Monday, December 8, 2014

Sunshine after Rain brings a New Angel Creation

In my last post I mentioned that we were having
rain and thunderstorms - well after
9 inches of constant rain
over 24 hours
the creek on our property was flowing flat out 

The roar of the water from our back door
sounded like a freight train passing through!
Most of the time this water remains at just a trickle. 

and after the rain comes a cacophony of frog sounds 
as the sun starts flooding in
- such an amazing view from our
garden room
with newly transplanted rose bushes now steaming ahead 

in the company of the white Wisteria and lilac Clematis!

 The sunshine accentuates the vividness of the green 
ornamental Grapevine along the verandah
the beautiful Ornamental Manchurian Pear trees.

 Everything is feeling so fresh and renewed again
filling the plants and trees with new found energy
in readiness for the long
Summer ahead.

 Hopefully many an evening over Summer
will be spent under this grapevine
as we start to tie our vine curtains back to let
in the light once again!

From my studio the Angel "Messenger" has been created.


She's now available for sale in my Etsy.

 "The fragrance always remains
in the hand that gives the rose".

  xox Suzy


  1. Hello dear Suzy
    I love your last angel, and your garden room! It's a pleasure to see your garden with flowers during ours are sad in their winter coats!!!!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Hi Suzy, what a deluge you had. I hope no damage was done? Your garden looks a picture. I hope over Christmas you can sit and enjoy it.
    Hugs Kay

  3. What a gorgeous garden you have Suzy, you can almost watch the plants grow after the rains. Ours feels as if we are in the tropics.

  4. Suzy, I love the Messenger. Everything you do has so much love in it. It is a joy to see your home, also. What a lovely place to live. I, too, love the sound of the frogs. Here in Puerto Rico we have the tiny coqui frogs which are sometimes less than an inch long. They are adorable, if you like frogs. Their sound is like "ko-key" and so sweet when I hear them. Thank you for continuing to bless us with your beautiful creations and for sharing your home. Love and Blessings, Nancy

  5. Dear Suzy ~ I'm so glad you survived your raging creek.

    Your place is lovely and lush. I love your garden room.

    Your newest angel is wonderful. The tidings that came to mind looking at it were 'Fear not and be of good cheer'.

    May your holidays be filled with much love, joy and peace.


  6. Hi Suzy,
    I love all the lush greeness of your yard and around your house. Lovely! Hard to believe that we celebrate different seasons in the Northern Hemisphere compared to yours in Australia/NSW. Your new angel creation is fantastic, as always.


  7. What a beautiful yard you have. Oh - and that pink rose is to die for. Yes, it is.


  8. Thanks for bringing some warm weather and beautiful gardens to us, Suzy! And your artwork is stunning. Have a great week! XO Sue

  9. hello
    vous avez du avoir peur avec toute cette eau
    le jardin est superbe
    bonne semaine
    edith ( iris)

  10. Dearest Suzy,
    a wonderful joy to be invited to your garden, in all its green coats, and beauty.
    And so much water, a big stream through your garden, -fantastic, and so good with wells filled for the dry season, later .
    I hope your roses, are not having too wet feet ,sweetie.
    Your messenger of piece and love, is so beautiful, and gorgeous in its nature tones, with a touch of gold. I love the music-handle .
    Here it is late afternoon, and so dark, already.
    I send you much love sweet friend, and hugs, with wishes of a happy new day for you !!
    Your Dorthe, xxx

  11. Beautiful angels hugs, Julierose

  12. Wow..That's a lot of water..Your garden is lovely as are your angels..Have a wonderful week..

  13. Merry Christmas Greetings from your Canadian follower! I absolutely love all the beautiful art pieces you create and want to thank you for sharing them. Your talents are amazing and very appreciated by everyone, I am sure. Be well, be happy and may this holiday season be as wonderful as you are. Hugs, Gayle

  14. Dearest Suzy, in preparations for Christmas I have not had much time for blogging... But every now and then I certainly have to have a look at what my "friends" are doing... And it seems that you are doing fine, I am happy to see.
    The images of your water-burdened creek gives me a bit of shivers. As a kid we had a little creek like this running through our garden. One night, after a heavy rainfall, it went over the borders, straight into my sleeping room... All my books and toys were damaged...
    But you seem to have control over nature to a certain extend. Your garden is fantastic, your roses seem to love you and everything looks so much like summer... Thank you so much for showing me, once again, how beautiful the world can be! Have a nice and peaceful advent time, dear Suzy!
    Hugs from Manu

  15. Your grounds are beautiful. That creek certainly was rushing. Everything is so lush and beautiful after a good rain.I love your angel messenger. You always create such beautiful things.

  16. Lovely photos of your surroundings. Thankfully the rain didn't do damage. Your grounds are very serene and inviting. So strange to think you are heading into Summer as we begin our Winter. Angel Messenger is Ethereally Beautiful. Blessings and Bliss...

  17. Hello Suzy, it is about time I visited you and left a comment : )
    How lovely all your art work in your last few posts! All your cards are gorgeous! Angel messenger is beautiful!
    That is a lot of rain at one time! Maybe this means you will not be having any fires this summer? I hope so!
    I am so glad you are having such a good summer.

  18. How lovely to have such wonderful rain and a creek to experience it all!
    The Messenger is 'Glorious'! Like the song when the angels sang to the shepherds when Christ was born!
    How beautiful your creations are, and how blessed they make people feel who see your wonderful creativity. Perfect for the season!
    love and hugs,
    Teresa in California

  19. Your garden is like a little corner of Paradise and you obviously have the same wonderful touch with plants as you have with your fabric creations. The Messenger is a beautiful piece,and I am sure it won't be in your shop for long.

  20. The creek is looks ferocious when it floods, doesn't it Suzy? That is so much rain for the little stream to carry all at once. I am so amazed at all the green around you there. How blessed you are my is so beautiful. How I would love to be sitting in your garden house right now enjoying this view! I love this garden room! The roses will be wonderful blooming all around it. Whenever I think of you, I think of roses and your beautiful artwork my dear. Your latest Angel Messenger is a wonderful piece!
    Suzy, I am so thankful to know you and so happy to come and see the world you live in. I think blogging is just so great.
    Have a magical Christmas season!
    much love...

  21. Just listening to the weather report on the radio and we have a winter storm coming - all sorts of warnings about what's to come. What a joy to come here and look at your lovely green pictures!!

  22. LOVE all your beautiful photos and your sweet and lovely angel cards! Visiting your blog is a sublime experience!

  23. Suzy-- spring rains can be torrential--- but they have made everything look so lush and green. Such beautiful flowers and blooms. Your cottage is precious.

    Such beautiful creations-- you are an endless source of creativity. Each new piece is more beautiful than the last:)


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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