Thursday, March 20, 2014

Simple Whites

Just a few simple "whites" 
and clear Depression glass to share
with you as I look towards
the corner of my
living room!

It's no secret that I have been a gatherer

of all sorts of "collectables" 
 over the years

so thought I'd share this little vignette

 sitting on top of my old singer sewing machine
covered with a vintage crocheted linen cloth. 
The one in the centre above I remember
my mother using to serve
her home made
mayonnaise in for our salad dressing.

These little clear glass Depression jugs
have some of the most intricate

and sitting amongst them is this beautiful sculptured statue

playing her harp - created some 20 years ago by
an old Sculptor friend.

I'm rather fond of these desert bowls all stacked up
ready to use 

and this vintage vinegar jug has such an appealing shape.

Sitting above this vignette is
another special piece of art which I treasure
from Yvonne (Yitte). Some of the most
beautiful mixed media and fabric
creations I have ever seen
have been created by her.
The charlotte doll's head is the focal point of this
hand fashioned collage.

This botanical card below is one I recently created

as part of a set which have now been sold locally.

I used some old dictionary paper as the base,
French gift wrapping paper, a Paper Whimsy botanical image
and embellished with black organza, butterfly
and machine embroidered black natural
Angora mohair.

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Cheers for now!
Suzy xox


  1. You have some lovely glass, some like I have (The little jugs) in the cupboard.
    Thanks for the pictures.
    Hugs Kay

  2. So gorgeous Suzy! I love my glassware I have collected and use it often! Much of mine is from family or the thrift store!!! I love it with my white dishes!
    have a beautiful day!

  3. Hello my dear Suzy,
    I was so happy to see a new post from your beautiful home ,today as they are alwayes filled with wonderful photoes and amazing art and things.
    I love the glass Depression jugs- they are gorgeous,and all together it is a fantastic display . Dear Yvonne is a master ,yes- and all her creations are so very much treasured in my home, too. Your collage is so very special.
    So are the new cards you have created sweetie,-a lovely idea with the wool from your girls and so wonderful in the white / black tones.
    Thank you for a lovely time with you, dear Suzy, I wish you a great weekend-
    Cheers for now :-) !!

  4. Just so very beautiful! Love! xo Jen

  5. I too have a collection of depression glass, lovely stuff.

  6. What a beautiful post, Suzy. I have missed you bunches. Thanks for stopping by and saying "Hi." Am hoping to get busy with more mixed media soon, again! Love and hugs. K

  7. Fantastic glass pictures Suzy!
    Your fabric collage and your card are wonderful.
    Have a nice day
    Hugs Alexandra

  8. I have a small collection of pressed glass plates but never found any jugs. Your collection is beautiful and the sauce boat is extra special, dear Suzy. What a fabulous vignette. Yvonne's wall hanging is totally adorable and a wonderful addition.
    I love your new card creation with the botanical image. It's very eye-catching and to see some hair of one of your goat girls makes me smile.
    Have a great weekend, sweetie!
    Sending hugs, love, joy and sunshine,

  9. Hello dear Suzy
    You've wonderful glasses or maybe "Crystal"?
    I love vintage glasses too, and I've some, particulary, a wonderful Italian Crystal Lampp, I dreamed for it for 3 years before being abble to buy it! It was very expensive, but each time I saw it in the shop window, I stopped and look at it! 3 years later, it was allways there, and I just sold one of my house, so I coul buy it even if it was not really reasonable! But I don't regret!!!! LOL. Ill take a picture of it to show you!
    Hugs and kisses

  10. Oh wow Suzi, your living room must look like a magical vintage treasure trove, so full of amazing pieces and art work. Your own beautiful piece looks totally fantastic, it just oozes vintage magic!

  11. Oh! So beautiful of a post...all of it. There is something so gracious and lovely about collections of vignettes. They are appealing to the eye and bring lots of joy.
    Yvonne's special piece of art is beyond beautiful. It is a priceless piece for you I am sure. A treasure from a dear friend.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Is the season approaching Autumn?
    It is just now Spring here today!

  12. Ohhh, my mom would totally love your glass collection!! She has a fine collection herself as well. We're never allowed to use it, lol. Well, only on very special occassions. I'll show her yours, she'll be delighted. Beautiful sculpture too, very peaceful.
    That fabric collage by Yvonne is gorgeous. I love her work, she's an inspiring artist.
    And your botanical card is so beautiful too. The earthy tones and the stitching on the wool, love it!
    Wishing you a happy weekend.

  13. I am intrigued with your use of the word "gatherer". It sounds so nice. Your glass pieces are delightful. Lovely treasure from Yitte. I love how you embroidered on your Angora mohair within this beautiful collage. Creative Bliss Dear...

  14. Your glass collection reminds me of my Mother's glass, as well. Every piece is so beautiful!!!

  15. I once had a small collection of old vinegar jugs but had to downsize and they were something that ended up going. I have always been fascinated by clear cut glass (blue too).

  16. I too collect vintage glassware...some clear and lots of the milk glassware...I think it adds a touch of femininity to any decor...all those cut in designs in your little jugs are so wonderful...

  17. Hi Suzy, What Gorgeous glassware...your display is divine, The Charlotte doll is amazing work by your Dear friend you will treasure this always I'm sure... Love your card the layers are so beautiful... full of wonderful texture.. Hugs May x x

  18. A beautiful vignette indeed Suzy - you have some delightful treasures, and they are so wonderfully displayed! I do love depression glass but honestly haven't seen any as clear and "sparkling" as yours!
    And as always, your work is sublime - beautiful card!

  19. I always love coming to visit your blog Suzy -- it leaves me inspired each and every time. Love your gorgeous collections and the art -- the piece from Yitte really tugs at my heartstrings! Thanks for the sunshine -- very cold here today -- but the snow is melting and we can see grass in spots...the dogs like that because we have been outside to play! xoxo

  20. Hello Suzy, you have a lovely collection, and I really love how you have displayed it.
    Your angel gift is really beautiful. Yvonne creates such beauty! And your collage card is so very creative! I love the layers and the angora mohair! What a fab design!
    Hugs, and hope to connect soon : )

  21. Hi Suzy

    The piece you created is gorgeous with the little goats hair on it. What a piece of yourself.

    Your glass collection is so nice and I am glad that you have a place to display it and enjoy it daily. Too often our precious things get put away and no one enjoys them.



Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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