Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In a French Mood!

Quite recently I was gifted this beautiful image
in an exchange with Lilla (Just Lilla blog)

and decided to create something quite dramatic in shades
of black with highlights of grey, rust and brown.

So a bag it would be with a flap displaying

"Odette" - isn't she beautiful looking out over the water?

 and using one of my own designs in a crazy patchwork fashion
 I couldn't resist

using some beautiful vintage laces and doilies

as well as some gorgeous fabrics like black velvet,
black organza and black laces with some from 
 recycled and upholstery fabrics.

and here she sits on my table in my studio next to my button box

for the time being!

The little crocheted medallion under the black button
was created and gifted from Julia
(Vintage with Laces)
and the rosette is from Carole 
(Flights of Fancy Boutique)
Carole has the most amazing collection of all kinds of embellishments you can imagine for your 
creations.  So go and pay her a visit!

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"What's it Wednesday".


I do have such a large collection of beautiful fabrics -
new, vintage, exotic, rare, silks, linens, satins, cottons and 
thought to myself that
it might be time to start packaging some of them up
for sale in my Etsy shop.

They would be perfect in small crazy quilting projects,
journals, collages, etc. etc.
I have been collecting (hoarding) much fabric
now for many years and I think it's
time to let some go!!!
Sometimes we only need such a small piece
but that's is never what we buy - we tend to go for 
lots more just in case!!!! Isn't that right???

Are any of you interested in my idea
of destashing???

Hope to get some feedback soon.

Thank you dear friends for always visiting and leaving such
appreciative thoughts and comments.


  1. I loved the black bag with the euchre lace on it. It really stands out and looks so beautiful. Well done.
    Hugs Kay

  2. this is such a striking combination of fabrics and colors Suzy-I absolutely LOVE it!! the first word that came to mind to describe this is!
    And I say go for selling packets of your stash on Etsy.

  3. Girl, Get destashing right away, I love love love all your fabrics! You have such exquisite taste. Although, why you want to part with some of them, I really don't know, sigh, you do know that whatever you let you, you will absolutely need for your next project ;-).

    I really ought to have commented on your beautiful new creation first, sorry, got somewhat carried away, lol. Dramatic is so right, and nobody uses dramatic black combined with creams and rust like you do. I covet it, I adore it, I swoon all over the place. The image is beautiful, what a lovely gift. Big French hugs and snugs xxx

  4. Hi Suzy,
    I have such a difficult time working in this color mix, I have tried....but you have mastered it beautifully. Maybe I will try again:0) thanks for the inspiration.
    enJOY a sweet day,

  5. I wonder what she's dreaming about as she gazes out over the water. Such a pretty (and dramatic) bag. As for the destashing, I'm sure your plan will be a success. Just think - if you do that, then you'd have room for more!!

  6. LOVE this bag Suzy.Such rich colours and gorgeous textiles.I wouldn't be able to resist touching that bag!!

  7. Are you kidding - of course we are interested in your de-stashing project - bring it on! Love the purse.

  8. You make me want to go and mess with fabric something. Like I need more projects Will be back

  9. Suzy,
    beautiful purse! I love all your creations!
    And YES! Like Liz, I say get destashing! I will check the Etsy store, but don't tell hubby!

  10. This lovely French themed bag featuring Odette is Ooh La La Tres Chic Madame. Your collage of rich dark fabrics and lighter laces is very rich and elegant. Sharing your treasures is not an easy thing to do. I applaud you for thinking of doing so. Creative French Bliss Dear...

  11. Hello dearest Suzy, You've created another amazing piece here. The color mix is striking and your fabric choices are wonderful as always. I'm happy to see that you used one of my little crocheted gifts for your fabulous bag :).
    When a stash gets too large it can be overwhelming. I always feel good when I sort out some things.
    Sending hugs and much love to you,

  12. My dear ,dear Suzy,
    Your fantastic bag is another amazing creation from you, sweet friend.
    I love your colours and the way you combines the different materials, of old beautiful fabrics and laces.
    So stunningly beautiful with that image from Lilla,- and the rusted tones mixed with black and nature.
    Gorgeous dearest it is.
    Thank you Suzy for today`s note, you will hear from me tomorrow .
    With love from Dorthe- xoxoxo

  13. Suzy, you have done a fantastic job creating this romantic beauty! Wow! I love every bit of it. Especially the lovely lace edging against the dark fabric! Sooooo lovely!
    Your destashing Etsy shop sounds wonderful! Yay!

  14. Hi Suzy, WOW...What a breathtaking creation... I adore all the wonderful fabrics & textures..the image is adorable I would love to know whats on her mind...I too am sorting through stash as my room has been taken over...Yikes... It's a long process...Hugs May x x

  15. I love reading your blog posts and am sooooo glad I scrolled through the entire post. YES, YES, YES!!! I am definitely interested in your destashing. I always love what you create and would absolute love to purchase a pkg of happy supplies from your stash. Looking forward to your posting of these for sale in your Etsy shop.

  16. This is very lovely and striking. You've done a beautiful job once again.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  17. All I can say is ... oh, la, la!!!
    This one is gorgeous, too! I think the black is what really does it.
    Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  18. Beautiful bag you created dear Suzy! Love everything about it and enjoy seeing your lovely work. De-stashing is always a good thing, makes room for new stuff :-) Hope you are having a great weekend.


  19. I would certainly shop at your ETSY store as you are destashing!!I ahve trouble finding luscious bits like you use , So I would really love it!! I love your new work and I am thinking of you as my flowers start to bloom up here in Virginia!! No roses yet but the columbine and iris are beautiful!!

    Big Hugs!!

  20. Dearest Suzy-- your latest collage creation is so beautiful- as always you blend all your vintage pieces together so perfectly. I love the black pieces-- makes this piece seem so dressy--

    Sending you much love-

  21. OK is it mine? The bag I mean?
    Be nice Suzy and remember me.
    Really Odette looks charming there
    aloha Lilla

  22. Just one word, dear Suzy. GORGEOUS!
    Hugs and love,


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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