Thursday, December 17, 2015

Our Country Garden

While many of you are preparing for Christmas 
in a cold, wet and sometimes snowy
environment here in Australia
we are in the height of Summer and this is when our garden
puts on its best display for the year so before
I get busy with Christmas cooking etc.
I'll share some of our garden with you
and for all of you garden and tree lovers and out there here
is something to enjoy.

 There is so much beauty within the fenced are as well as
beyond the gate looking out into the bush, the creek and the
magnificent trees.

The garden within the fenced area is huge and over the
11 years that we have lived here we have planted many trees
mainly the more deciduous types which provide
Summer shade and Winter sun to our rambling
country garden.

 The bird life is extraordinary as the bush surrounding
the garden provides the perfect environment
for the small and larger birds as well
as there is access to permanent water in local dams
and in our creek running along our boundary.

This delightful little garden room provides the perfect spot
to meditate, take in all the beautiful Winter sunshine
take in all the beauty which
surrounds us in every direction.

The front of this little room created totally from recycled timber and windows is graced with a white wisteria
interlaced with these 3 metre high Holly Hocks
at one end of the verandah

 and this pretty mauve clematis at the other end




 with roses in between.

 A tree haven interspersed with flower beds,
native irises, May bushes, Lavender bushes
and Orange Blossoms!

 Climbing roses, Abutilons all intermingling
and co-existing happily together.



 The Fox Gloves drop their seed heads and
every Spring season we wonder
what the colours might be!




 So many places to wander, to sit and to breathe in
the beauty in such peaceful surroundings
where all you can hear is bird sound
all day long!

 I wish everybody could enjoy this experience
which is so healing for the soul! -
especially at this time of year when so many
of us get caught up in the "must dos" for Christmas.
Don't forget to take time out to smell the roses 
if you can
sit by that cosy fire lingering a little longer to just breathe
and relax! You deserve that for yourself!

Thank you for coming around the garden with me today!
I know how busy everybody is at this time of year
so visiting and leaving a comment is
truly a bonus!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You are all important to me! Thank you so kindly
to all of my new followers and for your
visits through the year and keeping our
blogging community alive and well where we
can continue to inspire and be inspired
by everything we share 
with each other!

xox Suzy


  1. Hello Dear Suzy,
    I look forward to seeing your gardens every summer, and this year they are just as gorgeous as ever! You must feel like you live in a little piece of heaven.
    I am so glad you are having this experience : )

  2. Hi Suzy, I have just found your blog-- and I must say that you have the most delightful, peaceful garden. Just beautiful.

  3. Thank you too Suzy for finding time at a busy time of year to give us a tour of your gorgeous garden. It must be so calming and peaceful sitting, listening, watching and soaking up the beautiful bird sounds,vistas and fragrances that come from your surroundings. Have a lovely Christmas.
    Chrissie x

  4. Love all your beautiful do you manage to care for all that and also do your wonderful journals??? You are a wonder woman!!

  5. Your garden looks just amazing, dear Suzy! Gorgeous and peaceful. It must be such a joy to sit there or take a walk. I love all your beautiful flowers and trees. Enjoy your wonderful paradise, my friend!
    Love and hugs to you,

  6. Hello dear Suzy
    Your garden is a wonder!!!!
    I can't imagine you've Christmas in summer! LOL
    How do you decorate your home for christmas????
    Hugs and kisses

  7. Love your garden, love to visit one day.

  8. Your garden is so beautiful Suzy - makes me long for the Spring here in the cold and wet UK! Wishing you and your family good things for 2016.

  9. Hi Suzy, so special to see your beautiful garden and the magnificent blooms this time of year as my garden is sitting dormant for the winter. Your garden is a blessed place. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas my friend. xo

  10. Just LOVELY Suzi! Thank you for sharing your garden with us. I could smell the roses, and sweet fragrance in the air. Very nice treat. Yes, here in the Santa Cruz coastal mountains, the redwoods are dripping, the ground will probably be wet and squishy for a few months. And it is quite cold. But we are so thankful for the rains!

    Now that my Christmas craft crush is over, today I'm starting a new lace book. I so enjoyed your wonderful tutorial! I think I'll try some nature dyes.

    Love you, Chris

  11. Hello Suzy! I am in awe of your garden; and all your beautiful and peaceful surroundings~ Showing me so many of the flowers I so dearly love! To walk and wander; or rest in your beautiful little garden room! looks like a real piece of heaven to me. It's nice to know your part of the world is enjoying newness of life! during this Christmas time~ Wishing you blessings and thanking you for your friendship. I am so glad to be a blogger : ) Have a wonderful day. ~Karen

  12. Beautiful and breath taking thank you for taking the time at this busy part of the year to take photos of it and then to post them Merry Christmas my dear xoox

  13. Hello dearest friend, I couldn`t wish for a more beautiful garden, to see, than yours, and amazingly filled with nature wonders, gorgeous colors, and beauty, that only the nature can gift us.
    I so love your photos, and all your flowers are stunning, in the pink,white,mauve tones.
    Thank yoy Suzy dear, and a lovely evening to you two.
    Much love and hugs,

  14. what a truly heavenly space dear Suzy- absolutely breathtaking!! I can almost catch all those luscious sweet scents that surround you. Thank you for sharing your summer blooms. It is quite a nice dose of happy for those of us in winter. A blessed and happy Christmas to you and yours!

  15. Hello Suzy,

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful garden.
    I enjoyed to see all this wonderful photo's.


  16. Thank you for taking me on a walk round your garden. It was so refreshing in his busy season!

  17. Goodness oh me oh my. What a beautiful garden you have. You must spend HOURS and HOURS out there tending to those gorgeous flowers - it shows.

    Enjoy it while much of the people up here are cold!

    Merry Christmas!

  18. Oh what a delight to take a tour of your stunning garden!! We are enduring what feels like unending rain here in Portland, Oregon. This post was a breath of fresh air.

  19. Suzy, Your garden is beautiful. I forgot about holly hocks until I saw them in your yard. I first loved them on our Missouri farm where I was born quite a few years ago. Living in Puerto Rico is tropical and our Christmas time has many things in bloom here, too. Thank you for all the wonderfulness that you share. Have the best Christmas ever. Blessings and Peace, Nancy Carr

  20. I've enjoyed a tour of your garden this morning. We have mild weather here in Florida now and I love it. Happy holidays! Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Diane

  21. You have created my ideal garden - one which is perfect for strolling, where you never know what you will discover around the next bend and where you can actually sit and enjoy the blooms. I love when a garden doesn't reveal itself all at once, making it exciting to explore, and yours is like that - just perfect!!!

  22. So peaceful and tranquil to gaze at this soft scenery.

  23. beautiful garden-can't imagine christmas time and warm weather like that. (although it will be around 70 in n texas on christmas) we still have cooler days/rain and sometimes snow :)

  24. Oh Suzy!!
    What a most glorious post! I do want to come sit in your garden and take in all of the beauty that surrounds you!! Absolutely magical is your place!
    Did you build the garden room? My husband and i are working on plans for building one in the spring using reclaimed materials-maybe you would show more of this sometime?
    I felt the peace and serenity of your garden as I read and browsed the photos- truly one for a magazine spread! Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing and i am so glad to have met you here in blogland!
    hugs and warm Christmas wishes for you and yours,

  25. Hi Suzy, I love your beautiful serene garden, so many places to look and enjoy so many perfumes its as if I could be there to smell hem myself
    Thank you for the loveliest post.
    Love n hugs belinda xo

  26. Hello my dear Suzy,
    thank you so much for brighten my day with your gorgeous garden photos:)Such a paradise.Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Hugs and love,

  27. Your garden looks amazing, love all the beautiful blooms!

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy Healthy New Year to you and all your loved ones.


  28. Suzy dear thank you so very much for this beautiful stroll in your magnificent gardens. I feel like I have visited the most lovely arboretum imaginable. As we are finally receiving rain and snow it is strange to imagine you are celebrating Christmas in your summer. Merry Christmas and 2016 blessings.

  29. Oh my Suzy! Your garden is absolutely beautiful! I could spend hours wandering your grounds and meditating in your little garden retreat! Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

  30. Suzy
    What a gorgeous place to be! AMAZINGLY beautiful!
    Merry Christmas to you dear lady and I look forward to much more of your creative work in 2016.


  31. After what seems like weeks of dull rainy yucky weather here, it's such a delight to come and visit you in your garden. It appears we will be having a green Christmas this year, which is upsetting those who like skiing and snowmobiling no end!

  32. Hi Suzy:
    I have been following you work for a very long time.
    I had someone contact me on facebook tonight, and ask
    me this: "I just came across a Crazy cottage quilt which you had
    posted made by suziqu, It had posies and dyed doilies and colors
    to dye for. Can you give me more information?"

    Back in my mind I can almost picture such a quilt but for
    the love of me I don't remember where I had seen the quilt
    and if I can't precisely place it, won't be able to give her any
    information. I am hoping you can help both of us.
    Unfortunately there is no way to put in a description on
    your blog or flickr and say what I am looking for.

  33. You are blessed to have a garden like this .


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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