Saturday, January 9, 2016

Changes to Blogger's Google Friend Connect

Blogger has made some big changes to
 how we follow blogs
so read on to see
if these new rules will affect you!

We announced the retirement of Google Friend Connect for all non-Blogger sites. We made an exception for Blogger to give readers an easy way to follow blogs using a variety of accounts. Yet over time, we’ve seen that most people sign into Friend Connect with a Google Account. So, in an effort to streamline, in the next few weeks we’ll be making some changes that will eventually require readers to have a Google Account to sign into Friend Connect and follow blogs.

As part of the plan starting the week of Jan.11th, 2016 we’ll remove the ability for people with Twitter, Yahoo, Orkut or other OpenId providers to sign in to Google Friend Connect and follow blogs. At the same time, we’ll remove non-Google Account profiles so you may see a decrease in your blog follower count.

We encourage you to tell affected readers (perhaps via a blog post), that if they use a non-Google account to follow your blog, they need to sign up for a Google Account, and re-follow your blog. With a Google Account, they’ll get blogs added to their Reading List, making it easier for them to see the latest posts and activity of the blogs they follow.

We know how important followers are to all bloggers, but we believe this change will improve the experience for both you and your readers.

Now we will have to wait and see how it will affect
us and our followers
as of 11th January, 2016 

I'm  currently working on a new
Vintage Bird Journal
recently commissioned so I will be able to share
this with you soon!
Have a lovely weekend one and all 
thank you to my new Followers
and to everyone who has left me a comment on my last post!
Thank you so very much!
xox Suzy


  1. Thanks for the blogger information, I thought something was going on because when I try to follow a new blog last week it came up with some message about needing a new google account which I ignored. Never mind, if I find a blog I like I tend to put it in my favourites list and follow it from there anyway rather than using the blogger tracker.

    Loving the new vintage bird journal you are starting.

    Jane x

  2. Love your newest works my talented friend. Just gorgeous details. I too shared about the google changes. I wish they'd leave things alone. We shall see starting Monday what more happens. Have a blessed weekend.
    Celeste xo

  3. Tthank you so much Suzy for the info on the new changes by Blogger's Google Friend, I have had 4 removed from my followers, but just thought they decided to on limiting their following. I didn't know how to find out who left.
    I'd like to use your info to make a post on my blog if that's ok with you. I had not seen this change.
    I really love the colors you are using on your new Bird Journal. Always so uplifting and inspiring to visit your blog.
    Dealing with winds, misty ice and drifting snow so will be an inside day here Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Thanks for the notice about the Google friend connect. Good to know. Love the vintage birds!

  5. Thank you for the heads-up. Don't like changes ...


  6. Dear Suzy,
    As you know I also posted this on my blog, and will have to see how it changes the followers I have,- I also have some dear friends using Wordspress, and I will not be able to follow them more on my bloglist but have to add them to my mail !!!! This will be time consuming and I don`t know how many will end up there !!!
    This is so annoying, and I hope someone out there, will find a way to makes us all connect ,dosen`t matter what accounts we have or not.
    Oh you know I love your journal, and I also love I will this weekend start on your claSS for real :-)
    Warm hugs and much love from your Dorthe

  7. I lost my blog some how before his something about my domain name I like it so much
    Started a new but like the old.
    I did buy your class but have not had time to get it done .
    I read there is a lot of changes ,you sound like you know a lot about the computer
    Hope your new year is going good.I will be back Laura

  8. Thanks for the info Suzy, and especially thanks for giving us a glimpse of your beautiful book. I can't wait to see the rest! Hugs, Sue

  9. Oh, your bird journal is going to be beautiful!
    Ugh for the Google friend connect changes...(heavy sigh); thank you for the heads up!

  10. No worries here, I will still be following! I have always been an oddball and I follow from the blog list on the sidebar on my own blog.

  11. Hello Suzy,
    Your birdie journal is coming along beautifully! The page you shared is vintage perfection! Lovely! You are a true artist.
    The image of your gate is also very very nice to look at.

    It is too bad that Google is making everyone be Google. But it is good for their company. Maybe not so good for us, lol. I have been thinking of leaving Google for ages, and going to Wordpress. They don't make you jump through so many hoops.

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  12. The only thing constant is change and Technology does change constantly. Thank you for sharing dear.

  13. Hi there Suzy~
    I am so goad I can still connect with seemingly everyone I have been following - so far anyway! We shall see.
    I have few followers; but I sure hope i don't loose any : /
    I am very intrigued with your new bird book and excited to see when it is finished. Your fabric is gorgeous Suzy!
    I am in the middle of some changes right now; but hope to get some crafting done soon. Looking at the 'starts' of your new book has me inspired! Have a great week~ & hugs to you. Karen

  14. Well, your journal is simply gorgeous... and as for Google connect, I guess we just have to see how it all shakes out... I added a follow with email gadget to my blog a few years ago, so I hope that helps with the connection.. x

  15. Judging from your textile selections, your Vintage Bird Journal looks like it will be beautiful.

  16. Thank you for sharing the news with us sweetie! And your fabric journal will be stunning and gorgeous! I love the theme with the birds and the vintage feel to it. And the photo of the fence door is so beautiful.... Big hugs xx

  17. Thank you for the head's up re the changes. So far I'm not finding any issues, but keep waiting for the axe to fall. Looking forward to the unveil of your latest creation. I see some blue flowers and that makes me happy.

  18. Hi Suzy,
    Thanks for the update on Google Friend Connect. Your vintage bird page looks stunning. School goes back on Thursday, and I hope to have more creative time. There will be less mess around to clean up, too :) Everything gets busier then, though, and I'm enjoying swims with the kids and holiday activities. I've been away and I'm just catching up on blogs etc.

  19. Hi Suzy, thanks for the notice about the Google friend connect. I've lost 29 followers over night. Guess this gives me the answer.
    It's another move by Google to gain an increasing monopoly :(

    Love your new vintage bird journal page!



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