Friday, November 14, 2014

A Journal for Grace and Peace Doves

 This little journal was created for Grace who is about to celebrate
here 13th Birthday. Her mother, Francie, is my hairdresser.
Now Francie asked me to create
a journal for her first daughter, Amalia,
when she turned 13 which was two and a half years ago

(Amalia's little journal)

now that it is Gracie's 13th Birthday she asked her mother
if she could also have one of those keepsakes
once again using another Pre-raphaelite image by Rosetti
called "Roman Widow" I created this little journal 
for her.

I used this recycled Battenburg lace tissue box cover for the cover
of the book - it was just the perfect size
which I manipulated, dyed
sewed it together in the centre
and this is how it looked when finished.

I added several layers of silk dyed lace, lace fabric
embroidered organza, silk and rayon fabric,
costume jewellery
and added some very old gold silk braid
from my stash. 

 I called it "Sweet Memories" for the times
when Grace can look back at what
she has  entered into her

Grace is a "nature" girl so I added a few bird images

with some French accents.


As Christmas is approaching I decided to create, along with my
angel cards, some of these Peaceful Doves

which are now available in My Etsy Shop

They might be just the right addition to your 
Christmas Tree, as a Mantel decoration
a wall decoration. 

It is hard to believe that we are only 6 weeks away from
Christmas once again! I am sure many of you
too are thinking of gifts and decorations
at this time - I always love the idea
of keeping it simple!!!

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend enjoying what
you most love
thanks again for your wonderful visits and comments.

xox Suzy 


  1. Hello Suzy
    I can just repeat what I allways think about your work!!!!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Isn't it just so heartwarming to know that a 13 year old girl really appreciates and loves a journal like this? It is beautiful, romantic and so full of gorgeous embellishments waiting to be discovered. Just stunning.

  3. Just the most gorgeous journal (but then all of them are!), that you have made xxx

  4. Suzy, what a beautiful journal. I'm sure the new teenager will adore it, and the peace doves are just lovely. Blessings

  5. Lovely journal. Your works make me crazy for the rest of my day when I see them. I want to jump in a bed of doilies and lace to savor the moment! smile...
    Did you hand sew the pages of the journal onto cloth??

  6. It just blows my mind that bits and pieces of stuff placed just perfectly makes the most beautiful pieces. Great job! Oh - and those doves? To die for.


  7. Suzy my dearest , how beautiful, that a young girl wants one of your gorgeous books.
    She must have been so happy ,seing the gorgeous creation you made for her. It is so lovely inside with the pages you prepared for her, to journal, and a most stunning front.
    I love your beautiful doves,too, such a lovely idea for the tree,- and you added such beauty,to them.

    I almost envy you all you get created, while I`m still so tired every day when finishing doing in the rooms we are still preparing for the fleamarket , but no, I can only be happy for you, that you at last are able to do all this :-)
    Much love and warmest hugs from Dorthe

  8. I think any little girl should be thrilled to have a Jonnell created by you. You are so talented and your work is beautiful. I know I'd be thrilled.

  9. What a special way to mark a young lady's birth day. I'm sure she will be absolutely enthralled with what you created.

  10. I'm sure Grace will love this sweet book.

  11. Such a lovely thoughtful gift for a mother to give her 13 year old daughter. Your journal you have created is pure bliss. Peace Doves are very beautiful. Keeping this Season Simple is a Joyful idea...

  12. Wow! This is just amazing Suzy - it looks like something out of A Midsummer Night's Dream!
    What a delightful treasure you have created here, sure to be a treasured heirloom... I am looking at the pages and imagining what might be written there - it's a journal that inspires beautiful soul-thoughts...

  13. Your work is as always to die for, my dear Suzy:) Have a lovely day.
    Hugs and love,

  14. Hi Suzy, thanks for popping by my blog for a visit! I always love to hear from you! I also am always drooling when I get over here to your blog... all that lace and yummy other fabrics. I have several of your packages from your Etsy shop sitting in my cart awaiting having the money to buy them! LOL! I'm sorry you couldn't see the video but I will when I get my turntable finished put up a step-by-step so you can see what I actually made :D
    Hugs my sister in art and lace lover!
    Beth P

  15. Grace is sure to treasure her journal - lovely gift Suzy!

  16. What a wonderful gift for a young lady! Amalia definitely has very good taste to ask for a piece of your beautiful work!
    You've put some lovely colours into the journal.

    Your doves are divine Suzy. I can only imagine what your house looks like at Christmas! ♥

  17. You've created a beautiful birthday gift for Grace which she will treasure forever.
    Sweet Memories is an exquisite work of art and is full of creativity to spark the interest of any young girl Suzy.
    You have used the prettiest fabrics, laces and ribbons as an artist uses paints.
    Gracie is one lucky girl!

  18. I love the Battenburg lace tissue box covers, and have used them lots. Sadly our local shop no longer stocks them - just one or two bright orange ones left (which I can bleach.)
    Do I see a tiny bit of colour creeping back into your work?

  19. What amazing, gorgeous Journals, Suzy! They make me want to play with lace and trims and embellish! So beautiful!

  20. Stunning work dear Suzy! I saw the photos already on pinterest but couldn't visit you earlier. I love love the way you embellished your pages. Gorgeous! And the sweet beautiful doves, so gorgeous and peaceful. Big hugs xxx

  21. what a truly beautiful journal. I can just see the delight in a 13 yr old's eyes on Christmas morning!!


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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