. Autumn for you and Spring for me. Life is good dear...

  16. Suzy, I admire your landscape, perennials, vines, and the simplicity of the tumble of pots.

  17. I always enjoy a tour through your lovely garden, sweet Suzy. You've got lots of beautiful trees and flowers. The grapevine is just adorable. I'm very glad that you got some rain this year and didn't have to fear fires come so close.
    You probably can guess that I LOVE that rusty garden gate. Your cute goats always make me smile :).
    Have a wonderful week and enjoy your fall garden, dearest Suzy.
    Big hugs and love,

  18. Hello Suzy
    You've a wonderful and huge garden! I hope you wasn't too next to fire. I saw some videos about fires in bush and I was horrified for animals!
    I love your beautiful goats. it must be a big work to cut their hair until doing sveet wool?
    Hugs and kisses

  19. what beautiful photos Suzy!! I have thoroughly enjoyed the walk with you and now today will be out taking a walk too for the first time in months(because of all the snow and ice we've had. It's supposed to reach 60 degrees F which is such a treat!

  20. Dear Suzy, I can never have enough of photoes from your amazing garden, it is like visiting such a special place, and to feel surrounted with all the beauty ,even sitting here in Denmark!
    I`m so happy to see it is much more green this year,than last -and hope it stayes like that.
    The forest behind your wonderful goats , does that belong to your property, too ?
    Thank you sweet dear friend, for showing new wonderful pictures from your home, they all show your`s skills of gardening.
    I know it is hard work, but I also know you both enjoyes it, and that shows so beautifully.
    Love from Dorthe-

  21. What a lovely garden tour! It will be a very long time before we will even see grass here so it's wonderful to see yours. So glad you got some much-needed rain!

  22. I think fall gardens have a majesty all their own. Having the changing of the seasons is wonderful.

    Love those red hydrangeas. I have never had any that turn red.


  23. Sigh... you have such a beautiful garden... What a wonderful place to get lost in.
    And oh my, how busy you've been, I've missed out on so much! It's bedtime now for me, so I better return tomorrow to have a good look at all the gorgeous creations below...

    big hugs xx

  24. Your place is so beautiful that I never tire of looking at it.

  25. Your garden is a vision Suzy, so so beautiful and your images are wonderful. Spring has arrived, the sun is shining and the daffodils are out x

  26. Dearest Suzy- Autumn always brings such glorious color to your beautiful gardens-- these photos are so lovely. I think that there must be a special blessing to be found in every season for your beautiful gardens:)



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