Friday, December 11, 2015

Animal Shelters Charity Auctions

Dear Bloggers it has recently come to our attention
on Face Book about the
 incredible work some animal charities do to  rescue dogs ( and cats ) in Bulgaria, Romania and Portugal. It is quite unbelievable how animals are treated in those countries, and every day I am in tears when I see photos of these poor creatures left to die in the streets, or hear the desperate pleas for funds from the small charities struggling so much to rescue them.
Through the amazing work of these charities and rescuers
these dogs often change from sad and poor skeletal animals to 
happy and healthy dogs who regain their love and trust for humans
once again, often to be rehomed into a loving and caring situation.

From the kindness and goodness of her heart 
dear Liz of Lululizinlalaland blog has arranged an Auction
of many French items from her own collection to raise money to support
these wonderful charities
inc. French ephemera, beautiful buttons, religious medals, metal pieces etc.  

So please help these poor destitute and homeless once loved
animals regain some love, health and happiness back into their lives again
by joining in this Auction here 
If you wish to read about who will benefit from your contributions
then about them at:

Help Bulgaria Street Cats and Dogs -

The Auction closes on 14th Dec. 

So here is your chance to open your heart today to help
these animals to be fed, hospitalized, vaccinated etc.
and to be loved once again!
They so deserve this!
Many thanks for your support and I send you love with this too!
xox Suzy


  1. Suzy, you are absolutely wonderful and I love you to bits. Thank you so much for your support. I am still putting up auctions tonight, and will add many more over the next few days as well. Got to have some lace, trims, enamelware etc in the auctions as well, don't we? xxx
    PS as promised, every button put up on a blog earns another small donation, I am adding yours to the pot! xxx

  2. Hello
    Thanks Suzy for your support for Lyon museum, it's abig part of our History they want to close and it's not the first one. Lyon was the biggest place for silk for century in fabrics story!
    Thanks too for your support for animals, you know how much I can be moved by this too!
    Hugs and love!

  3. There are so many abused and unloved animals out there so this is an incredible thing to do for them. I've been horrified to read on our news in the past few weeks that someone has been leaving dog food laced with antifreeze in some parks in Toronto. I simply cannot understand the mentality of the lowlifes that can do such a thing.

  4. Hi Suzy, what an important post to bring attention to this. I love animals too and the abuse that goes on is heart wrenching. I see the eyes of those sweet animals in TV ads about abuse and my heart cries!! Your support is heartwarming.
    Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas xo


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