Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Romantic Vintage Lace Kits for your Inspiration!

I thought these decoratively stitched packets
which I fashioned from some very soft
handmade paper 
might be useful for holding a number of vintage laces, lace embellishments, buttons and bling which could be
incorporated into any number of projects
- your call -
I'm only providing the inspiration this time!

 I have stitched a pocket on the outside to hold
the images which are card board backed
and ready for your use.


 I thought also the stitched handmade paper envelopes/packets
could also be used. Or they could even hold tags, cards,
notes, laces, fabric samples, etc.


 Wrapped inside some bridal netted lace are these

I have created three of these Romantic Lace kits
with three different images 

 with similar lace motifs and vintage laces but


 the mop buttons and bling are different in each.

These new creations can be viewed in my Etsy shop
with more details of what the packets contain.


(These 3 kits have now sold!!!)

Many thanks for coming to visit - it is so nice to hear from you!
I did run a Lace book Workshop from home recently and
I will show a few images from that great time
we shared together soon!

xox Suzy


  1. Absolutely dreamy and romantic and beautiful and I managed to snag one, yay! Only one left, lol, I think you need to get making some more.....

  2. Oh Suzy - just beautiful. My mind is whirling just thinking of all the beautiful things I could use these bits and bobs on.

    Too bad you don't live near me - you could go to Canton for First Monday and gather all of these items. You'd be in your glory!!!

    Happy lace-ing!

  3. How beautiful Suzy! I was going to snag one, but I'm too late! Wahhhhhhhh! ;)

  4. They are so BEAUTIFUL, your paper envelopes, dearest Suzy, and the items you have collected for each ,to create something lovelylines ,with, -are all so wonderful, both laces and "jewels" , and the wonderfully aged images, on craft paper. Someone has been lucky to quickly snatch up them all, and will have a wonderful time playing, when the goodies arrives.
    A great idea,my sweetest friend.
    I send you love and warmest hugs.
    Dorthe xxx

  5. What a lovely idea. These are gorgeous and already sold! Fantastic. Love each of them. You do great work and so many excellent ideas.

  6. Such romantic images - you've done them great justice, Suzy. Lovely!

  7. Your work is truly beautiful even when you create the pocket full of inspirational supplies. Creative Lace Bliss...

  8. How very romantic, Suzy. I'm back from my trip and will be sending your pacquet real soon.

  9. What a very clever idea - and a gorgeous one. Your lace packs are delightful Suzy, and it's no wonder they all sold already... lucky people!
    It's always so inspiring to visit here and see what you're creating... always beautiful...

  10. Such lovely lovely offerings ♥!!!
    No surprise that they were gone in no time.

  11. Such a great idea, and what fun for the recipient, too! Beautiful.

  12. What a great idea, and so very beautiful!

  13. You have such wonderful ideas and inspiration!!

  14. What a wonderful idea,Suzy.
    It is so romantic, the white, the vintage portraits, lace and buttons.
    So beautiful !!

    Hugs, Wilma.

  15. Of course they're sold! Doesn't surprise me at all, because who wouldn't want to play with such beautiful things.


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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