Thursday, February 4, 2016

Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 16

Hello dear friends - 
Here we are again for
 Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 16
and as I have been busy stacking and packing in my studio
I thought I would share some of these pics for you.




Such beautiful patina, patterns and textures!




Now who doesn't love tarnished silverware?

especially when it is combined with silk ribbon
and vintage lace!!! 

with the odd bit of wood of the cotton reels!

If you would love to see more images in shades of neutrals
then pop over to Wen's blog and see some beautiful
creations there!
Thanks Wen for hosting our party again for this fortnight!!!
Next post I hope to share some images from my latest book
of vintage birds which my client has now received.
Have a great week all!
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Au revoir!
 Suzy xox




  1. Hello!
    Wonderful pictures!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. What a beautiful assortment of silver pieces- perfect for displays Susi!

  3. Tarnished silver wins my heart any time. These photos are lovely and have made the start to my day so much better.

  4. My eyes think they've died and gone to heaven. What beautiful patina on these pieces. You and your camera have captured the beauty perfectly.

    Happy day ...

  5. Hi Suzy, beautiful neutrals paired with lace. Love your photos. Wishing you a wonderful day and weekend ahead. Blessings to you. xo

  6. Suzy, dear, I too collect tarnished silver ware and love it. I have all kinds of plates just like you, and bowls, too some still with the precious glass bowl ,there. Your photos are so beautiful, sweetie, I can imagine a very bare studio by this time, with not much left to enjoy the eye !!
    It was so lovely to see you posting again, but I know there is not much time left for blogging, for you, just now.
    Hugs and love from Dorthe

  7. Hi Suzy! What a treat! to see some of your special treasures in their perfect tarnished form~ Such lovely pieces; each plate with its own pattern and personality. And paired with the textiles and spools~~Swooning right now : )
    Are you moving your studio Suzy? You were talking about packing?
    Thanks for the lovely break (from my busy day) to enjoy these vintage finds~ Hugs to you, Karen O

  8. oh what beautiful things Suzy!! How I love all sorts of vintage...

  9. What a great stack of goodies all around. I like that overflowing cup of buttons and the silk ribbons sitting there like roses. xox

  10. Can't believe another year has passed by. life seems to be speeding up. We are always rushing about,busy with this and that,and never seem to get a chance to sit down and really do some work.So now I am taking a few moments to let you know how much I value seeing your beautiful work .An old Friend. Vivienne Thomson .

  11. Some of my favorite things. Tarnished old silver and old spool reels. I pick them up at the flea market and wrap them with laces.

    I was worried you were ill and kept checking for a post then finally today. Hopefully all is well.


  12. Wonderful images - love the antique lace. Looking forward to seeing images from you book of vintage birds.

  13. what a gorgeous collection... who doesn't love tarnished metal, indeed!! xo

  14. I love tarnished silver (good thing too, because I hate to polish it!). I have several pieces I use as holders for things (scissors, for example) in my sewing room. I'm sure our grandmothers would be horrified if they could see the state we allow our silver to get into, but hope they would realize that it's good to use it rather than throwing it away. I often find pieces at yard sale for mere pennies.

  15. Lovely Neutrals. I love all Silver...tarnished or shiny. The more ornate the more I am drawn to it. I also love laces and trims. This is a win-win post.

  16. hello
    très belles pièces d'argenterie
    mais beaucoup de travail
    les mtifs sont beaux
    bon dimanche

  17. These are lovely pictures of your wonderful collections, dear Suzy. Isn't it a good thing that we like the silver tarnsihed? That means we don't have to clean it so much. :)
    I hope your Skyp problems are solved and you got the message I just sent you.
    Have a great week, my friend!
    HUGS and LOVE,

  18. ooooh Suzy your silver trays are gorgeous as are those precious laces and ribbons.
    Beautiful photography as always.

  19. What a beautiful collection of pure gorgeous-ness Suzy dear! I think I sighed all the way through this post!
    I hope all is going well my dear and wish you a wonderful week.
    sending love...


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