Friday, July 15, 2016

A Studio Tour from Suziqusthreadworks

Welcome dear Bloggers - new and old
to the party of the year
 dear Karen Valentine

As many of you know I have very recently downsized
from a beautiful country property to a suburban
house block on a very beautiful lake
on the far south coast of Australia  

where our old world rambling rose garden has now been
replaced with the most amazing water bird life!

Imagine this beautiful pair of black swans
coming to visit at the bottom of your garden?

So these images can show you how to set up a studio
even in a small room utilizing every bit of available space. 

Many of you already know that I am a mixed media
fabric and textile artist with a passion for
creating books, collages, cards, bags,  aassemblages
in fact any project which involves creating with fabric,
textiles, paper, card, images, found objects etc.

These are just some examples of more recent journals
and journal pages as well as some other collages and artworks which I have created.











This last fabric and lace book is one which I teach on-line
through Creative Workshops and the link to it is:
where you can join at a 50% discount for the whole of
the month of July. 
(This project was filmed by Jesse Rowan of Lace Age Girl and Jesse is
also participating in this party so you can see her creative space on her blog).

This is my creative sanctury in its new downsized form


as you enter the door. 
I really can't believe I've managed to pull this altogether 
in just a matter of a few weeks!!!!
Every day I'm still looking for things I can't find!

My desk is to the left in the corner where I do all of my
computer work. 


Some inspirational pieces on my desk include these:


My sewing table is at the window and a few items 
around my table there.



My beautiful Santos cage doll sits in the corner of my large table



surrounded by these items close at hand.




(Felting machine on this table!)

My table holds boxes and containers for stamps pads, inks, pastels,
findings and the shelves above carry the stamps, paints, cards, images, laces, embellishments, postcards and ephemera. 

The shelves to the right contain baskets of 
antique and vintage laces, organzas, 
bamboo cottons, doilies, linens,
napkins and vintage


This is an example of how I use (so sparingly)
some of these precious laces and often
only if they are tattered or torn etc.


More shelves display cabinet card albums,


inspirational little books, locks and milinary pieces,


with a few of my journals in the corner.


More inspirational pieces and some gifted artworks by
blogging friends

like these beautiful vintage bobbins and keys


 The top of this dresser holds an old printer's tray,
some old frames and vintage hats. 


To the side of this is a beautiful old chinese cabinet
holding bibs and bobs
and adorned with a vignette of dolls, containers, vintage
stamps and buttons.



a gifted snippet roll over one of my collages.

Behind the door is a black lace collaged assembly
with a selection of vintage black laces over the top.


This is where I store more doilies, vintage fabrics, felt,
upholstery fabrics, vintage laces, jars of buttons,
sari ribbons, scrim, seam binding, my pearl
button box and a hanging selection of
my favourite vintage lace collars,
 cotton night gowns
and dresses.





And in case you may be wondering where my fabric stash is kept -
well that is just around the corner in a huge linen cupboard!

Thank you so very much for dropping by and I really hope you enjoy all of the fascinating and inspirational spaces
offered by Karen for which we are truly 
Hoping you will drop by again soon!

Hugs to you all!


  1. Oh my goodness Suzi, what a totally incredible space!!! It must have taken a truck to move all those treasures to your new space and I am just in awe how you have managed to get it all so organised already. Totally incredible and thank you so much for not only sharing your space, but so many of your amazing creations too!

  2. Your space is fabulous, with so many beautiful things to look at and wonderful views out of the window! It's amazing that you got yourself organised and settiled in such a small space of time. Though I do find that having a deadline focuses the mind, I know it did in my case!

    Your journals look like works of art and they look so at home in your workspace. This is my first visit to your blog so I've not seen your work before.

    Thank you for sharing your space.💜

  3. Wow, your new space looks lovely and inviting. A wonderful place to create the beautiful pieces that you make.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  4. Suzy what a Feast for the Eyes! I'm on Sensory Overload in the most Delightful way! Seeing what you have accomplished in your New Creative Sanctuary has duly Inspired me since I too moved and am transitioning to our new location, which is very different than our previous one. Your views are Amazing and must surely stimulate your Creativity... and your Creations, well, they are always Sublime! Thank You for giving us an Amazing Tour of where your Magic happens! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Thank you so much Dawn! Some how your comment was rejected by Blogger but I was able to add it anonymously! Very strange!

  5. Suzy, how wonderful! Your new creative space looks even bigger than your old one - and you have managed to put it all together so beautifully again in your new place. So much precious lace and gorgeous vintage textures to inspire, and it is lovely that you are creating again too.

  6. It's wonderful to see how you are settling into your new home Suzy, your room looks so inviting with all your precious treasures to work with. Thank you so much for sharing it with us :)


  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, so there is hope for me, too. Every piece of crafting supplies is currently in a box ready to be moved next week. I'll go from stuff scattered all over the house into ONE ROOM. MY ROOM. I'm quite certain it won't look anything like your beautiful space - because it certainly is beautiful. Suzy. You've done a magnificent job in "setting up shop" in such a short time. Isn't it wonderful to be able to dig right in and start working again? (Well, after you find what you're needing, that is!) Next year, look for SuZeQ's Playground!!!!


  8. P.S. Suzy, Thanks for the link to my blog - I must have missed it first time through as I was just so focused on enjoying your pictures of all your droolworthy creations and inspirations !!! LOL!

  9. O mercey...Such a beautiful studio. I love everything about it. Totally LOVE LOVE your BEAUTIFUL journals. O how I could escape with my thoughts in those. And man what I would love to come play in your space. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh I remember you from a few years ago. I am sure I must be a follower. I have just a very fraction of goodies that you have, but love all the same stuff. Your work is divine. I was hoping that we would get to see the studio from down under. My son spent lots of time in Perth, and misses it terribly. Thanks for the lovely eye candy tour

  11. Congrats on your new home, it is so lovely! You've set up the perfect space with so many treasures. I know you will love working in there! <3

  12. Oh my Suzy!!! I just want to come and spend the day looking through everything in your beautiful and dreamy space! I would of course have to touch every lace and explore every bit and bauble!
    I too cannot believe you were able to pull this all together so fast! For sure I would have been dallying about the water visiting with those gorgeous swans instead of setting up! heehee
    Thank you so much for sharing this glorious creative space of yours! xx Jackie

  13. Your new space is lovely and the view is fantastic. I'm so glad you found the swans and your new best friends. Congratulations on a lovely post.
    Hugs, Marrianna

  14. Hi Suzy, Love your beautiful creative space. Everything to use is right at your fingertips and so well organized. Your treasures are incredible and being surrounded by such inspiration has to be amazing each day. This is a special room to spend much time in designing. You pulled everything together in your new home so quickly. I know it was a lot of work but so rewarding for a space like this. Have fun creating and thank you for sharing and inspiring.
    Blessings to you!! xo

  15. This is a wonderful new space. I went back to the picture that has those old Ledger books in a stack over and over. ---- I sure wish I would take the time to make my space as beautiful ---- simply lovely.

  16. It's wonderful to see your beautiful new space, dear Suzy. The lake view is just amazing and the view from your studio is very lovely as well. You must be inspired looking out of the windows. I love your open shelves. They give a good overview of your great stash. I enjoyed the wonderful studio tour and your gorgeous creations.
    Have a happy weekend, my friend! :)
    HUGS and LOVE,

  17. Oh sweet Suzy... you are truly an inspiration. Downsizing is a painful process, but look at what you've created! I, personally, have a dozen rubber totes I'm trying to sort out. We actually downsized over 8 years ago, and I've been storing excesses in rubber totes! Selling on eBay helps. But it's hard to let go! And, I continue to surprise myself, when I open a tote and find amazing goodies I had totally forgotten about! So, you impress me!
    Sending you the sweetest blessings ever!
    xoxo Chris

  18. OH MY GOODNESS, I could linger here all day! So much beauty to admire. Suzy, you've created the perfect studio space. I absolutely love it. xxoo

  19. OH dearest Suzy, what a most beautiful new room ,you in this lovely new place.
    I am spellbound seeing your room ,so wonderfully filled with all your amazing materials, your gorgeous creations, and even gifts from me, around you, thank you, for bringing me with you, to this new adventure, dear heart. Your room looks so big, ? and you are a master in finding place for almost all you brought with you, using both old and new shelves and tables. I wonder how the table, with your felting mashine is functioning, and what is under it ? Maybe you have some good ideas for me, to use ,soon. Everything looks so organised and lovely there, and sweetie, your new Santos doll, is so very beautiful. What a special and lucky buy. Also I see a doll head I think from dear Paula, as I have one myself :-) The most gorgeous prayer book, laying now, next to my bed, I so love, and I see new example, on a prayer book, and other fabulous creations ,from your hands. This I will return to, and look through all the stunning photos, from your new Paradise , -thank you for inviting us in, it would be a dream to come visit you ,for real !! Love you much. Hugs from Dorthe xoxoxo

  20. You have the most beautiful stuff in blogland! I so enjoyed seeing all your treasures and lace
    I love the cardboard ladies faces you dress with your fabric, I want to try one. I'll see if on is in your online shop for sale?
    I still LOVE the hanging piece I won from you a couple years ago maybe more. It's still hanging on my newly painted blue buffet in my kitchen area with chatelaine I made out of old lace etc.
    You have everything arranged wonderfully I can understand can't find anything since the move. In my studio things looks messy but I know where every button is LOL
    Thanks for giving me some new inspiration to get to work on a lace project

  21. Such beautiful laces!!!! My mouth is drooling! Very nice work area with a beautiful view! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  22. I don't know what to say-this is purely dreamy all around-just enchanting- from your new surroundings(oh how I would LOVE waking up by the water to be greeted by swans)to your gorgeous new art/crafting room-to your stunning art projects and trinkets. You have done an amazing job organising it all in your new home. Much happiness and many blessings. Thanks for sharing:)

  23. Your space is so beautiful! I too have a love for antique textiles, lace, embroidery. I use them in my creations also and totally understand the need to use them sparingly. And I tend to save every little piece to use for future projects. It's getting harder to find the truly old pieces! And the fact that you are an Aussie makes me smile. My mum was from Melbourne, she was a war bride and never became a "bloody Yank"! Both my parents were creative so I must get that from them. Thank you for sharing your beautiful part of the world to all of us!

  24. Everything is so beautiful. A studio sanctuary indeed. Your art creations are so lovely. I love all the lace and old world art prints of women. This is my first time to your blog so it is all new to me. Your new home by the water is a peaceful place of daily inspiration. I will have to go back and see where you used to live. Your studio is a favorite of mine in this WBC party!

  25. You have a fabulous creative space Suzy. I could spend hours in that room looking at everything over and over again.

  26. Your creative space is so glorious! I could spend hours looking into the nooks and crannies discovering hidden beauties where you have stashes of unlimited vintage finds. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life!

  27. I am so amazed at your mixed media art and studio, Suzy. I haven't tried that art form (yet:)), but I find it so fascinating. I love the big window in your room...even here in sunny (and HOT) Arizona, the more light the better! Thanks for sharing your space.


  28. I'm just blown away, what an absolute fabulous studio Suzy!
    Love your beautiful creations they are always such an inspiration!
    Have a great weekend!

  29. Hi Suzy, l popped in here through My Desert Cottage and l'm so glad to have found you since l rarely come across fellow Ozzies in blogland (I'm in Victoria)...Your new location is beautiful and how amazing to have swans visit your lake and garden...l wonder if you'll see cygnets in Spring. You've done an amazing job getting your studio so well organised in just a few weeks and what a lovely space it is. You have so many pretty things to work with and your creations are amazing, l especially love the black lace assembly behind the door. Also love all the cream lace clothing hanging on the rack and your gorgeous decorated Santos Cage Doll.

  30. Everywhere I look I see beautiful things. Your journal pages are lush and the laces are to drool over they are so gorgeous. You pulled your studio together just fine. My only problem would be to stop enjoying everything in the studio and actually work!!! Thanks for sharing...

  31. What a delightful visit and tour of your creative space. I wanted to jump into the photos so I could touch and feel all of your unique and vintage pieces. Your books are beautiful and I just favorited your Etsy shop! So nice to meet you! Blessings, Cindy xo

  32. Suzi - thank goodness you posted! I almost missed the tour again! Am having a wonderful relaxing evening going through the pages now -- and adding my own to the list! Such a beautiful space!

  33. Hello dear Suzy
    Wahoo, I'm very pleased to see the new place where you live and your wonderful studio! I'm happy for you, to have also this beautiful view on this lake with swans, it seems marvelous!
    Hugs and kisses

  34. Wow! A truly lovely space to create in. I enjoyed stopping by and seeing the lovely things you make and the wonderful ways you display your materials. Thanks for letting me be a fly on your wall.

  35. Just lovely like you. I could spend hours in your space. I am working on a fabric book from one of your E classes and love it. Di@cottageWishes

  36. I am almost lost for words lol!
    Thank you for sharing your creative space, such a tidy, organised space too!

  37. Oh Suzy! Every single photo was a delight for the eyes! I just love looking at your beautiful creations. I cant believe you pulled that space together in a couple of weeks either. I can imagine the amount of supplies you must have!! Thank you so much for joining the party and inviting us all in to your new home. xoxox

  38. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and studio! Everything looks so lovely and organized, and your collections are amazing! Such fun to virtually visit all these wonderful spaces.

  39. Hi Suzy!

    What a gorgeous place! Thank you for opening your door and letting us in. I would love to know more about your felting machine. I needle felt and have looked at those machines but have yet to purchase one. You artwork is exquisite!

    With gratitude,

  40. Your new studio is BEAUTIFUL! Your creations are always breathtaking!

  41. You're amazing! I can't imagine how you have managed to move and get your creative space organized so quickly. I would still be peering into boxes and waffling over where to put what!! Thank you for the inspirational tour.

  42. Your space is lovely. What a delightful tour. Your work is so pretty. I've been wanting to do something with my small collection of lace and textile. You inspire. I'm following you now. I hope you can come over and see my creative space! Thanks for joining the party and inviting us over. Have a good week.

  43. Oh Suzy, SO much inspiration. LOVED scrolling through all the beautiful pictures. Makes me want to go rearrange everything - haha

  44. Hi Suzy,
    Your work-space, like your work is awe inspiring and lovely. You might have downsized, but it is so cleverly and beautifully arranged, and filled with so much light, that it makes me happy just looking at it.

    Since I am in the midst of preparing to move, I didn't participate in Where Bloggers Create this year, but it is nice to see the spaces of those I know from the past several years, and some new faces. Thanks for the great tour...

  45. What a great space you have set up in a short time! Loved seeing all your wonderful "stuff." I need to go through and purge/rearrange my room, these posts should be my inspiration (since i've said that for 2 yrs now) I did finally sign up for your class-looking forward to it!

  46. Your work is absolutely stunning! Those journals are really beautiful. I loved seeing your lace filled space.

  47. Oh, I believe I could spend hours in your studio admiring your beautiful laces, linens, fabrics and buttons! It is such an inspiring space as is your beautifully stunning works of art. I'm so glad I signed up for your workshop!

  48. Hi my dear, well yep I am still drooling all over my computer screen. this isn't me above but I guess there are two of us. I have just now signed up for your class. I just had to do it. I want your mojo to rub off on my. No REALLY ! Thanks for sharing your talents, your beautiful work space and just being you. Hugs xoxoxoxoxo annette in Texas

  49. I love your room and all of its endless treasures! Just beautiful! And the great big window is fabulous!

    Cathy ♥

  50. Hi there again, but wanted to pop back and say thank you for your visit to my blog and for your lovely words. l'm in Ballarat Suzi where we are really feeling the chill at the moment:-)would love to join the "where bloggers create" party but l'm afraid l'm not that techno savvy, but also my studio needs a bit more spramping l think:-) but thanks for the invite just the same. l am now following your lovely blog.

  51. Clearly, SOME of us should have been born in another time;) Beautiful setting, beautiful studio, beautiful opportunities:) Laura

  52. Looks like the perfect workspace. And the view out your window....just lovely!

  53. Suzy,
    I cannot believe how fast you work! Please come organize my studio! It was wonderful being about to zoom in on all the photos and see in detail your treasures. A few looked awfully familiar:) We need to talk about those massive pair to books under the doll area, they have marbled pages, would love to know whats inside them. You are such a treasure as artist and friend. We'll facetime soon!

  54. Dear Suzy,
    Your room looks totally gorgeous! All those shelves and tables of beautiful vignettes, and boxes and stacks of ephemera and textiles! Wonderful artwork all over and gifts from loving friends really give the room such a dear feeling.
    I am so amazed at how well you have pulled your room together in such a short period of time! Each section looks lovingly arranged with such an artistic style! I didn't realize how extensive your collection is. No wonder you love your creative space so! Incredible! I love that you have that large window right where you work too. The room looks quite bright in the pictures. The lake at the bottom of your garden is serene and must be such a pleasure to see each day, and with wildlife! Wow! I am sure you will be having many wonderful creative moments in your new beautiful space!

  55. Oh my gosh Suzy- you have absolutely created the most wonderful sanctuary for your treasures. What an amazing feat just to pull this all together! It's beautiful there- so truly so. Your laces and embellishments have found a wonderful new home. These photos are all so lovely-- I'd love, LOVE, to spend some time in this special place-- I could probably spend hours just looking at all of your treasures. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos and taking us on a tour of your new studio...

  56. Wow Suzy you put all of that together in an amazing short amount of time, love it, such a beautiful job!!
    Sending Hugs and love, Marilou

  57. Your space is so beautiful! I enjoyed looking at your pictures very slowly. I always enjoy the blog party and feel inspired by all of the creative bloggers. Your space feels like a wonderful place to inspire creativity. Your projects are beautiful too, thanks for sharing with us.

  58. Your new space looks very settled and pretty already Suzy. After a time you will come to love it, and all the extra time you will have to create in it. A big property takes masses of time to keep tidy and productive.Now you can have more time to sit and have a cup of tea, or a glass of bubbles on your verandas. You might need more Citronella for the "mossies".We will as it's been Very Wet here.Lovely though-not complaining.

  59. Oh Suzy! How can we possibly just be satisfied with photos? We all want to go in thete and touch it all! Such an inspirational space! Each photo and view is so full of objects to treasure! I just stare at each photo and let my eyes feast! Congratulations on your move, your new home which looks beautiful, and your new room! And thank you for sharing it with us! Hugs! Doni

  60. O MY!! Your creations are drop dead gorgoeus!! And your collection of lace is astounding!! I can not believe that you were able to get everything so organized in a few weeks!! Such a beautiful creative space!! Thanks for shairng!!

  61. Oh my goodness! What an amazing workspace filled with wonderful treasures and inspiration! I could spend a week in there checking out your lace, and buttons etc!!! How on earth did you put this all together in such little time? Enjoy your creative space and keep on creating. Your work is so beautiful!

  62. Absolutely jaw droppingly gorgeous. It is a room filled with passion and love for the beautiful things in life.

  63. Oh My Dear. I am swooning with delight over all of your amazing treasures. I do believe I am having the vapors over the beauty that your space holds. I have always loved your talents of collaging laces and fabrics and images together. May I merely be lost in your studio and never found...I would be in Heaven! Embracing Creative Bliss...

  64. Your art is beautiful and I love the choice of words in the assemblages shown. Thanks for sharing!

  65. oh my goodness what a visual treat. I want to come and play at your house and never leave. Such energy amidst all the beauty. I love all of your art and now to see where it comes from is so awe inspiring. You have been very busy to pull all this together in just few weeks. WOW WOW WOW and the swans are majestic

  66. WOW
    WOW what a splendid post full to the brim of your creative goodness dear Suzy ♥
    It must be a real delight to create the beautiful things you do in such a fine work space.
    Those black swans look like they are from a fairy tale ♥
    I really am at a loss for words.
    Thanks so much for sharing such total loveliness!!! oxo


Thank you so very much for stopping here to say hello and to see what I have been creating. I really treasure each and everyone of you for your comments. It is so appreciated....Suzy

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